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    • Yearly Transit Reading

      What season of life are you in??  Saturn season?  Venus season?  What opportunities for growth are being presented?  What needs to be released?  Expanded?  What is being asked of you??  Understanding this, in real time, helps us to engage in a more direct conversation with Life itself; and to more fully harness our empowered, co-creative power. Let's look at what is unfolding in your chart, and what the upcoming year holds for you!  I will calculate the major transits and progressions that will unfold in your chart over the coming twelve months.  We will pay attention to the retrograde cycles of the personal planets (ie: Mercury, Venus, Mars), to see if they will be touching any sensitive areas in your chart.  I will also determine which House in your chart is emphasised by Annual Profection, an ancient timing technique that shows us the primary theme of each year (birthday to birthday).  This ancient technique indicates which planet is the Lord of the Year, which will help to focus our attention on that particular planet's journey through the Sky, its transits, and its retrogrades etc.  ​

    • 13-Wk Numerology Course - Coffs Harbour

      This rich, 13-week journey with Numerology will show you how to use your Birth Name and Date of Birth to successfully calculate and cast Natal Charts for yourself and others. We will begin our journey by learning the underlying philosophy and 'ground rules' of Numerology. The bulk of our journey will then be focused on deeply understanding and connecting with each of the Numerological Archetypes. With an awareness of these Archetypes involved, we can begin to 'read' a Natal Chart. I look forward to journeying with you, if you are called to learn this beautiful, sacred language!

    • Priestess Devotional Practice Reading

      This is a more specialised area of my devotional practice as an Astrologer.  It is my intention to serve the Divine Feminine by aiding her Priestesses, Witches, and others in our Wild Sisterhood and Goddess Tribe to live more joyous, purposeful, and richly spiritual lives.  I can offer guidance in developing your personal devotional practice by exploring the Divine Feminine in your Astrological chart. (For more information on this Reading, please see the detailed listing on the Readings page. Thank you!)

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    • Learn Archetypal Numerology with me in this 13-week INTENSIVE!

      $160 Early Bird Discount ends THIS WEDNESDAY, 20 January!! Learn Archetypal Numerology with me in this 13-week Intensive - Know Thyself! 18 February - 13 May, 2021 Thank you for following my work, and being a part of my community. I love sharing this path and this work with you! If you'd like to journey more directly/more personally with me, I invite you to join me for a 13-week journey into the archetypal realm of Numerology. After a whole year of hibernating and healing from my car accident in January 2020, I’m beyond excited to be stepping back on deck - working with clients and teaching again! And I’m thrilled to announce a new Archetypal Numerology course - Know Thyself! This is a Deep Dive into Numerology. When you come away from our journey together, you'll feel confident and comfortable with casting charts for yourself and others. And you'll have a strong introduction to each of the archetypes. BUT ... This Intensive is not only an intellectual journey. It's also an invitation to deeply connect with your True Self and the Bigger Archetypal Picture of your Life Path. This is a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-empowerment. As one of my students said, this work "calls you out in a way that your soul begs for, and holds a mirror to your greatest potential." Yes!! Perhaps most importantly, learning the archetypal language of Numerology opens up a dialogue between us and the Cosmos. We begin to understand the conversations we're being called into by Life itself. Instead of railing against the Heavens and feeling like we're at the mercy of a random, choatic universe, we instead come to understand the greater archetypal intelligence that's in play. If you're ready to engage your Path with this greater level of awareness, intention, clarity, and consciousness, then you're in the right place. Welcome! We'd love to journey with you! All the details for this new 13-week Course can be found here. If you're unfamiliar with my approach to teaching and my courses, I invite you to read through my student and client testimonials. They'll give you a feel for my work and the passion I have for both the archetypal languages and for teaching. They'll also give you insight into how this journey unfolds for people just like you. The $160 Early Bird Discount is still open, but only until 20 January! So, if you'd like to join us, NOW is a great time to put up your hand and say, "Count me in!" Make the most of the discount. Please reach out with any queries you may have. I'm super-excited about the course and would love to connect and talk with you about it! Blessings, beautiful people! Come, play with me!! Peace Juliette xo #numerology #numerologycourse #juliettevalentina #soulweaving #soulpreneur #spiritualawakening #cosmicconsciousness #cosmicmind #asabovesobelow #spirituality #thirdeyetribe #personalgrowth #numerology101 #selfactualization #spiritualjourney #soulpreneur #learnnumerology #knowthyself #selfenquiry #higherconsciousness

    • How Much are You Willing to 'Pay' for the Life of Your Dreams??

      Seriously, how much are you willing to 'pay' for the life of your dreams? 2021 is a 5 Universal Year, and this question will be a central part of its challenge to us! 5 wants us to wrestle with the following questions: - What is the true price of safety? - What is the true price of freedom? Here's another question: Are you paying too much for your money? For your safety? That can seem like a strange question, right??? So, let's put it this way - have you sacrificed your dreams; your visions of an amazing life; your unique gifts; your self-respect; and the exciting opportunities that the Cosmos has presented you with, all in the name of a predictable, guaranteed, stable, sensible life? Where are you NOT living? What is the true price of your safety?? 5 wants us to realise that our desire to feel safe and secure, or our desire to sensibly comply with societal expectations, can rob us of the life we were actually born to live. This 5 Universal Year will push us to consider where we feel stuck and staid. Where have we become imprisoned by sensibility, duty, commitment, and responsibility? Where have we been trapped by blind adherence to mainstream, conventional thinking, or by our unquestioned acceptance of the status quo? Where have we prioritised safety over 'Following our Bliss'? Are we ready and willing to challenge all of this, so that the expression of our emerging individuality isn't blocked? Are we ready to open ourselves to greater levels of individuality, authenticity, and freedom? Are we ready to pay the true cost of freedom?? The changes that 5 may herald over the coming year might feel scary, overwhelming, erratic, or even unstable at times. But if we open to them, they could equally feel liberating, exhilarating, and thrilling! This can depend on our own personal relationship with the 5 archetype ... the archetype of change, freedom, and adaptation. Under the 5 energy, we're encouraged to get curious; to have a go; to just see what happens. We're asked to take an experimental frame of mind. This 5 Universal Year is echoed in the fact that Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius will be squaring each other three times throughout the year. It's one of the major astrological highlights of 2021. If you're familiar with your astrological chart, consider the Houses that Saturn and Uranus are currently transiting. This is where we'd expect to find some tension in our life, and the desire to break free from old limitations, worn-out ideas, and chains. Timing their exact alignments, the Key Dates to pay attention to are: - 18 February (7 degrees Taurus/Aquarius) - 15 June (13 degrees Taurus/Aquarius) - 24 December (11 degrees Taurus/Aquarius) These alignments will be activating any points or planets we have in the 7 - 13 degree range of the Fixed Signs - ie: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If we have anything placed within these degrees and signs, we're more likely to feel this energy pushing and pulling us forward. I'd ask all of us to consider Paulo Coelho's quote. As a 35/8, he intimately understands how to dance with 5's wisdom. Are you keen to learn more about Numerology and how to engage it directly in your life? If so, perhaps consider joining me for a personal session, or for one of my courses throughout the year? I have a new Introductory Course (online) beginning 18 February, 2021 (a potent date, considering the Uranus Saturn square that day!). We'd love to have you join us!! All the details can be found here. I hope this is helpful? As always, I'd love to hear your insights! Please feel free to leave a Comment below and to share this article if you think others would benefit from it. Blessings, beautiful people! Peace Juliette xo #cosmicmind #asabovesobelow #spirituality #thirdeyetribe #personalgrowth #numerology #numerology101 #selfactualization #spiritualjourney #soulpreneur #cosmicconsciousness #learnnumerology #numerologycourse #knowthyself #selfenquiry #higherconsciousness

