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Greater Effort = Greater Rewards

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

With Jupiter's recent ingress into Capricorn, it's time to make the Vision you hold for your life real!

I've been trying to create a video on Jupiter's recent ingress into Capricorn, but I've somehow managed to break it and the video is now jittery and weird, and impossible to watch. UGGHHHH! So ... I officially give up on the video, for the moment! Instead, let me put a few ideas in writing for you.

There are a lot of moving parts here, and it's always dangerous to examine one transit in isolation of everything else that's happening in the Sky above … but let's see how we go!

Oh, and fair TLDR warning ... this is a long post. So, if you're interested in little sound bites and a quick read, this is not a post for you. However, if you're interested in a greater awareness about this important transit, and how to best engage it, read on!


Jupiter is an archetype with many significations, but high on that list is our personal success, growth, and expansion. He's also interested in what brings a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives ... our Vision for what is possible. As Jupiter makes His way around the Sun (spending approximately one year in each sign of the zodiac), He shows us (by House and Sign) what the next step is on our journey, if we are to succeed in what we desire to achieve, accomplish, and become. Jupiter's transiting position in the zodiac emphasises the archetypal energy we'll need to embody, if we are to successfully build a life for ourselves that has heart, meaning, and purpose.

(Jupiter's journey through our Houses is significant, too, as are the aspects He makes to other planets in our individual natal charts. This is highly personalised. If you'd like to know what Jupiter is activating in your own chart, please reach out for a Transits Reading with me! I'd love to sit with you.)

He's been in Sagittarius for the past year, encouraging us to Dream bigger! He's been urging us to lean into our true potential; into a greater Vision of who we are and the life we can actually create for ourselves - preferably one that inspires and excites us, and is aligned with a deeply personal sense of meaning and fulfilment! Jupiter is the planet that really wants us to follow our Bliss!

And on 3 December, 2019 at 5:22 am (Sydney time), He ingressed into Capricorn where He'll stay for the next year.

In Capricorn, Jupiter's focus is shifting away from, "What is the Vision of Life I aspire to?" to "How do I make that real? How do I ground it?" He is saying that if we are to attain our Dreams, we'll need to embody the wisdom of perspective of Capricorn and Saturn (who He'll be 'dancing' with for the next year or more). Capricorn is the leading edge of our growth and aspirations, now. This is beautifully complimented by the fact that we're entering into a Universal 4 Year in 2020. Saturn, Capricorn, and the 4 are archetypes that speak the same language in many ways. And, for those who are passionate about Numerology, Capricorn is also bringing a hefty amount of 8 to the table, too.

One of my teachers, Steven Forrest, recently said that Jupiter in Capricorn offers opportunities of doing something 10 times harder, but receiving 100 times more satisfaction.


Wise advice for the coming year!

First and Foremost - Saturn

Let's look at Saturn, who is also in Capricorn at the moment (along with Pluto, Venus, and the South Node). Saturn has already been here for about 2 years, and only has 1 year to go before continuing His journey around the zodiac. So, while there's still time, it's important to pay attention to this key piece of the puzzle. Seriously, this is a heads up, people!

What am I talking about???

Saturn (the Lord of Karma, and the Lord of our Great Work) is the ruler of Capricorn. And, as one of my teachers taught me years ago, when Saturn returns to His home sign, it's like we're being gifted a clean slate, and the chance to make better and more empowered decisions about the direction that our lives are taking. This only happens every 29 years or so, so it's an important transit to be aware of. We'd be wise to consciously engage this transit, in case we inadvertently lock ourselves into a trajectory that we don't really want to be on for the next three decades!

Choose wisely.

The lives we're living today have been determined, to a vast extent, by the decisions and actions we took the previous time Saturn transited Capricorn, which was from 14 February, 1988 to 7 February, 1991. If you're old enough, I encourage you to look back in your journals and memories to remember what you were doing during that period. What significant decisions and actions did you take, back then? Can you see the connection between those decision and how your life has unfolded over the past three decades? Are there direct connections between what was happening in your world back then, and what is happening now? Can you see how your life may have been radically different, if you'd made different choices during that period?

If you're younger and this is your first experience of this transit, then understand its significance, and make the most of it!

Are you willing to take conscious ownership of your life and your career?

