A New Year Dawns. Which Archetype Ushers You into 2021?

Updated: Apr 5

What is your Personal Year Number for 2021? What wisdom are you being asked to master and integrate into your life?

Beautiful people, Happy New Year!

As we gear up to celebrate New Year, let's calculate our Personal Year Number for 2021. (This is a timing technique, similar to the astrological concept of a 'personal transit'.) We'd be wise to reflect on the archetype ushering us into the year ahead, and to take its core significations, resources, priorities, and values into consideration.

Why? Because forewarned is forearmed, ha!

Seriously, though, the archetype now greeting us is offering sage advice on how to personally approach our climb (in combination with the 5 Universal Year). By preparing (energetically, emotionally, and psychologically) to engage this archetype, we'll be in a better position to harness the flow and magic of life. The winds of life will be at our back, rather than blowing against us.

Let's Calculate our Personal Year Number

To find your Personal Year Number, simply add your day and month of birth to the current year, ie: 2021. Start with the first digit and keep adding until you reach a single, final digit.

For example, I'm born on 17 February, so I'll add this to 2021:

1+7+2+2+0+2+1 = 15.

But as I haven't reached a single digit, I'll keep adding … 1+5 = 6.

So, I'm entering a 6 Personal Year for 2021. How about you??

(Keywords for each of the Personal Year Numbers can be found below.)

How does our Personal Year Number impact us?

Our Personal Year Number will constantly call us into conversation, both internally and externally. It wants to remove any blocks and/or resistance we may have to its wisdom and approach, so that we may successfully navigate the year ahead.

We'll feel its presence in our emotional landscape; in the people we'll meet; through the rich and varied experiences we'll encounter; the challenges we'll be confronted by; the opportunities we'll be graced with; and even in the places we'll journey to! We'll be encouraged, pushed, and nudged to develop its values, perspectives, and internal resources.

How we'll 'cope' with this depends largely on how we personally relate to this archetype, and how open we are to deepening our connection with it.

Do we love it? Is it a treasured, familiar old friend? Or is it a confusing, daunting stranger? Reflect on your personal relationship to the archetype that is greeting you at the door to 2021.

How is your Personal Year Number Activating your Natal Chart?

Are you familiar with your Numerology Natal Chart? If so, another tip would be to look at your natal chart and consider where the energy is being focused this year? Is it a strong part of your energetic blueprint, or is it just quietly hanging out in a corner somewhere? For example, is it a part of your Birth Path or Destiny Numbers? Is it a Karmic Lesson? An Overall Life Challenge?? Or a Passion Point?

Keywords for the Personal Year Numbers

Here is a very generalised look at the type of situations or issues we could reasonably imagine engaging during the year, for each of the Personal Year Numbers. As mentioned above, please remember that how you'll engage these archetypes will vary depending on your personal relationship with each of them.

Also, just so you know, the Numbers will continually flow from one to the next in what is known as an Epicycle. They flow from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... and then back to 1, again, for the new Epicycle that then begins.

I hope these keywords help? If you calculate your Personal Year Number for 2020, ie: the year just just finished, and then look it up below, can you see your yearly archetype in play? Leave a comment! I'm super curious!

  1. New beginnings. Unique, original ideas! Birthing a new sense of Self, a new self-identity. Initiating what you truly want! Finding your passion! Intentionally facing your Fears so you CAN go after what you want. Not taking no for an answer - not even from your own fear. "Obstacles?? What f*cking obstacles??" If you were powerless to deal with something in the past and it's left you seething with anger/rage ever since, a 1 Essence or a 1 Personal Year would be the perfect time to excavate it and heal it ... probably by finally dealing with it. Learning to find and remain in your Centre - either by intentionally engaging something like a new meditation practise, or by Life knocking you down and demanding that you get back up again and again. Willingly confronting situations or relationships that cause a sense of defeat/futility. "Too many motherf*ckers f*cking with my shit!!" Don't lay down in the dirt and just give up!! Stand your ground. Change your tactics! Fight for what you want. Trust your instincts. Confront former experiences of defeat that have held you down (perhaps for decades), so that you can get back up and fight on. Finding yourself being exiled or ostracised for voicing your opinion. Pioneering/trail blazing new territory. Increased self-awareness. Defending someone weaker than you. Being bullied by someone stronger than you. "If it is to be, it's up to me." "God helps those who help themselves."

