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Win a 1-Hour Reading
to Celebrate
International Astrology Day!

This 27-page Numerology Guide will soon be listed in my online store but, for a limited time, I am offering it for FREE to celebrate its release!

What's included:

In Section 1, you'll be introduced to the Ancient Greek concept of Time Divination, and shown how to calculate one of the most foundational timing techniques in numerology—your Personal Year Number, Month Number, and Day Number.


Then in Section 2, you'll receive nine helpful lists of Keywords and Themes—one for each of the nine archetypes we work with—so that you can apply this technique to your life (and to the lives of those you love), immediately!  The insights shared in this section are the result of years of consultations with private clients and working with my students; observing how the number archetypes guide and impact us when they're at the helm of our lives.

Want to go deeper than the basic calculations??  I've got you!  I also share some tips and professional pointers on how to work more intentionally with this popular timing technique.


PLUS, as a Special Bonus, this Guide contains a Personal Month Number Cue Card that was created especially to help you develop your skills in recognising the many and varied ways that the archetypes show up in your daily life.

Fill in your details below to get your hands on the Guide!

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