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Hey!  I'm Juliette.  A numerologist, astrologer, and teacher, living above the clouds in the Blue Mountains, here in Australia.  I am dedicated to sharing these archetypal languages with our community, and to serving as a gentle guide, supporting your psychospiritual journey.

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About Juliette Valentina


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Hello, beautiful people! 


My name is Juliette Valentina.  I am grateful you are here!  Allow me to share a little about myself, my philosophy for working with the archetypal languages, and how I came to be walking this sacred Path.  (Best settle in with a hot chocolate ... this turned out a little longer than I planned!)  

I was born in Papua New Guinea, and have since lived and travelled throughout Australia, Japan, and Europe ... very keen to explore the ancient temples of Greece, Persia, and Ephesus.  I'd also like to travel to America one day, as I'd love to study with Patricia Walsch, and to see Jason Holley speak live!!


Until recently, my son and I lived in the gorgeous Northern Rivers Region of NSW.  Together, we're a Pagan, vegetarian, home-educating family of bibliophiles!  As Elessar likes to remind me, "A sensible person never goes anywhere without a good book!"  (Actually, some of you may remember me as the 'Crazy Book Lady' from Little Acorn Books, a parenting and children's book store that I owned in Brisbane for many years.)


I'm now based in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains (inland from Sydney), and my beautiful son has moved to the big smoke (Brisbane) to pursue his computer studies at university.  How on Earth is he 22 years old already?!  Where did the years go??  

Juliette & Elessar 2018
Juliette & Elessar 2018
Bushwalking in the Outback
Juliette 2018
Elessar meditating in Cedar Creek
Elessar & Storm: A good reading spot
Mum & Juliette PNG 1972

With an Aquarian Sun (cazimi Mercury) in the 8th House of hidden, occult wisdom, and a 9th House Pisces Moon, engaging esoteric teachings such as Astrology and Numerology is definitely on my Soul's itinerary for this lifetime.  I vividly remember my first introduction to the archetypal languages when I was just 13 years old. I was sitting on the floor of the public library near my grandmother's house in Tamworth, in the adult's non-fiction section. My blessed Daemon had guided me to 'Your Child's Numerology', by Robin Stein, an Australian Numerologist. (The Ancients believed that our Daemon is like our Guardian Angel, except that Daemons not only protect us, but our PATH, as well.)


I remember this feeling of shock and confusion pulsing through me as I stared at the book I held in my hands. I couldn't wrap my very logical mind around how this woman I'd never met had written a chapter about ME, based purely on my date of birth . . . a date based in the man-made Gregorian calendar!  What about the other calendars in the world??  I had enough self-awareness even then, though, to realise how accurate she was.  But how???

At just 13 years of age (such a magical age for initiation, yes?), I could feel my mind being confronted, challenged, and stretched into new dimensions against my Will. My innate sceptic railed against the truth that was right in front of me!  Despite this, I felt compelled to keep reading.  Of course, this "first call to adventure" was ultimately rejected, as in all good heroic stories.  ;-)  As awed as I felt by this initial contact with the sacred languages, it took many years for me to dedicate myself to their study.  With Saturn natally squaring my Sun and Mercury, I didn't want to seem 'airy-fairy' or to be judged as dull-witted or as a charlatan . . . someone practising 'quackery'.  Dread the thought!! 

Actually, this is how my spiritual path has always unfolded for me! It has *never* been a simple, smooth progression from one state of being to another, like the gentle unfurling of a leaf. NO!  It has always felt like I'm being dragged by my hair, kicking and screaming, towards a greater, more cohesive awareness of the Divine.  For all the "woo" things I now hold to be sacred, sceptics are inherently my people. Haha!  Everything I deeply believe has proven itself to me at one point or another . . . usually, against my Will. Seriously. My poor Daemon! ;-) (Remind me to share with you how I came to the Divine Feminine, one day.)

To my own shock (and delight!), I'm now working as a numerologist and astrologer. I am devoting my Path to these sacred languages and the archetypal realm—Dreams, Myths, astrology, numerology, runes, tarot, animal totems, tree medicine, poetry . . . the list goes on! There is a passion and profound beauty in these that cannot be matched by our modern, rational, reductionist, childishly simplistic worldview.  I am committed to bringing these sacred, symbolic languages to my community as best I can, through teaching, speaking, writing, and working individually with people. There is much to learn and share, here.  It's an ancient lineage that I am thrilled to be part of.

