Please find below my answers to questions that I am often asked.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please reach out.  I'm happy to answer any queries you may have.  And I'll add your question to the list to help others who may be wondering the same thing!

Q:  Are numerology or astrology aligned with a specific faith or world view?  Do I need to believe in a particular spiritual or philosophical path to work with you? 


A:  No.  These archetypal languages do point to an underlying intelligence at work, and some call this a Cosmic or Divine Mind.  However, they have no hidden agendas, nor spiritual, societal, or political affiliations.  They are not aligned with any human moral  or religious code. 


Certainly, you can bring your faith to numerology and astrology. This may anchor you in them in a different way to others. For example, a Pagan, an Agnostic, and a Buddhist astrologer will bring their faiths 'to the table' so to speak, when casting and interpreting someone's chart. But the archetypal languages themselves are not bound by humanity's spiritual paths. They are much larger than our faiths. 


I welcome anyone of any faith, or of no faith, at all.  I am honoured to share this path with you.

Q:  How does astrology and numerology help?


A: As I once heard my teacher, Steven Forrest, say, the simple truth is that no one needs a natal reading.  Our charts are playing out perfectly, with or without our conscious awareness of them.  😉


Having said that, it can often feel like Life gives us the test first and the lesson afterwards, yes?


Without a conscious awareness of our charts, we can get to the end of our life without truly understanding what we were even supposed to be learning.  It can feel like we’ve spent our entire life feeling helpless in the face of seemingly random, chaotic experiences. Perhaps we’ve even railed against the stars for the situations and relationships we've found ourselves in!  This is because we've failed to see the thread that weaves through it all, showing us the underlying purpose.  I have clients in their 70s and 80s who haven’t managed to grasp the basic fundamentals of why they are here!  When we’re ‘in’ it, it can be tremendously hard to see the forest for the trees.  


This is where astrology and numerology can support us, because they enable us to take a step back from our 'stories', and see the Bigger Picture of what is going on.  They make what is otherwise unconscious conscious.  They connect us with a greater level of Soul guidance and wisdom than is otherwise available at this mundane level of awareness.  They make it possible to engage our blueprint or our ‘curriculum’ for this lifetime – ie: our natal charts.  Having access to our natal charts is like reading our own Owner’s Manual; or like getting a heads-up on the lessons, so that we have a better shot on the test!    


Suddenly, we realise that nothing has ever been random!   We understand the purpose behind everything we’ve experienced, and appreciate that truly everything serves our growth.   Suddenly we have a radical level of clarity and honesty about ourselves and our lifepath.  Our Shadow and our Light.  Our gifts and our challenges.  Our strengths and our weaknesses.  Our karmic imbalances and our Passions.   We are empowered to approach our life and all its decisions with a greater level of clarity, awareness, and intention.    


In a nutshell, these archetypal languages are tools for Seekers; for those who long for a deeper level of self-awareness and purpose.  As a lot of my clients and students have excitedly told me, “I feel like I’ve been given permission to be me!”  So fabulous!! 

Q:  I'm not good with maths or numbers.  Do I need to be to understand numerology?

A:  No, not at all.  You need no mathematical understanding to sit with me.  It is my role to calculate and prepare the charts for you.  And it is then my role to interpret your charts as clearly as possible for you, from a perspective of personal and spiritual growth.  Mathematics won't enter our conversation at all, I assure you!

Please know that you are welcome to ask as many questions as you would like in our session.  In fact, I encourage everyone I work with to clarify anything that seems confusing or unclear.  I want my sessions to be as helpful and supportive as possible. 

Q:  How would I apply the information you share with me?

A:  Honestly, this will depend on you.    My aim is to explain your ‘blueprint’ and the energies that you are working with clearly, so that you will recognise them in your daily life - in your relationships, and your daily choices.  My aim is for you to understand what is being asked of you by these archetypal energies, so that you can live your life and make your decisions with a greater level of clarity, intention, and confidence … even if/when those decisions feel daunting.    

Q:  What information do you need for our session?

A:  For our session to be successful, I will need your full, original birth name (to cast your numerology chart), as well as your time, date, and place of birth (for your astrology chart).  I require the information shown on your original birth certificate, please ... yes, even if you were adopted at 16 days old and have never identified with your birth name.


If you do not have all of these details (eg: time of birth), please let me know.  I'm sure we will still be able to work together. (NB: Numerology does not require a time of birth.)  

Q:  Are you a psychic or medium?  Is this a channelled session?


A:  Please note that I serve as an astrologer and numerologist; not as a psychic or medium.  My role is to cast and interpret your natal charts to the best of my skill and training to date.  Our session will be rooted in YOUR charts, rather than in an intuitive or psychic vision etc.  I will be able to point to your charts to indicate the reason I say anything.  If you are seeking a medium or psychic, then I am not the astrologer/numerologist for you.

Q:  I'd like to study with you, but am in a tight spot financially, at the moment.  Do you offer Payment Plans, Scholarships, or Need-Based Tuition etc?

A:  *Payment Plans* are readily available for my Courses and Workshops. I'm more that happy to receive payments in instalments, if that helps in any way.  If you'd like to attend one of my Courses, but are in a tight spot financially, shoot me a message and tell me about your situation. I'll try to work with you to make it feasible. I'm committed to making my Courses and Workshops accessible, which is why I offer a Concession Rate, Half-Scholarships, and Need-Based Tuition


I earmark one Half-Scholarship for each of my Courses and Workshops, as I'd hate for finances to be the only reason someone can't attend. If you'd like to apply for a Half-Scholarship for one of my upcoming Courses, please PM me and let me know your situation.

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