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Klotho's Spindle Wix cover images for a numerology course on archetypal synthesis


(Enrolments have now closed.)

Please reach out to place your name on the Waiting List for the next cohort of Klotho's Spindle.


Klotho's Spindle:
An Evolutionary Approach to Synthesis in Numerology

In exploring and interpreting a chart, our goal as numerologists must always be towards synthesis - recognising and honouring the chart as a cohesive, living whole, representing just one psyche, one Soul's journey, one Thread of Fate.

So, rather than working with seemingly disparate Numbers, scattered throughout our numerology chart like stars strewn across the night sky, we can learn to blend and synthesise them - to see their inherent connections and bring them together.


It's a potent technique. 


As one of my students, Honor, said:


"I was surprised by how much you can get from bringing two numbers together!  I didn't expect Archetypal Synthesis to be so important and expansive.  It's like a magic skill!"

If you're ready to stretch your numerology skills to the next level - whilst grounding and cementing the skills you already have - I invite you to join us for Klotho's Spindle, an intermediate-level, LIVE, online numerology course.

Our next cohort launches 30 January, 2024, and we'd love to have you with us!

The Moirai with a newborn, working with Klotho's Great Cosmic Spindle.

The Moirai with Klotho's Great Cosmic Spindle

(Created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio)

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Welcome to the next phase of your numerology journey!


This course is an invitation to enhance your numerology practice by mastering the advanced techniques of Archetypal Synthesis and Hotwired Aspects. 

Klotho's Spindle isn't just about stacking skills. It's about empowering you to work with charts as a living whole; equipping you with the necessary techniques and perspective to untangle hidden complexities within charts for newfound clarity.

If you aspire to greater confidence in your ability to guide yourself, your loved ones, and your clients on a journey of self-discovery and life purpose, I'd love to welcome you to Klotho's Spindle.  Let me share my passion, professional experience, and commitment to this sacred language with you.

Ready to take the next step?  Enrol now. 

How does Klotho's Spindle work? 

Klotho's Spindle is a LIVE real-time training programme, connecting online via Zoom for our virtual classes.


We'll meet twice each week for 13 weeks, totalling 26 sessions (approximately 60-65 hours, altogether).

Our journey together includes:

Elder boho woman with tattoos, smiling, studying in an online class

13 in-depth Modules, taking you step-by-step through the vital skill of Archetypal Synthesis.  You'll learn how to blend and combine the Numbers, applying the technique to the charts of public figures, and to your own chart, as well. 

Downloadable videos and MP3s for all 26 sessions.

Course extension materials to develop and sharpen your new skills. 

A collaborative reference resource (with at least two contributions from everyone in the course) to take away at the end of our journey.

Peer presentations from everyone in the crew.  Sharing is where the magic is! 

A creative synthesis project, reflecting on our own charts, which everyone will share with the group in our final week.  Past students have told me this project is like "peeling the onion."

As much practical, hands-on, pair work as I can schedule into the 13 weeks. 

BONUS:  Soul Weaving's exclusive student apps, designed to support your learning journey.

 . . . . All yours to keep for life.



Membership of our private student portal inside Slack, to continue the conversation.  You'll journey within a community of just 12 like-minded students to ensure the intimacy of our group, and the strength of our energetic container. 

Access to Juliette throughout our 13-week journey, both in class and via Slack.

Bring all your questions and insights!

Tech support from Juliette and Soul Weaving's very own Resident Geek, Grace, for help with any of the tech that we'll be using. (Zoom, Slack, Canva, Pinterest)

An Invitation to join our Alumni Membership Group, Chiron's Cave, if you're not already a member.

A beautiful Certificate of Completion from Soul Weaving.


While not a governmental certificate, it is a tangible symbol of your growth and learning.  And it will let people know that you've trained with me, and to which level. You can display it on your website, or share it on the socials to let people know that you're ready to put your new skills to use!

