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    • Series of 3 x Personal Sessions

      For those who would like to more deeply explore their charts with me, I am offering a series of three x 2 hour sessions for just $500. This also allows time to integrate new insights between our sessions together. (NB: The Wix booking system will only allow you to book the initial appointment. We will discuss future bookings in person.)

    • Numerology Private Tuition - 1 session

      I am currently accepting new students who would like to work privately with me, learning Numerology.  If you are interested in learning this ancient Map of Consciousness, I'd love to hear from you! We can either work together in person, here in Lismore, NSW; at Coffs Zen Space in Coffs Harbour on Mondays; or we can connect online via Zoom's video conferencing service, no matter where you are in the world.  Easy!  The rate is $50 per 1 hour. I also offer a discount on packages of 5 sessions (ie: 5 hours) @ $45/session and 10 sessions (ie: 10 hours) @ $40/session.  Please select these packages separately. This listing is for a single session @ $50 for 1 hours of private tuition.

    • 13-Wk Numerology Course - Coffs Harbour

      This rich, 13-week journey with Numerology will show you how to use your Birth Name and Date of Birth to successfully calculate and cast Natal Charts for yourself and others. We will begin our journey by learning the underlying philosophy and 'ground rules' of Numerology. The bulk of our journey will then be focused on deeply understanding and connecting with each of the Numerological Archetypes. With an awareness of these Archetypes involved, we can begin to 'read' a Natal Chart. I look forward to journeying with you, if you are called to learn this beautiful, sacred language!

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    • At Ostara, She Who Hesitates is Lost. So, Commit ... Do it! Take the Leap of Faith!

      At Ostara, it's time to knuckle down, and take massive, determined action to create the vision of Life that we received at Samhain! We've reached the 4th High Holy Day of the Great Wheel of the Year - Ostara. We celebrate Ostara each year at the Spring Equinox. From this day forward, Light holds sway, and the increased Sunlight awakens the Earth from Her deep rest. Life is saying, "It's time to grow!!" Branches that have been bare all Winter are now burgeoning with budding flowers and new, unfurling leaves. The Blue Mountains, where I live, are awash with fragile pink and white flowers! The birds are returning, and are busy building their nests. Soon, the foliage created by the new leaves will be too thick for me to see the nests ... but for the moment, I relish the opportunity to see them on my walk each morning. And soon, there will be eggs in the nests. As they say, "Spring is in the air!" Part of me wants to wax lyrical about the flowers and the newfound Light that has rushed into our realm. I'd love to discuss how we honour the Germanic Goddess Eostre at Ostara - the Goddess of Spring and Dawn and Fertility. And that it's from Her name that we derive vital fertility words such as 'oestrogen', and an animal's 'oestrous' cycle. (Cool, right??) And I'd love to tell you that the reason we celebrate Ostara (or Easter) with chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits (delivered by a great, invisible Bunny) is because Goddess Eostre's primary symbols are those of fertility ... ie: rabbits and eggs! (I'd even like to fume that Ostara is yet another Pagan Sabbat coopted by the Christian Church for its own use. They even took Her blessed name, Eostre, for the name of their festival, Easter. Don't get me started. I can be quite vitriolic on this subject.) But instead of writing about any of this, I want to focus on the emotional and psychological demands of Ostara. And I want to touch on the action and courage required of us, now, if we hope to reach our Samhain Dreams. To be clear, Ostara is an absolutely critical moment in the turning of the Great Wheel. Ostara is one of two crisis moments in our yearly cycle, and is known as the 'crisis of action' point. It demands massive, determined action from us. If we miss the beginning of growing season for any reason, there'll be nothing to harvest come Lughnasadh. Okay. Let's recap before we dive in: We received the vision of how Life could be at Samhain when the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest. At Yule, with the dying of the Light of the old Sun, we identified those aspects of our own Light that needed to die, too. Yule is also when the fragile new Sun is reborn, heralding a new Light into the world. So, too, we were invited to birth new aspects of our own Light into the world ... especially those parts of ourselves that are necessary to bring our new vision to fruition. So far, so good? During Imbolc season, which has just ended, we were encouraged to get all our 'ducks in a row', and to carefully plan for the year ahead. Imbolc guided us to make sure we have the time and all the tools & resources we'll need to accomplish our goals. (Click here, if you'd like to revisit my article on Imbolc, before proceeding into Ostara's territory.) And now, with the Spring Equinox on 22 September, we've officially arrived at Ostara. Ostara (which goes from 22 September to 8 November this year) is a planting festival. This is when we knuckle down in the garden and get our hands dirty. It's time to plant the seeds we've been dreaming of and planning for so long. And it's time to transplant into full Sunlight the seedlings that we 'started' during Imbolc. Ostara is when our gardening efforts (however metaphoric or literal they may be) begin in earnest. This is it! No excuses. We need to believe in ourselves and in the fertile possibilities before us. We need to take discerning, decisive action on these possibilities, if we are to turn them into our lived reality. We need to challenge ourselves to step up and commit to the plan we created during Imbolc. And we need to find the discipline and will-power to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. This is the challenging reality of Ostara season - the 'crisis of action' point. The seeds we plant now will flower by Beltane - a time of pollination and conception. And ultimately, they will bear fruit that will help us negotiate our lives with greater skill and accomplishment for years/decades to come. We'd be wise to remember the old adage: As we sow, so shall we reap! If we're not prepared to sow the seeds now, there'll be nothing to harvest come Lughnasadh. And, therefore, nothing to build on over the coming years. Having brought Samhain's vision this far, don't drop the ball now. As Paulo Coelho once said, "Don't be someone who searches, finds, and then runs away." Let me put it another way. We SAY we have a dream. We SAY we believe in it. We even SAY we want to achieve it. But when push comes to shove, are we actually prepared to back ourselves?? Can we be completely honest with ourselves, please? Do we actually believe our Dream is even possible? Do we struggle to believe in our own rich potential? In our worth? Do we constantly settle for less than we know we're capable of? Do we perpetually cop put on ourselves, and make excuses for our lack of progress?? If we've answered,"Yes," to any of the above questions, do we know why?? And in this 'crisis' moment on the Great Wheel of the Year, are we willing to address these questions head on, and seek support with them if necessary? For, to quote another gem from Paulo Coelho, "If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule — never lie to yourself." So ... Are we going to back ourselves? Or sabotage ourselves? We need to believe that we are worth the effort and hard yakka ahead of us. If not? Another year will pass us by, and nothing will really change. And ten, twenty years from now, we'll read back through our journals and realise (with frustration and perhaps a growing sense of self-doubt and self-contempt) that we've been making the same, tired promises to ourselves year after year without ever following through. Instead of simply fantasising of the Life we desire (if only we were brave enough; disciplined enough; committed enough; and believed in ourselves enough to create it), let's take massive, determined action toward it! Seriously, if not now, when? Ostara is Life's clarion call each year, urging us forward ... encouraging us to develop our self-worth, strength, discipline, commitment, and courage. We can tap into the power of Ostara! And if we put in the necessary effort, now, we can radically change our life's overall trajectory! But, if we hesitate, for any reason, we are lost. Without wanting to sound like Debbie-Downer, Ostara's clear guidance is to repudiate the structures, beliefs, and habits of our past that no longer serve us. If this repudiation is not definite enough, and we're only half-hearted in our attempts to forge a new way forward, we'll undermine this entire cycle of growth. We'll sap the power required to take the necessary action. I cannot emphasise this enough! In this season of 'crisis of action', we either sabotage ourselves, or we powerfully surge ahead. As always, it is up to us. Either way, it's important to remember that whatever we set up during this critical stage of the Great Wheel of the Year is what will develop, for better or worse. As we sow, so shall we reap. Ostara Blessings, beautiful people. I hope this has been helpful in understanding the energy of this moment, here in the Southern Hemisphere, and how best to engage it. If it has been of service to you, please feel free to share this with your circles. If you have any insights to share, or questions, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. Until next time ... Let's get busy, planting and carefully tending our seedlings! Peace Juliette xo #ostara #witch #springequinox #wheeloftheyear #pagan #witchy #witchyvibes #cosmicmind #asabovesobelow #southernhemisphere #magic #thecraftofthewise #soulweavingastrology #juliettevalentina