We're already two years into this particular transit. There is only one year remaining, before Saturn then ingresses into Aquarius. I encourage you to get extremely clear on how you want your life to unfold over the next 30 years. The decisions you make now and the actions you take towards building that life are the foundations that the next three decades will be built on. Are you willing to take conscious ownership of your life and your career?

Who do you want to become? Where do you want to be 30 years from now? What do you want to have accomplished? How do you want to have contributed to your community? What do you want to be recognised and respected for?

As Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your Bliss!"

Here's the thing, though ... Capricorn can simply climb the nearest mountain without considering whether or not it's actually His mountain to climb. "Mountain! Climb!!" And when He finally reaches the summit, after years (or even decades) of hard yakka, He often realises that He's on the wrong mountain altogether. Ooops. "Oh, look! There's His mountain, waaaay over there in the distance." Ugh. Starting all over again, or simply continuing to live a life other than His own, are the choices available in that situation. Neither are optimal, right??

So … Hopefully, before we start climbing our Capricorn mountain, we pause to consider IF it's our mountain. OUR mountain. Not the mountain that someone else believes is a wise or sensible choice for us. Not the mountain that is the most convenient. Not the mountain that our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all climbed before us, so we feel obligated to climb it, as well. But actually OUR mountain. OUR Great Work and Purpose. Our BLISS!

Please step into your own sense of authority and choose your mountain yourself, rather than deferring that decision to someone else (eg: a parent, a partner, or a preacher). While Jupiter is in Capricorn, we'll notably be exploring our personal connection to authority. (No doubt, we'll also see our society's relationship with authority coming into question, as well! But this is a post on our personal engagement with this Jupiter transit.)

As I often say to my students, the words 'authority' and 'author' are intimately linked. Another way to think of this is ... are you the author of your own life?? Do you hold the pen that is writing the story you are living? Or is someone else writing it for you? Are you allowing others to determine who you are 'allowed' to become, the Path you are 'allowed' to walk, and the Dreams you're 'allowed' to pursue. If so, this transit will stir this up and ask you to reflect on why. It'll encourage and support you to step into your own authority and power.

In fact, this transit may require you to step into a position of leadership or a position of authority, if this is a necessary aspect of your Dreams. Again, if you are someone who holds back and feel nervous about being seen as the leader or as the authority of something, you may find yourself being nudged (pushed) to explore your hesitancy around this, and encouraged to step into these roles. It may be a necessary part of the learning curve of Jupiter in Capricorn for you.

Another key Capricorn signification needs to be raised here, as well. What is your personal relationship with ambition? Are you ambitious enough to go for your Dreams??? (As Salvador Dali once said, "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings." Yikes.)

Hopefully, though, while Jupiter was in Sagittarius during 2019 (a Universal 3 Year), we've all realised the bigger Vision that we hold for our lives. Do you now feel inspired and clear on your Dreams? Your Calling? Your Bliss?? Have you recognised the Path that has heart, meaning, and significance to you? Have YOU chosen it??

If so, awesome! You've found YOUR mountain!

You have a worthy destination to aim for, which is a critical starting point. Capricorn and 4 are both goal-oriented archetypes ... They want to know where they're going. As to how you're going to get 'there' from 'here', they'll help you figure that out. To be honest, if you're willing to embody Capricorn's wisdom (see below), it almost even doesn't matter where you're starting from.

Make it Real (How to work with Jupiter in Capricorn and 4.)

Once you've tapped into the Vision of your life, it's time to ground it and make it real!

Considering we're in Capricorn's territory, the path up the mountain is probably going to entail a lot of hard yakka, and strategic, sustained, disciplined effort over the long haul. That sounds like fun, right?? Nah, probably not. 🤣🤣🤣 But we'd be wise to lean into Capricorn's energy, rather than fight it. Besides, as Capricorn and the Number 4 (our Universal Year for 2020) would say, "Suck it up, Buttercup. Oh, and work harder."

Don't be the child in the back seat of the car grizzling, "Are we there yet???" Don't whinge that it's harder than you expected; or that it's taking longer than you realised it would. As Capricorn and 4 would say, "And???"

Simply surrender to the discipline of slow, steady, incremental, daily effort, and ultimately you'll reap long-lasting results. Capricorn and 4 are both interested in sustainable success over the long haul, which is what we want, right?? (You should know, up front, that the degree to which you'll be rewarded while Jupiter is in Capricorn is in direct proportion to the effort that you're prepared to put in. Not a penny more; not a penny less. Luck holds no sway here at all.)

