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Mabon: Finishing Strong

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Beautiful people, 21 March is the day we traditionally celebrate the High Holy Day of Mabon in the Southern Hemisphere! Brightest Blessings and welcome to Mabon season, the final Sabbat on the Great Wheel of the Year!!

Woohoo! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ We're officially in the home stretch!

Hang on a minute . . . Mabon??

"Don't we celebrate Mabon at the end of September? Isn't it Easter, now?" 🤔

Yeah . . . nah and nah.

I mean, yes, those living in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Mabon at the end of September, because that's when they celebrate their Autumn Equinox. But for us, that's now. The Autumnal Equinox was about ten days ago, here in the Southern Hemisphere. The days and nights are again equal. But at this Equinox, we have just entered the dark half of the year. We are now heading towards the Winter Solstice. With each new day, the light will steadily give way to the mysteries of the darkness.

Mabon will stretch from 21 March to 5 May, this year. And then, Samhain, Witch's New Year, will be celebrated on 6 May, and the Great Wheel will re-commence its journey for yet another year. (Remember, rather than simply being a one-day celebration or festival, each Sabbat is an entire season that lasts for roughly 6 or 7 weeks.)

If you pause and think about the energy and psychospiritual focus of Mabon, can you see why it is aligned with the Autumnal Equinox? It celebrates the final harvest at the end of a long year of hard work. Mabon is steeped in imagery of falling leaves, pumpkins, and workers with scythes in the golden wheat fields, gathering in the harvest. It's aligned with the notion of offering our thanks and gratitude for all the year has brought us. It is absolutely NOT aligned with images of bunnies and eggs and new life springing forth. That's Ostara, Mabon's Sister Sabbat on the other side of the Great Wheel.

As we explored in my earlier article on Samhain, the eight Sabbats are not celebrated on specific dates on the calendar. They're not like a birthday that is recognised on the same day every year, no matter where you happen to be on the planet. Instead, they each celebrate one of the eight major astronomical or seasonal events that we experience each year: the March and September Equinoxes, the June and December Solstices, and the four cross-quarter days in between them.

The dates we celebrate the Sabbats will vary slightly each year (by up to three days, dependent on the dates of the astronomical events) . . . but, more significantly, they will change depending on the hemisphere we're living in. 'Cause, as we all know, when it's Autumn here in Australia, it's Spring in France, or Japan or Canada. Right??

Let's energetically align with the magic and energetic cycles of Life where we actually live, rather than unquestioningly adhering to a calendar that is created for the Northern Hemisphere.

Infographic: The Eightfold Cycles

I created the infographic, below, to show how the eight Sabbats, the eight lunar phases, and the eight seasonal events of the year align with the astrological wheel.

I hope it's helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or lightbulb moments. I'd appreciate your feedback on it! 🙏

An infographic showing the Eightfold Cycles: The Great Wheel of Life and the Lunar Phases
The Eightfold Cycles: The Great Wheel of Life and the Lunar Phases

The Deeper Meaning and Challenges of Mabon

How are you feeling? Excited and grateful for all you've accomplished this past year? Are you relishing the harvest you're gathering? Or are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that still needs to be done? Or defeated, even? Is it beginning to feel impossible?

Otherwise known as the final Harvest Festival for the year, Mabon marks that great, final push on our year's projects. There is a pressing need to bring your projects to a close, now; to bring in your harvest. And this can be really demanding work, right?? Picture the field workers working in the hot sun with their scythes, doing the hard yakka of harvesting the wheat. You may feel like stopping . . . but don't. We're so close the finish line!

So, head down, tail up, for a bit longer. Stay focused and committed to the projects that you've been pouring your heart, soul, and energy into over the past year. This is it!

And by the end of this Sabbat, it'll be time to celebrate your wins! 🎉

Harvesting wheat with a scythe in Winslow Homer’s 1865 painting “The Veteran in a New Field.”Credit...The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource, New York
Harvesting wheat with a scythe in Winslow Homer’s 1865 painting “The Veteran in a New Field.” Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource, New York

All around me, I'm witnessing people putting the finishing touches on their projects; and others doing those critical final steps to get their project across the line. One of my soulpreneur clients, for example, has just announced the rebranding of her Subscription Box business. After spending the past year trying to find her footing with the look and feel of her business, she'll be excitedly revealing the new look on 14 April. Such a huge and thrilling moment for her!!

Another of my clients is in the final stages of her accreditation process in becoming a meditation teacher. She now needs to submit recordings and case studies from a few practical sessions in order to finish her course. And so she has put out the call for volunteers to join her over five sessions that she can record. Perfectly in alignment with the energy of the Great Wheel of the Year.