    • The Warrior Rests: Mars Rx in Aries, 2020

      (NB: Key Dates below) Mars is a powerful warrior and tactician. It's His job to go after the things we want in Life. As Jung once said, "We are what we DO; not what we SAY we're going to do." The whole 'doing' part is Mars' job. And He has the strength and focus to just keep on going. In fact, He keeps moving forward without a rest, for two whole years - far longer than any of the other planets. Nearly double, in fact! But, ultimately, even Mars needs to stop for a moment to rest and reflect. This is where we are right now in His cycle. He has just turned retrograde. When Mars retrogrades, we have the opportunity to slow down and reflect on our Path. How are we going? Are we making good progress on our goals, as determined at the previous Sun Mars conjunction on 2 September, 2019? Or not? (See Key Dates for this cycle below.) As our on-the-ground tactician, and the one who forges our new path forward, Mars may have some questions or insights to offer on how we're using His time, energy, & focus. Mars Retrograde (Mars Rx) also gives us the opportunity to consider our personal relationship with Martial energy. How comfortable are we with it? How well do we wield it? Mars has many significations! Let's look at a few of the more prominent ones that could be stirred up over the next 9½ weeks. Key Significations and Questions for Self-Reflection: * A simple one, to get us started - old beaus may resurface, for better or worse. (This is a real thing ... My fiance and I reconnected after 25 years, in the first few days of Mars Retrograde a couple of years ago!) * Mars rules our energy, so this may fluctuate wildly until Mars turns Direct again on 14 November. We may feel completely burned-out during this period, and need more Nanna-naps than usual. Our inner warrior is re-charging. Having said that, on other days, we might charge at our tasks like a Beserker! Be mindful that our energy levels are going to be irregular for the next few weeks. * Mars signifies our motivation and drive, too. During Mars Rx, we may feel as though we've completely lost interest in our Path, or in certain aspects of it, at least. As they say, we may feel tired, not because we've done too much, but because we've done too little of what actually excites us. Part of the 'problem' is that Mars is currently as far away from the Sun as He can possibly get. This means that our inner Warrior may have lost touch with the 'big picture' the Sun has of what we're creating and why. Where once we felt excited and passionate about our Path forward, we may now feel drained, and hopelessly mired in the tiny, grinding, daily minutia of bringing our goals to fruition. We may find ourselves going back and forth between the pros and cons of a project or of a smaller task. Mars may ask us: What are we doing all this for??? Is it really worth the sacrifice of our time and energy? Isn't there something more useful we could be focusing on, instead?? Wouldn't I be better to focus my energy on this?? And He has a point! It's okay to trust and engage this process of questioning, even if we fear the sense of ambivalence that accompanies it. If we sit with His questions, Mars Rx will help us gain clarity on how best to focus our time and energy in order to make progress on our long-term goals. We'll better understand where we may be scattering our time and energy, unwisely. In fact, this greater sense of clarity may lead us to cut whole portions of our plans. As Warren Buffett once said, "The difference between successful and very successful people is that very successful people say NO to almost everything." For example, I just re-read my journal entry from 26 July - see Key Dates below - and realised that if I seriously want to make progress on my goals over the coming year, I'll need to HALVE what I thought I was capable of doing. I remember thinking how drastically I'd simplified my goals, at the time ... but I now realise that I've still bitten off way more than I can chew. I simply DON'T have the time, energy, and focus to bring all of those goals to fruition! By saying "Yes" to all of them, I'm in fact saying "No" to them all. I need to be more decisive and focused with my time and energy. Thanks for the reality check, Mars Rx. Actually, considering that Mars is going to be squaring Saturn during this particular Mars Rx period, I imagine most of us will be at the receiving end of important reality checks over the next few weeks. Please heed them! * Over the coming weeks, while Mars slowly traverses the same ground three times, we may find ourselves unearthing buried anger and memories of old power-battles ... memories of being powerless, bullied, attacked, old resentments, bitterness, and frustration ... just like landmines from long-forgotten wars. This is a priceless gift of the Mars Retrograde season, although it may not feel like it when we find the old landmines. We'd be wise to work with whatever Mars unearths, so we can let it go and move forward unencumbered. The precious psychic energy we dedicate to 'maintaining' our past enmities could be better spent in the here and now, forging our future. * We may also find ourselves feeling vulnerable. During Mars Retrograde, it's as though the Warrior has removed his armour and is now inspecting his wounds. Without His armour, those of us who tend to rely on Mars' strength may feel naked, exposed, and more vulnerable than usual over the coming weeks. Be aware of what's happening and lean into it! Be present with it and try not to over-react. And be aware that those around us may be feeling particularly vulnerable and irritable, too. Let's cut everyone some slack. * Last, but not least, Mars Retrograde season gives us a prime opportunity to reflect on our personal relationship with Mars. How well do we embody His energy? As my teacher, Austin Coppock, would say, no matter how well we think we engage Mars' might and wisdom, there's always more to learn. Over the coming weeks, we are taking Mars apart and getting to the core of His energy within us. It's an extraordinary opportunity to more fully develop our connection with Mars' energy, that only comes around every two years. Let's make the most of it! Here are some key questions we can ponder during Mars Retrograde: 1. Where does my power come from? 2. How do I wield my power? 3. Do I feel confident in going for what I want? 4. How confident do I feel initiating a new project or Path? 5. Do I tend to feel like the hero, the victim/coward, or the aggressor? 6. When do I feel powerless? 7. What is worth fighting for? What's worth devoting my time & energy to? 8. What drives me? Motivates me? What's my passion? 9. How can I best assert myself? Am I passive, assertive, or aggressive? 10. What am I willing to fight for, to protect? 11. How do I handle my anger? Do I bury it; displace it; or express it well? 12. Is there an area of life where I haven't stepped into the ring, yet? 13. Is there an area of life where I let people bulldoze me? Or where I bulldoze others? 14. Am I weak-willed? Or do I have an iron will? How can I sharpen my willpower? 15. When, how, and why do I struggle? 