    • A New Year Dawns. Which Archetype Ushers You into 2021?

      What is your Personal Year Number for 2021? What wisdom are you being asked to master and integrate into your life? Beautiful people, Happy New Year! As we gear up to celebrate New Year, let's calculate our Personal Year Number for 2021. (This is a timing technique, similar to the astrological concept of a 'personal transit'.) We'd be wise to reflect on the archetype ushering us into the year ahead, and to take its core significations, resources, priorities, and values into consideration. Why? Because forewarned is forearmed, ha! Seriously, though, the archetype now greeting us is offering sage advice on how to personally approach our climb (in combination with the 5 Universal Year). By preparing (energetically, emotionally, and psychologically) to engage this archetype, we'll be in a better position to harness the flow and magic of life. The winds of life will be at our back, rather than blowing against us. Let's Calculate our Personal Year Number To find your Personal Year Number, simply add your day and month of birth to the current year, ie: 2021. Start with the first digit and keep adding until you reach a single, final digit. For example, I'm born on 17 February, so I'll add this to 2021: 1+7+2+2+0+2+1 = 15. But as I haven't reached a single digit, I'll keep adding … 1+5 = 6. So, I'm entering a 6 Personal Year for 2021. How about you?? (Keywords for each of the Personal Year Numbers can be found below.) How does our Personal Year Number impact us? Our Personal Year Number will constantly call us into conversation, both internally and externally. It wants to remove any blocks and/or resistance we may have to its wisdom and approach, so that we may successfully navigate the year ahead. We'll feel its presence in our emotional landscape; in the people we'll meet; through the rich and varied experiences we'll encounter; the challenges we'll be confronted by; the opportunities we'll be graced with; and even in the places we'll journey to! We'll be encouraged, pushed, and nudged to develop its values, perspectives, and internal resources. How we'll 'cope' with this depends largely on how we personally relate to this archetype, and how open we are to deepening our connection with it. Do we love it? Is it a treasured, familiar old friend? Or is it a confusing, daunting stranger? Reflect on your personal relationship to the archetype that is greeting you at the door to 2021. How is your Personal Year Number Activating your Natal Chart? Are you familiar with your Numerology Natal Chart? If so, another tip would be to look at your natal chart and consider where the energy is being focused this year? Is it a strong part of your energetic blueprint, or is it just quietly hanging out in a corner somewhere? For example, is it a part of your Birth Path or Destiny Numbers? Is it a Karmic Lesson? An Overall Life Challenge?? Or a Passion Point? Keywords for the Personal Year Numbers Here is a very generalised look at the type of situations or issues we could reasonably imagine engaging during the year, for each of the Personal Year Numbers. As mentioned above, please remember that how you'll engage these archetypes will vary depending on your personal relationship with each of them. Also, just so you know, the Numbers will continually flow from one to the next in what is known as an Epicycle. They flow from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... and then back to 1, again, for the new Epicycle that then begins. I hope these keywords help? If you calculate your Personal Year Number for 2020, ie: the year just just finished, and then look it up below, can you see your yearly archetype in play? Leave a comment! I'm super curious! New beginnings. Unique, original ideas! Initiating what you truly want! Finding your passion! Intentionally facing your Fears so you CAN go after what you want. Not taking no for an answer - not even your own fear. "Obstacles?? What f*cking obstacles??" Learning to find and remain in your Centre - either by intentionally engaging something like a new meditation practise, or by Life knocking you down and demanding that you get back up again and again. Confronting situations or relationships that cause a sense of defeat/futility. Finding yourself being exiled or ostracised for voicing your opinion. Pioneering/trail blazing new territory. Standing your ground. Fighting for what you want. Increased self-awareness. Defending someone weaker than you. Being bullied by someone stronger than you. Relationships beginning or ending. Finding yourself in a peace-keeper or negotiator role. Networking. Learning interpersonal skills. Relationship counselling. Learning to assert/respect boundaries. Learning to compromise ... or learning where you've over-compromised and over-accommodated. Learning not to be the doormat for others to walk on! Experiencing kindness. Experiencing vulnerability or being forced into a position of dependence on another (through illness or injury for example). Finding another being dependent on you. Experiencing unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. Being unconditionally loved by another. Social gatherings. Joining a new group. Changing groups. Finding your true tribe. Increased awareness of your appearance - changing your style; getting some awesome new ink; or losing weight etc. This focus on appearance could also be about branding your business - creating its logo & its look; writing copy for its website. Opportunities to speak publicly, teach, or having a piece of writing published. Writing a book, flyers, or programmes. Creating content for your website or YouTube channel etc. Finding your voice. Experiences of being seen and heard - or feeling invisible and like your words are falling on deaf ears. Being criticised, or being critical. Learning or simply enjoying a handcraft (eg: knitting, handmaking toys, sewing, quilting, making costumes etc). Having to cast glamours so others don't know the truth about your life or situation. Realising you've been gaslighted or manipulated. An emotional year. Developing your clairvoyance and clairaudience skills. Truly touching in and realising what is satisfying and fulfilling to you? What is your joy, your bliss? Where are your roots? Finding/creating long-term stability and a strong foundation for your life ... or finding yourself uprooted. Home; homeless; moving to a new home. Where do you belong? Protecting your family. Questions of loyalty. Who has your back? Who doesn't? Time to address issues with your family of origin, but as an adult now. Working hard to build the life of your dreams (as envisioned in 3). Learning about discipline, reliability, and maturity. Persevering. Being stoic. Sucking it up and getting on with it. #adulting Taking yourself and your dreams seriously. Where are you stuck in a rut? Where do you pay too much for your money?? (Meaning: where do you sacrifice your bliss for safety and financial security?) Feeling bored, trapped, restricted. Building a fortress around yourself, to feel safe. Cautious. Mainstream society and its 'sensible' expectations. The status quo. Embracing or challenging traditional values/beliefs. Abiding by the rules, or intentionally breaking them. Reality - cold, hard reality that must be met. Expanding all that was built in the 4. Growth. Potential chaos and disruption to your 'normal' (4) Life - accidents, illness, injuries. Earth-shattering events. Lightning bolts hitting your life. A wild ride! Your old life will never exist again. Being in a liminal space between all that you knew (4) and all that potentially could be (6). Clearing the path for our 'right path' in 6 (next year). Not knowing where you are or where to go. Afraid