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Early Bird and Bonus expires 16 June, 2024
NB:  This is the only time this course
will be offered this year


Hekate's Keys
An Evolutionary Approach to 
the Planes of Expression

Hekate's Keys is an opportunity to delve into the Planes of Expression, which is perhaps my favourite numerology technique of all.

As much as I've always respected the Planes, my understanding of them has radically developed over the past 3 years.  And with this deeper affinity for the technique, the way I see energy flowing through a numerology chart has now dramatically changed.  


This technique is extraordinary! 


I love the mysterious layers of our chart that they reveal. 


And I absolutely couldn't practise numerology, without the wisdom of the Planes of Expression, now.  They've become absolutely core, foundational, fundamental to my practise.  


To my mind, the Planes of Expression are akin to Hekate's KeysThey unlock the deeper layers of our psyche, making both our Soul's history and energetic intentions for this lifetime more consciously accessible to us. 


They support us by clearly indicating the archetypes that serve as gatekeeper, guardian, and guide to these inner planes, instantly generating a level of self-awareness that might take years to put together in any other way.


Hekate's Keys

(Created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio)

This is a potent technique that completely unlocks the chart, like a golden key. 

And I'd love to share it with you.


If you're ready to stretch your numerology to the next level—whilst grounding and cementing the skills you already have—I invite you to join us for Hekate's Keys, a LIVE, intermediate-level, online numerology course.

Our next cohort launches 16 July, 2024, and we'd love to have you with us!


Note:  This is the only time this course will be run, this year.

The Invitation.png

Let's dive into the Planes of Expression.


Yes, even if you've studied this technique before.  Even if you think you understand the Planes already.  And even if you've been quite underwhelmed by the Planes, in the past.


I can assure you that the Planes of Expression are so. much. more. than you probably realise.  They're certainly a lot more than I personally understood until just three years ago, when I began to unlock deeper layers of this technique.


I invite you to join us for this 13-week immersion in the rich insights that the Planes of Expression afford us. Come, learn to read the energetic flow of the numerology chart at a much deeper level.

If you aspire to greater levels of numerological skill, and confidence in your ability to guide yourself, your loved ones, and your clients on a journey of self-discovery and life purpose, I'd love to welcome you to Hekate's Keys:  An Evolutionary Approach to the Planes of Expression.  


Let me share my passion, professional experience, and commitment to this sacred language with you.

Ready to take the next step?  Enrol now and join us on this transformative journey.

How does

Hekate's Keys work? 

Hekate's Keys is a LIVE real-time training programme, connecting online via Zoom for our virtual classes.


We'll meet twice each week for 13 weeks, totalling 26 sessions (approximately 60 hours, altogether).

Our journey together includes:

boho woman, mustard couch, laptop, laughing, studying in an online class

13 in-depth Modules, including comprehensive tuition, ample time for group engagement, peer presentations, meaningful projects, and hands-on pair work, taking you step-by-step through the Planes of Expression.

Downloadable videos and MP3s for all 26 sessions.

A collaborative reference resource (with at least four contributions from everyone in the course) to take away at the end of our journey.

Peer presentations from everyone in the crew.  Sharing is where the magic is! 

BONUS:  Soul Weaving's exclusive web app, designed specifically to support your learning journey and ongoing practice.

 . . . . All yours to keep for life.



Membership of our private student portal inside Slack during the course, to expand the conversation.  You'll journey within a small community of just 12 like-minded students to ensure the intimacy of our group, and the strength of our energetic container. 

Access to Juliette throughout our 13-week journey, both in class and via Slack.

Bring all your questions and insights!

Tech support from both Juliette and Soul Weaving's Resident Geek, Grace, for help with any of the tech that we'll be using. (Zoom, Slack, Canva)

An Invitation to join our Alumni Membership Group, Chiron's Cave, if you're not already a member.

A beautiful Certificate of Completion from Soul Weaving.


While not a governmental certificate, it is a tangible symbol of your growth and learning.  And it will let people know that you've trained with me, and to which level. You can display it on your website, or share it on the socials to let people know that you're ready to put your new skills to use!

