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(Enrolments have now closed.)

Please reach out to place your name on the Waiting List for the next cohort of Klotho's Spindle.


Klotho's Spindle:
An Evolutionary Approach to Synthesis in Numerology

In exploring and interpreting a chart, our goal as numerologists must always be towards synthesis - recognising and honouring the chart as a cohesive, living whole, representing just one psyche, one Soul's journey, one Thread of Fate.

So, rather than working with seemingly disparate Numbers, scattered throughout our numerology chart like stars strewn across the night sky, we can learn to blend and synthesise them - to see their inherent connections and bring them together.


It's a potent technique. 


As one of my students, Honor, said:


"I was surprised by how much you can get from bringing two numbers together!  I didn't expect Archetypal Synthesis to be so important and expansive.  It's like a magic skill!"

If you're ready to stretch your numerology skills to the next level - whilst grounding and cementing the skills you already have - I invite you to join us for Klotho's Spindle, an intermediate-level, LIVE, online numerology course.

Our next cohort launches 30 January, 2024, and we'd love to have you with us!

The Moirai with a newborn, working with Klotho's Great Cosmic Spindle.

The Moirai with Klotho's Great Cosmic Spindle

(Created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio)

Boho woman's hands holding out a warm cup of cacao, offering it to you.
The Invitation.png

Welcome to the next phase of your numerology journey!


This course is an invitation to enhance your numerology practice by mastering the advanced techniques of Archetypal Synthesis and Hotwired Aspects. 

Klotho's Spindle isn't just about stacking skills. It's about empowering you to work with charts as a living whole; equipping you with the necessary techniques and perspective to untangle hidden complexities within charts for newfound clarity.

If you aspire to greater confidence in your ability to guide yourself, your loved ones, and your clients on a journey of self-discovery and life purpose, I'd love to welcome you to Klotho's Spindle.  Let me share my passion, professional experience, and commitment to this sacred language with you.

Ready to take the next step?  Enrol now. 

How does Klotho's Spindle work? 

Klotho's Spindle is a LIVE real-time training programme, connecting online via Zoom for our virtual classes.


We'll meet twice each week for 13 weeks, totalling 26 sessions (approximately 60-65 hours, altogether).

Our journey together includes:

Elder boho woman with tattoos, smiling, studying in an online class

13 in-depth Modules, taking you step-by-step through the vital skill of Archetypal Synthesis.  You'll learn how to blend and combine the Numbers, applying the technique to the charts of public figures, and to your own chart, as well. 

Downloadable videos and MP3s for all 26 sessions.

Course extension materials to develop and sharpen your new skills. 

A collaborative reference resource (with at least two contributions from everyone in the course) to take away at the end of our journey.

Peer presentations from everyone in the crew.  Sharing is where the magic is! 

A creative synthesis project, reflecting on our own charts, which everyone will share with the group in our final week.  Past students have told me this project is like "peeling the onion."

As much practical, hands-on, pair work as I can schedule into the 13 weeks. 

BONUS:  Soul Weaving's exclusive student apps, designed to support your learning journey.

 . . . . All yours to keep for life.



Membership of our private student portal inside Slack, to continue the conversation.  You'll journey within a community of just 12 like-minded students to ensure the intimacy of our group, and the strength of our energetic container. 

Access to Juliette throughout our 13-week journey, both in class and via Slack.

Bring all your questions and insights!

Tech support from Juliette and Soul Weaving's very own Resident Geek, Grace, for help with any of the tech that we'll be using. (Zoom, Slack, Canva, Pinterest)

An Invitation to join our Alumni Membership Group, Chiron's Cave, if you're not already a member.

A beautiful Certificate of Completion from Soul Weaving.


While not a governmental certificate, it is a tangible symbol of your growth and learning.  And it will let people know that you've trained with me, and to which level. You can display it on your website, or share it on the socials to let people know that you're ready to put your new skills to use!