of the unknown. Trusting Life not to leave you in the liminal space. Breaking free of 4's mainstream conventions and expectations. Breaking free of your own, self-imposed limitations and restrictions and rules. Where are you trapped in a cage, without realising that YOU built the cage and YOU hold the key?? You can leave whenever you choose! Or do you still believe your cage protects you? If you won't leave voluntarily, 5 will shatter it for you. Constructive Use of Freedom. Is it freedom from something or freedom to something?? Or perhaps losing your freedom altogether. Experiencing anxiety. Making progressive, unconventional choices. Breaking free of society's little boxes and labels, so you can discover and/or show the true magnificence of YOU. Experiencing a lust for Life. New people, new places, new experiences, new ideas. Going on adventures. (Or passing up on the chance of a wild, thrilling adventure 'cause you're just too 4 by nature!!) Feeling confronted by people who live outside the box. Having to adapt to changing situations, whether you like it or not. Pay attention to the opportunities you're offered this year, even if they're carefully disguised as a crisis or problem!!! Establishing/prioritising your self-care routine. Learning to nurture yourself. Challenging your reflexive tendency to drop whatever you're doing and tend to everyone else's needs first. Understanding that it's better to give to others from the overflow of a cup you've filled with self-care, rather than from an empty vessel. Nurturing and caring for family members. Engagements. Marriages. Divorces. New babies being born. Funerals. (Lots of family stuff.) Researching our family tree. Ancestral healing work. Womb healing. Being in service to others - your clients, students, friends etc. Devoting yourself to your path of mastery, to your lineage. 6 is about our path of 'right work', so exploring questions and experiences around this. Honing your skills! Being willing to make mistakes in order to increase your skill level - understanding that mistakes are okay; they help us learn. Recognising and honouring your potential. Tapping into your self-worth, or finding yourself really questioning this. Feeling valued, or completely unappreciated. Seeking out new teachers, or mentors, or a coach. Stepping into the role of teaching or mentoring others. Confronting your self-negating, perfectionistic inner critic. Personal growth and development. Receiving visions of your ideal life, and ideal self. Priestesses. Serving as a vessel for the Divine - developing our willingness, skills, and capacity to serve. Longing for/forming an intense, mystical, soulmate union with another person. Searching for 'The One'. Great loneliness or emptiness. Tantra. Feeling abandoned or betrayed by someone you implicitly trusted. Feeling rejected. Feeling suspicious or paranoid. Mystical studies. Magick. Alchemy. Healing journey - modern science vs alternative healing modalities. Engaging your academic studies. Questioning your faith, or developing your relationship with the Divine. Needing more time in silence and stillness than is usual for you. Craving solitude. Meditation. Prayer. Hiding or discovering secrets. Depth psychotherapeutic work - a great time for therapy. Raw, naked, intense emotions. A call to the depth of who you are. Inner work. Financial matters - for good or ill. Attaining financial goals. Questioning your relationship with money, or your beliefs about abundance. Manifestation. Charity work or philanthropy. Potential promotion at work, with bonuses. Building/losing your business. Working insanely long hours at work. Considering your chosen career/profession. Dealing with the law - eg: law suits; jury duty; divorce settlement; property settlement; contracts; taxes; executing a Will. Receiving an inheritance. Writing policies. Exploring your sexuality. Issues with your reputation - building it; having to protect it; or dealing with a scandal that threatens your social position. Receiving the respect & recognition of your peers. Being a pillar/pariah of your community. Stepping into your authentic power! How ambitious are you? Where do you want to be 40 years from now? How strategic are you in reaching for these goals?? Reclaiming your authority from whoever or whatever had usurped it in the past. Issues with people or institutions in a position of authority over you. Hierarchies. Tall Poppy Syndrome. Successfully 'climbing the ladder'; intentionally considering where you want to be on the 'ladder'; or finding yourself being henpecked and being told to 'remember your place'. Potential questions around status and prestige. Making time to retreat from the external world. Making time for stillness and solitude and inner work. A threshold year of transitions as we end one epicycle and prepare for a whole new one. Pay attention to your dreams, tarot, images, and spiritual guidance. Meditate. Walk in nature. Listen to your intuition as you enter a period of realignment with your Soul's Path. Endings. Lots of endings! What do you need to let go of, to release? What no longer serves your Path as you move forward? Surrender. Trust the process. Have faith that you won't lose anything that you truly need, but only those things, people, and circumstances that now stand in your way. It's a year to gain clarity on your priorities and your Path forward; and to clear away anything that interferes with your growth. Whatever wants to go, let it!! Don't hold onto anything. 9 clears our life out to make way for the inrushing of new energy in the next year which will be a 1 Personal Year. Confronting your beliefs (about yourself and the world around you). Increased awareness of humanity and issues in society. This period of withdrawal is not a time for escapist behaviours like binge-watching Netflix, over-eating, or surrendering to alcohol/drug addictions etc, although this may happen if we're not intentional about our year's purpose. The need to address long-term addictions can arise this year - how do you tend to numb out in order to escape your life, instead of meeting it head on? Issues to do with forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Deep complex emotions. Depression. Grief. Processing and releasing old, deeply held grief. Loss. Compassion. If Things get Rough If things get rough through the year, meditate on the archetype and ask, "What am I just not getting?? What do I need to understand? How can I better embody and enact your wisdom, approach, and resources?" And then listen ... And, as always, remember that the archetype exists on an infinite continuum, with its healthy gifts and strengths in the centre, and its dysfunctional extremes at either end. Can you identify where you are on the continuum? Are you perhaps overdoing this energy, or is it underdeveloped in your psyche? How can you best seek the centre? Happy 2021! I'd love to read your insights on your Personal Year, below! Let's make the most of Jupiter and Saturn's joint ingress into Aquarius, especially now that a brand new Great Conjunction AND Great Mutation has begun. (If you'd like to understand more about the 20-year cycle that is just beginning and how to engage it personally, you can read my recent article here.) As Dr Seuss would say, our Mountain is waiting, beautiful people. Let's get on our way! Please feel free to reach out if you're keen to learn more. Perhaps consider joining me for a personal session, or for one of my courses throughout the year?? I have a new Introductory Course (online) beginning in mid-February, 2021, and we'd love to have you join us!! Peace Juliette xo #2021 #PersonalYearNumber #numerology #cosmicmind #asabovesobelow #spirituality #thirdeyetribe #personalgrowth #happynewyear

