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Armidale, NSW

Four x full days: 29 & 30 June + 6 & 7 July

Numerology Intensive in Armidale, NSW

* Self-enquiry.  Self-awareness.  Self-empowerment.  Self-love.*

Join us at the Teapee, in Armidale, for a four-day Numerology Intensive over two consecutive weekends.   29 & 30 June and 6 & 7 July. 


Our Deep Dive into Numerology will be an intensive look at this magnificent archetypal language! All Seekers are welcome, from complete beginners to those with some knowledge of Numerology already. We'll be learning how to successfully cast charts for ourselves and others, and then journeying *deeply* with each of the Number archetypes!


I'm so excited about this Course, and I'm looking forward to sharing this symbolic language with you!  💜


All the Details:


Here's what I believe …  There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything.  As an astrologer and numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day.  I see it at play in everyone's charts, in everyone's lives.  What I now know for sure is this: 


- We live in an ensouled Universe.

- Life has your back.

- Nothing has ever been random.

- Everything you've ever experienced has loyally served your Soul's growth.


I believe that our Souls have incarnated for a reason.  There is something we would like to learn; there are gifts we'd like to share; there is a weak link in our very Being that needs to be strengthened; there is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; there are karmic imbalances to be addressed; or old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed. 


​We have incarnated to do the work of our Soul; the work of personal and spiritual growth.  We are walking an evolutionary path, and have committed to a curriculum of our own design and choosing.  An extraordinary, underlying intelligence recognises and draws to us those relationships, dynamics, and experiences that will best create the necessary emotional landscape for us to learn what we said we wanted to learn … even if those experiences seem difficult, unwanted, or harsh. 


I often envisage my Soul doing a Happy Dance on the other side of the veil, while I struggle and wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side!  The truth is that Numerology doesn't make the challenges, or the obstacles, or the things that are difficult in our lives any easier.  We'll still go through experiences that are going to be painful.  But in studying this archetypal language, we are engaging a spiritual discipline that centres us inside whatever is unfolding.  We're empowered to view the experience through an archetypal lens and to therefore embrace it as an opportunity for soul learning and soul growth.


Your life definitely has a plan!  Do you trust it?? 


* If you're ready to engage Life and the Divine in a deeper conversation, I invite you to join us!

* If you're ready to deepen your level of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-healing, I invite you to journey with us!

* If you're ready to understand those in your tribe and family at a much deeper, more intimate level ("Why do they DO that???"), I invite you to learn Numerology with us!

* If you're keen to connect with your fellow, like-minded Seekers, I invite you to reach out and claim one of the final spots in our course!

I believe numerology to be one of the most direct, honest, and non-biased routes we have to personal & spiritual growth, self-empowerment, and self-love.  I truly hope you decide to join us!  Please feel free to reach out with any queries you have.  Ask away!  I'd love to talk with you!


Student Testimonial:


"To experience Juliette’s Numerology Course is like having an invitation to speak to your own soul, to hear its desires, to know what lessons you’ve come here for, to see the truth of yourself. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be me in the most beautiful way, and to really step into my power and my gifts! So much makes sense, now! So many revelations! I have also learnt invaluable information about the people in my life, especially my children, and how I can support their journey on a new and deep level. I have a powerful new way of understanding and relating to their souls' individual needs! The ripple effect from attending Juliette’s course will be felt through my whole tribe and beyond! I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Juliette’s offerings! Thank you. x"


- Tracie Callaghan, Australia

Owner, Heart Body Soul Holistic Healing Centre, Lismore, NSW




The Practical Side of Things:



Four x full days, ie: 29 & 30 June and 6 & 7 July

Class times:  9:00 am - 5:30 pm each day



The Teapee

2/211 Beardy Street

Armidale  NSW  2350


What You'll Receive:

-  4 Days tuition (in person), learning Numerology with me!

-  Two x 3-hour online sessions, mid-week  (Additional 6 hours)

-  Recordings of our classes & online sessions for your reference

-  A private Facebook group with extension material, and additional opportunities to engage me with queries etc

-  An invitation to join an Alumni group (on Facebook) of fellow seekers who have also studied Numerology with me.



Ready to join us?  Yay!!


There are only 10 spaces available altogether!  

(Update:  There are only 2 spaces left!)


I'd like this course to be accessible to everyone, which is why I've kept the price low.  Payment Plans are available.  Yes, the discounts listed are cumulative!  :-)


There are a couple of packages available.  Which suits you best?

** Regular Package:

All classes & online sessions, All Recordings, and full access to our Private Facebook Group

$495 or $420 concession.

LESS:  $50 Early Bird Discount if paid before 22 May, 2019.

          $30 Friends Discount (for both you & your friend, if you come together!)

** VIP Package:

Everything included in the Regular package

PLUS 3 x discounted, private tuition sessions with me to support your studies and journey. (1 hour each)

$675 or $600 concession.

LESS:  $50 Early Bird Discount if paid before 22 May, 2019.

          $30 Friends Discount (for both you & your friend, if you come together!)

** VIP PLUS Package:

Everything included in the VIP package

PLUS a discounted, personal reading with me (3 hour consultation)

$945 or $870 concession

LESS:  $50 Early Bird Discount if paid before 22 May, 2019.

          $30 Friends Discount (for both you & your friend, if you come together!)


Payment can be made via bank transfer, or credit card, or PayPal.


Any questions?  Queries?  Please reach out ... I'd love to connect with you!   You can reach me here:


Phone:  0400 153 844


Course Structure:


Our Course will be offered via a Deep Dive over two consecutive weekends. The first Saturday will be dedicated to learning how to cast a numerology chart using a person's birth name and date of birth. Students are encouraged to bring the birth details for their friends and loved ones, too!  On this first day, we'll also explore the rich, philosophical and ethical underpinnings of numerology.

We will then immerse ourselves into the core essence of the Number Archetypes over our remaining three days together - three numbers per day! We'll have ample time to journey deeply with each archetype, exploring them from multiple multimedia sources to help ground them in our awareness, eg: poetry, movie scenes, songs, story books, quotes, and images. I find this greatly facilitates our instinctive awareness of the Number Archetypes ... it makes them 'real'.

By constantly referring back to our own natal charts as we progress through the Course, we discover how each archetype engages us personally.

As well as our time together on the weekends, we can interact online in our private Facebook group. I'll share an *abundance* of extra material here, to support your studies.

I'll also be offering two x 3-hour, online, Q&A sessions via Zoom, on Wednesday evenings (ie: the 3rd and 10th of July, 6 - 9 pm). These are optional, informal sessions to give us an extra opportunity to check in with each other. You are encouraged to bring any questions you may have regarding the Course. I will be at your disposal! 

For further information on the Course content etc, please check out the details here.  :-)

I'm looking forward to journeying with you in Armidale!


Juliette xo


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