You should know, up front, that the degree to which you'll be rewarded while Jupiter is in Capricorn is in direct proportion to the effort that you're prepared to put in.

* * * * *

As an example ... Imagine where you'd be a year from now if you woke up a bit earlier every day and hit the yoga mat for one hour of practise every single morning. Perhaps you could also go to a yoga class regularly, and receive personalised instruction and correction from a teacher? Imagine how your strength, balance, and flexibility would improve in a year! Imagine how confident and anchored you'd feel within each pose, and with the flow from one pose to the next. Got that image? Great. Now, imagine you left it all to the final week of 2020, and then you panicked and practised for 12 hours a day for 7 days straight. Got that vastly different image? This is Capricorn's wisdom!

There's no way you'd be able to build up the same level of strength, balance, poise, and flexibility in one week, compared to an entire year of disciplined, consistent practise!!

What we're learning during this transit is that our success and growth (Jupiter) will be assured by steady, disciplined, and consistent effort (Capricorn).

* * * * *

You should also be aware that these archetypes will demand that you exhaust yourself, your time, and your resources. Push yourself to your limits, in pursuit of your Vision. Give it everything you've got! Say YES to the late nights and the early mornings. Say YES to the challenges. Say YES to the hard work. Say YES to all necessary commitments.

Be serious, stoic, and mature. Show up whether you feel like it or not. You'll never reach your goals if you only give 100% when you feel 100%!! As Stephen King once said, "Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work."

Basically, if you can't be bothered to do the work and you end up with nothing to show for yourself by the end of 2020, then (as 4 and Capricorn would say), "Don't be upset by the results you didn't get, from the work you didn't do." Ouch. Reality bites!


  • Make sure you're on YOUR mountain.

  • Set SMART goals. (ie: Specific. Measurable. Aligned. Realistic. Time-bound.)

  • Get organised! Make a structured, systematised, efficient, step-by-step plan to reach those goals.

  • Be willing to explore your relationship with power, ambition, leadership, and authority.

  • And then do what you need to do. No excuses.

It's really that simple. (Note: I said 'simple' not 'easy'.)


Other suggestions would be to:

  1. Get your ducks in a row! Demonstrate that you've thought this through and your Dreams are practical & realistic. Do you have the time, money, resources & support needed to make this work?

  2. Create a Vision Board of the Vision you hold for your life and/or create a Digital Collage & carry it with you on your phone! Visualise your Dream Life as though it were already real. (Anchor Jupiter in Sagittarius' Vision here for Jupiter in Capricorn to make real.)

  3. Explore great tools like Trello or ToDoist to help you get organised. 4 and Capricorn both LOVE organisation, structure, method, and discipline!

  4. Prioritise your world and your time. As Goethe said, "Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."

  5. Find a reliable Accountability Partner. Check in with them daily to keep each other on track. A 10-min call every day will work wonders & keep you both focused and excited!

  6. Download some motivational videos or mp3s to keep you inspired and fired up. Watch them daily! You know? Those clips that start with someone saying something like, "Don't get comfortable in your own laziness!"

Emotional Maturity

There's one final signification I'd also like to mention, as it's important. Capricorn and the 4 archetype are both emotionally mature. They are reliable, responsible, and willing to be held accountable. They align with your inner adult (as opposed to your inner child). They know how to resist temptation. They're able to show up whether they feel like it or not, to honour their commitments and their Vision. And while they know it's important to process our emotional wounds and our triggers, they'll also advise you not to be held hostage by them.

In seeking to make your Dreams real, you're likely to stir up old wounds and old stories about why you can't possibly attain the life you've envisioned for yourself. It then becomes a matter of emotional maturity to show up for yourself anyway. Otherwise, we are liable to sacrifice our Dreams and our future to past wounding.

Show up for yourself and for your future.


Final thoughts from the 4 and Capricorn?

Remember - "Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."

May we allow the 4 archetype and Jupiter in Capricorn to be our guides for the coming year! May we surrender to their strict, serious, organised, and hard-working wisdom.

May we own our Vision, & be willing to step into our authority and ambition to create it!

I hope this post is helpful to you? If so, please Like and share it with others who you feel may benefit from understanding this current transit. I'd love to read your insights and comments below! Sharing is where the magic is.

Blessings to us all for the coming year!


Juliette xo

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