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    • Soul Weaving Astrology & Numerology | Katoomba | Juliette Valentina

      "You've just honoured and made valuable all that I have been through." - Jypsey, Northern Rivers Region NSW How do the archetypal languages support & empower us? The truth is that the archetypal languages (like astrology, numerology, colour, and mythology) won't make the challenges or obstacles in our lives any easier. We'll still go through experiences that are going to be painful. But ... in seeking the guidance of the archetypal languages, we're engaging a spiritual path that centres us inside whatever is unfolding. We're empowered to take a step back from our 'stories' and see the Bigger Picture of what is actually going on. The archetypal languages help us to make what is otherwise unconscious conscious. By viewing our experiences through an archetypal lens, we can embrace them for what they are: opportunities for Soul growth, rather than perpetually wondering, "Why does this keep happening to me???" ​ They also remind us to open ourselves to the wisdom and might of Great Mystery, without demanding that it limit or conform itself to our modern addiction to reason and logic. Can you appreciate the level of childish hubris we display when we insist that the eternal, limitless Life Force or Cosmic Mind restrict itself to only those notions that our human minds can comprehend??? It's more than hubris ... it's ludicrous! As the brilliant Sufi poet, , once wrote: Hafiz Someone Should Start Laughing I have a thousand brilliant lies For the question: How are you? ​ I have a thousand brilliant lies For the question: What is God? ​ If you think that the Truth can be known From words, If you think that the Sun and the Ocean Can pass through that tiny opening Called the mouth, ​ Oh, someone should start laughing! Someone should start wildly laughing, Now! ​ We are instead guided to surrender to our Soul's highest intentions as revealed in our natal charts, and to sincerely offer the prayer, "I consent for my life to be At this level, we truly see the highest potential of our incarnation, and are able to take full responsibility for our life. dismantled and restructured in accordance with my highest purpose." ​ The archetypal languages also remind us that literal information, such as our birth name and date of birth, is useless if we fail to use it as an ascension point to a more symbolic perspective. By revealing the Blueprint of our Soul's intentions for this lifetime, we're gifted a greater level of Soul guidance and wisdom than otherwise exists at this mundane, rational level of human consciousness. Indeed, we're reminded to lift our eyes to that which is eternal. We realise the presence of a loyal, unseen force that weaves its way through everything we've ever experienced. We're blessed to realise that we belong to something far greater, that will not abandon nor exclude us! What a relief to know that we're not at the mercy of random, pointless situations and people! We're actually empowered, bold Souls doing extraordinary work, through precise events and relationships that support our Path! We come to understand that Life has always had our back. Nothing has ever been random. And everything we've ever experienced has loyally served our Soul's growth. Considering how chaotic life can seem at times, this awareness of an underlying purpose and intelligence is truly a magnificent gift! ​ WEAVING ABOUT SOUL For 'About Juliette Valentina', please . Click Here For 'About Soul Weaving's Logo', please . Click Here People are often curious about the foundational premise that underlies my work: Life has our backs. Yes, even (or most especially) when we feel like we are fighting a losing battle against a raging, metaphysical storm. When Life has left you in wrapped in bandages or catatonic on the couch, struggling to understand WTF just happened, and wondering where you're supposed to go from here, it sure doesn't feel like Life has your back, right? I've been there. Literally. As strange as it may sound, though, I actually believe that these are the real moments when we know for sure that Life has faith in us, and is serving our highest growth potential. ​ If your initial response on reading that is "Huh???" I hear you! It's okay if that feels confronting or confusing, at first. ​ Here's what I believe … it's pretty simple. There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything. As an astrologer and numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day. I see it at play in everyone's charts, in everyone's lives. What I now know for sure is this: ​ We live in an ensouled Cosmos. Life has your back. Nothing has been random. ever Everything you've ever experienced has loyally served your Soul's growth. ​ I believe that our Souls incarnate for specific reasons. There is something we'd like to learn; gifts we'd like to share; and, most likely, a weak link in our very Being that needs to be strengthened. There is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; karmic imbalances to be addressed; or old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed. ​ W e have in carnated to do the work of our Soul; the work of personal and spiritual growth. We're walking an evolutionary path, and have committed to a curriculum of our own design and choosing. An extraordinary, underlying intelligence draws to us those precise relationships, dynamics, and experiences that create the emotional landscape necessary for us to learn … even if those experiences seem difficult, unwanted, or harsh to us. what we said we wanted to learn I often envisage my Soul doing a Happy Dance on the other side of the veil, while I struggle and wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side! ​ As I've mentioned before, Numerology and Astrology won't make our challenges or difficulties any easier. We'll still go through painful experiences. But they will empower us to view our lives through an archetypal lens, to see the bigger picture at play. Your life definitely has a plan! Do you trust it?? ​ Life is not trying to stop you! ​ Whatever your personal battle is, please know that Life is not trying to stop you. It's trying to strengthen you, in precisely the ways you said you wanted to be strengthened. It's doing you a favour in gifting these experiences to you, as hard as that may be to read. I always consider my struggles and pain to be a backhanded compliment from the Divine realms. To me, it feels like they're saying that they haven't given up on me. They haven't left me in a room eating chocolates, saying "Ugh. She can't be taught. We give up." No. The Divine Realms are still bringing me the opportunities to grow, like golden gifts on a silver platter. They still have faith in my ability to learn, in my capacity to grow. Life has my back. And Life has yours, too. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ I love this piece of prose from . It expresses a passionate awareness of the intelligent relationship we seem to have with Life: by Haruki Murakami Kafka on the Shore “Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction, but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That's the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine. ​ And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others. ​ And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.” ​ I love Murakami's prose because it highlights the metaphysical, Divine forces that choose to wrestle with us; to shape us with their might and strength. Do you think you can defeat a metaphysical storm? An archetype? ANY of the eternal, immortal, infinite Invisibles?? In your current form, you are a mere, finite mortal. As Rilke says, " " It would be hubris to believe we defeat them! What is extraordinary and eternal does not want to be bent by us. could But engaging the Storm that pursues us, is not about defeating the Invisibles. It is about recognising the greater wisdom of the battle, of the Storm. It's about willingly taking the blows and throwing a few of our own! It's about who we can become by choosing to actively engage the Storm, rather than battening down the hatches and just riding it out. Please know that wherever you find yourself, and whatever Storm you find yourself engaged in, it was custom designed perfectly for . you w As they say, hat doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you. ​ I believe that our path of personal and spiritual growth requires us to recognise the underlying intelligence that has brought us our struggles as well as our successes. Walking t his path means trusting the process; trusting our story; trusting Life itself. ​ And, ultimately, this work brings us closer into contact with the truth of who we are. ​ ​ Astrology and Numerology: ​ You know how Life seems to give us the test first (ie: the Storm) and the lesson afterwards? W ouldn't it be great to have some sort of heads-up regarding the lesson while we're actually the Storm? Wouldn't that help us navigate it?? in In my experience, astrology and numerology are two of the greatest tools we have to reveal the bigger picture of what's going on. These archetypal languages offer us a level of Symbolic Sight and Soul guidance that is otherwise missing in this mundane realm. They help us understand our personal curriculum or blueprint for this incarnation. ​ While t his journey of self-discovery can feel daunting, or even overwhelming, astrology & numerology help us to understand the meaning and purpose of our life's experiences. Just understanding the Storm is dancing with us can change our entire perspective on things. It's liberating! Empowering! why Imagine grounding your experiences within a much broader context than just this one particular lifetime. Imagine understanding your personal Storm! Imagine feeling validated in who you truly are, and the life you yearn to create. Imagine embracing greater levels of compassion, love, and respect for both yourself and others. Imagine the relief that comes with realising that nothing has ever been random, after all. ​ Imagine that Life has always had your back. knowing ​ Imagine the sense of freedom that comes with this knowledge … ​ ​ I invite you to join me for a , or to take a deep dive into these archetypal waters by joining me for a ! But even if we never work together, I hope that by sharing my perspective with you, you're able to feel a greater level of faith in the process of Life. #trusttheprocess consultation course ​ Please feel free to with any queries you may have. You may also be interested in reading contact me my Answers to about the work I do. Frequently Asked Questions ​ ​ WORKING WITH ME: ​ My sessions are a safe space for people of all cultures, religions, sexualities, genders (trans-friendly), and relationship dynamics (eg: polyamory). One of the reasons I love astrology is because it's truly an international language. No matter how old you are, or what your skin colour, sexuality, or gender identity is; no matter what your political, metaphysical, or religious beliefs are; and no matter which country you're from, . we all gaze up at the same stars as they dance across the night sky Astrology and numerology guide, empower, and nurture us all! I'd love to share this work with you, beautiful, brave people! ​ Sessions are offered in person here in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, or around the country when I travel to teach. I also offer sessions nationally/internationally via Zoom, an online, video conferencing service. No matter where you are in the world, we can connect for private consultations! Your charts and an MP4 recording will be provided with each online session. You are more than welcome to voice record sessions held in person. ​ The following accurate birth information is required (from your original birth certificate) for our session to be successful: ​ Full, Original Birth Name (ie: Maiden Name) Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth ​ As well as private sessions, I also offer individual and group tuition. I love sharing this body of work! I am currently accepting private students, and have a new group course beginning shortly online (18 February). Otherwise, keep an eye on my Group and Private Tuition pages for other upcoming dates and venues! ​ ​ WHO I AM NOT SUITED FOR: ​ My services are not suitable for those seeking entertainment, nor those seeking definitive predictions of future outcomes. My sessions are also unsuitable for those seeking a psychic or a medium. I am an astrologer and numerologist; not a channel or psychic. ​ Please note that I can only provide astrological/numerological insight on the client's chart, not another person’s who isn’t present (unless we have their express permission to do so). Also, while my sessions are often healing in nature, they are for guidance only. They are not a substitute for medical, therapeutic, or legal advice. Clients are responsible for their own well-being and transformational journey. We are all responsible for our own Free Will. ​ If you are considering a reading as a special gift, please ensure that the recipient is open to the concepts of astrological and numerological insight. Thank you. ​ READ INGS I appreciate the opportunity to explore your natal charts together, and to share your journey with you. It is a privilege and an honour to have your trust. I feel so grateful that you are here to celebrate the sky above and to celebrate your lives with me. Natal Chart Reading A Quick Question Exploring the Divine Feminine in Your Chart x Series of 3 Natal Chart Sessions Yearly Transit Reading Black Moon Lilith Reading Dream Interpretation Contact Juliette Now to Book a Session! CLIENT/STUDENT LOVE "I don't know that I can recall ever feeling so 'seen', or validated on my journey. It can be so f**king hard to pull back and get any kind of long view that's not marred by my ego mind's carry on ... Juliette's reading gave me a CONTEXT to my experience and my history that I haven't had before." ​ Paige Phoenix, Australia CONTACT JULIETTE! Have a query or feedback? Would you like to book a consultation with me? I'd love to hear from you! ​ Feel free to email me directly or to use the Contact Form, below! I am based in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW 2780! Telephone: 0400 153 844 Email: Send Success! Message received. :-)