16. Am I willing to compete for what I want? 17. Am I willing to engage in conflict to protect myself, my Path, and those in my care? Let's get to know our inner Warrior while he's resting ... If any deep insights arise for you about your relationship with Mars, I'd encourage you to take the time to stop, listen, and integrate whatever awakens. Potential Unrest and Atrocities This is not a 'fun' signification of Mars Retrograde to consider, but .... here we go. Mars can be a highly volatile and potentially dangerous energy at times. That's why society tends to place lots of rules around Mars' domains. For example, boxing. You want to box someone? Okay. Let's put soft pillows on your hands, and have lots of rules about the timing of bouts and where it's okay and not okay to punch. Eg: Not below the belt! War? Most countries have rules of engagement, and rules for how they'll treat prisoners of war, etc. Even though horrific things can happen with these rules in place, imagine what it would be like with no rules. Society seems to understand that we need suitable restrictions in place to govern and contain Mars' energy. Having said that ... During Mars Retrograde, the boxing gloves tend to come off, and the rules of engagement can be overlooked. Notions of power and powerlessness can really raise their heads during this period. Without wanting to fear-monger, I am paying particular attention to the contentious US elections, which will happen during Mars Retrograde this year. I'm paying attention to possible increased civil unrest, and to Trump's potential deployment of military forces. Trump has been willing to deploy unmarked military vehicles and unidentified federal law enforcement officers throughout America, demonstrating very little regard for 'the rules' as it is. How will he (and others) respond under Mars Retrograde? Which House is Ruled by Aries in Your Natal Chart? For those of us who are a little more comfortable with astrology, check to see which House in your Natal Chart is ruled by Aries. This will let you know which area of life is most likely to be impacted by this Mars Retrograde season. Why? Because Mars rules Aries. For example, Aries rules my 10th House - the House of Career and Profession. So, when I checked the key dates (given below) for the Mars Retrograde cycle so far, I wasn't surprised to see that every journal entry on those dates referred to my aspirations and work as an astrologer and numerologist. Before we go any further, I'd like to clarify something. The idea that Mars is retrograding through the skies above refers to His 'apparent motion' from our perspective here on Earth. In reality, planets never stop moving forward! Key Dates - Check your journals, calendars, & social media posts: If you're anything like me, you'll want to check what was going on in your world on the relevant dates of this retrograde cycle. It helps us stay in sync with the conversation that Life is trying to have with us. So, here are the Key Dates to check in your journals, calendar, and social media posts etc. 1. The previous time Mars retrograded in His own sign of Aries was 32 years ago, in 1988! Usually, Mars retrogrades in His own sign every 15 years or so. For some reason, though, 15 years ago He went from retrograding in Pisces one cycle to retrograding in Taurus the next, and completely skipped Aries! So, this will be a significant retrograde cycle. For those who are curious, the exact retrograde dates for 1988 (ie: Phase 2 of the greater cycle) were from 27 August (11° Aries) to 22 October (29° Pisces). Mars then turned Direct and returned to 11° Aries on 13 December, 1988. If you're old enough to remember back that far, check your journals and think back to what you were doing in the second half of that year. What stands out for you? 1988 was the year I graduated high school! Somehow, this year's Mars Retrograde will be touching back on our former story line from 1988. Perhaps memories of old buried anger, bitterness, and powerlessness will surface? Hopefully, this retrograde season will bring a sense of resolution to wounds that may have been festering all these years. What's the connection between now and then?? Can you see it? (I know I sure can! I endured horrendous bullying that year.) 2. The Sun Mars conjunction that initiated our current Mars cycle was on 2 September, 2019. This is when our inner Warrior (Mars) received His marching orders from the King (the Sun) for His current two-year cycle. Do you remember what those orders were?? Look back in your journals etc ... What were your dreams & visions for the future, a year ago? What seeds were you planting. last Imbolc? Can you see a thread or a connection between what was happening in your world back in 1988 and then on 2 September, 2020?? Try to think archetypally or symbolically rather than literally ... Perhaps look at which House is ruled by Aries in your astrology chart for clues on which area of life to focus on. 3. Mars entered Shadow (Phase 1) of our current retrograde cycle on 26 July, 2020. From then until a couple of days ago (9 September, 2020), Mars travelled all the way from 15° 14' Aries to 28° 08' Aries. This was Mars' first journey through these degrees. Look back through your journals etc to see what you were thinking and writing about on 26 July, 2020. Then consider all that has happened between then and 9 September. This 1st Phase of the cycle was giving us our itinerary, so to speak, for what is to come. Can you see a connection between what has happening on 26 July, and the other dates mentioned above - ie: 1988 and 2 September, 2019? 4. We've officially entered Phase 2 (Retrograde) of Mars' Retrograde season, now (ie: 9 September 2020). This is the official 'Retrograde Season' that people will be talking about online. Mars will now journey all the way back to where He was on 26 July, ie: back to 15° 14' Aries. This will be His 2nd pass over this now-familiar terrain. Think about what has been happening in your world over the past week in particular, as Mars slowed down to Station Retrograde. Events and ideas that occur in the week around Mars' Retrograde Station typically give us insight into the personal reason why Mars needs to turn back in our charts. 5. The 3rd Phase (Shadow) will begin on 14 November, 2020, when Mars Stations Direct at 15° 14' Aries. For the third and final time, Mars will traverse the same 13 degrees, reaching 28° 08' Aries (yet again) on 3 January 2021. Once He's completed this retrograde cycle, He'll simply continue on His way around the zodiac until the next retrograde season in two years time. When you went back through your journals and calendars etc, did you notice a thread connecting all of these Key Dates?? Did the Key Questions above help you to reflect on your inner alignment with Mars? I truly hope this has been helpful. I'd love to hear how the season is impacting you. Leave a comment below! Share the article if you think it may serve others. And if you have any questions, please reach out! I'd love to hear from you. Blessings for our Mars Retrograde journey, 2020! Peace Juliette xo #mars #marsretrograde #astrology #asabovesobelow #cosmictribe

    • We've All just Doubled-Down on 2020's Lessons!

