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Numerology Private Tuition

1 Hour / $80

Discounted Packages Available

(See below.)


What Shall We Study Together?


In calculating a Numerology Natal Chart, roughly 50% of the calculations are based on the date of birth, and 50% are based on the full, original name at birth.  In our one-on-one lessons, we can look at many different aspects of Numerology.  I am happy to tailor our classes to your individual needs/interests.  Areas we can study include:

-  The underlying philosophy of Numerology; ie: the 'Ground Rules'.

-  The multivalent nature of the Archetypes involved.

-  Understanding the continuum that all Archetypes exist on.

-  The essence of each Archetype: 1-9.  Their strengths, gifts, & challenges.

-  How to correlate numbers with the letters of the alphabet.

-  How to determine when the letter Y is a vowel vs a consonant.

-  How to calculate the core Numbers of the personal natal chart:

   a)  Birth Path Number

   b)  Heart Number

   c)  Personality Number

   d)  Destiny Number

   e)  Ultimate Reality Number

   f)   Karmic Lesson Numbers

   g)  Pinnacle Numbers and Challenges (Overarching time periods of Life)

   h)  The Overall Life Challenge Number

   i)   The Numerology Grid and Arrows of Influence

No prior experience is necessary. 


And if you have already have an Astrological background and would like to add Numerology to the symbolic languages you work with, please connect with me.  We will be able to converse and study Numerology together, drawing on our shared love and understanding of Astrology.

Why Choose to Study Privately with Me?

* Some of my private students prefer this option, as studying within a group dynamic can make them feel anxious. 


* Some would simply like the opportunity to fast-track our studies - maybe studying twice a week, instead of once a week - and then moving into the Intermediate material together (rather than waiting for my next Course to launch).


* Some are astrologers, and they'd like the opportunity to deeply explore the connections between numerology and astrology as we go. 


* Some prefer the flexibility of private tuition so that we can slow down, and follow their own organic line of enquiry as we deep-dive into the archetypes.  Maybe our Introductory journey will be even deeper than the group course, taking longer than 13 weeks. 

* And some simply have a random personal schedule, and they need the flexibility to meet at different times each week, rather than be locked into a group timetable.

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to study privately with me, please know you are welcome.  We can craft our own deep-dive into the archetypal language of numerology!  It excites me to share this body of wisdom, and I'd love to work with you!


How do We Connect?

We can connect online via Zoom's video conferencing service, no matter where you are in the world.  Easy!  Or we can either work together in person, here in Katoomba, NSW (once the CoVid19 restrictions are fully lifted). 

Tuition Rate:

My Private Tuition rate is $80 per 1-hour session, with a discount offered on packages of 5 x 1-hour sessions for $350 (i.e. $70/Hour). 


Alternatively, if you'd like to privately take my Know Thyself:  Introduction to Archetypal Numerology Course with me (13 x 3-hour sessions over consecutive weeks), this is deeply discounted to $180 per 3-hour session x 13.  (i.e. $60/hour)

(Click here for full details of my Know Thyself:  Introduction to Archetypal Numerology Course.)

If you'd love to share this archetypal language with me, please reach out.


I'd love to work with you!


Juliette xo