DEMO Hekate's Keys, Certificate of Completion, May 2024.png

What happens when you sign up

When you sign up, you'll receive a warm Welcome Email with all the details you'll need for our journey together.  This includes the dial-in details to join our Zoom meetings and various housekeeping items.  A couple of days ahead of our launch date, you'll receive an invitation to join our private Slack Workspace, which will be our community hub for the duration of the course.  This is where you'll connect with yours truly and other like-minded seekers; access the recordings and all extension materials; and share your insights and experience.  

735769 Hekate's Keys.png

Class Dates for July, 2024:

(60 Hours altogether)

13 x Numerology Classes (3 Hours each):

Tuesday evenings, 7:00 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  16 July - 8 October, 2024

13 x Office Hours (1.5 Hours each): 

Thursday evenings, 8:30 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  18 July - 10 October, 2024

 What is Hekate's Keys? 


 The Course - Hekate's Keys 

Welcome to an immersive exploration of the Planes of Expression.

 Our Course Approach 

My mission in teaching numerology is to reveal the Greater Intelligence in play in all our lives.  I want to ensure that this esoteric wisdom is accessible, relatable, and applicable to everyday life; to ensure a greater level of archetypal literacy in our community.  And so, I avoid overly abstract or mystical approaches that can make spiritual concepts feel disconnected from real life.  Instead, I want to ground this wisdom, and truly honour that we are each bridging Heaven and Earth . . .  we are each Souls having a human experience. 

Children of Earth and Starry Heaven, as the ancients would say.  (More on this, below.)


So, just like my other numerology courses, such as Know Thyself! and Klotho's Spindle, this intermediate-level course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, hands-on skills, and perspective necessary to engage numerology for authentic self-discovery, personal growth, and self-empowerment.

It's also important to note that one of the cornerstones of my approach is a commitment to an evolutionary perspective.

While our numerology chart will never change, even if we live to be 105, our relationship to it most definitely will . . . well, it has the potential to, depending on the level of consciousness and intentionality we bring to it.  

Rather than viewing our charts as static and unchanging, and the archetypes as fixed personality descriptors, I see them as indicators of our personal evolution—a guide to the path we're here to walk in this lifetime.  

Embracing this evolutionary approach is paramount to my work and how I teach.  

(If you'd like to dive deeper into this, you can read an article I wrote back in March, 2022.)


 Course Structure of Hekate's Keys 


In our first week together, we'll lay the groundwork by diving into the foundational elements of this technique.  We'll look at:


  • The spheres of life represented by each of the Planes of Expression;

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to calculate each Plane;

  • The intricate connections between the Planes and the rest of your numerology chart; and

  • How the Planes combine with various numerology timing techniques. 


By the end of this first Module, you'll not only be able to determine your own Planes of Expression, but also feel confident in calculating the Planes in the charts of your friends, family, and clients. 

Our journey will then unfold over four main sections, with three weeks dedicated to each of the four Planes.


Through a combination of Main Classes and Office Hours sessions, you'll have ample opportunity for rich discussion, personal insights, Q&A, and hands-on pair work.

Furthermore, you'll deepen your understanding of the Number archetypes as we explore each Number four times over—once on each of the four Planes. For instance, we'll investigate what the Number 1 signifies on the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Intuitive Planes, providing you with a holistic understanding of its significance.

Additionally, we'll introduce you to another invaluable technique known as Hotwired Aspects, amplifying the wealth of knowledge available to us in our exploration of both the Planes of Expression and other numerological techniques.


 The Four Planes of Expression 


Here are the four Planes of Expression, and the sorts of topics we'll dive into for each of them:

  • Physical Plane:  The Physical Plane signifies your engagement with the tangible aspects of life, including your physical health and well-being, and your somatic wisdom. Explore how you manifest in the physical realm, manage your finances, and derive income. Discover career indicators within your numerology chart and what you require from your professional environment to thrive. Gain insight into the internal resources, perspectives, and approaches necessary for success in both your career and physical realm.

