A New Year Dawns. Which Archetype Ushers You into 2020?

Updated: Mar 2

What is your Personal Year Number for 2020? What wisdom are you being asked to master?

Beautiful people, Happy New Year & Happy New Decade!

Now that the New Year glitter is beginning to settle, let's calculate our Personal Year Number for 2020. We'd be wise to reflect on the archetype ushering us into the new year, and to take its core significations, resources, priorities, and values into consideration.

Why? Because forewarned is forearmed, ha!

Seriously, though, we have an important Mountain to climb this year, remember? The archetype now greeting us is offering sage advice on how to personally approach our climb (in combination with the 4 Universal Year). By preparing (energetically, emotionally, and psychologically) to engage this archetype, we'll be in a better position to harness the flow and magic of life. The winds of life will be at our back, rather than blowing against us.

Let's Calculate our Personal Year Number

To find your Personal Year Number, simply add your day and month of birth to the current year, ie: 2020. Start with the first digit and keep adding until you reach a single, final digit.

For example, I'm born on 17 February, so I'll add this to 2020:

1+7+2+2+0+2+0 = 14.

But as I haven't reached a single digit, I'll keep adding … 1+4 = 5.

So, I'm in a 5 Personal Year, as of today. How about you??

How does our Personal Year Number impact us?

Our Personal Year Number will constantly call us into conversation, both internally and externally. It wants to remove any blocks and/or resistance we may have to its wisdom and approach, so that we may successfully navigate the year ahead.

We'll feel its presence in our emotional landscape; in the people we'll meet; through the rich and varied experiences we'll encounter; the challenges we'll be confronted by; the opportunities we'll be graced with; and even in the places we'll journey to! We'll be encouraged, pushed, and nudged to develop its values, perspectives, and internal resources.

How we'll 'cope' with this depends largely on how we personally relate to this archetype, and how open we are to deepening our connection with it. Do we love it? Is it a treasured, familiar old friend? Or is it a confusing, daunting stranger? Reflect on your personal relationship to the archetype that is greeting you at the door to 2020.

How is your Personal Year Number Activating your Natal Chart?

Another tip is to look at your numerology natal chart and consider where you find this archetype. Is it a strong part of your energetic blueprint, or is it just quietly hanging out in a corner somewhere? For example, is it a part of your Birth Path or Destiny Numbers? Is it a Karmic Lesson? An Overall Life Challenge?? Or a Passion Point? Where is the energy being focused in your chart this year?

If Things get Rough

If things get rough through the year, meditate on the archetype and ask, "What am I just not getting?? What do I need to understand? How can I better embody and enact your wisdom, approach, and resources?" Then listen ...

And, as always, remember that the archetype exists on an infinite continuum, with its healthy gifts and strengths in the centre, and its dysfunctional extremes at either end. Can you identify where you are on the continuum? Are you perhaps overdoing this energy, or is it underdeveloped in your psyche? How can you best seek the centre?

Happy 2020!

I'd love to read your insights on your Personal Year, below! Let's make the most of Saturn's final year in Capricorn, especially now that Jupiter has joined the mix.

Our Mountain is waiting, beautiful people. Let's get on our way!

Would you like to know more about Numerology?? Then consider joining me for a personal session, or for one of my courses through the year! Please feel free to reach out if you're keen. We'd love to have you join us!!


Juliette xo

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