Demo, Klotho's Spindle, Certificate of Completion, for online numerology course
428013_Klotho light spindle astrology.png

Class Dates for 2024:

(60 Hours of Live Tuition, altogether)

13 x Numerology Classes (3 Hours each):

Tuesday evenings, 7:00 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  30 January - 23 April, 2024

13 x Office Hours (1.5 Hours each): 

Thursday evenings, 8:30 - 10:00 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  1 February - 25 April, 2024


Honor Stewart, the lovely woman who gave this testimonial for my numerology course

Honor Stewart, WA

"I learnt a lot about myself in the intro course, Know Thyself!, and thought it would be amazing to go deeper.  Along with my own desire to keep studying numerology, hearing the more advanced students in Chiron's Cave made me want to go deeper, too.  So, I enrolled in Klotho's Spindle.  

I was surprised by how much you can get from bringing two Numbers together!  I didn't expect archetypal synthesis to be so important and expansive.  It's like a magic skill!  


I just love the technique!  Loved how intricate it is.  It's really taken my numerology into a completely different level.

When I saw some of the ways it applied to my own life, it blew me away.  I remember thinking... wow I didn't expect it to be so interesting and so deep!


I really enjoyed learning the techniques (both hotwiring and archetypal synthesis), and the process.  And I feel empowered to do them myself, now.


I just loved it!  It's amazing!"

What is Klotho's Spindle?

Klotho's Spindle - The Mythic Background


The Moirai (aka the Fates) are said to be enthroned at the very centre of the Universe, at the intersection of the eternal (9) and the time-limited (4); of the Divine (9) and the physical (4).  From this place between the worlds, the Moirai wield great power, governing all.  None can out-rule them or their decrees, as none are older, nor more powerful.  


Who are they?

The Moirai are the three sisters who spin and ratify our Fate at our time of birth.  The Ancients tell us that the Moirai, the primal daughters of life, have been here since the very beginning, birthed from the eternal, inchoate Mother Night (Goddess Nyx) and the elemental presence of Necessity (Goddess Ananke).   


The three sisters' names are: 


  • Klotho, the Spinner,

  • Lakhesis, the Measurer, and

  • Atropos, the Inevitable/the Cutter.  

Being the first-born, the Moirai themselves attend each subsequent birth and give each newborn their particular Thread of Fate.  The Gods and Goddesses may pronounce their gifts and challenges upon us, but it's the Fates (or the Moirai), as the original midwives, who attend each birth and connect the Divine threads to the earthly fabric of life.  


And who then attend each death, and cut the thread that binds us to this world of form.


Being extraordinary weavers, they spin the fine golden filaments of fate, and then, as Michael Meade writes, they "weave the warp and weft that together set each living soul (9) into the web of the world. (4)"


The Moirai at the Intersection between Worlds, created by Juliette Valentina

The Moirai at the Intersection between Worlds

created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio

Their Story

According to Plato's Republic, in the Myth of Er, we each choose our own Lot for the life we're about to live, before birth.  Having chosen our Lot, we are assigned a daemon (similar to a guardian angel).  Our daemon's role is to protect not only us, but also the path that we've agreed to walk.


This decided, we're then taken to the first sister, Klotho, who spins our Thread of Fate on Her spindle.

Klotho's spindle is believed to be at the centre of our Solar System. 

And around this mighty, cosmic spindle spins our beloved planets, the numbers, the colours, and all the other archetypes that we work with in the archetypal realm . . . each on their own whorl, and each hymning a single tone or note.  Knowing the path that we've chosen to walk (from the Lot we've selected), Klotho understands which of these myriad individual archetypes She needs to spin together for us - synthesising, blending, and harmonising their independent energies into one single thread, our personal Thread of Fate.

Goddess Klotho with her Great Cosmic Spindle, created by Juliette Valentina

Goddess Klotho with her Great Cosmic Spindle

as imagined by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

Our Fate, then, is revealed by the unique blend, or synthesis, of archetypal energies that Klotho has spun together for us on Her Great Cosmic Spindle. 


Hence this course's name, where we'll be studying this technique of synthesis and blending. 

Once our Fate has been spun (by Klotho), measured (by Lachesis), and cut (by Atropos), our Fate is ratified by passing beneath the Throne of their mother, the Goddess Necessity.  


We then drink from the River Lethe (ie: the River of Forgetfulness).  And so, when we incarnate we forget all that has happened prior to being born.  We forget the path that we agreed to walk and the contracts that we've made. 


We forget that we are governed by Necessity and the Moirai.


But they don't forget us.

The Mythic Background

Klotho's Spindle - The Course 

Live, online training, based in Australia (AEDT) - via Zoom.

Intermediate-level course.

