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🤩 I'm Presenting at the Sydney Astrological Research Society! 🤩

I've been invited to present to the Sydney Astrological Research Society (SARS), for a second time, on 3 August!

Woohoo!! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ Such a huge honour!!

I'll be sharing two Numerological Timing Techniques, on the night. And I'll give you all the details, in an upcoming post, if you'd like to come along!

Check the Transits!

As always, when something big happens, I turn straight to the astrology and numerology charts to see what's happening with the transits. These offer deep guidance on the underlying meaning of what's unfolding in my life, and the nature of the conversation that Life is calling me into.

I could see quite a few significant transits in play, particularly noting that the Sun and Mercury were in my 1st House, nearing my Leo South Node, when I received the offer.

I also noted that the House of the "Lord of the Year" is currently being activated by Monthly Profection (and will continue to be at the time of my actual presentation). Robert Zoller teaches that when this happens, "the true nature of the year is revealed." So, this is a hugely significant time period for me, this year. Noting when this happens, each and every year, is well worth tracking in your chart, if you're not already.

I also noted that I'm in a 5 Personal Month . . . 5 is often associated with sudden or unexpected opportunities. Thank you, 5!

But I also realised that Jupiter is about to hit my MC (i.e. the area of the astrological chart associated with our career, our mission, and our contribution to society etc). Of course! How perfect! 😍 (I can just imagine all the astrologers among us nodding along with me, haha!)

(I apologise if this sounds like I've dropped into a foreign language to those who haven't learned astrology or numerology, as yet. If you're not sure how to calculate this in your chart, you're more than welcome to book in with me for a Transits Session. Let's explore this, together!)

How Did This Jupiter Transit Unfold, Last Time??

And then I wondered, "Hmmmm. What happened the previous time that Jupiter was about to hit my MC . . . 12 years ago??"

Fortunately, I journal. So, I was able to dig out my old diary from 2010, and easily find out! Delightfully, I'd just had an "inspired thought" that maybe I ought to teach a small numerology class?? Wow! 😲 You can't make this stuff up!

Here's an excerpt from my diary, from September 2010:

"I had a thought while driving home from Erin's, today. I spoke to her about her numbers. I know a lot about numbers! Yes, I do. Why not run a small class? That old saying, "If you want to learn, read. If you want to master, teach." So true. Inspired thought, perhaps?"

Ahhhhh, yes! Yes, it was! And look at where my life is, now! I'm feeling excited by just how far I've come since that first thought, all those years ago. I wonder where I'll be in another 12 years, when Jupiter returns to this neck of the woods?? I'll keep walking my Path, and I guess we'll find out, soon enough! 🌲🌲🌲

Question: Do you Track Your Transits, Too?

If not, can I encourage you to track both your astrology and numerology transits?

And to journal as often as possible . . . so that you can "look back through time" and reflect on what was actually unfolding for you at any given point (or transit) in your life? This is particularly significant if you're interested in aligning your life with the greater Soul guidance available to you through numerology and astrology.

I hope to see you at the SARS presentation.

I'll post all the details in a couple of days! 🤓

In the meantime, thank you for sharing in my excitement! I'm so grateful for your support and company on this Path. 🙏🙏🙏


Juliette xo

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