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Get Knocked Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight … the 1 Archetype in Action

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Life never gets easier. YOU get stronger.

Numerology 101: The #1 archetype

Someone asked me if this quote from The Trap Witch is referring to physical violence. Honestly, aggression in all its forms (ie: physical, emotional, mental, verbal etc) is part of 1's significations, yes. 1s run the spectrum from victim, to hero, through to perpetrator. The true healthy 1 is the hero in the middle, protecting those who are weaker from those who would seek to abuse.

But this quote is referring to being knocked down by Life itself ... something that those with a prominent 1 in their chart will strongly resonate with.

Those of us who run 1 energy in our charts are learning (among other things) to become strong, confident, and courageous ... and courage typically has to be scared into us. Why? Because if you're not afraid, it doesn't take an ounce of courage to do it. The person who is terrified of something and does it anyway??? They had to draw on enormous courage. Get it?

1s are also learning to overcome a sense of futility, defeat, and perpetually feeling like a victim. They're learning to not give up! To be unstoppable!

Seriously, Life can roughly pin 1s to the ground and then command us to, "Get up." And that's what the 1 has to do. We have to get back up, knowing full well that Life is likely to knock us down again. And again. And again. This is how we get stronger and braver, and more determined.

As The Trap Witch says, the more times we get knocked down and yet somehow find the strength to stand back up, the better we'll get at fixing our stance. We'll become more centred, more solid. Stronger. More confident.

When the 1 energy is involved in our natal charts, Life doesn't pull its punches. It's not 'punishing' us, or anything like that. No! It's giving us opportunity after opportunity to get stronger, more confident, and braver! Life always has our back. It's just not a fun learning process, let's be completely honest.

As someone with a LOT of 1 energy in my natal chart, I can personally attest to that! So far, I've managed to keep getting back up ... and I've learned a lot about correcting my stance.

I hope this is helpful??

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