    • Numerology Course 2021 | Soul Weaving

      Is this for you? My Philosophy Testimonials Curriculum Course Packages Have you ever thought, "Oh, yes! I know Numerology. I’m a 9!” ​ ​ This is akin to saying, " " It's true. But it's not the whole story. There's so much more going on in our Astrology chart. Similarly, Numerology doesn't reduce our depth and complexity to just one, solitary number. The I'm an Aquarian! insights it offers are FAR richer than that! Needing nothing more than our birth name and date of birth, Numerology pulls back the veil and reveals us to ourselves - our destiny, gifts, challenges, karmic lessons and all. It illuminates the most powerful, authentic version of ourselves that we have the potential to be. And i t' s *fierce* in its 100% commitment to the truth of who we are. Numerology is one of the most direct, honest, and non-biased routes we have to self-awareness and personal growth. ​ ​ But perhaps most importantly, a s many of my students and clients have exclaimed, it . gives us permission to be ourselves ​ If you would like to learn Numerology, I would be deeply honoured (and excited!) to share this lineage with you. ​ This Intensive is for YOU, if ... ​ if you'd love to learn Numerology - especially if you're keen to actually apply it to your life! ​ if you're seeking a deeper level of self-love, self-awareness, & self-empowerment ​ if you're ready to understand your loved ones at a deeper level (" do they DO that??") Why ​ if you're curious about becoming a Numerologist ​ if you love mythology! ​ if you're ready to engage some of the bigger questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is it all just random chaos, or is there actually a deeper meaning & purpose to all that I've gone through?? if you'd like to open up a dialogue between yourself and the Cosmos; to connect with the greater archetypal intelligence that's always in play. ​ If you're a practitioner who'd like to complement your existing modalities with Numerology ​ ​ if you'd love to journey with a group of like-minded Seekers - sharing our journeys & insights; forging e motional connections; and embracing an authentic openness & presence. (Sharing is where the 'magic' happens! It's where we get to see the archetypes "with their boots on the ground," so to speak. There is much to learn, here!) ​ I am committed to creating a safe space, for a diverse and inclusive community. ​ Everyone is welcome here. You are welcome here. This is more than a dry, intellectual course. ​ Yes, we'll be covering a LOT of ground together. I want you to feel confident and comfortable casting charts for yourself and others, and I want you to have a strong introduction to each of the archetypes. This is most certainly an Intensive. BUT ... It's also an invitation to deeply connect with your True Self and the Bigger Archetypal Picture of your Life Path. ​ ​ Like a , Numerology awakens us to the greater truth of who we truly are, free of the expectations of our parents, our teachers, our preachers, our friends, and the 'influencers' on social media. Soul Mirror One of my students commented on just how astonished she felt (in her self-reflection practices) by the sheer level of honesty required by Numerology. In her words, our journey together felt, " "enlightening, inspiring, surprising, painful, refreshing, and challenging. Put another way, another of my students said, this work " calls you out in a way that your soul begs for, and holds a mirror to your greatest potential." Yes! It illuminates those parts of you that you thought were invisible to others, unknowable ... as well as those parts that didn't even know were there, deep in the subconscious. That's what this work does. In the words of yet another of my beautiful students, this work you "offers us a chance to look at our shadow side and to work with it in a compassionate and constructive way." ​ I share the words of my students with you, as this is the most organic, authentic way I can think of to share both the journey that I'm offering, and how others have engaged with it on their personal journeys of self-discovery. Please feel free to read their full testimonials . here ​ By opening ourselves to the greater wisdom of Numerology, we realise that we're fully supported in our quest for personal & spiritual growth. And thus aligned with our Soul truth, we realise that we are both empowered and challenged to view our experiences through an archetypal lens. We are called to embrace all that unfolds in our life as an opportunity for Soul growth, rather than railing against the Heavens, demanding: ​ "AGAIN?! Seriously?? Why does this keep happening to me???" ​ ​ Here's what I believe: ​ I believe that there is an underlying Intelligence that weaves its way throughout all of Life. It connects everyone and everything in a great web of sympathetic magick. As an Astrologer and Numerologist, I work with this Intelligence, or this Cosmic Mind, every day. I see it at play in everyone's charts; in everyone's lives. And I believe that we are called to not only recognise but to trust this deeper intelligence. What I now know for sure is this: ​ We live in an ensouled, intelligent Cosmos. Nothing has ever been random. (I can hear Number 5 clearing its throat as I type this, haha!) Life has always had our backs. Everything we've ever experienced has loyally served our Soul's growth. ​ Life after life, we've incarnated to do our work of personal and spiritual growth. Each lifetime, there is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; gifts to be shared; karmic imbalances to be addressed; and old habitual patterns to be broken down and transformed. We're voluntarily walking our path of individuation. ​ In walking this evolutionary path, we've committed to a "curriculum" of our own choosing … even if our first response to this notion is, I get it. I hear you. It's a complicated subject ... "Whaaaat??? I would never have chosen any of this!!" But yes, even then - even when our experiences seem difficult, heartbreaking, or crushingly harsh, and beyond our control or comprehension. Even then, I believe that everything is part of a greater design of our own choosing. In fact, I often envisage my Soul doing an ecstatic dance on the other side of the veil, while I desperately wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side! ​ To be clear, while Numerology and Astrology allow us to pull back the veil and engage these deeper mysteries of our Soul's journey, they won't make the challenges in our lives any easier. We'll still grapple with these painful experiences. But, rather than feeling like the hapless victim of an uncaring universe, we'll be empowered to see the in play. bigger archetypal picture We'll be gifted with a level of Symbolic Sight and Soul guidance that is otherwise inaccessible at this mundane, 3D, material realm. ​ AND we'll be aware of how it is actually supporting us; transforming us. We might even, in the midst of it all, feel called to say, "Thank you." ​ ​ ​ If you're ready to engage your Path with this greater level of awareness, intention, clarity, and consciousness, then you're in the right place. Welcome! ​ The Invitation: ​ This course is an invitation to learn this extraordinary, metaphysical language. You can apply its insights to your own path of personal growth and transformation, but also to the paths of those you love, including your family & friends, your lovers, your colleagues, clients, and your students. ​ What Students Have Said: "To experience Juliette’s Numerology Course is like having an invitation to speak to your own soul, to hear its desires, to know what lessons you’ve come here for, to see the truth of yourself. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be me in the most beautiful way, and to really step into my power and my gifts! So much makes sense, now! So many revelations! I have also learnt invaluable information about the people in my life, especially my children, and how I can support their journey on a new and deep level. I have a powerful new way of understanding and relating to their souls' individual needs! The ripple effect from attending Juliette’s course will be felt through my whole tribe and beyond! I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Juliette’s offerings! Thank you. x" - Tracie Callaghan, Australia Owner, , Lismore Heart Body Soul Holistic Healing Centre ​ ​ "As soon as I saw Juliette’s course advertised, I knew it was for me. Although I had a basic understanding of numerology, I was ready to dive deeper. I was blown away by everything I learned. It’s been a week since completing the course, and I’m still processing the content. I’m seeing everything around me in a different way! ​ I was sad to leave the group of beautiful souls with whom I shared 4 whole days. ​ Juliette is an amazing teacher with a prolific wealth of knowledge and love of her subject. Her passion, expression, and way of connecting with each and everyone in the group was magical and alchemical. I was supremely impressed with a statement she made in the intro on the first day around if we didn’t understand anything to ask, and keep asking until we did. ​ The journey through the 9 archetypes was quite a revelation for me. It was as though I was meeting parts of myself and seeing them through a different lens. It helped me understand my life's journey to this point. ​ Juliette’s real and honest sharing of her own life experiences, plus all the other wonderful tools she uses, helped illustrate and imbue each archetype with a depth and richness of knowledge. Juliette has definitely re-ignited the child-like wonder in me and I know that I will continue to grow and learn. The last day bought some deep emotions up and a lot of Aha moments. I