  • Mental Plane:  The Mental Plane delves into the realm of ideas, beliefs, and thoughts, exploring: your interests; the ways in which you process information; and your natural style of communication.  We'll explore how you engage with mental concepts; and how you can best support your mental health and well-being. Discover the archetypal situations that may challenge your mental health. Gain insight into your teaching and learning styles, as well as what stimulates your curiosity and engages your mind most effectively.


  • Emotional Plane:  This plane delves into your emotional landscape, addressing your emotional health and well-being; the range of emotions you're likely to experience; and how you navigate and process these emotions.  Additionally, this Plane expresses your beliefs and approach to relationships, including what you seek in connections with others and the qualities that foster a sense of love and connection.  It shows what you expect from your relationships, and the qualities and character traits you look for, whether that's with friends, intimate partners, clients, or business colleagues.  Understanding the archetype that guides this Plane, helps us to understand the higher and lower manifestations of relationships we're engaging in or are considering.

  • Intuitive Plane:   In this realm, we explore your connection with the Divine and your spiritual evolution. Discover how you receive Divine Guidance and what nurtures your understanding of the Divine. Gain insights into your spiritual practices and how you can best connect with your intuition and higher spiritual Self. This plane also addresses processes of grief and reclaiming aspects of yourself that may have been lost or denied.


True understanding of anything comes with practical application.  And so, throughout our journey together, there'll be dedicated time each week for group sharing and conversation, hands-on pair work, and a couple of meaningful, immersive projects designed to:  

  • Deepen your comprehension of numerology as an archetypal language;

  • Enhance your skills as a numerologist;

  • Foster valuable peer-learning opportunities;

  • Provide profound insights into your personal chart, soul-work, and spiritual journey;

  • Deepen your personal level of self-awareness; and

  • Develop your ability to convey complex numerology concepts and insights to clients and loved ones.

a) Peer Presentations


For our initial project, each member of our small cohort will have the opportunity to make a presentation to the group, sharing their lived experience of one of their Planes of Expression.


There will be ample time for questions and engaging in rich conversation after each presentation.  The magic is always in the sharing!   These presentations not only enhance your understanding of the material but also provide a supportive environment for personal growth and self-expression.

b) Collaboratively Create a Reference Resource

Imagine having a comprehensive reference guide at your fingertips when interpreting numerology charts—a go-to guide that can help you navigate the complexities of numerology.

Wouldn't that be helpful?


For our second project, we'll collaboratively create our own reference resource on the Planes of Expression.  Each participant will contribute their own unique experiences and insights; their personal, lived experiences of the Planes.  By engaging wholeheartedly with this project, the more insightful and valuable the reference resource will become, thereby enriching the knowledge base of everyone in our group.

You'll not only deepen your understanding of numerology, but also gain invaluable insights into your personal journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.  You'll also forge meaningful connections with others in our small group of like-minded Seekers.

After the course, you'll receive your own copy of this reference resource. You can then continue to expand it over the years, using it as an evolving, dynamic database to support and enhance your numerology practice and interpretation skills.

(Note: Active participation in creating the document is required to receive a copy of the final version of this immensely valuable resource.)

big, old, magical book_edited.jpg

Our Collaborative Reference Guide

Image by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

956787 Hekate's Keys  WOW.png

Journeying between the Planes

Created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio

 The Mythology - Hekate's Keys 

Hekate's Keys mythology

I'd love to share why the course has been named Hekate's Keys, for the great Goddess Hekate.


While our modern understanding of Hekate has often reduced Her to solely being the Goddess of the Witches, the ancients understood and revered Her in a much more complex manner. 


In fact, Goddess Hekate was one of the most significant deities of the ancient world.  Her history stretches back across millennia—three thousand years, at least—and it was said that Zeus honoured Her above all. 

Significantly, Hekate is one of the rare deities who can travel across all realms of existence—from the Divine realm of the Gods to the dense, physical realm of mortals; from the realm of the living to the realm of the dead.  Hekate is essentially a liminal figure and is repeatedly associated with boundaries, thresholds, and the “between."