  2. Relationships beginning or ending. Intimacy issues. Trust issues. Finding yourself in a peace-maker or negotiator role. Needing to be tactful or diplomatic. Dealing with matters of discretion. Networking. Learning interpersonal skills. Relationship counselling. Learning to assert/respect boundaries. Learning to compromise; or learning where you've over-compromised and over-accommodated. Learning not to be the doormat for others to walk on! Experiencing kindness. Experiencing vulnerability or being forced into a position of dependence on another (through illness or injury for example). Someone else being dependent on you. Issues of co-dependency, interdependency, and anti-dependency. Experiencing unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. Being unconditionally loved by another.

  3. Children. Inner-child work. Social gatherings. Joining a new group. Changing groups. Being mindful of not frittering your time away on pointless social engagements. Finding your true tribe. Increased awareness of your appearance - changing your style; getting some awesome new ink; or losing weight etc. This focus on appearance could also be about branding your business - creating its logo & its look; writing copy for your business website. Opportunities to speak publicly, teach, or having a piece of writing published. Writing a book, flyers, or programmes. Creating content for your website or YouTube channel etc. Finding your voice. Experiences of being seen and heard - or feeling invisible and like your words are falling on deaf ears. Being criticised, or being critical. Learning or simply enjoying a handcraft (eg: knitting, handmaking toys, sewing, quilting, making costumes etc). Having to cast glamours so others don't know the truth about your life or situation. Realising you've been gaslighted or manipulated. An emotional year. Developing your clairvoyance and clairaudience skills. Truly touching in and realising what is satisfying and fulfilling to you? What is your joy, your bliss?

  4. Where are your roots? Finding/creating long-term stability and a strong foundation for your life ... or finding yourself uprooted. Home; homeless; moving to a new home. Where do you belong? Protecting your family. Questions of loyalty. Who has your back? Who doesn't? Time to address issues with your family of origin, but as an adult now. Working hard to build the life of your dreams (as envisioned in 3). Learning about discipline, reliability, and maturity. Persevering. Being stoic. Sucking it up and getting on with it. #adulting Taking yourself and your dreams seriously. Where are you stuck in a rut? Where do you pay too much for your money?? (Meaning: where do you sacrifice your bliss for safety and financial security?) Feeling bored, trapped, restricted. Building a fortress around yourself, to feel safe. Cautious. Mainstream society and its 'sensible' expectations. The status quo. Embracing or challenging traditional values/beliefs. Abiding by the rules, or intentionally breaking them. Reality - cold, hard reality that must be met.

  5. Expanding all that was built in the 4. Growth. Potential chaos and disruption to your 'normal' (4) Life - accidents, illness, injuries. Earth-shattering events. Lightning bolts hitting your life. A wild ride! Your old life will never exist again. Being in a liminal space between all that you knew (4) and all that potentially could be (6). Clearing the path for our 'right path' in 6 (next year). Not knowing where you are or where to go. Afraid of the unknown. Trusting Life not to leave you in the liminal space. Breaking free of 4's mainstream conventions and expectations. Breaking free of your own, self-imposed limitations and restrictions and rules. Where are you trapped in a cage, without realising that YOU built the cage and YOU hold the key?? You can leave whenever you choose! Or do you still believe your cage protects you? If you won't leave voluntarily, 5 will shatter it for you. Constructive Use of Freedom. Is it freedom from something or freedom to something?? Or perhaps losing your freedom altogether. Experiencing anxiety. Making progressive, unconventional choices. Breaking free of society's little boxes and labels, so you can discover and/or show the true magnificence of YOU. Experiencing a lust for Life. New people, new places, new experiences, new ideas. Going on adventures. (Or passing up on the chance of a wild, thrilling adventure 'cause you're just too 4 by nature!!) Feeling confronted by people who live outside the box. Having to adapt to changing situations, whether you like it or not. Pay attention to the opportunities you're offered this year, even if they're carefully disguised as a crisis or problem!!!

  6. Establishing/prioritising your self-care routine. Learning to nurture yourself. Challenging your reflexive tendency to drop whatever you're doing and tend to everyone else's needs first. Understanding that it's better to give to others from the overflow of a cup you've filled with self-care, rather than from an empty vessel. Nurturing and caring for family members. Engagements. Marriages. Divorces. New babies being born. Funerals. (Lots of family stuff.) Researching our family tree. Ancestral healing work. Womb healing. Being in service to others - your clients, students, friends etc. Devoting yourself to your path of mastery, to your lineage. 6 is about our path of 'right work', so exploring questions and experiences around this. Honing your skills! Being willing to make mistakes in order to increase your skill level - understanding that mistakes are okay; they help us learn. Recognising and honouring your potential. Tapping into your self-worth, or finding yourself really questioning this. Feeling valued, or completely unappreciated. Seeking out new teachers, or mentors, or a coach. Stepping into the role of teaching or mentoring others. Confronting your self-negating, perfectionistic inner critic. Personal growth and development. Receiving visions of your ideal life, and ideal self. Priestesses. Serving as a vessel for the Divine - developing our willingness, skills, and capacity to serve.