And one of my older clients has been steadily typing up her journals over the past few years (to give to her children after she dies). This past year, her stated goal was to type up her journals from 1969-1971, her European Travels. And she's done it! She finally finished typing them up just a couple of days ago. A huge feat, considering she journals every single day . . . yes, that was a lot of journals she had to type up for that three-year period! It's taken all of her focus, and has necessitated very strong boundaries to ensure her time wasn't usurped by others' demands. She's beyond thrilled to be sending her work off to the printers to be published this week!

How wonderful to see people following through on their goals!

And such beautiful, meaningful harvests! 🌾

Having said that, it's quite common to feel weary or disheartened by this time of the cycle. And while some of us are out there kicking goals, some of us may be questioning whether or not all our hard work has been worth it? We could even be feeling totally defeated . . . resigned to the "fact" that it's just not going to work out for us. It may not feel like it's worth putting any more effort into our projects.

Please don't give up. Please don't put your tools down just yet. The game ain't over until the final whistle blows. And there's still time for a powerful comeback. 💪 So, bring it!! Finish strong! Maintain your dedication and perseverance for a little bit longer. And realise that you could be on the verge of a major breakthrough or victory.

As Steven Forrest has said of this phase, if we succumb to these feelings of defeat and resignation, we could "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!" Oof.

Mabon's Crisis of Consciousness

Do you remember Ostara, the fourth Sabbat on the Great Wheel of the Year? In my earlier article, we explored how Ostara is the first Crisis Point on the Wheel. It's known as the Crisis of Action. Well, Mabon is Ostara's Sister Sabbat, falling on the opposite side of the Wheel. And Mabon is our other Crisis Point during the year - the Crisis of Consciousness.

This term was originally coined by astrologer Dane Rudhyar, and it refers to the challenges we're likely to face in the final quarter of any cycle. In fact, during this phase, intense crises may arise in order to liberate our hearts and minds from old beliefs and old patterns of behaviour . . . serving as a catalyst for our evolutionary journey. Embracing these challenges can lead to transformative growth, above and beyond achieving our goals.

There are a number of different possibilities for why we may experience this Crisis of Consciousness. Let's explore a couple of them, together.

1. Harvest Size: Acceptance and Growth

We may find ourselves feeling disheartened about the size of our "crop." Perhaps we didn't harvest as much as we had envisioned? Our harvest will often depend on the amount of love, care, and dedication we've poured into it our project through the year.

The resolute wisdom of Number 4 reminds us, "Don't be upset by the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do." Oof. (And it also reminds us to finish what we start. Again, the Wheel of the Year hasn't finished yet. Keep grinding, beautiful people!)

To be clear, though, any shortfall may not be due to laziness or procrastination. Instead, it could be because we didn't fully address the emotional challenges that emerged during Ostara, the Sister Sabbat. Without allowing the necessary time and space for self-reflection and our deep inner work, we may have found ourselves hindered by subconscious beliefs, fears, and old patterns.

Experiencing a smaller harvest than expected could be a compassionate nudge from the universe to embark on a more meaningful inner journey.

2. Releasing Inner Obstacles

Mabon encourages us to bring things to a close. Naturally, we might immediately assume this refers to finishing our projects. While that's definitely true, Mabon is also encouraging us to address anything or anyone hindering our progress. And in fact, this seeming "side work" could actually be the greater purpose of the goals we've set for ourselves. For as the old saying goes, "Whatever blocks your work, is your work." Or as Marcus Aurelius (Stoic Philosopher and Roman Emperor) originally said, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

(And now I'm thinking of the Mandalorian . . . This is the Way. 😁 )

In other words, your project is not just about the end goal, but also about the personal growth and inner work necessary to achieve it. In order to reach any goal or dream, you must first become the person who is capable of doing so. Remember? All the way back at Yule, we explored Jim Rohn's quote, "Set a goal so big that in the process of achieving it, you become someone worth becoming." Our goals challenge, inspire, and support our Soul work, as much as anything else in our life experience.

Let's look at this through the lens of your numerology chart.

Let's suppose the Number 2 is prominently placed in your numerology chart (e.g. in your Birth/Life Path Number, on your Planes of Expression, or as a Karmic Lesson or Challenge Number). As you may be aware, one aspect of the Number 2's evolutionary work involves learning to assert appropriate boundaries; not prioritising others' needs at the expense of our own; and recognising when we're being taken advantage of. It prompts us to recognize when we're falling into the trap of people-pleasing.

If the Number 2 is present in your chart, then your first response to any question regarding your potential lack of growth and progress to date might be, "It's someone else's fault." It's really easy to point the finger and blame another person for our project's stagnation . . . and, let's be honest, Number 2 likes to blame! But, if you're honest with yourself, is someone else really at fault? Could it be that you've allowed others too much leeway and influence? Or that you haven't set clear boundaries around their involvement in your project?

Let's take this one step further into the philosophical or metaphysical realm. Ponder this . . . If you're working with 2 energy, and you struggle with setting boundaries, how do you think you're going to learn to establish firm, clear boundaries with others? 🤔 Most likely, it'll be in response to people crossing and disrespecting them. (Whaaattt?? I know. As someone walking a 29/11/2 Birth Path, I totally hear you.)