To be clear, though, we don't know what we're observing with astrology and numerology.  We can call it the Cosmic or Divine Mind, but what does that truly mean??  All we know is that we've found a way to engage this awe-inspiring intelligence through the collective observations of millions of people across thousands of years ... not only across time, but across country, race, religion, language, customs, and political persuasion, as well.


Those called to devote our life to these lineages stand on the shoulders of all who have walked before us.  We are humbled by the awareness that these sacred languages stand apart from the pet theories of any one of us; of any individual mind, limited to one brief lifetime.  


This is why I revere and trust them.

Juliette Steven Forrest 3.JPG

Such a thrill to meet Steven Forrest in 2015, at one of his week-long workshops here in Australia.

I remember sitting with the incomparable Steven Forrest a couple of years ago at his Australian Apprenticeship Programme, when it suddenly hit me like a lightning bolt from out of the blue ... Here we all were, learning to interpret the charts from one of the world's master astrologers and master teachers, as though learning to "speak" astrology was the end goal!


It hit me that we don't even know what the end goal is!


I realised that once we've learned to speak this cosmic language fluently, we'll actually be at the very beginning of our journey, rather than the end!  To begin with, we don't even know what it is that astrologers and numerologists are actually observing!  As I said, it seems to be the Cosmic Mind, but what does that really mean?  We don't know why we have been gifted this ability to seemingly peer beyond the veil.  We have no clue as to the full ramifications and applications of this cosmic language.  Our journey has truly just begun, and we have no idea what our end destination is.  If that isn't enough to absolutely thrill you, I don't know what is?!

It's definitely an exciting time to be alive, as an astrologer and numerologist. I love my Path! I love what I get to do, every day!  I love the people I am blessed to work with!  And I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this body of wisdom with you all.  Thank you for journeying with me! 

For those who are curious, I was born at 3:20 pm on 17 February 1972, in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.  Feel free to cast my charts, if you'd like to.  I am walking a 29/11/2 Birth Path.  I love that Chiron is bang on my MC (0° 4' orb), and that His niece, Urania (Goddess of Astronomy and Astrology), is conjunct my natal Saturn (1° 5' orb), both squaring my Aquarian Sun Mercury conjunction in the 8th House.  Traditionally, Mercury was known as the ruler of astrology and its sister language, numerology.  With His incredibly strong placement in my chart, no wonder this is the path I'm walking. 


We usually hear of Chiron as the Wounded Healer, yes.  But in Greek mythology, Chiron was the first to observe the Heavens and to understand astrology.  It was Chiron who first taught astrology to humankind.  Indeed, He was one of the wisest and noblest teachers of the ancient world.   And with the epithet Kourotrophos (meaning "child-nurturer"), He was often depicted holding a baby or a young child.  Chiron was known for playing a caring, parental role, as well as being their teacher.   He nurtured and taught many of the greatest solar heroes of ancient Greece.  Jason (of the Argonauts).  Achilles.  Asclepius.  Heracles.  Theseus.  Perseus. 


He taught them astrology, divination, music, the healing arts, philosophy, archery, and hunting.  He taught the heroic code - justice, nobility, honour.  And He taught His students to listen to the wisdom of their own soul.  He empowered them to know themselves; to live a soul-led life . . . and they, in turn, became the greatest heroes of the ancient world. 

What if we ALL stepped into the greatest, most authentic, soulful version of ourselves?? 

What if we were each inspired, encouraged, and equipped to develop our own gifts?  And to then bring these gifts to the world?  Imagine the impact this would have!  Our personal evolution and transformation is perhaps the greatest contribution we can offer to the world around us.  I wholeheartedly believe that we all benefit when we all shine.  


Truly, we are never working solely for ourselves. 

My deepest hope is that through my passion for the archetypal realm, and my alignment with Chiron's wisdom, I will inspire and empower all who work with me to live authentic, soul-led lives, and to share their gifts with the world.