  7. Tending to our mental and emotional health. Longing for/forming an intense, mystical, soulmate union with another person. Searching for 'The One'. Great loneliness or emptiness without this depth of connection. Tantra. Feeling abandoned or betrayed by someone you implicitly trusted. Feeling rejected. Feeling suspicious or paranoid. Mystical studies. Magick. Alchemy. Healing journey - modern science vs alternative healing modalities. Engaging your academic studies. Questioning your faith, or developing your relationship with the Divine. Needing more time in silence and stillness than is usual for you. Craving solitude. Meditation. Prayer. Connecting with the Divine. Hiding or discovering secrets. Depth psychotherapeutic work - a great time for therapy. Raw, naked, intense emotions. A call to the depth of who you are. Inner work.

  8. Financial matters - for good or ill. Attaining financial goals. Questioning your relationship with money, or your beliefs about abundance. Manifestation. Charity work or philanthropy. Potential promotion at work, with bonuses. Building/losing your business. Working insanely long hours at work. Considering your chosen career/profession. Dealing with the law - eg: law suits; jury duty; divorce settlement; property settlement; contracts; taxes; executing a Will. Receiving an inheritance. Writing policies. Exploring your sexuality. Issues with your reputation - building it; having to protect it; or dealing with a scandal that threatens your social position. Receiving the respect & recognition of your peers. Being a pillar/pariah of your community. Stepping into your authentic power! How ambitious are you? Where do you want to be 40 years from now? How strategic are you in reaching for these goals?? Reclaiming your authority from whoever or whatever had usurped it in the past. Issues with people or institutions in a position of authority over you. Hierarchies. Tall Poppy Syndrome. Successfully 'climbing the ladder'; intentionally considering where you want to be on the 'ladder'; or finding yourself being henpecked and being told to 'remember your place'. Potential questions around status and prestige.

  9. Make time to retreat from the external world. Make time for stillness and solitude and your inner work. A threshold year of transitions as we end one epicycle and prepare for a whole new one. A year of transformations or metamorphosis. Perhaps there are events that focus your attention on death and mortality. Pay attention to your dreams, tarot, images, and spiritual guidance. Meditate. Walk in nature. Listen to your intuition as you enter a period of realignment with your Soul's Path. Endings. Lots of endings! What do you need to let go of, to release? What no longer serves your Path as you move forward? Surrender. Trust the process. Have faith that you won't lose anything that you truly need, but only those things, people, and circumstances that now stand in your way. It's a year to gain clarity on your priorities and your Path forward; and to clear away anything that interferes with your growth. Whatever wants to go, let it!! Don't hold onto anything. 9 clears our life out to make way for the inrushing of new energy in the next year which will be a 1 Personal Year. Confronting your beliefs (about yourself and the world around you). Increased awareness of humanity and issues in society. This period of withdrawal is not a time for escapist behaviours like binge-watching Netflix, over-eating, or surrendering to alcohol/drug addictions etc, although this may happen if we're not intentional about our year's purpose. The need to address long-term addictions can arise this year - how do you tend to numb out in order to escape your life, instead of meeting it head on? Issues to do with forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Deep complex emotions. Depression. Grief. Processing and releasing old, deeply held grief. Loss. Compassion.

If Things get Rough

If things get rough through the year, meditate on the archetype and ask, "What am I just not getting?? What do I need to understand? How can I better embody and enact your wisdom, approach, and resources?" And then listen ...

And, as always, remember that the archetype exists on an infinite continuum, with its healthy gifts and strengths in the centre, and its dysfunctional extremes at either end. Can you identify where you are on the continuum? Are you perhaps overdoing this energy, or is it underdeveloped in your psyche? How can you best seek the centre?

Happy 2021!

I'd love to read your insights on your Personal Year, below! Let's make the most of Jupiter and Saturn's joint ingress into Aquarius, especially now that a brand new Great Conjunction AND Great Mutation has begun. (If you'd like to understand more about the 20-year cycle that is just beginning and how to engage it personally, you can read my recent article here.)

As Dr Seuss would say, our Mountain is waiting, beautiful people. Let's get on our way!

Please feel free to reach out if you're keen to learn more. Perhaps consider joining me for a personal session, or for one of my courses throughout the year?? I have a new Introductory Course (online) beginning in mid-February, 2021, and we'd love to have you join us!!


Juliette xo

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