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Birthday Celebrations 🎉 at Soul Weaving - Special Birthday Offers Just for You!

Spiritual Boho woman in gratitude and meditation

Hey, beautiful people!

It’s Soul Weaving’s birthday, today!  🎂

It’s time to celebrate! 🎉

We're turning another year wiser and more connected as a community. I feel so deeply grateful for your loving support as we continue to grow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏

I’d love to celebrate with you in a way that honours our mutual commitment to self-awareness and personal / spiritual growth.

As Adrienne Rich once said, "The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities." This is one of the foundational premises of my work.

So . . .

Offer: 33% Special Birthday Discount on ANY of my Private 1:1 Readings

I’m thrilled to offer you a 33% discount on any of my private readings. It would be my honour and true joy to walk this path of self-discovery with you; to share the rich insights that astrology and numerology offers us.

Most of my Readings (3 hours) are priced at $555. This special birthday offer brings them down to just $371.85, a savings of $183.15.

Simply use the coupon code BIRTHDAY33 at checkout to unlock this exclusive discount.

NOTE: While the BIRTHDAY33 coupon code is valid between 13th - 20th March, 2024, it can be used to schedule a reading with me for ANY DATE IN 2024.

Offer: 33% Special Birthday Discount on my Signature Numerology Course, Know Thyself! - Launching 25 March!

And as a centrepiece of our birthday celebrations at Soul Weaving this year, I’m delighted to also include my signature numerology course, Know Thyself!, an in-depth journey into the Foundations of Archetypal Numerology.

Launching very soon, this 13-week online course is usually priced at $1,495. But in the spirit of our celebration, you’re more than welcome to join us for just $1,002.99. Again, that’s a 33% discount, saving you nearly $500 on this deep dive into numerology.

That's even cheaper than the Early Bird pricing!

We’d love to have you with us! 🤩

Again, simply use the coupon code BIRTHDAY33 at checkout to unlock your exclusive birthday discount on any of the following:

  • Life Purpose Readings: Discover your true calling

  • Yearly Transit Readings: Decode the cosmic whisperings of the year

  • Supporting Your Child’s Purpose: Guide them on their unique path

  • Relationship Readings for Singles: Unravel the complexities of connection

  • Know Thyself! Course: The Foundations of Archetypal Numerology

These exclusive offers aren’t just for you - feel free to book multiple readings, either for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones (for their birthday, or even as Christmas gifts). Yes, the discount will apply to all of the readings you select, not just the first one. If gifting, let me know, and a beautiful gift voucher will be on its way to make your present even more special.

And please feel free to share this with your circles. Engagement helps my lil’ business to grow, and it helps to increase the general archetypal literacy in our community.

Again, thank you so much for being part of this journey, and for all your love and support as Soul Weaving continues to grow. I appreciate you!

If you'd like to work with me, please reach out. Or hit Reply if you have any questions at all. Let's connect, personally.

Blessings. 🙏


Juliette xo

P.S. These special birthday offers are my way of saying thank you for your incredible support. Don’t miss out - they’re only available until March 20th!

And remember, while the BIRTHDAY33 coupon code is valid between 13th - 20th March, 2024, it can be used to schedule a private Reading with me for ANY DATE IN 2024.

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