      Heads up! It's September, beautiful people. What does that means for us, Numerologically? It means that we've all just doubled-down on whatever 2020 is about for us, both personally and collectively. Personally, we're all being invited to lean into whatever it is that our Personal Year Archetype has been teaching us all year long. How is it strengthening or stretching us? How is it challenging us to grow? How is it ultimately supporting us and our journey forward?? Whatever this year's focus has been, personally, we've just doubled-down on it for the coming month ... * TL-DR Alert * How does this work? To find our Personal Months, we simply add the current Month Number (ie: September) to our Personal Year Number. September is a 9 month ... & *anything* added to 9 ultimately comes back to itself, right?? Eg: 4 + 9 = 13. 1+3 + 4. So, for example, those of us currently in a 5 Personal Year, are now in a 5 Personal Month, as well. We've doubled-down on the 5's energy. Those of us in an 8 Personal Year, are now in an 8 Personal Month of an 8 Personal Year. Taking it a little further ... On the 9th, 18th, and 27th of September (ie: all 9 Days of a 9 Month), we'll all TRIPLE-down on the same energy as our current Personal Year Archetype. Eg: those of us in a 3 Personal Year will be on a 3 Day, of a 3 Month, of a 3 Year. What does this mean for us? If our Personal Year Number is an archetype that we have a beautiful, embodied relationship with, then it's likely to flow wonderfully for us (all things considered with our collective 4 Universal Year bringing CoVid19 to our doors, and doing 4's typical limiting and restricting 'thing'). However, if our Personal Year Number is activating a difficult or challenging area of our natal chart, we may find the prospect of the coming month to be a little daunting. (*Ahem*) Having said that, we've already had eight months under its guidance since the calendar ticked over to 1 January, 2020. So, September could really shine a light on just how far we've already come in integrating its wisdom and perspective. Look at it this way - we only have four months left in 2020. And none of us will be in our particular Personal Year Number again until 2029. It's just how it works .... the Numerological Epicycle is 9 years long. So, let's engage! May September guide us on how to make the best use of our Personal Year Number from here until the year ends. We'd be wise to heed the dreams we're receiving at the moment, and to pay attention to how Life (ie: our natal chart) is constellating around us. The more we cooperate with Life's might and wisdom, the fewer Mack Trucks it has to send us to get our attention. You know? I hope this is helpful. Brightest blessings for all of us. Peace Juliette xo #numerology #trustlifescycles #personalyearnumber

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    • Know Thyself: Numerology Intensive | Soul Weaving

      The Journey Curriculum Praise FAQ Join Us! Are we merely random bits of stardust? Nothing more than accidents wandering the Earth, among countless other accidents?? Are we at the mercy of an indifferent, meaningless, and chaotic Universe? It sure feels like it, sometimes ... ​ But what if we're actually living in a wise and ensouled Universe? What if we could trust that there is a rich depth of meaning and purpose behind each of our experiences and relationships? That we're perpetually being guided along our Soul's individual Path? ​ In a nutshell: Do we trust Life to have our back? It's a huge question, especially when confronted by the seeming injustices of Life; and sudden loss, change, or trauma. ​ Here's what I believe … ​ There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything. As an Astrologer and Numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day. I see it at play in everyone's charts, in everyone's lives. What I now know for sure is this: ​ We live in an ensouled Cosmos. Life has our backs. Nothing has ever been random. Everything we've ever experienced has loyally served our Soul's growth. ​ I believe that our Souls incarnate for specific reasons. There is something we'd like to learn; gifts we'd like to share; and, most likely, a weak link in our very Being that needs to be strengthened. There is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; karmic imbalances to be addressed; or old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed. ​ We have incarnated to do the work of our Soul; the work of personal and spiritual growth. We're walking an evolutionary path, and have committed to a curriculum of our own design and choosing. An extraordinary, underlying intelligence draws to us those precise relationships, dynamics, and experiences that will create the necessary emotional landscape for us to learn what we said we wanted to learn … even if those experiences seem difficult, unwanted, or harsh to us. I often envisage my Soul doing a Happy Dance on the other side of the veil, while I struggle and wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side! ​ To be clear, Numerology and Astrology won't make the challenges in our lives any easier. We'll still go through painful experiences. But we'll be empowered to view our lives through an archetypal lens, and see the bigger picture in play. Your life definitely has a plan! Do you trust it?? ​ Are you ready to engage your Path with a greater level of awareness, intention, clarity, and consciousness? ​ Welcome to Know Thyself! ... a self-study ancient, metaphysical language of e-Course where you will delve deeply into the Numerology . Here, you will be supported in remembering your Soul's intentions for this lifetime. You will engage your unique path, and experience a greater level of self-awareness, self-love, and self-empowerment. May we each embrace and march to the beat of our own drum! ​ In the words of Marianne Williamson, “It takes courage ... to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” It takes courage to commit to this path of self-realisation, in the face of how daunting, useless, or even self-indulgent, it may seem. Because, intuitively, we realise that the process of individuation and self-actualisation is the most powerful path we have to full freedom! Why do we persist as Seekers? Without an experience of self-awareness and self-agency, there can be no growth or development. This is where the rich, archetypal language of Numerology can serve us well. Numerology is a metaphysical language that helps us to understand ourselves and our Soul's blueprint for this lifetime. It's a cosmic self-help tool, helping us to pull back the veil & connect with a greater level of Soul guidance than otherwise exists at this mundane level of consciousness. ​ Needing nothing more than our birth name and date of birth, Numerology reveals our strengths & challenges, our inherent gifts & potentials, and our karmic lessons. It guides us to look within to realise the most authentic, powerful version of ourselves that we have the capacity to be. Illuminating both our Shadow and our Light, it empowers and supports us in claiming our true Self and our authentic life path. ​ ​ Numerology is *fierce* in its 100% commitment to the truth of who we are, and offers us the gifts of Radical Clarity and Self-Honesty. ​ ​ ​ This is more than a dry, intellectual course. It's an invitation: ... to deeply connect with yourself and your Life Path. ... to deeply , as the powerful Oracle at Delphi urged. Know Thyself! As one of my students shared with me, this Intensive astonished her in its call for deep honesty in her self-reflection practices. In her words, her journey with Numerology felt " "enlightening, inspiring, surprising, painful, refreshing, and challenging. Like a , Numerology shows us as we are - gifts, challenges, and all. Soul Mirror ​ It's one of the most direct, honest, and non-biased routes we have to self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through engaging its wisdom, we realise we are fully supported in our quest for personal & spiritual growth. And, importantly, we realise we' re engaging a spiritual discipline that centres us inside whatever is unfolding. We're empowered to view the experience through an archetypal lens. We can then embrace all that unfolds in life as an opportunity for Soul learning and Soul growth, rather than railing against the Heavens, demanding: ​ "AGAIN?! Why does this keep happening to me???" ​ You ... if you'd love to learn Numerology - especially if you're keen to actually apply it to your life! You ... if you're seeking a deeper level of self-love, self-awareness, & self-empowerment. ​ You ... if you're ready to understand your loved ones at a deeper level. ("Why do they DO that??") ​ You ... i f you cherish the heightened sense of our interconnectedness that Numerology reveals. ​ You ... if you love mythology! ​ You ... if you love to learn with others - sharing our journeys & insights; forging emotional connections; and embracing an authentic openness & presence. This is where the 'magic' happens! ​ ​ ​ All Seekers are welcome, whether we are complete beginners, or someone who already has some knowledge of Numerology. 💜 ​ "Honestly, I don't think I have ever been so open and authentic with a group of people before. I know that sounds bad haha, but somehow Juliette holds such a safe space - probably because she's so open with sharing her own personal experiences, I felt open to share my own. It was my favourite thing about the course. I am now trying to carry how open I was able to be in the course into other parts of my life, as experiencing it was really liberating and eye opening - like wow, I can actually be my authentic self and be seen! Thank you! 💕 " - Aluna e-Course Outline: 13 Modules Now that we can cast our natal charts, we'll immerse ourselves deeply in each of the nine Number Archetypes in turn - one archetype per module. We'll explore their core essence, character, strengths, gifts, talents, and weaknesses. The next nine modules: There are approximately three hours of videos in each module, along with a variety of extension exercises and supplemental materials. I'll share real-life stories of the archetypes, so you can get a feel for them in action. I'll also offer poetry, movie scenes, songs, story books, quotes, and images. I find this approach greatly helps us in developing our intuitive connection to the archetypes. Otherwise our understanding will be limited solely to our mind. Throughout the Intensive, you will be invited to refer back to your own natal chart to discover how each archetype engages you personally. As well as our time together, we can interact online in our private Facebook group. You're encouraged to share When you sign-up, you’ll receive immediate access to the: ​ Know Thyself! Numerology Intensive ​ ​ Inside the Intensive itself, you’ll find beautifully laid out: ​ 13 Core Modules 3 Hours of Videos per Module (We're deep diving, beautiful people!) Multimedia, extension materials to deepen your connection to each of the archetypes Access to 'The Numerabet' ​ Your self-study journey will be offered over 13 modules. , we'll explore the rich philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings of Numerology, as well as the ethics involved in working with archetypal languages. We'll learn how to cast a natal chart using just a person's birth name and date of birth. Ask your friends and loved ones for their birth details, and Google the birth details of your favourite authors, teachers, poets, dancers, and leaders, too. Cast as many charts as you can ... practise, practise, practise! In the first three modules By the end of Module 3, you'll be able to calculate the: ​ a) Birth Path Number b) Destiny Number c) Heart Number d) Personality Number e) Maturity Number f) Karmic Lesson Numbers g) Personal Years, Months, Days h) Pinnacle Numbers and Challenges i) The Overall Life Challenge Number ​ You'll also be introduced to the 'Numerabet', as my students affectionately know it. You'll learn how to turn our ABCs into 123s! This is a vital skill for Numerologists, as roughly half of our natal chart calculations require our birth name. My techie son has created a simple computer game to help you learn the Numerabet by heart. You'll have free access to this game, so you can become confident with this foundational skill. ​ You will also have access to a student's web-app that has been created especially for Soul Weaving's students. In a live class, you'd be able to check your charts with me, right? It's a little trickier in a self-study course! So, this web-app is my way of supporting you to check your work and gain confidence in your new skills. ​