felt safe, seen and heard. I’m truly grateful for the gifts she is sharing with us all. ​ Thanks, Juliette. You are truly one of the realest, rawest, truest expressions of a soul I have been privileged to be a student of and witness. ​ Big love, Olga" "As soon as I met Juliette, I knew I wanted to learn more about Numerology … Hearing her talk with such wisdom, insight, enthusiasm, and passion about the sacred language of numbers and how all aspects of our lives are shaped and moulded by our relationship with these archetypes, hooked me immediately. I have not been disappointed! ​ I have dabbled a little with numerology before and thought it was interesting, same as how I find reading my horoscope in the paper interesting ... But with this class the energies have been made real, and made so relevant to me and my soul's journey. Juliette is such a skilled teacher she brings the information that she shares with us completely alive so that not only do I understand it intellectually, but I know it and feel it. It allows me to unravel and see different aspects of myseand my loved ones, bringing a greater understanding of our journeys and why we do the things we do. In so doing, this work brings empathy, compassion and new ways of being and interacting with the world. ​ Numerology allows you a “sneak peak” at what your soul has chosen to work on this time around, to make the unconscious conscious, to give yourself an opportunity to master the lessons you have chosen and to grasp all opportunities presented to you wholeheartedly, because ultimately you realise YOU have chosen all those lessons and opportunities as a part of your soul’s growth... This really is profound work in understanding and accepting yourself. Thank you, Juliette. Seeing someone who so clearly loves what they do is so heart opening and inspiring. xx" ​ - Kate Hotson, Owner, Coffs Zen Space, Coffs Harbour Marianne Williamson: “It takes courage ... to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” I honour you for walking this path of self-awareness, empowerment, and individuation. ​ Trust the process. Trust your story. Trust Life itself. What to expect: , we'll explore the rich philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings of Numerology, along with the ethics involved in working with the archetypal languages. We'll also learn how to cast a natal chart using just a person's birth name and their date of birth. During these first three modules, we'll cast as many charts as we can ... practise, practise, practise! And b In our first three modules y the end of Module 3, you'll feel confident and comfortable with the: ​ a) Birth Path Number b) Destiny Number c) Heart Number d) Personality Number e) Maturity Number f) Rational Thought Number g) Karmic Lesson Numbers h) Personal Years, Months, Days i) Pinnacle Numbers and Challenges j) The Overall Life Challenge Number ​ We'll also learn the 'Numerabet', as my students affectionately call it, thanks to our Kate. (You'll meet her in the Alumni group!) What does this mean?? It means that we'll learn how to turn our ABCs into 123s! This is a vital skill for Numerologists, as roughly half of our natal chart calculations require our birth name. My techie son has created a simple computer game to help us learn the Numerabet by heart. Everyone will have free access to this simple game, to help us become confident with this foundational skill. ​ We will also have access to a student's web-app that has been created especially for Soul Weaving's students by my techie partner. (For a Luddite, it's funny how many techies I'm surrounded by!) This web-app is my way of supporting you in checking your work so you can gain confidence in your new skills. Once we can cast natal charts ourselves, we'll immerse ourselves in each of the nine Number Archetypes in turn - one archetype per module. We'll explore their core essence, character, strengths, gifts, priorities, resources, defences, talents, and weaknesses. The Next Nine Modules: ​ We'll need to allow roughly three hours in Class for each module. (We're Deep Diving, beautiful people!) Additionally, there will be a variety of extension exercises and supplemental, multi-media materials provided for everyone to work with between classes (eg: poetry, movie scenes, story books, quotes, and images). I find this multimedia approach greatly helps us to develop our intuitive connection to the archetypes. Otherwise our understanding will be limited solely to our intellect. Throughout the Intensive, you will constantly be invited to refer back to your own natal chart to understand how each of the archetypes engage you, personally. ​ ​ In our final Module together, we'll cast the charts of two public figures - one saint and one hip-hop rapper. And then, looking at their lives through the lens of their charts, we'll explore what they're known for. This is to help us understand how the chart can come together cohesively, as a whole. We'll also have time for final Q & A! Our Final Module: Our Tech Stack: As well as our classes on Zoom, everyone will be given access to carefully curated Pinterest Boards - one for each of the archetypes. We will also be using Canva for creative, archetypal projects. And finally, we will be connected online in our own Slack group, for online support throughout our 13-week journey. I'm not really a fan of Facebook, nor of their groups. So, I've decided to use Slack, which is a free app for communicating within groups. This is where we'll receive support; discuss Course content; share our creative projects & charts; ask questions; receive Zoom info for our live calls; and share/organise files (eg: Extension Materials) ... the list goes on! It's also where you'll receive access to the video and audio recordings of our classes, available for download. ​ So, this will be our Tech Stack: Zoom, Pinterest, Slack, and Canva. Be assured, I'll host an online technology session (on Zoom) in the week before we actually launch, to make sure that everyone feels confident and comfortable with these technologies. And I'll be able to support you throughout the course, as needed. The Practical Side of Things: ​ 13 Consecutive Thursdays, 18 February - 13 May 2021 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Online via Zoom) (NB: Recordings will be made available to every student, even if you miss a class.) When: Class times: Class size: 10 Students. ( ) Update: 6 places are taken. 4 places are still available. ​ I'm offering a to those who put up their hand and say, "Count me in!" before 20 January. Early enrolments help me to plan better for the Course, and I like to show my appreciation for that by offering a discount. ​ I also offer a to those who enroll with their friends. $160 Early Bird Discount $50 Friends' Discount ​ *Payment Plans* are available on request. I also offer two partial scholarships, for those who are in a tight spot with their finances. Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm committed to making archetypal education accessible in our community! We have three different course packages available. Which suits you best? KNOW THYSELF! Package: Includes: ​ 13 weeks of Live tuition via Zoom (approximately 39 - 45 hours of Live Classes) All Recordings; Full access to me throughout our journey, via our Private Slack Group; Weekly Course Extension Materials; Access to carefully curated Pinterest Boards - one for each archetype; and An invitation to join our Alumni Group at the end of our Journey - a beautiful, welcoming community anchored in a passion for Numerology ​ Early Bird on or before 20 January: $635 Full Price after 20 January: $795 LESS: $50 Friends' Discount (if you register with a friend!) ​ ​ STUDIOUS! Package: Includes: Everything offered in t he 'KNOW THYSELF!' Package PLUS: 3 x 1-hour private tuition sessions, to support your studies. (Discounted to $150. Usually $195) ​ Early Bird on or before 20 January: $785 Full Price after 20 January: $945 LESS: $50 Friends' Discount (if you register with a friend!) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ THE DEEP DIVE! Package: Includes: Everything offered in the 'STUDIOUS' Package A Personal Natal Reading with me (3-hour consultation). PLUS: (Discounted to $280. Usually $350) ​ Early Bird on or before 20 January: $1065 Full Price after 20 January: $1125 LESS: $50 Friends' Discount (if you register with a friend!) ​ ​ ​ Payment Details ​ Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (preferred), PayPal, or Credit Card. My bank account details are: Bank: Suncorp Bank BSB: 484-799 Account No: 200191604 Name: Valentina ​ If you send payment via Bank Transfer, could you give your name as the Transaction Reference, please? Thank you! It will ensure I can easily identify your payment. ​ If you'd prefer to make payment via Credit Card or PayPal, let me know, and we'll sort that out! Very simple. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Any questions? Queries? ​ I truly hope you decide to join us! Please feel free to reach out, should you have any questions at all. I'm so excited about this Course, and I'd love to talk with you about it or about Numerology itself! Of course, some would prefer to study privately with me, rather than in a group dynamic. If you feel that's something you'd like to explore, then let's have a chat. I do currently have room for two more private students. We could create a tailor-made, private schedule just for you. to learn more about studying with me privately. Click here ​ You can reach me here: ​ Phone: 0400 153 844 Email: or via this . Contact Form ​ ​ I look forward to connecting with you! ​ ​ ​ Peace Juliette xo ​ ​ ​ "When you don't follow your nature, there is a hole in the Universe where you were supposed to be." ​ - Dane Rudhyar

