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Enrolment closes 24 March
for our 24th cohort


Know Thyself!

The Foundations of Archetypal Numerology

Here's what I believe . . .  There is an underlying intelligence weaving its way throughout all of life, connecting everything.  As an astrologer and numerologist, I work with this underlying intelligence every day.  I see it at play in everyone's charts; in everyone's lives.  


I believe that we each incarnate for very specific reasons.


There is something we'd like to learn; gifts we'd like to share; and, most likely, a weak link in our Being that needs to be strengthened.  There is a new wisdom to be mastered and integrated; karmic imbalances to be addressed; and old habitual patterns that need to be broken down and transformed. 


In short, we have soul-work to do—the work of our personal and spiritual growth.  And what I now know for sure is this:  

  • We live in an ensouled, intelligent Cosmos.

  • Life has your back.

  • Nothing has ever been random. 

  • Everything you've ever experienced has loyally served your Soul's growth. 

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Numerology, energetic streams across time

(Created by Juliette Valentina in DreamStudio)

I believe we're each walking our own, tailored-made, evolutionary path, and that we've committed to a curriculum of our own design.  To reveal that path, we can turn to the ancient maps of consciousness—numerology, astrology, and mythology.

This course is an invitation to learn the metaphysical language of numerology . . . or, at least, to start laying strong, solid foundations in this language.  It's an invitation to get to Know Thyself! at an uncommon level. 

Now, as I've mentioned many times, these archetypal languages won't make your challenges or difficulties any easier.  You'll still grapple with these painful experiences.  But, rather than feeling like the hapless victim of an uncaring universe, you'll be empowered to see the bigger archetypal picture in play; the greater context of your life.


You'll be gifted with a level of Symbolic Sight and Soul guidance that is otherwise inaccessible at this mundane, 3D, material realm.  AND you'll be aware of how Life is actually supporting you, transforming you, catalysing you to create a life of purpose, fulfilment, and impact.

A life that's in alignment with your heart and soul. 

A life that absolutely lights you up! 

A life that embraces your North Star.

If you're ready to realise the bigger picture of your life through this metaphysical lens, then I invite you to join us for this LIVE, 13-week online course.  Our next cohort launches 25 March, 2024, and we'd love to have you with us!  

Enrolment is NOW OPEN!

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This course is an invitation to learn this extraordinary, metaphysical language . . .


You can apply its insights to your own path of personal growth and transformation, but also to the paths of those you love, including your family & friends, your lovers, colleagues, clients, and students.

Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced numerologist looking to create stronger foundations in your numerology practice, you're absolutely welcome!

It would be my honour and true joy to share this language with you.

Ready to dive in with us?  Enrol now. 

How does Know Thyself! work? 

Know Thyself! is a LIVE real-time training programme, anchored in a private, member-only portal inside Slack.  We'll meet twice a week for 13 weeks (26 sessions altogether), connecting online via Zoom for our virtual classes.

Our journey together includes:


13 highly interactive, in-depth Modules, taking you step-by-step through the skills of casting numerology charts, and engaging the Number archetypes that we work with.


Downloadable videos and MP3s for all 26 sessions.  While we encourage you to attend every live training call to make the most of your Know Thyself! experience, video and mp3 recordings will be made available to every student, even if you need to miss a class.

Course extension materials to support and develop your new skills.  (Currently for Modules 1 - 8)

Peer presentations in our final week—sharing is where the magic is!

BONUS:  Soul Weaving's exclusive student app, designed to support your learning journey.

 . . . . All yours to keep for life.



Carefully-curated, private Pinterest Boards - one for each Archetype


Membership of our private student portal inside Slack, to continue the conversation.  You'll journey within a community of just 12 like-minded students to ensure the intimacy of our group, and the strength of our energetic container. 

Access to Juliette throughout our 13-week journey, both in class and via Slack.

Bring all your questions and insights!

Tech support from both Juliette and Soul Weaving's Resident Geek, Grace, for help with any of the tech that we'll be using. (Zoom, Slack, Canva, Pinterest)

An Invitation to join our special Alumni Membership Group, Chiron's Cave.

A beautiful Certificate of Completion from Soul Weaving.


While not a governmental certificate, it is a tangible symbol of your growth and learning.  And it will let people know that you've trained with me, and to which level. You can display it on your website, or share it on the socials to let people know that you're ready to put your new skills to use!