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People are often curious about the foundational premise that underlies my work: Life has our backs. Yes, even (or most especially) when we feel like we are fighting a losing battle against a raging, metaphysical storm.  When Life has left you in wrapped in bandages or catatonic on the couch, struggling to understand WTF just happened, and wondering where you're supposed to go from here, it sure doesn't feel like Life has your back, right?  I've been there.  Literally.

As strange as it may sound, though, I actually believe that these are the real moments when we know for sure that Life has faith in us, and is serving our highest growth potential. 

If your initial response on reading that is "Huh???" I hear you!  It's okay if that feels confronting or confusing, at first.  It's complex.

Here's what I believe . . .  There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything.  As an astrologer and numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day.  I see it at play in everyone's charts, in everyone's lives.  What I now know for sure is this:  

  • We live in an ensouled Cosmos.

  • Life has your back.

  • Nothing has ever been random. 

  • Everything you've ever experienced has loyally served your Soul's growth. 

I believe that our Souls incarnate for specific reasons.  There is something we'd like to learn; gifts we'd like to share; and, most likely, a weak link in our very Being that needs to be strengthened.  There is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; karmic imbalances to be addressed; or old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed.  

We have incarnated to do the work of our Soul; the work of personal and spiritual growth.  We're walking an evolutionary path, and have committed to a curriculum of our own design.  An extraordinary, underlying intelligence draws to us those precise relationships, dynamics, and experiences that create the emotional landscape necessary for us to learn what we said we wanted to learn . . . even if those experiences seem difficult, heart breaking, or crushingly harsh to us.  Even then, I believe that everything is part of a greater design of your own choosing.

I often envisage my Soul doing a Happy Dance on the other side of the veil, while I struggle and wrestle with some enormous new learning on this side!

As I've mentioned many times, Numerology and Astrology won't make our challenges or difficulties any easier.  You'll still grapple with these painful experiences.  But, rather than feeling like the hapless victim of an uncaring universe, you'll be empowered to see the bigger archetypal picture in play.


You'll be gifted with a level of Symbolic Sight and Soul guidance that is otherwise inaccessible at this mundane, 3D, material realm.

AND you'll be aware of how it is actually supporting you; transforming you.

You might even, in the midst of it all, feel called say, "Thank you."

Your life definitely has a plan!  

Whatever your personal battle is, please know that Life is not trying to stop you.  It's trying to strengthen you, in precisely the ways you said you wanted to be strengthened in this lifetime.  It's doing you a favour in gifting these experiences to you, as hard as that may be to read.  


I always consider my struggles and pain to be a backhanded compliment from the Divine realms.  To me, it feels like they're saying that they haven't given up on me.  They haven't left me in a room eating chocolates, saying "Ugh. She can't be taught.  We give up."  No.  The Divine Realms are still bringing me opportunities to grow, like golden gifts on a silver platter.  They still have faith in my ability to learn, in my capacity to grow.  

Life has my back.

And Life has yours, too.

My Philosophy


I adore Soul Weaving's logo!  For me, it invokes and honours the energies of the Divine Feminine.  To begin, let's start with the Three Fates, also known as the Moira, or the Norns ... the three daughters of Goddess Necessity:  Klotho the Spinner, Lakhesis the Measurer, and Atropos the Cutter.  They are three in form and aspect, associated with the three lunar phases - maiden, fruitful wife, old crone.  The Triple Moon Goddess.  From time out of time, it is said that the Moira wield great power; that none can out-rule them or their decrees, for none are older, nor more powerful.  The Moira have been here from the very beginning, born first from the inchoate Mother Night.  It is said that they are enthroned at the very centre of the Universe, governing all.


It is They who determine and ratify our Fate at our time of birth.  The Ancients tell us that once we ourselves have chosen our Lot in Life, we are allotted a Daemon (similar to a Guardian Angel).  The Daemon's role is to protect not only us, but the path we have agreed to walk as well.  We are then taken to Klotho, who spins our Thread of Fate on a spindle that runs straight through our Earth.  The spindle was believed to be the centre of our magnificent Solar System.  Around this mighty spindle spins our beloved planets, each on their own whorl, and each hymning a single tone or note.  It is the energy of our own planets that is gathered and spun into the Thread of Fate by Klotho.  Fate, then, is shown by the positions of these heavenly bodies at the moment of our birth - ie: our Astrological Natal Chart. 