    • Soul Weaving Astrology & Numerology | Katoomba | Juliette Valentina

      "You've just honoured and made valuable all that I have been through." - Jypsey, Northern Rivers Region NSW How do the archetypal languages support & empower us? The truth is that the archetypal languages (like astrology, numerology, c olour, and mythology) won't make the challenges or obstacles in our lives any easier. We'll still go through experiences that are going to be painful. But ... in seeking the guidance of the archetypal languages, we're engaging a spiritual path that centres us inside whatever is unfolding. We're empowered to take a step back from our 'stories' and see the Bigger Picture of what is actually going on. The archetypal languages help us to make what is otherwise unconscious conscious. By viewing our experiences through an archetypal lens, we can embrace them for what they are: opportunities for Soul growth, rather than perpetually wondering, "Why does this keep happening to me???" ​ They also remind us to open ourselves to the wisdom and might of Great Mystery, without demanding that it limit or conform itself to our modern addiction to reason and logic. Can you appreciate the level of childish hubris we display when we insist that the eternal, limitless Life Force or Cosmic Mind restrict itself to only those notions that our human minds can comprehend??? It's more than hubris ... it's ludicrous! As the brilliant Sufi poet, , once wrote: Hafiz Someone Should Start Laughing I have a thousand brilliant lies For the question: How are you? ​ I have a thousand brilliant lies For the question: What is God? ​ If you think that the Truth can be known From words, If you think that the Sun and the Ocean Can pass through that tiny opening Called the mouth, ​ Oh, someone should start laughing! Someone should start wildly laughing, Now! ​ We are instead guided to surrender to our Soul's highest intentions as revealed in our natal charts, and to sincerely offer the prayer, "I consent for my life to be At this level, we truly see the highest potential of our incarnation, and are able to take full responsibility for our life. dismantled and restructured in accordance with my highest purpose." ​ The archetypal languages also remind us that literal information, such as our birth name and date of birth, is useless if we fail to use it as an ascension point to a more symbolic perspective. By revealing the Blueprint of our Soul's intentions for this lifetime, we're gifted a greater level of Soul guidance and wisdom than otherwise exists at this mundane, rational level of human consciousness. Indeed, we're reminded to lift our eyes to that which is eternal. We realise the presence of a loyal, unseen force that weaves its way through everything we've ever experienced. We're blessed to realise that we belong to something far greater, that will not abandon nor exclude us! What a relief to know that we're not at the mercy of random, pointless situations and people! We're actually empowered, bold Souls doing extraordinary work, through precise events and relationships that support our Path! We come to understand that Life has always had our back. Nothing has ever been random. And everything we've ever experienced has loyally served our Soul's growth. Considering how chaotic life can seem at times, this awareness of an underlying purpose and intelligence is truly a magnificent gift! ​ WEAVING ABOUT SOUL For 'About Juliette Valentina', please . Click Here For 'About Soul Weaving's Logo', please . Click Here People are often curious about the foundational premise that underlies my work: Life has our backs. Yes, even (or most especially) when we feel like we are fighting a losing battle against a raging, metaphysical storm. When Life has left you in wrapped in bandages or catatonic on the couch, struggling to understand WTF just happened, and wondering where you're supposed to go from here, it sure doesn't feel like Life has your back, right? I've been there. Literally. As strange as it may sound, though, I actually believe that these are the real moments when we know for sure that Life has faith in us, and is serving our highest growth potential. ​ If your initial response on reading that is "Huh???" I hear you! It's okay if that feels confronting or confusing, at first. ​ Here's what I believe … it's pretty simple. There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything. As an astrologer and numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day. I see it at play in everyone's charts, in everyone's lives. What I now know for sure is this: ​ We live in an ensouled Cosmos. Life has your back. Nothing has been random. ever Everything you've ever experienced has loyally served your Soul's growth. ​ I believe that our Souls incarnate for specific reasons. There is something we'd like to learn; gifts we'd like to share; and, most likely, a weak link in our very Being that needs to be strengthened. There is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; karmic imbalances to be addressed; or old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed. ​ W e have in carnated to do the work of our Soul; the work of personal and spiritual growth. We're walking an evolutionary path, and have committed to a curriculum of our own design and choosing. An extraordinary, underlying intelligence draws to us those precise relationships, dynamics, and experiences that create the emotional landscape necessary for us to learn … even if those experiences seem difficult, unwanted, or harsh to us. what we said we wanted to learn I often envisage my Soul doing a Happy Dance on the other side of the veil, while I struggle and wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side! ​ As I've mentioned before, Numerology and Astrology won't make our challenges or difficulties any easier. We'll still go through painful experiences. But they will empower us to view our lives through an archetypal lens, to see the bigger picture at play. Your life definitely has a plan! Do you trust it?? ​ Life is not trying to stop you! ​ Whatever your personal battle is, please know that Life is not trying to stop you. It's trying to strengthen you, in precisely the ways you said you wanted to be strengthened. It's doing you a favour in gifting these experiences to you, as hard as that may be to read. I always consider my struggles and pain to be a backhanded compliment from the Divine realms. To me, it feels like they're saying that they haven't given up on me. They haven't left me in a room eating chocolates, saying "Ugh. She can't be taught. We give up." No. The Divine Realms are still bringing me the opportunities to grow, like golden gifts on a silver platter. They still have faith in my ability to learn, in my capacity to grow. Life has my back. And Life has yours, too. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ I love this piece of prose from . It expresses a passionate awareness of the intelligent relationship we seem to have with Life: by Haruki Murakami Kafka on the Shore “Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction, but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That's the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine. ​ And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others. ​ And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.” ​ I love Murakami's prose because it highlights the metaphysical, Divine forces that choose to wrestle with us; to shape us with their might and strength. Do you think you can defeat a metaphysical storm? An archetype? ANY of the eternal, immortal, infinite Invisibles?? In your current form, you are a mere, finite mortal. As Rilke says, " " It would be hubris to believe we defeat them! What is extraordinary and eternal does not want to be bent by us. could But engaging the Storm that pursues us, is not about defeating the Invisibles. It is about recognising the greater wisdom of the battle, of the Storm. It's about willingly taking the blows and throwing a few of our own! It's about who we can become by choosing to actively engage the Storm, rather than battening down the hatches and just riding it out. Please know that wherever you find yourself, and whatever Storm you find yourself engaged in, it was custom designed perfectly for . you w As they say, hat doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you. ​ I believe that our path of personal and spiritual growth requires us to recognise the underlying intelligence that has brought us our struggles as well as our successes. Walking t his path means trusting the process; trusting our story; trusting Life itself. ​ And, ultimately, this work brings us closer into contact with the truth of who we are. ​ ​ Astrology and Numerology: ​ You know how Life seems to give us the test first (ie: the Storm) and the lesson afterwards? W ouldn't it be great to have some sort of heads-up regarding the lesson while we're actually the Storm? Wouldn't that help us navigate it?? in In my experience, astrology and numerology are two of the greatest tools we have to reveal the bigger picture of what's going on. These archetypal languages offer us a level of Symbolic Sight and Soul guidance that is otherwise missing in this mundane realm. They help us understand our personal curriculum or blueprint for this incarnation. ​ While t his journey of self-discovery can feel daunting, or even overwhelming, astrology & numerology help us to understand the meaning and purpose of our life's experiences. Just understanding the Storm is dancing with us can change our entire perspective on things. It's liberating! Empowering! why Imagine grounding your experiences within a much broader context than just this one particular lifetime. Imagine understanding your personal Storm! Imagine feeling validated in who you truly are, and the life you yearn to create. Imagine embracing greater levels of compassion, love, and respect for both yourself and others. Imagine the relief that comes with realising that nothing has ever been random, after all. ​ Imagine that Life has always had your back. knowing ​ Imagine the sense of freedom that comes with this knowledge … ​ ​ I invite you to join me for a , or to take a deep dive into these archetypal waters by joining me for a ! But even if we never work together, I hope that by sharing my perspective with you, you're able to feel a greater level of faith in the process of Life. #trusttheprocess consultation course ​ Please feel free to with any queries you may have. You may also be interested in reading contact me my Answers to about the work I do. Frequently Asked Questions ​ ​ WORKING WITH ME: ​ My sessions are a safe space for people of all cultures, religions, sexualities, genders (trans-friendly), and relationship dynamics (eg: polyamory). One of the reasons I love astrology is because it's truly an international language. No matter how old you are, or what your skin colour, sexuality, or gender identity is; no matter what your political, metaphysical, or religious beliefs are; and no matter which country you're from, . we all gaze up at the same stars as they dance across the night sky Astrology and numerology guide, empower, and nurture us all! I'd love to share this work with you, beautiful, brave people! ​ Sessions are offered in person here in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, or around the country when I travel to teach. I also offer sessions nationally/internationally via Zoom, an online, video conferencing service. No matter where you are in the world, we can connect for private consultations! Your charts and an MP4 recording will be provided with each online session. You are more than welcome to voice record sessions held in person. ​ The following accurate birth information is required (from your original birth certificate) for our session to be successful: ​ Full, Original Birth Name (ie: Maiden Name) Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth ​ As well as private sessions, I also offer individual and group tuition. I love sharing this body of work! I am currently accepting private students, and have a new group course beginning shortly online (18 February). Otherwise, keep an eye on my Group and Private Tuition pages for other upcoming dates and venues! ​ ​ WHO I AM NOT SUITED FOR: ​ My services are not suitable for those seeking entertainment, nor those seeking definitive predictions of future outcomes. My sessions are also unsuitable for those seeking a psychic or a medium. I am an astrologer and numerologist; not a channel or psychic. ​ Please note that I can only provide astrological/numerological insight on the client's chart, not another person’s who isn’t present (unless we have their express permission to do so). Also, while my sessions are often healing in nature, they are for guidance only. They are not a substitute for medical, therapeutic, or legal advice. Clients are responsible for their own well-being and transformational journey. We are all responsible for our own Free Will. ​ If you are considering a reading as a special gift, please ensure that the recipient is open to the concepts of astrological and numerological insight. Thank you. ​ READ INGS I appreciate the opportunity to explore your natal charts together, and to share your journey with you. It is a privilege and an honour to have your trust. I feel so grateful that you are here to celebrate the sky above and to celebrate your lives with me. Natal Chart Reading A Quick Question Exploring the Divine Feminine in Your Chart x Series of 3 Natal Chart Sessions Yearly Transit Reading Black Moon Lilith Reading Dream Interpretation Contact Juliette Now to Book a Session! CLIENT/STUDENT LOVE "I don't know that I can recall ever feeling so 'seen', or validated on my journey. It can be so f**king hard to pull back and get any kind of long view that's not marred by my ego mind's carry on ... Juliette's reading gave me a CONTEXT to my experience and my history that I haven't had before." ​ Paige Phoenix, Australia CONTACT JULIETTE! Have a query or feedback? Would you like to book a consultation with me? I'd love to hear from you! ​ Feel free to email me directly or to use the Contact Form, below! I am based in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW 2780! Telephone: 0400 153 844 Email: Send Success! Message received. :-)