Certificate of Completion, Demo, June 2022, Amelia Duncan.png
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Class Dates for our 26 Live Sessions:

(60 - 65 Hours of Live Tuition, altogether)

13 x Numerology Classes (3 Hours each):

Monday evenings, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

(Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  25 March - 17 June, 2024

13 x Office Hours (1.5 Hours each): 

Thursday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

(Sydney/Melbourne time)

Dates:  28 March - 20 June, 2024​ 



"Juliette's Foundational Course, Know Thyself!, was like water to a thirsty soul!  I feel so very blessed to have had such an awesome, passionate, and inspiring teacher.   She made this complex and sometimes perplexing modality interesting, engaging, and exciting!


"If you have ever wanted to learn numerology, you will not find a more enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, or knowledgeable teacher than Juliette.  I highly recommend this course, not only to share space with an amazing lady, but because numerology provides a tool for developing your personal self-knowledge.  It gives you many "Aha!" moments!  As Juliette succinctly puts it, numerology gives you permission to be yourself."


"As soon as I saw Juliette’s course advertised, I knew it was for me. Although I had a basic understanding of numerology, I was ready to dive deeper. I was blown away by everything I learned.  And I was sad to leave the group of beautiful souls with whom I shared the experience.


Juliette is an amazing teacher with a prolific wealth of knowledge and love of her subject. Her passion, expression, and way of connecting with each and everyone in the group was magical and alchemical. 

The journey through the 9 archetypes was quite a revelation for me. It was as though I was meeting parts of myself and seeing them through a different lens. It helped me understand my life's journey to this point.

Juliette’s real and honest sharing of her own life experiences, plus all the other wonderful tools she uses, helped illustrate and imbue each archetype with a depth and richness of knowledge. Juliette has definitely re-ignited the child-like wonder in me and I know that I will continue to grow and learn. The last day brought some deep emotions up and a lot of Aha moments, and I felt safe, seen and heard. I’m truly grateful for the gifts she is sharing with us all.

Thanks, Juliette. You are truly one of the realest, rawest, truest expressions of a soul I have been privileged to be a student of and witness.


Big love, Olga"

Personal Awareness and Spiritual Growth
through Archetypal Numerology

If you've been scouring numerology blogs and binge-watching YouTube videos that barely scratch the surface, trying to figure it all out, you may've been left with gaping holes in your knowledge base, and a nagging sense that "There's gotta be more to it . . .  right??" 🤷‍♀️ 🧐


Oh, there absolutely is!

Whether you're a total numerology newbie or you're seeking to deepen your knowledge of the archetypes and the core techniques, I'd be thrilled (honoured!) to share my passion and commitment to this sacred language with you.

Leverage my decades of experience, and let me guide your learning in a comprehensive, structured way that blends practical life wisdom with cosmic mystery school vibes. As one of Soul Weaving's alumni, Dave, put it: "The course flows with a grounded logic that makes learning feel natural. It's a progression that builds on itself."

But it's more than just the techniques and mechanics of numerology—I want to share the rich depth, beauty, and wonder of this extraordinary map of consciousness with you.

Cue those "Aha!" moments when the confusing puzzle pieces of your life suddenly fit together!  When you finally see yourself clearly, and you grasp the bigger picture and context of your life's purpose. When you understand where you're stuck in a loop, repeating the same old stories, and the same old drama, over and over and over again--and importantly, what you could do to break the cycle.

If you're ready to lift the veil on your life's grand, archetypal story; to commit to living a sacred life; and to embark on a profound journey of inner work within a circle of kindred spirits, then this is for you.

Join our 24th cohort of Know Thyself!.

We'd be over the Moon to have you with us! 🌙

Next Course Launches: 

25 March, 2024

Live, Highly Interactive

Classes, including Peer-Learning Opportunities

Journey within a

Small, Intimate Group of Like-Minded Souls

- Max: 12 Students


Available for Download

- Yours to Keep!

Access to

Tech-Support & an  Exclusive Student Web App





"Juliette is like a Mama Bird.  Basically she's digested it all, and then she sums it up and "feeds" us the gems and the essence of this really complex stuff.  She saves us from having to read the 500 million books, and having to figure it all out ourselves!  I learned a lot more than I expected to, because she expresses it all in such a clear way and uses incredible examples and exercises."

"I would like to thank Juliette for her very informative, interesting, and fun-filled Numerology Course!  It was definitely far more than I expected.  She is a great teacher, and a beautiful soul with so much passion and energy.  Juliette's teachings were easy to follow, the way she translated the Numbers into everyday life.


I never knew how deep Numerology could be!  At 63 I thought I knew about myself, but I have been totally blown away! Juliette, thank you gorgeous girl, for opening my eyes to see myself clearly."

Tracie Callaghan (1).png


"To experience Juliette’s Numerology Course is like having an invitation to speak to your own soul, to hear its desires, to know what lessons you’ve come here for, to see the truth of yourself. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be me in the most beautiful way, and to really step into my power and my gifts!