She was known by over a hundred epithets, including:


  • Hekate Geneteira - Mother of All;

  • Hekate Soteira - Saviour; 

  • Hekate Phosporous - Light Bearer;

  • Hekate Eileithyia - Midwife;

  • Hekate Kourotrophos - Child-Nurturer;

  • Hekate Propylaia - the One before the Gate;

  • Hekate Pantos Kosmou Kleidokhos - Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos;

  • Hekate Apotropaios - Evil-Averting Guardian

  • Hekate Psychopompos - Soul Guide; and

  • Hekate Propolos - She Who Leads, Guide, Companion.


This particular course invokes Her presence and energy as the One before the Gate, and the Keeper of Keys of the Cosmos . . . She who is present at all the boundaries, sacred thresholds, and transitional moments in life. 


​It's important to note that She wasn't merely considered to be present at these thresholds; She was revered as the Apotropaic ("evil-averting") Protector and Guardian of thresholds, which means that She not only determined who could cross each threshold and move between realms, but She also protected all within that threshold . . . whether that was the threshold of a home, a temple, a sanctuary, a whole city, or even another realm of existence.   


It was common to find shrines sanctified to Hekate (called a hekataion) outside the front door of a home, at the crossroads, or even outside the main gates of a city, invoking Her protection and warding off all evil.

If we take this further, the ancients didn't merely see Hekate as being the Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos (if you could actually put the word "merely" with such an extraordinary epithet???).   


They actually understood Her to BE the veil between the worlds. 


She IS the the membrane that separates and mediates between this world and the next. 


Between all planes of consciousness.

All thresholds.

It's in this context that Hekate is the Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos.  


Having allowed someone to cross a threshold, She can also serve as a Guide to these other realms.   Hence Her epithets Hekate Psychopompos (Soul Guide) and Hekate Propolos (She Who Leads, Guide, Companion).  And as Hekate Eileithyia (Midwife), She can even midwife us across the threshold of life and death. 


For this reason, in Ancient Greece, it was held that when you died, you needed to give a particular password to Hekate, in order to cross the sacred threshold into the Otherworld.  For without the password, She wouldn't allow you to pass.


In case you're curious, here's the password:

"I am a child of Earth and Starry Heaven.

But my race is of Heaven alone."


To bring a more modern, psychological perspective to the conversation, Hekate is the part of our psyche that knows how to access and traverse the other planes of our consciousness.  She can:


  • Reveal these other realms to us; 

  • Help us to distinguish between them; and

  • Guide us safely through them. 

And, as Hekate Phosphorous (the Light Bearer), She encourages us to reach into the innermost parts of ourselves to find the power that illuminates the darkness.


Isn't that what we do, as numerologists, in working with the archetypal realm and the collective consciousness?  Not to mention our more mysterious planes of consciousness? 


In many ways, we're each doing the work of Hekate, both for our selves, our loved ones, and our clients.


Suffice to say, with Hekate's ability to guard, move between, and guide us through the various planes of existence, combined with Her encouragement to illuminate what we find there, I felt that Hekate's energy was the most appropriate to call on when creating this course . . . a journey that guides us through the four Planes of Expression that we chart in numerology:


  • the Physical Plane of form, money, career, and our physicality;

  • the Mental Plane of thought, beliefs, and our mental health;

  • the Emotional Plane of our relationships and emotional wellbeing; and

  • the Intuitive Plane of our spirituality, grief, and our Restless Dead.


As my students have said to me (no pun intended), learning this technique is like the receiving the key that unlocks the entire numerology chart.  What a perfect tip of the hat to Hekate Pantos Kosmou Kleidokhos - Hekate Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos.

And hence, the name of this course - Hekate's Keys.

Live, Highly Interactive

Classes, including Peer-Learning Opportunities

Journey within a

Small, Intimate Group of Like-Minded Souls

- Max: 12 Students


Available for Download

- Yours to Keep!