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      Photo by Mustang Sally, former student of this Course. Introductory Numerology Course “If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mum, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do shit, then you deserve it." - Frank Zappa your ​ ​ Preach, Frank! We are often taught to look outside ourselves for permission, validation, connection, guidance, and a sense of who we are. Frank Zappa pulled no punches in observing that we have been conditioned to let our parents, our teachers, our preachers, our neighbours, and "some guy on television' tell us who we are, and how we should live OUR lives. ​ We’re seldom guided to look within to cultivate and harness our inherent gifts and skills. Indeed, whole industries (and one could argue that modern society itself) rely on our willingness to unquestioningly submit to some prescribed, cookie-cutter version of who we are supposed to want to be. ​ In the words of Marianne Williamson, “It takes endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” ​ Yes! It takes courage to commit to this path of self-realisation, in the face of how daunting, useless, or even self-indulgent, it may seem. Why do we persist as seekers? Because we intuitively realise that this process of individuation is the most powerful path we have to full freedom! Without an experience of self-awareness and self-agency, there can be no growth or development. This is where the archetypal language of numerology can serve us well. ​ ​ "What is Numerology??" ​ Numerology is an ancient, metaphysical language that helps us to understand ourselves and our Soul's blueprint or curriculum for this lifetime. It's a cosmic self-help tool, connecting us with a greater level of Soul guidance than otherwise exists at this mundane level of consciousness. ​ Needing nothing more than our birth name and date of birth, numerology reveals our strengths and challenges, our inherent gifts and potentials, and our karmic lessons. It guides us to look within to realise the most authentic, powerful version of ourselves that we have the capacity to be. Illuminating both our Shadow and our Light, it empowers and supports us in claiming our true life path. ​ Numerology is *fierce* in its 100% commitment to the truth of who we are, and offers us the gifts of Radical Clarity and Honesty. ​ ​ Is Numerology Aligned with a Specific World View? ​ Some people ask me if they need to believe in a particular spiritual or philosophical path to work with numerology. The simple answer is, "No." It has no hidden agendas, nor societal, political, or religious affiliations. It is not aligned with any human moral code. It has no expectations of who we "ought" to be. Numerology is simply one of the most direct, honest, and non-biased routes we have to self-enquiry, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance. ​ As many of my students and clients have delightedly exclaimed, numerology gives us permission to be ourselves! ​ ​ The Invitation: ​ This course is an invitation to learn this extraordinary, metaphysical language. You can apply its insights to your own path of personal growth and transformation, but also to the paths of those you love, including your family & friends, your lovers, your colleagues, clients, and your students. ​ I truly hope you decide to join us. Please feel free to reach out, should you have any questions at all. I'm so excited about this Course, and I'd love to talk with you about it or about numerology itself! ​ ​ Peace Juliette xo ​ For details of the Course Structure, please read more . here To learn more about the areas of numerology we will study together, please click . here ​ Student Love: ​ "To experience Juliette’s Numerology Course is like having an invitation to speak to your own soul, to hear its desires, to know what lessons you’ve come here for, to see the truth of yourself. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be me in the most beautiful way, and to really step into my power and my gifts! So much makes sense, now! So many revelations! I have also learnt invaluable information about the people in my life, especially my children, and how I can support their journey on a new and deep level. I have a powerful new way of understanding and relating to their souls' individual needs! The ripple effect from attending Juliette’s course will be felt through my whole tribe and beyond! I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Juliette’s offerings! Thank you. x" ​ - Tracie Callaghan, Australia Owner, Heart Body Soul Holistic Healing Centre, Lismore, NSW : Who this Course is for ​ ✓ You're interested in the archetypal languages, like Numerology. You'd like to know how to cast charts for your self and your loved ones ... or maybe to become a Numerologist! ✓ You're deeply committed to a lifelong quest of self-improvement. ✓ You'd love to understand the deeper essence of yourself and your loved ones ... your innate, authentic selves. ✓ You long to feel a greater level of compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. ✓ You intuitively feel that there is an underlying intelligence to Life. You sense that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to your relationships and experiences; that they serve as catalysts for growth and transformation ... it's all random chaos! not ✓ You're seeking a level of soul guidance that exists beyond this material realm.​ ​ ✓ Philosophically unravelling the mysteries of life thrills you! ​ ✓ You're ready to trust that Life has your back. Yes, even when you're railing against the stars, despairing, "Seriously?? AGAIN?? What is going on?!" ​ ✓ You love to gather with like-minded people, anchoring in a sense of shared community and connection. ​ Student Love: ​ "As soon as I met Juliette, I knew I wanted to learn more about Numerology … Hearing her talk with such wisdom, insight, enthusiasm, and passion about the sacred language of numbers and how all aspects of our lives are shaped and moulded by our relationship with these archetypes, hooked me immediately. I have not been disappointed! ​ I have dabbled a little with numerology before and thought it was interesting, same as how I find reading my horoscope in the paper interesting ... But with this class the energies have been made real, and made so relevant to me and my soul's journey. Juliette is such a skilled teacher she brings the information that she shares with us completely alive so that not only do I understand it intellectually, but I know it and feel it. It allows me to unravel and see different aspects of myself and my loved ones, bringing a greater understanding of our journeys and why we do the things we do. In so doing, this work brings empathy, compassion and new ways of being and interacting with the world. ​ Numerology allows you a “sneak peak” at what your soul has chosen to work on this time around, to make the unconscious conscious, to give yourself an opportunity to master the lessons you have chosen and to grasp all opportunities presented to you wholeheartedly, because ultimately you realise YOU have chosen all those lessons and opportunities as a part of your soul’s growth... This really is profound work in understanding and accepting yourself. Thank you, Juliette. Seeing someone who so clearly loves what they do is so heart opening and inspiring. xx" ​ - Kate Hotson, Owner, Coffs Zen Space, Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia ​ Student Love : ​ "If you have ever wanted to learn about numerology, you will not find a more enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, or knowledgeable teacher than Juliette. I highly recommend this course, not only to share space with an amazing lady, but because numerology provides a tool towards your personal self-knowledge. It gives you many "Aha!" moments! As Juliette succinctly puts it, numerology gives you permission to be yourself." ​ - Loni Joy, Brisbane, Australia : Our Introductory Numerology Course Includes - Nearly 40 hours of in-person Tuition (For Areas of Study to be covered, ) click here - Recordings of our Classes for your reference library - Private Facebook Study Group (For further details, ) click here - Mid-week check-ins (NB: for the Intensive Short Courses, NOT the 13-week journeys) ​ We will begin our journey by delving into the underlying philosophy, ethics, and 'ground rules' of Numerology. In this initial phase, we will also learn the necessary calculations to successfully cast a Natal Chart for ourselves and others, using simply a person's birth name and date of birth. There is a lot of important preparation work here! ​ The bulk of our journey will then be focused on deeply understanding and connecting with each of the Numerological Archetypes. With an awareness