So much makes sense, now! So many revelations!


I have also learnt invaluable information about the people in my life, especially my children, and how I can support their journey on a new and deep level. I have a powerful new way of understanding and relating to their souls' individual needs! The ripple effect from attending Juliette’s course will be felt through my whole tribe and beyond!


I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Juliette’s offerings! Thank you. x"​

Video testimonial by Melissa Melbom.  

Know Thyself! is OPEN NOW! 

Enrolment closes 24 March

for our 24th cohort

How do you know if a committed study of Numerology is for you?

Young happy boho woman, with piercings and tattoos, smiling on beach.

Whatever your reason for learning numerology, please know you are welcome here!


The motivations for studying numerology with me are wide and varied, from a deep commitment to self-discovery; to a desire to live a more sacred, intentional life; to becoming a professional numerologist; or to combine numerology with an existing modality (e.g. holistic counselling or spiritual coaching) in support of Self and others.

I invite you to read through the following points to get a sense for whether my work and the Know Thyself! intensive is a good fit for you. If not, I wish you all the best in finding the best course and teacher for you.  If this course IS what you are looking for, that's wonderful!  I look forward to journeying with you!​


The Know Thyself! numerology intensive is for you if:

  • You're fascinated by life's BIG questions, such as the nature of reality, our purpose, free will, and whether there's a deeper meaning to our experiences.

  • You seek a more grounded, tangible approach to working with Spirit.

  • You appreciate the value of investing in yourself and your personal growth.

  • You desire to nurture your Soul's unique potential and purpose while deepening your self-awareness.

  • You're ready to stop comparing your life and journey to others, and embrace your own path.

  • You're eager to apply numerology to your life in a practical way, without using it as an excuse or bypassing your Soul's work.

  • ​​You're an independent thinker and a growth-minded individual who craves rich, deep, candid conversations of a spiritual and personal growth nature.

  • You yearn to journey with a small group of like-minded, conscious Souls  . . . to support and be supported; to witness and be witnessed; to connect in a way that isn't always possible in our day-to-day world.

  • You expect to go deep, to feel stuff, to experience a safe, anchored container.

  • You're open to the idea of past lives, and to the possibility of "seeing" these through numerology.  You're interested in the question of how past incarnations may be impacting your choices, beliefs, and behaviours, now.


  • You long to strengthen your relationships with family members, friends, loved ones, and clients, by understanding them at a deeper, more soulful level, too. (Seriously, why do they DO that??)

  • You crave the Deep Dive.  This is an intensive Foundations Course, not a gentle Introduction to Numerology.  (Note:  I am in the process of creating a gentle, short introductory course.  Please reach out if you'd like to be notified when this lighter version of the course is available. I'll add you to the Waiting List.)

For you?

I imagine you already practise, or are interested in, at least one of the following:


astrology · mythology · past life regression · Aura Soma · the Akashic Records · kinesiology · alchemy · chakra balancing · Reiki · divining · tarot reading · crystal healing · runes · ancestral healing · clairvoyance (any of the intuitive, psychic gifts) · mediumship · channelling · dream therapy · witchcraft · the Divine Feminine · the priestess path · ritual · ceremony · sound healing · holistic counselling · Sekhem · yoga · art therapy · story telling · womb healing · inner child work · life coaching · bush flower essences · essential oils · somatic therapy · Pranic healing · EFT · drumming · Kirtan · vision boards · serving as an empath

(If you're interested in any of these, you'll be right at home, here!  Welcome!)

Like me, you may be inspired by:

Carl Jung, James Hillman, David Whyte, Rumi, Hafiz, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Gabor Maté, Michael Meade, Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Rainer Maria Rilke, Juno Jordan, Steven Forrest, Pema Chödrön, Richard Tarnas, Phyllis Curott, Marion Weinstein, Dane Rudhyar, Austin and Kaitlin Coppock, Liz Green, Sharon Blackie, Patricia Walsh, Caroline Myss, and Brené Brown, among others.​

dreamstime_xxl_161316241 30.jpg

Look Elsewhere if:


  • Your inner sceptic struggles to embrace the mysteries of life. It's perfectly fine to question things – trust me, as a former sceptic myself, I get it! However, to truly benefit from this course, you'll need to keep an open mind and be willing to explore the bigger questions and possibilities. If you can't imagine that reality might be more complex than modern society suggests or that the Cosmos is intelligent and ensouled, then this course may not be for you.


  • ​​You're easily offended. If colourful language like "fuck" or "Bitch, please!" makes you cringe, we might not be the best match. Let us lovingly part ways, now.