Access to

Tech-Support & an  Exclusive Student Web App



Jenine Barton, photo of the woman who provided this Testimonial

Katie Allen, Brisbane

"I totally loved Hekate's Keys and learned so much!  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you put in, and the container you create. 


I would recommend the course to anyone who wanted to understand themselves better. It helped me understand how I think and why I react to things in life. Most importantly it also really cemented in me that I needed to leave work and shift career. I mean this in the best way. I had a seed and it grew and blossomed over the course as my understanding of myself developed.


It has also helped me see traits in my family and support their development and growth with this knowledge. There is no need to even mention numerology to them if they don’t get it.  Just knowing the right words and interests makes a massive difference.

Thanks again, Juliette, and everyone else in the course who offered support and made their personal stories available for us to learn. It was a privilege and has helped me massively to continue along my path.​

- Katie xo"

Middle-age boho woman, with headphones, studying on her laptop, online class


Soul Weaving's
Exclusive Web App

Access our exclusive student numerology app

for free when you join Hekate's Keystoday!

You'll first learn how to calculate the Planes of Expression by hand, so that you truly understand it and how it works . . . and also so that you’re not reliant on immediate access to technology when you really want to know someone's Planes.  


Having said that, once you have the skill under your belt, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive app that our Resident Geek, Grace, has created for Soul Weaving’s intermediate-level students. Bless her tech-genius!  This powerful web-app is designed to support you with the calculations; and help you gain confidence in your new skills.


Hekate's Keys is OPEN NOW! 

Early Bird and Bonus expires 16 June, 2024

NB:  This is the only time this course will be offered this year

How do you know if a committed study of Numerology is for you?

Young happy boho woman, with piercings and tattoos, smiling on beach.

Whatever your reason for learning numerology, please know you are welcome here!


The motivations for studying numerology with me are wide and varied, from a deep commitment to self-discovery; to a desire to live a more sacred, intentional life; to becoming a professional numerologist; or to combine numerology with an existing modality (e.g. holistic counselling or spiritual coaching) in support of Self and others.

I invite you to read through the following points to get a sense for whether my work and the The Chronomantic Arts intensive is a good fit for you. If not, I wish you all the best in finding the best course and teacher for you.  If this course IS what you are looking for, that's wonderful!  I look forward to journeying with you!​


The Hekate's Keys numerology intensive is for you if:

  • You're keen to stretch beyond your first steps in numerology into an intermediate-level training.  Perhaps you're one of Juliette's fabulous students from Know Thyself!, or you've already been studying numerology for a while—either on your own or with other teachers.  Perhaps you're already working professionally as a numerologist, and are keen to dive more deeply into the Planes of Expression.

  • You're committed to your numerology studies, and are keen to enhance your numerology skills and your understanding of the Number archetypes , in order to better guide yourself, your loved ones, and your clients on their evolutionary path.

  • You're particularly keen to learn the Planes of Expression as a numerology technique—to see how the Planes connect with the rest of the chart, and how they combine with timing techniques.


  • You yearn to journey with a small group of like-minded, conscious Souls. . . to support and be supported; to witness and be witnessed; to connect in a way that isn't always possible in our day-to-day world.

  • You expect to go deep, to feel stuff, in a safe, anchored container.

  • You're eager to apply numerology to your life in a practical way, without using it to bypass your Soul's work.

  • You embrace numerology as a grounded, tangible approach to working with Spirit.

  • ​​You're an independent thinker and a growth-minded individual who craves rich, deep, candid conversations of a spiritual and personal growth nature.​​

  • You appreciate the value of investing in yourself and your personal growth.

  • You're open to the idea of past lives, and to the possibility of "seeing" these through numerology.  You're interested in the question of how past incarnations may be impacting your choices, beliefs, and behaviours, now.