One of the ways that Life, or the Cosmos, supports this element of 2's evolutionary process is by sending people to walk all over you. Not as a weird form of punishment, mind you, but to give you ample opportunities to practise standing up for yourself. And to ultimately feel calm and confident at drawing clear lines in the sand. Simply put, you can't learn to assert your boundaries if no one's challenging them. Right?? And at some point, with people trashing your boundaries and treating you like a doormat or a public utility, you're going to inevitably erupt! "Enough is enough!! We're done!! NO MORE!!"

(Random segue . . . I'm totally showing my age here, but what I really think you'd say is along the lines of the audience response in the live version of The Angels rock song, "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?" 😆😜😁 If you're old enough, you'll know exactly what I mean! If not, you're missing out on a brilliant song! Ah, teenage memories! Not really a rock chick, but that was an awesome song in my final year of high school!! And the look of bewilderment and shock on our parents' faces when all the young people would suddenly start chanting this iconic line in unison was priceless. 😂)

Seriously, though, if you're working with 2 energy, it is highly likely that boundary issues are going to show up in nearly everything you do until you figure this out. And that includes working on your personal dreams and goals.

Remember, your project is not just about the end goal but also about the personal growth and inner work necessary to achieve it.

I'm offering an example here of how the Number 2 could play out, but each archetype (aka: each Number) would have its own way of impacting your path, and encouraging you to step into your inner work. The more familiar you are with your numerology chart, and the significations and meanings of the different archetypes, the more numerology can serve you by making your evolutionary work as clear as crystal.

Let's consider a real life example of someone with the Number 2 on the Physical Plane of Expression in their numerology chart.

As you can imagine, with so many agreements, boundaries, and timelines being completely ignored and disrespected, my client was feeling intensely frustrated and stressed by the whole ordeal. And, honestly, they felt powerless to address the situation, feeling strong political pressure to "stay the course" with this particular engineer. Utterly defeated, and like giving up . . . like so many of us, by Mabon.

But . . .

Blessed Mabon energetically brought this whole matter to a head.

As the timeline continued, and the final testing process that was meant to be organised months ago eventually slipping onto the critical path, the engineer incredulously announced they were going on leave, without any notice! He hadn't made any arrangements for this critical testing to be undertaken, essential for the product to be delivered to a heavily revised (and now immovable) timeline . . . he just didn't care about the project or the team, nor the implications of his decision to go on holiday at this crucial juncture.

And this was the final straw for my client.

This was the pivotal moment when their Number 2 erupted!

It's like that line from the 1976 movie Network, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!!!" Can you feel it??? Have you been there, too??

My client was so angry and frustrated! And they were finally compelled to face their inner challenges around personal power (8) and boundaries (2) head on. In that moment, they reclaimed their sense of agency. 💪 And literally within the week of this all unfolding, my client had severed ties with the problematic engineer, and moved the project to a recently-identified alternate engineer that was much more professional. Hallelujah!! Now there's a boundary for you!

All within the first week of Mabon!

My client has shared how tremendously grateful they are to Mabon for bringing this all to a breaking point. But also for presenting the new engineer, thus providing the pathway forward. And they're grateful for this understanding of Mabon so they could be more intentionally present to the teachings and opportunities this season was offering.

In my client's words, this experience has brought to light their reflexive tendency to keep the peace, and cater to other people's preferences. As a result, they are fully committed to changing their approach to leadership and project management. Certainly, they'll be more assertive from the outset of any project or collaboration they head up, regarding team composition and all other project management matters. The very thought of landing in this kind of situation, ever again, is deeply distressing to my client.

Wow. Mabon's energy triggered a huge Soul growth experience for my client that will no doubt impact all aspects of their life.

To let you know, the new engineer is proving to be a tremendous asset to the project and the team. So much so, the project is steaming ahead, and the team has a renewed momentum and enthusiasm to keep pushing through! 👏

Such a tremendous relief for my client!

And such a beautiful example of how to work in alignment with the wisdom of the Sabbats.

In Summary

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Mabon and the Great Wheel of the Year. I hope you've enjoyed this deeper level of insight of what Life is asking of you. If you have any questions or stories you'd love to share, I'd love to hear from you! And if this has been helpful, please share it with your circle. Thank you!

As always, thank you so much for journeying with me on this Path.

May your harvest be abundant. May your hearth be warm, and filled with with love and gratitude. Thank you all for contributing to my Harvest this year. I have had some amazing growth as a person, as a teacher, and as a soulpreneur. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏Not one like, comment, or follow goes unnoticed. Every laugh, conversation, and beautiful interaction has been relished. I feel so grateful for you!

Deepest blessings for this Mabon season, Soul Weavers. 🍂🍁🍂

And remember, you've got this!

Peace Juliette xo

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