Klotho's Spindle offers an immersive exploration of two numerology techniques known as:


  • Archetypal Synthesis; and

  • Hotwired Aspects


Understanding Archetypal Synthesis

Think of archetypal synthesis as bringing two distinct people or energies together. 


Some are similar by nature. Some are vastly different, with unique perspectives, beliefs, values, gifts, and resources. 


So, how would these individuals connect?  What kind of conversation would they have?  How would they influence, inspire, and impact each other?  

Two Goddesses, Synthesising the energy of two archetypal Beings

Two Goddesses: Synthesising the Energies of two Archetypal Beings

by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

Understanding Hotwired Aspects

Two Goddesses: the Hotwired Energies of two Archetypal Beings

Two Goddesses: the Hotwired Energies of two Archetypal Beings

by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

To effectively apply the Archetypal Synthesis technique, it's crucial to first understand which individual archetypes are inherently connected in the chart.

To figure this out, we need to understand another technique, known as Hotwired Aspects, which reveals the underlying connections in any chart.  This technique is named for the concept of, "What wires together, fires together."

We'll introduce this foundational technique in Module 01, right from the outset.  By the end of our first week together, you'll be able to pinpoint all of the Hotwired Aspects in any chart with ease and confidence.

In our flagship numerology course, Know Thyself!  An Introduction to Archetypal Numerology, we zoom in on the core foundations of archetypal numerology, learning how to:

  • Cast a numerology chart;

  • Come into right relationship with each of the Number archetypes, understanding their unique wisdom, gifts, resources, and challenges; and

  • Clearly identify where we are on each of their energetic continuums. 

It's vital to begin your numerology journey by studying each Number independently, yes.  But, once you have this foundational knowledge under your belt, and you have all of the individual "parts", what then?


Putting them together is the next challenge.   


For, in reality, no Number (or archetype) exists in isolation.  They engage in a continuous conversation - impacting, supporting, challenging, and blending with each other in unique and sometimes surprising ways.  Understanding this conversation between the Numbers is known as Archetypal Synthesis - i.e. how the different archetypal energies blend, harmonise, complement, and disrupt each other

What happens when 3 and 4 join forces? 


And how this is different from the interplay between 3 and 5, or 3 and 7, for example?

While we cannot study every possible combination (without making Klotho's Spindle an exceptionally long course!), we will dive into as many archetypal combinations as possible.  The reason for limiting the number of combinations is to ensure that we thoroughly understand them, rather than merely skimming over the top. 



Bringing Numerology to Life: Exploring Numerology Charts as a Living Whole


With both of these numerology techniques under your belt, we'll then cast and explore the charts of some fascinating public figures to see how the chart comes to life, as a whole.  Remember, the numerology chart is much more complex than a simple Birth Path Number (aka Life Path Number.)

Some of the intriguing charts we'll explore together, include: 


  • a self-proclaimed "washed-up movie star";

  • a survivor (whose harrowing experience was turned into a Hollywood film);

  • an international Burlesque-Queen-turned-businesswoman; and

  • a travelling holy man/kirtan singer.


This is a wonderful opportunity to see numerology charts come alive, and observe the archetypes in action.  I'll guide the process several times in class, to help you gain confidence with the new techniques. 


My mission in teaching numerology is to make esoteric wisdom relatable and applicable to everyday life.  Just as in Know Thyself!, this intermediate-level course is all about empowering you with the knowledge and skills to use numerology for personal growth and self-discovery. 

By the end of this course, you will feel strong and confident in applying these new techniques and insights to your own numerology chart and those of others.  We'll achieve this by devoting ample time to pair work, as well as engaging a series of meaningful projects designed to:

  • deepen your comprehension of numerology as an archetypal language;

  • provide profound insights into your personal chart, soul-work, and spiritual journey; 

  • foster valuable peer-learning opportunities; and

  • result in a Reference Resource that you can keep as a valuable takeaway from this course.


a) Peer Presentations


Everyone will make two separate presentations to our cohort.  The magic is always in the sharing!


For our initial project, you will be asked to privately explore the synthesis of two archetypes (shown in a specific placement in your numerology chart), and to then share your insights and lived experience of this combination with the group.