  • You long to strengthen your relationships with family members, friends, loved ones, and clients, by understanding them at a deeper, more soulful level, too. ​

For you?
I imagine you already practise, or are interested in, at least one of the following:


astrology · mythology · past life regression · Aura Soma · the Akashic Records · kinesiology · alchemy · chakra balancing · Reiki · divining · tarot reading · crystal healing · runes · ancestral healing · clairvoyance (any of the intuitive, psychic gifts) · mediumship · channelling · dream therapy · witchcraft · the Divine Feminine · the priestess path · ritual · ceremony · sound healing · holistic counselling · Sekhem · yoga · art therapy · story telling · womb healing · inner child work · life coaching · bush flower essences · essential oils · somatic therapy · Pranic healing · EFT · drumming · Kirtan · vision boards · serving as an empath

(If you're interested in any of these, you'll be right at home, here!  Welcome!)

Like me, you may be inspired by:

Carl Jung, James Hillman, David Whyte, Rumi, Hafiz, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Gabor Maté, Michael Meade, Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Rainer Maria Rilke, Juno Jordan, Steven Forrest, Pema Chödrön, Richard Tarnas, Phyllis Curott, Marion Weinstein, Dane Rudhyar, Austin and Kaitlin Coppock, Liz Green, Sharon Blackie, Patricia Walsh, Caroline Myss, and Brené Brown, among others.​

dreamstime_xxl_102540719_Elina bellydance liminal ocean.png

This Intensive is NOT for you if:

  • Your inner sceptic struggles to embrace the mysteries of life. It's perfectly fine to question things – trust me, as a former sceptic myself, I get it! However, to truly benefit from this course, you'll need to keep an open mind and be willing to explore the bigger questions and possibilities. If you can't imagine that reality might be more complex than modern society suggests or that the Cosmos is intelligent and ensouled, then this course may not be for you.


  • ​​You're easily offended. If colourful language like "fuck" or "Bitch, please!" makes you cringe, we might not be the best match. Let us lovingly part ways, now.


  • You're a strict fundamentalist of any persuasion. If you are proudly dogmatic on your food choices; black-and-white on religion; strident in your politics; have clear cut definitions of morality, and what is right and wrong; have no issues with cancel culture and shaming as a first step to deal with people whose opinions and perspectives you take issue with, then we are not a fit.


  • You expect a learning community that mirrors your own background and experiences. My classes are designed to honour and celebrate the beautiful diversity of humanity. We embrace individuals from various ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and life situations.


  • You're uncomfortable with spiritual terms such as Great Spirit, The Divine, Universe, Goddess, or God.


  • ​​You view numerology as mere entertainment rather than a path to personal growth and spiritual understanding.


  • ​​You're looking for psychic or mediumship training.  Although related to such intuitive modalities, numerology is a distinct modality separate from mediumship and psychic practices.

This journey is for those who want to ground this archetypal wisdom and apply it to their lives.

Sure, we'll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of the Life Path Periods and the Table of Events (and Essence).  By the end of this course, I want you to feel confident and comfortable applying these techniques to a numerology chart.



But this journey is about so much more than that!


As with Know Thyself! and all the other courses offered through Soul Weaving, The Chronomantic Arts is an invitation to connect deeply with your True Self—on intellectual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.


My approach is supportive; encourages self-reflection; and urges you to embody this metaphysical work, fully participating with your heart and soul. You'll be engaging your intuition and your embodied awareness, not just your intellect.

That's how you'll form a meaningful connection with each of the archetypes, and with your chart as a true map of consciousness.


This course will further support your journey of authentic self-discovery.  The techniques you'll learn here will catalyse your deeper Soul-work.  And then, if you decide to take your personal practice further, you'll be grounded in an even deeper skillset to support you in offering this profound, embodied work to your family, friends, and clients, too.

Young woman in desert, offering a bundle of feathers.

Secure Your Place Now

Class size is strictly limited to 12 students.



Get Started Now

Choose the Hekate's Keys Package that's right for you.

Hekate's Keys Package
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The Hekate's Keys


The Hekate's Keys Package

Access Soul Weaving's exclusive Table of Events App, extension materials, opportunities to practise in pairs, and a community portal where you can engage in dynamic group discussions.

Ongoing Support from Juliette via Slack during the course.