of the Archetypes involved, we can begin to 'read' a Natal Chart. The more people in the Course the better, as it means that more of the Archetypes are likely to be represented within the group. This greatly facilitates the learning of all present! For example, if someone has an 8 Karmic Lesson, it would typically be helpful for them to hear someone with a strong 8 presence share their perspective and experiences, and vice versa. (Not that there is any pressure to share, of course!) ​ Also, while the focus is on Numerology, the classes are organic and open to questions and sideline conversations ... Much arises within us as we go through the Archetypes, as we are discussing Life itself!! I encourage everyone to bring the birth data for their friends, partners, family, work colleagues, public icons, and enemies, so their charts can be calculated, too. Not only is this a great way to practise casting Charts, but the best way to learn is through the Charts of those we know intimately. This also helps us to realise obvious themes re: who we attract into our lives ... and how their Charts dovetail with our own. If 80% of your friends are 32/5s, for example, there would be much to learn from pondering and reflecting on why?? How are those Archetypes (ie: the 3, 2, and 5) engaging or activating your own Chart?? As most relationships serve as a mirror for us in some way, t here is much to learn here through exploring the Charts of those closest to us. ​ The organic, spontaneous conversations; the sharing of stories and insights; and looking at others' charts all help to ground these Archetypes for us. I do touch a little on other modalities/fields as part of the classes (primarily Astrology and Aura Soma), but the focus is definitely on the rich Map of Consciousness known as Numerology. There is so much to learn and share! We typically run out of time ... hence I'm now extending the Course to a 13-week journey! (This also delights me as 13 is the Divine Feminine's sacred number.) ​ While we will certainly engage the Archetypes through our Mercurial, factual minds, I will also make the most of as many multimedia sources as possible to help students develop an instinctual awareness of and relationship with the Archetypes. For example: In sharing an Archetype with my students, I may draw on scenes from movies and TV shows, poetry, illustrations, quotes, photographs, newspaper articles, songs, and picture books. ​ Finally, my students are always welcome to re-sit my Courses at half price. This is an offering that my beloved Aura Soma teacher, Deb Husbands, extended to her students, which I was immensely grateful for. (I've re-sat all of her courses!) I like to honour her by paying this practice forward to my own students. ​ I look forward to journeying with you, if you're called to learning this beautiful cosmic language with me! ​ ​ NB: Astrology Friends: If you have an Astrological background, you are very welcome to join in!! Numerology can be a very helpful modality to add to your skill set. It's another beautiful, symbolic language! We will be able to converse with each other through the Astrological framework (without distracting or overwhelming fellow students that do not share our Astrological knowledge). For example: I can share with you the Astrological Archetypes that resonate with each of the Numerological Archetypes. Astrologers are usually fascinated to realise that there is no one-to-one direct correlation between Numbers and Planets/Signs! I love working with both sacred languages ... I can see some things through Number that I cannot see through Planet/Sign, and vice versa. I don't know what I'd do without both of them! ​ Private Facebook Group: The Course includes access to a Private Facebook Group that I create for each Course, so that we can remain connected throughout our journey together, not solely on the night of our weekly class. I will share additional quotes, photos, video clips, poems, and charts etc through the Facebook Group to deepen our understanding of each Archetype as we meet them through the Course. This is also a space for students to share their questions, stories, insights, and light-bulb moments, as they arise. In so doing, we can all deepen our awareness of how the Archetypes arise within us and constellate externally in our lives. We can also share charts that we are casting and interpreting, and ask for feedback or insights from others in the Group. ​ Student Love : ​ "I would like to thank Juliette for her very informative, interesting, and fun-filled Numerology Course! It was definitely far more than I expected. She is a great teacher, and a beautiful soul with so much passion and energy. Juliette's teachings were easy to follow, the way she translated the Numbers into everyday life. I never knew how deep Numerology could be! At 63 I thought I knew about myself, but I have been totally blown away!" ​ ​ "Juliette, thank you gorgeous girl, for opening my eyes to see myself clearly." ​ - Lyn Owen, Brisbane, Australia ​ Areas of Study included in our Introductory Course: The philosophical underpinnings of Numerology; ie: the 'Ground Rules'. 1. The multivalent nature of the Archetypes involved. 2. The core essence, meaning, and character of each Archetype: 1-9, along with their strengths, gifts, talents, and challenges. 3. The continuum that each Archetype exists on. How do they 'work' when they're healthy, strong, and in balance, in the centre of the continuum? How do they play out when they are unhealthy and dysfunctional (whether that means they are undeveloped and weak within our psyche at one end of the continuum, or over-developed at the other end)? How are they likely to arise within our psyche, relationships, and daily life? 4. How to link the letters of the alphabet with their associated Numerological counterpart, ie: how to turn letters into numbers! (In calculating a Numerology Natal Chart, roughly 50% of the calculations are based on the date of birth, and 50% are based on the full, original name at birth.) Learning our ABCs as our 123s! ;-) 5. How to determine when the letter Y is to engaged as a vowel vs as a consonant. 6. How to calculate the Core Positions of the Personal Natal Chart: a) Birth Path Number b) Heart Number c) Personality Number d) Destiny Number e) Ultimate Reality Number f) Karmic Lesson Numbers g) Personal Years, Months, Days (Timing Techniques) h) Pinnacle Numbers and Challenges (Main time periods of Life) i) The Overall Life Challenge Number 7. Student Love: ​ "I have been attending an introductory course in numerology with Juliette. It was like water to a thirsty soul! I feel so very blessed to have had such an awesome, passionate, and inspiring teacher. Juliette has made this complex and sometimes perplexing modality interesting, engaging, and exciting! I feel confident that I can begin my own journey as a numerologist, and have no hesitation in recommending Juliette as a talented teacher to anyone considering undertaking a course with her." ​ - Janette Oliveri, Brisbane, Australia ​ Student Love : ​ "I share this in service and gratitude to Juliette, who has inspired and challenged me through her generous, insightful teaching. Juliette's Numerology Course is both highly informative and fun! I now have a greater level of self-knowledge and clarity, thanks to her wisdom, lead, and personal teaching style. This clarity was enhanced by my personal session with her. ​ Juliette has helped to enliven a truer sense of my essence and purpose. With her connection to and knowledge of the heights above, she expressed my journey in a tangible, supportive way. With her exposure of Soul depths, she both relieved and challenged me. I have gained greater understanding, acceptance, and compassion for myself, others, and the world at large. ​ ​ I have been greatly served by the generous Soul work that she passionately brings to the world, and I highly recommend Juliette's time and teaching. ​ Blessings, from one seeker to another on this journey we all share." - Mandy Askew, Lismore, Australia ​ Student Love: ​ "The Numerology Course I found most interesting. It helped me learn a lot about myself and my journey, and also gave me a better understanding of the archetypes that we are in direct relationship with. ​ Juliette speaks from the heart and with great passion and wisdom. Her knowledge in this field is outstanding, and I am extremely grateful that she is open and generous enough to share her wisdom with such enthusiasm. Juliette has a natural way of connecting to her students and keeping it real. I am very excited to further my knowledge in this field under the nurturing guidance of Juliette." ​ - Dean Puls, Sawtell, Australia Contact Juliette Now to Register!

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