Once our Fate has been spun, measured, and cut, and we have had this Fate ratified by passing beneath the Throne of Necessity, we are then taken to drink from the River Lethe (ie: the River of Forgetfulness).  When we incarnate, we forget all that has happened prior to being born.  We forget the path that we agreed to walk and the contracts that we've made.  We forget that we are governed by Necessity and the Moira.  But they don't forget us.

In Soul Weaving's logo, the thread that 'Soul Weaving' is written with is one, long, unbroken Thread of Fate, as though spun by Klotho!  If you look carefully, you'll notice that the whorl of the spindle is engraved with the Triple Moon Goddess symbol, harnessing the energy of the Moira themselves, and of the Divine Feminine, in all Her aspects.  The Thread of Fate is ultimately cut by Atropos' shears.  The shape for Her shears in the logo was inspired by two sources: 

1)  The handles are from an ancient pair of Chinese shears from the mid-Tang dynasty (ie: roughly 700 CE.)  I love that they form the figure 8, which represents the infinite and the eternal, like the Moira themselves!  The number 8 is also associated with Karma, which is a more modern term for Fate.

2)   The actual shape of the blades are inspired by an ancient pair of Turkish shears from the 2nd Century!  I work with Artemis of Ephesus, who was a known Cosmocrator.  Her holy Temple, the Artemision (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), was based in the region where the shears were found, so it seems highly auspicious to embrace the shape of these stunning shears as a way of including and honouring Her! 

shears from ancient China, circa 700 CE

Shears from Mid-Tang Dynasty, Circa 700 CE

Shears from Trabzon Turkey, circa 2nd Century

Shears from the 2nd Century, Trabzon, Turkey

Soul Weaving's logo also includes the starry, night sky ... of course!  There is also a waxing crescent New Moon, which is known as the Artemis Moon.   This is the Moon that I was born under.  :-)  The bright, beautiful star accompanying the Moon is Venus Herself.  It was important to me to honour and include the two primary symbols that we have in Astrology for the Divine Feminine - ie:  the Moon and Venus.  Showing Venus with the Moon is particularly symbolic, for each month we follow Inanna's journey (ie: Venus) as She first descends to the Underworld, before ascending again to the Heavens above.  On Her journey, She is said to pass through seven Gateways in each direction.  Astrologically, this is shown by Her conjunctions with the Moon each month.  I was born with Venus passing through the 5th Gateway of the Throat Chakra, as She ascended from the Underworld.  It was significant to me to include Her journey in this way in the logo, as it also symbolises the energy of my personal Natal Chart.

Moon and Venus in the night sky.

Finally, there is one more acknowledgement of the Divine Feminine included in my logo.  If you look closely, you'll see a bee and a traditional bee hive engraved on the blades of the shears.  Priestesses of Goddess Artemis were traditionally known as Melissai or Melissae - the Greek or Latin word for bees.  I included the hive as well, as a symbol of belonging, of Temple life.  Bees have an ancient reputation for industriousness and bringing order.  Temple life was modelled after the orderliness of bee hives.  Below, I have included a photo of both sides of an ancient coin from Ephesus (400 BCE), which clearly shows Her sacred bee on one side, and the Palm Tree and Stag on the other, which were also Her sacred symbols.  How fabulous to see a remnant from a culture that deeply honoured the Goddess!  I am delighted to wear a silver pendant that was cast from a mould of this exact ancient coin, handmade in Greece.  :-)  

Ephesus Coin Transparent.png

Of course, not many people will even notice all of these fine details in my logo! 


That's absolutely okay! 


For me, the point is to include and honour the Divine energies behind the sacred work that I do.  Yes, for me this work is sacred, not simply a matter of computer calculations and intellectual analysis.  My logo reminds me of this each time I see it.  It anchors and grounds me into mythology ... the language of the Soul.  I feel so blessed to walk the path of an Astrologer and Numerologist!


Soul Weaving logo, Moon and Venus in a starry night, spindle, scissors
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