Embark on a transformative and comprehensive 7-week, LIVE Numerology Course. Unravel the mysteries of time divination with two advanced timing techniques.

1 x $1,097



6 x $200



You can choose the Payment Plan that's right for you at the next step.

Veil Between the Worlds Package
Hekate veil 01 x2plus.png

Veil Between the Worlds


The Veil Between the Worlds Package

Everything included in the Hekate's Keys Package, plus:

Elevate the personal and spiritual growth element of this journey by combining the course with a private three-hour reading with Juliette, where she can provide personalised support and guidance.  A dedicated one-on-one session where she'll apply the techniques learned in this course to your personal Planes of Expression.  Explore how they connect with the rest of your chart and illuminate the archetypes, or the Keys, that unlock these tangible spheres of life where identity is made visible through action.

Discounted Private Reading - $400

(Valued at $555)




6 x $216



You can choose the Payment Plan that's right for you at the next step.

I get that you could do plenty of other things with the money you’d invest in Hekate's Keys.  But those that have journeyed with me found that:

  • They strengthened their numerology skills far more rapidly than they could have achieved on their own, leading to increased confidence in both their personal practice and work with loved ones, as well as in their professional practice with clients.

  • Their ability to effectively convey complex numerology concepts and insights to clients and loved ones was enhanced thanks to the exercises undertaken and the emphasis on pair work in Hekate's Keys. 

  • For professional numerologists, the benefits of this course extend beyond personal growth.  These new skills are immediately applicable to your client readings—both Life Purpose Readings and Transit Readings—and it's likely that your income from just a couple of Readings would easily cover the cost of this course.  

  • They stepped into a newfound level of personal power, freedom, creativity, and confidence. They lived the life they had always craved, but maybe hadn't fully trusted or understood . . . until they saw it in their own charts.

  • They broke free from the karmic stories they brought into this life. They engaged the patterns, blocks, and personal stories they uncovered . . . and then did something about them.


  • They felt deeply grateful for the crystal-clear self-awareness and authenticity this work brought them.


  • They sped up their journey to live in sync with their Soul's intentions, bypassing months, years, or potentially decades of struggle, confusion, and uncertainty. This dramatic shift in energy and perspective transformed their relationships, career choices, finances, thought patterns, and spiritual practices.


  • They embodied a stronger sense of self-love, self-acceptance, self-trust, and inner peace.

dreamstime_xl_147973172 woman laptop digital_edited.jpg

Our Tech Stack

As well as our classes on Zoom, we will be connected online in our own Slack group, for online support throughout our 13-week journey. 


So, this will be our Tech Stack:   Zoom and Slack.  


If you are new to Slack, rest assured you'll receive an instructional video, showing you how to navigate Slack before we launch.


I'll also host an online "Tech Check" / Meet & Greet session (on Zoom) in the week before we actually launch, to make sure that everyone feels confident and comfortable with these technologies.  (This will be a great opportunity to meet each other, before we launch!)


Grace (Soul Weaving's resident geek) and I will also be available to support you with the tech throughout the course.

Recordings:  While we encourage you to attend every live training call to make the most of your Hekate's Keys experience, video and mp3 recordings and any handouts will be made available to every student, even if you need to miss a class.  You have lifetime access to all downloadable materials. These are yours to keep, once you download them to your own device via our Learning Portal.


About Juliette

About Juliette Valentina

Juliette Valentina walks a 29/11/2 Birth Path, and is a professional Numerologist and Astrologer.  She stumbled upon numerology at a very young age, and has been practicing as a professional numerologist for over 22 years.  She has been teaching for nearly 9 of those. (She taught her very first class on 13 June, 2015).


Her students value her dedication and obvious passion for this work; the grounded structure she brings to it; as well as her entertaining, interactive, and heartfelt teaching style.  Juliette's practice is grounded in a deeper philosophical underpinning, which she regularly shares in her writings.  You can find out more about Juliette, her Path, and approach on her About Page


Here are some of Juliette's thoughts about her philosophy and approach:

Juliette Valentina, numerology teacher, owner of Soul Weaving