I will guide you through this process in our first week together, and provide a clear example of the Hotwired Aspects and Archetypal Synthesis techniques in action, by sharing my own personal experience of two archetypes coming together.  My goal, in this first week, is for you to clearly understand the techniques we'll be working with for the rest of our journey together, and to answer all of your questions about how to apply these techniques to a living chart. 

Of course, true understanding will come with practical application, so from Module 02 onwards, each member of our small cohort will take turns making individual presentations to the group.  These presentations will be roughly 50 minutes each, allowing ample time for questions and engaging in rich conversation afterward.  


For our second project you'll reflect on the combination (or synthesis) of the archetypes shown in four distinct placements in your numerology chart.  While this may sound quite challenging before actually taking this training, rest assured that you'll be more than capable of this task by the time the project is due.

As part of this second project, you'll create a collage and an accompanying write-up to share during the penultimate week of our course.  You could even do a show-and-tell of real life objects as part of your presentation, if you'd like??

It can be quite a fun, creative, and self-expressive project.

Why collage?  Because working in this creative, non-linear way with imagery, metaphor, and symbols supports us in communicating more directly with both the archetypal realm and with our own subconscious mind—these don't speak English, or French, or Japanese, or any other human language!  

Again, I will initially guide you through this project, sharing my own lived experience and digital collage with you, as an example.  And I'll answer any and all questions you may have before you embark on the project. 

Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, with the living Thread of Fate, by Juliette Valentina

Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, with the living Thread of Fate,

by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

You'll also receive a PDF Guide to support your learning, and to offer examples of previous participants' collages and write-ups.

Together, these projects provide rich, valuable learning experiences that will deepen your archetypal awareness, and understanding of the Archetypal Synthesis technique. You'll feel more confident in your ability to interpret numerology charts. 

b) Collaboratively Create a Reference Resource on Archetypal Synthesis 

The Goddesses - Co-creating and Collaborating together, by Juliette Valentina

Imagine having a handy reference guide when interpreting numerology charts, whether for clients or loved ones.


When we begin our journey with numerology, it can be quite overwhelming to decipher the meanings of individual numbers, let alone their combinations, yes?


I hear you. In my early days as a professional numerologist, I longed for a comprehensive resource on the different Number combinations—a go-to guide that would help me navigate the complexities of numerology.

The Goddesses - Co-creating and Collaborating,

by Juliette Valentina, created in DreamStudio

So, for our third and final project, we'll co-create this resource ourselves, using Google Docs. We will each contribute our own unique experiences with at least two archetypal combinations from our personal charts, knowing that every contribution adds to the value of this rich resource.


Please note, we're not looking for intellectual interpretations; instead, we want to hear about your personal, lived experiences and how these combinations manifest in your life.  The more effort and  dedication we each invest into creating this document, the more insightful and valuable it will be:  

  • as an exercise in self-reflection and self-awareness; and

  • as a reference resource for our entire cohort, including you.  


After the course, you'll receive your own copy of this reference resource. You can continue to expand it over the years, using it as an evolving, dynamic database to support and enhance your numerology practice and interpretation skills.


(Note: Active participation in creating the document is required to receive a copy of the final version of this immensely valuable resource.)

The Practical Side of Things

How it works

When you sign up, you'll receive a warm Welcome Email with all the details you'll need for our journey together.  This includes the dial-in details to join our Zoom meetings and various housekeeping items.  A couple of days ahead of our launch date, you'll receive an invitation to join our private Slack Workspace, which will be our community hub for the duration of the course.  This is where you'll connect with like-minded seekers; access all extension materials; and share your insights and experience.  

Elihu Vedder, The Fates Gathering in the Stars, 1887

Elihu Vedder, The Fates Gathering in the Stars, 1887

Live, Highly Interactive

Classes, including Peer-Learning Opportunities

Journey within a

Small, Intimate Group of Like-Minded Souls

- Max: 12 Students


Available for Download

- Yours to Keep!

Access to

Tech-Support & an  Exclusive Student Web App

945857_Klotho Spindle Light.png


Melissa Melbom's Testimonial photo

Melissa Melbom, Brisbane

"Wow. Where to begin. I am so beyond grateful to be learning from Juliette. Last year I found myself searching Numerology courses online, and it took me a long time to commit. Why? Because every website I stumbled across didn’t feel right. I felt like I would be exchanging money for information I could easily google online myself. Then, I saw Juliette’s website. Wow! Something lit up inside me. There was an energetic alignment. All the heartfelt and deep testimonials on her page really set it aside from any other one on the internet. I had complete trust Soul Weaving was for me.


