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Saturn's Tough Love in 2018

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Let's toast the end of 2018, and be grateful for Life's guidance and loving wisdom ... yes, even when it comes in the guise of Saturn's character-building 'tough love'.

Grab a cup of tea, beautiful people ... This turned out to be a long reflection on Saturn and His role in how 2018 played out for us.

I've been meditating on what turned out to be a fairly difficult year (understatement!), albeit one that has ultimately psychologically and emotionally strengthened me. I surrendered to its overwhelming might and wisdom, which is a beautiful way of saying that I somehow managed to trust and remain present to life as it unfolded, despite feeling like I was actually being shredded and pummelled by a tremendous sand storm, or being buried alive. I've come to realise, though, that I've actually been planted in rich, loamy soil. (Hence the beautiful image.)

Ultimately, I leave 2018 feeling far more empowered, determined, capable, grounded, and committed than I did when it began. I would love to say I'm more organised, too ... but that would be a lie. ;-) (Let that be a goal for 2019.) Let's say it has been 'character building'. For all that, I'm sure glad 2018 is done and dusted! And I'm sure that many of us are feeling grateful that 2018 has come to a close. As someone I know said, 2018 felt like life was giving her gravel rash and then salting the wound. Can you relate??

As someone I know said, 2018 felt like life was giving her gravel rash and then salting the wound. Can you relate??

But what else could we expect with Saturn entering into His own sign of Capricorn for the first time in nearly 30 years?? He's powerful here! Add to the fact that nearly ALL of 2018 was a single Saturn retrograde cycle, and the year begins to make more sense!

Once I checked the ephemeris for 2018, I was fascinated by how much of this year I could chalk up to Saturn's movements. Seriously, wow. Huge events unfolded in my life and in the lives of my clients and friends on the precise dates of Saturn's movements. Astrology never ceases to astonish me!

FYI, Saturn is the planet of structure and form; of knowing our limits; and being realistic. He governs this physical, manifest realm, and is very interested in our Great Work. To be clear, if you want to create something - anything! - you will need to understand and abide by Saturn's rules. He will do whatever it takes to ensure that we're on track to accomplish our Great Work. He tests us to see if we have what it takes to bring it to fruition. If not, He's fully willing and able to 'help' us become the person we need to be in order to fulfil our path ... usually through rather unpleasant, uncomfortable tests of our resilience and endurance. 'Character building'. Yep, that's the kind of stuff Saturn is famous for.

If you're curious to check the Key Dates for Saturn's 2018 Retrograde (Rx) cycle against your own calendar, they were:

1) 11 January, 2018 - Saturn entered Shadow at 2° 32' of Capricorn, basically giving us our itinerary for the upcoming year. Do you remember what happened back in mid-January? Can you see a common thread now in the events that have unfolded, if you look back over 2018 to the very beginning??

2) 18 April, 2018 - Saturn stationed to turn retrograde at 9° 9' of Capricorn, thereby beginning His official retrograde season. Over the next 4.5 months He doubled down on the same 7 degrees of the zodiac that he'd journeyed since 11 January ... When retrograde, Saturn seems to slow down the flow of life, throwing up frustrating blocks, unexpected delays, and obstacles. Nothing seems to go according to plan! We can find ourselves railing against the stars, demanding celestial support. "I'm doing what you asked me to do!! How about some help here??? What's going on???"

This year I found myself doing everything I'd been asked to do by the stars, only to find my world at a dangerous standstill. When railing against the heavens, I heard Saturn's clear response, "Congratulations! You've done everything we asked, and have reached Level 2. Only 198 Levels to go! Slow down. Grow up. Stop complaining, and figure out how to #levelup. What skills and habits do you need to develop to reach Level 3?? How much tougher do you need to become??" (Did I mention that Saturn is your inner adult?? No room here for your inner child. #adulting)

If it's not new skills we're required to develop, perhaps we're being required to complete previous obligations that we neglected, before being 'allowed' to progress into new territory. We can also be presented with unforeseen commitments and responsibilities that demand our time and energy. Certainly we will find our endurance and patience being tested; our resilience being developed; and our capacity to tough things out being strengthened. Saturn can show us where we need to develop "an inner steadiness of attention," as Bil Tierney says. Saturn often calls us to sacrifice for what we are building, too. (Did you know that to sacrifice means "to make sacred"?)

Also, I should probably mention that Saturn is a terminator planet. This means that if He feels you are wasting your time and energy on something or someone that holds absolutely no longevity at all, or that fails to support the greater vision of your life and your Great Work, He will end it for you. "You're welcome." (We usually didn't say, "Thank you.")

Did Saturn end something for you at ANY point this year?? If so, please know that you will live to be grateful. Trust that it no longer served you.

3) 7 September, 2018 - Saturn reached 2° 32' of Capricorn for the second time, and stationed to turn direct. He now began the journey of tripling down on the same 7 degrees for one final pass. Huge day, especially as it occurred within a handful of days of Venus entering Her own Retrograde Shadow on 3 September! This was a significant period for most of us. Perhaps new key players were introduced now? Perhaps new information was introduced to the situation, affecting how it unfolded? (It is worth noting that as Venus is closer to Earth than Saturn, Her entire Retrograde season - ie: 3 September to 17 December - served us by supporting Saturn's greater vision for our life. The two were definitely closely connected.)

4) 13 December, 2018 - Saturn reaches 9° 9' of Capricorn for the second time and officially leaves Shadow. He happily ventured into new territory for the first time since 11 January! The season has ended. Many of us felt a sense of lightness as of this date, with life suddenly seeming easier, and more manageable? It was a difficult and painful year, but can you see the connection between where He found you mid-January and where He left you by the end of 2018?

Did you accomplish a great deal? Are you in a much more solid position now than at the beginning of the year? (Yes, yes, I am.) Was it hard going, though?? (Yes, yes, it was!!) The question is, did you surrender to His might and wisdom, and trust the process? (Yes, yes, I did.) Did you develop the resilience necessary, or buckle under His pressure? Or did you actively resist His lessons, burying your head in the sand, and singing, "La la la la la. I can't hear you! La la la la la."

2019 is looking massive! For the moment, though, let's toast the end of 2018, and be grateful for Life's guidance and loving wisdom ... yes, even when it comes in the guise of Saturn's 'tough love'. I am grateful for the fact that what doesn't kill us only serves to make us stronger. (I immediately think of my son, who would say, "What doesn't kill me, had better run." Hahaha! Mind you, he has both a powerful Mars, and very strong Capricorn in his chart. Saturn is his 'tribe'.)

My life is certainly in a much better space now than it was. I am stronger, more empowered, capable, and so powerfully liberated due to the journey undertaken this year! I can honestly stand tall and say, "Bring it! Let's go!!" I hope this is true for all of you, too!

Happy New Year, beautiful people! Thank you for joining me on this journey into the awe-inspiring world of astrology and numerology. It is my deepest honour and joy to share these sacred, symbolic languages with you all!

I offer my love, peace, gratitude, and warm blessings ... Let's bloom!


Juliette xo

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