Demo, Klotho's Spindle, Certificate of Completion, for online numerology course
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Class Dates for 2024:

(60 Hours of Live Tuition, altogether)

13 x Numerology Classes (3 Hours each):

Tuesday evenings, 7:00 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  30 January - 23 April, 2024

13 x Office Hours (1.5 Hours each): 

Thursday evenings, 8:30 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  1 February - 25 April, 2024


Honor Stewart, the lovely woman who gave this testimonial for my numerology course

Honor Stewart, WA

"I learnt a lot about myself in the intro course, Know Thyself!, and thought it would be amazing to go deeper.  Along with my own desire to keep studying numerology, hearing the more advanced students in Chiron's Cave made me want to go deeper, too.  So, I enrolled in Klotho's Spindle.  

I was surprised by how much you can get from bringing two Numbers together!  I didn't expect archetypal synthesis to be so important and expansive.  It's like a magic skill!  


I just love the technique!  Loved how intricate it is.  It's really taken my numerology into a completely different level.

When I saw some of the ways it applied to my own life, it blew me away.  I remember thinking... wow I didn't expect it to be so interesting and so deep!


I really enjoyed learning the techniques (both hotwiring and archetypal synthesis), and the process.  And I feel empowered to do them myself, now.


I just loved it!  It's amazing!"

What is Klotho's Spindle?

Klotho's Spindle - The Mythic Background


The Moirai (aka the Fates) are said to be enthroned at the very centre of the Universe, at the intersection of the eternal (9) and the time-limited (4); of the Divine (9) and the physical (4).  From this place between the worlds, the Moirai wield great power, governing all.  None can out-rule them or their decrees, as none are older, nor more powerful.  


Who are they?

The Moirai are the three sisters who spin and ratify our Fate at our time of birth.  The Ancients tell us that the Moirai, the primal daughters of life, have been here since the very beginning, birthed from the eternal, inchoate Mother Night (Goddess Nyx) and the elemental presence of Necessity (Goddess Ananke).   


The three sisters' names are: 


  • Klotho, the Spinner,

  • Lakhesis, the Measurer, and

  • Atropos, the Inevitable/the Cutter.  

Being the first-born, the Moirai themselves attend each subsequent birth and give each newborn their particular Thread of Fate.  The Gods and Goddesses may pronounce their gifts and challenges upon us, but it's the Fates (or the Moirai), as the original midwives, who attend each birth and connect the Divine threads to the earthly fabric of life.  


And who then attend each death, and cut the thread that binds us to this world of form.


Being extraordinary weavers, they spin the fine golden filaments of fate, and then, as Michael Meade writes, they "weave the warp and weft that together set each living soul (9) into the web of the world. (4)"


The Moirai at the Intersection between Worlds, created by Juliette Valentina

The Moirai at the Intersection between Worlds

created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio

Their Story

According to Plato's Republic, in the Myth of Er, we each choose our own Lot for the life we're about to live, before birth.  Having chosen our Lot, we are assigned a daemon (similar to a guardian angel).  Our daemon's role is to protect not only us, but also the path that we've agreed to walk.


This decided, we're then taken to the first sister, Klotho, who spins our Thread of Fate on Her spindle.

Klotho's spindle is believed to be at the centre of our Solar System. 

And around this mighty, cosmic spindle spins our beloved planets, the numbers, the colours, and all the other archetypes that we work with in the archetypal realm . . . each on their own whorl, and each hymning a single tone or note.  Knowing the path that we've chosen to walk (from the Lot we've selected), Klotho understands which of these myriad individual archetypes She needs to spin together for us - synthesising, blending, and harmonising their independent energies into one single thread, our personal Thread of Fate.

Goddess Klotho with her Great Cosmic Spindle, created by Juliette Valentina

Goddess Klotho with her Great Cosmic Spindle

as imagined by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

Our Fate, then, is revealed by the unique blend, or synthesis, of archetypal energies that Klotho has spun together for us on Her Great Cosmic Spindle. 


Hence this course's name, where we'll be studying this technique of synthesis and blending. 

Once our Fate has been spun (by Klotho), measured (by Lachesis), and cut (by Atropos), our Fate is ratified by passing beneath the Throne of their mother, the Goddess Necessity.  


We then drink from the River Lethe (ie: the River of Forgetfulness).  And so, when we incarnate we forget all that has happened prior to being born.  We forget the path that we agreed to walk and the contracts that we've made. 


We forget that we are governed by Necessity and the Moirai.


But they don't forget us.

The Mythic Background