I took Juliette’s Introductory course last year, and learnt the archetypes in SO MUCH DEPTH! Now that I’ve finished Klotho’s Spindle (the intermediate, synthesis course), everything comes together in greater detail! I am able to confidently cast a numerology chart, identify repeating patterns, synthesis various placements together and see the potential of how these combinations can come together in their psyche as well as their physical reality.


This course is for anyone who is wanting to take their numerology knowledge to the next step! I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll never be able to unlearn the techniques you learn here in Klotho’s Spindle.


Thank you Juliette for your incredible vulnerability, rawness, real life examples and experiences that help land this knowledge for us. We appreciate your gentleness, your intelligence, your ability to make us feel safe, seen and heard.


A million times thank you.


- Mel xo"

Boho middle-age woman with headphones, smiling, studying in online course.


Soul Weaving's
Exclusive App:

Access our exclusive student numerology app

for free when you join Klotho's Spindletoday!

You'll receive access to the exclusive, intermediate-level version of our Numeracheck App, crafted especially for Soul Weaving's students by our Resident Geek, Grace. This powerful web-app is designed to support you with the techniques and calculations of numerology, providing interactive checks to ensure that you're on the right track.


Gain confidence in your new skills, ensure you've identified all of the hotwired aspects, and feel supported with the math side of things!


Honor Stewart's testimonial photo

Student Feedback

on the Numeracheck App: 


"The Numeracheck is awesome!!!  It's Ridiculously good!​

Something that's always turned me off learning numerology is not being sure about the maths.  I actually love maths and I'm good at it!  It's just that I would triple check the chart and second guess myself and stress about having it right, and all that energy is exhausting, time wasting, and not fun!

With Numeracheck, I've literally done the chart once, plugged it into the app, and it's shown me a few mistakes straight away.  And then I just focus my energy on fixing those mistakes, and it's done!  It's such a great way to check my work!   Saves me neurotically checking it four times, and still not being sure!   Haha! 

Without the app, I would be pretty turned off doing the charts, to be honest.  But I've checked about 10 charts, today.  It's addictive!  


Thanks again. It's honestly really cool. xx "

- Honor Stewart, Western Australia

Klotho's Spindle is OPEN NOW! 


(Enrolments have now closed)

How do you know if a committed study of Numerology is for you?

Young happy boho woman, with piercings and tattoos, smiling on beach.

Whatever your reason for learning numerology, please know you are welcome here!


The motivations for studying numerology with me are wide and varied, from a deep commitment to self-discovery; to a desire to live a more sacred, intentional life; to becoming a professional numerologist; or to combine numerology with an existing modality (e.g. holistic counselling or spiritual coaching) in support of Self and others.

I invite you to read through the following points to get a sense for whether my work and the Klotho's Spindle intensive is a good fit for you. If not, I wish you all the best in finding the best course and teacher for you.  If this course IS what you are looking for, that's wonderful!  I look forward to journeying with you!​


The Klotho's Spindle numerology intensive is for you if:

  • You're keen to stretch beyond your first steps in numerology into an intermediate-level training.  You already have a strong understanding of the individual Number archetypes, and feel confident in casting a numerology chart . . . even if you're still a little unsure as to how it all comes together.  (That's why you're here, right??)  Perhaps you're one of Juliette's fabulous students from Know Thyself!, or you've already been studying numerology for a while, on your own or with other teachers.  Perhaps you're working professionally with numerology, already.

    (If you're not sure whether you're best suited to Klotho's Spindle or to Know Thyself!, let's connect!  We'll figure it out, together.)


  • You long to develop and refine your numerology skills and understanding of the archetypes, in order to better guide yourself, your loved ones, and your clients on their evolutionary path.

  • You're particularly keen to learn Hotwired Aspects and Archetypal Synthesis as numerology techniques, to work with numerology charts as a whole, living map of consciousness.


  • You yearn to journey with a small group of like-minded, conscious Souls  . . . to support and be supported; to witness and be witnessed; to connect in a way that isn't always possible in our day-to-day world.

  • You expect to go deep, to feel stuff, in a safe, anchored container.