    • Soul Weaving Astrology, Private Tuition

      PRIVATE TUITION Numerology Private Tuition 1 Hour / $65 I am currently accepting new students who would like to work privately with me, learning Numerology. I currently have room for two more one-on-one students. If you are interested in learning this ancient Map of Consciousness, I'd love to hear from you! ​ In calculating a Numerology Natal Chart, roughly 50% of the calculations are based on the date of birth, and 50% are based on the full, original name at birth. In our one-on-one lessons, we can look at many different aspects of Numerology. I am happy to tailor our classes to your individual needs/interests. Areas we can study include: ​ - The underlying philosophy of Numerology; ie: the 'Ground Rules'. - The multivalent nature of the Archetypes involved. - Understanding the continuum that all Archetypes exist on. - The essence of each Archetype: 1-9. Their strengths, gifts, & challenges. - How to correlate numbers with the letters of the alphabet. - How to determine when the letter Y is a vowel vs a consonant. - How to calculate the core Numbers of the personal natal chart: a) Birth Path Number b) Heart Number c) Personality Number d) Destiny Number e) Ultimate Reality Number f) Karmic Lesson Numbers g) Pinnacle Numbers and Challenges (Overarching time periods of Life) h) The Overall Life Challenge Number i) The Numerology Grid and Arrows of Influence ​ No prior experience is necessary. And if you have already have an Astrological background and would like to add Numerology to the symbolic languages you work with, please connect with me. We will be able to converse and study Numerology together, drawing on our shared love and understanding of Astrology. ​ ​ ? How do We Connect ​ We can either work together in person, here in Katoomba, NSW; or we can connect online via Zoom's video conferencing service, no matter where you are in the world! Easy! ​ ​ Tuition Rate : ​ My Private Tuition rate is $65 per 1 hour session, with a discount offered on packages of 5 x 1-hour sessions for $275 (ie: $55/session) and 10 x 1-hour sessions for $500 (ie: $50/session). Alternatively, if you'd like to privately take my Introductory Course with me (13 x 3-hour sessions over consecutive weeks), this is $125 per 3-hour session x 13. We can deep dive together into the archetypal language of numerology! Some of us prefer this option as studying within a group dynamic can make some of us feel anxious. Others would simply like the opportunity to follow their own line of enquiry as we deep dive. ​ ​ Please reach out with any queries at all. I'd love to hear from you! ​ ​ Peace Juliette xo ​ Contact Juliette Now!

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