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The Birth Path Number:

The Life You Were Born to Live

Are you keen to lead a soul-led life?  To develop a deeper understanding of the life you were born to live? 


I'd like to offer you this free lesson on the Birth Path Number to support your journey​.

What's included:


The Birth Path Number (aka Life Path Number) shows the archetypal wisdom, perspective, values, resources, and attitude that you are developing, or learning to embody.  It shows who you are intent on becoming, rather than who you already are; the primary work that your Soul has chosen to do in this lifetime.  It shows who you are becoming in this lifetime . . . your Evolutionary Method of Choice, as Steven Forrest would say.

In this lesson, you'll access a 22-minute video, a written Guide, and a handy Keyword Handout—your stepping stones into the world of numerology. Crafted to help you take your initial steps (and then some!), these resources will teach you how to cast your Birth Path Number and explore its significance within the broader realm of numerology.

Want to go deeper than the basic calculation??  I've got you!  I also share some tips and professional pointers on how to better understand and work with your Birth Path Number.

Once you've learned the technique itself, your Keyword Handout will help you apply it to your life—and to the lives of those you love—immediately!  It offers ten helpful lists of keywords and themes, one for each of the archetypes we work with (i.e. 1-9 and 11).   The significations shared in this small (but mighty!) handout are the result of years of consultations with private clients and working with my students; observing how the number archetypes guide and impact us.  As my students have told me, "It's gold!"

As I say to my students, there's always more . . .  but I hope this introduction to the Birth Path Number serves you well.  May it give you some traction in learning numerology.  And may it support your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.


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