  • You're eager to apply numerology to your life in a practical way, without using it as an excuse or bypassing your Soul's work.

  • You embrace numerology as a grounded, tangible approach to working with Spirit.

  • ​​You're an independent thinker and a growth-minded individual who craves rich, deep, candid conversations of a spiritual and personal growth nature.​​

  • You appreciate the value of investing in yourself and your personal growth.

  • You're open to the idea of past lives, and to the possibility of "seeing" these through numerology.  You're interested in the question of how past incarnations may be impacting your choices, beliefs, and behaviours, now.


  • You long to strengthen your relationships with family members, friends, loved ones, and clients, by understanding them at a deeper, more soulful level, too. ​

For you?
I imagine you already practise, or are interested in, at least one of the following:


astrology · mythology · past life regression · Aura Soma · the Akashic Records · kinesiology · alchemy · chakra balancing · Reiki · divining · tarot reading · crystal healing · runes · ancestral healing · clairvoyance (any of the intuitive, psychic gifts) · mediumship · channelling · dream therapy · witchcraft · the Divine Feminine · the priestess path · ritual · ceremony · sound healing · holistic counselling · Sekhem · yoga · art therapy · story telling · womb healing · inner child work · life coaching · bush flower essences · essential oils · somatic therapy · Pranic healing · EFT · drumming · Kirtan · vision boards · serving as an empath

(If you're interested in any of these, you'll be right at home, here!  Welcome!)

Like me, you may be inspired by:

Carl Jung, James Hillman, David Whyte, Rumi, Hafiz, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Gabor Maté, Michael Meade, Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Rainer Maria Rilke, Juno Jordan, Steven Forrest, Pema Chödrön, Richard Tarnas, Phyllis Curott, Marion Weinstein, Dane Rudhyar, Austin and Kaitlin Coppock, Liz Green, Sharon Blackie, Patricia Walsh, Caroline Myss, and Brené Brown, among others.​


This Intensive is NOT for you if:

  • Your inner sceptic struggles to embrace the mysteries of life. It's perfectly fine to question things – trust me, as a former sceptic myself, I get it! However, to truly benefit from this course, you'll need to keep an open mind and be willing to explore the bigger questions and possibilities. If you can't imagine that reality might be more complex than modern society suggests or that the Cosmos is intelligent and ensouled, then this course may not be for you.


  • ​​You're easily offended. If colourful language like "fuck" or "Bitch, please!" makes you cringe, we might not be the best match. Let us lovingly part ways, now.


  • You're a strict fundamentalist of any persuasion. If you are proudly dogmatic on your food choices; black-and-white on religion; strident in your politics; have clear cut definitions of morality, and what is right and wrong; have no issues with cancel culture and shaming as a first step to deal with people whose opinions and perspectives you take issue with, then we are not a fit.


  • You expect a learning community that mirrors your own background and experiences. My classes are designed to honour and celebrate the beautiful diversity of humanity. We embrace individuals from various ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and life situations.


  • You're uncomfortable with spiritual terms such as Great Spirit, The Divine, Universe, Goddess, or God.


  • ​​You view numerology as mere entertainment rather than a path to personal growth and spiritual understanding.


  • ​​You're looking for psychic or mediumship training.  Although related to such intuitive modalities, numerology is a distinct modality separate from mediumship and psychic practices.

This journey is for those who want to ground this archetypal wisdom and apply it to their lives.

Sure, we'll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of Hotwiring and Archetypal Synthesis.  By the end of this course, I want you to feel confident and comfortable synthesising and blending the Numbers in a numerology chart (and knowing how to identify which Numbers to blend).  Yes.

But this journey is about so much more than that!


As with Know Thyself! and all the other courses offered through Soul Weaving, Klotho's Spindle is an invitation to connect deeply with your True Self—on intellectual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.


My approach is supportive; encourages self-reflection; and urges you to embody this metaphysical work, fully participating with your heart and soul. You'll be engaging your intuition and your embodied awareness, not just your intellect.

That's how you'll form a meaningful connection with each of the archetypes. It'll not only support your own journey of authentic self-discovery but also enable you to offer this profound, embodied experience to your family, friends, and clients if you decide to take your practice further.

Young woman in desert, offering a bundle of feathers.
Woman meditating outdoors on the porch, sunset

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Class size is strictly limited to 12 students.