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* Introductory Course *

Keiraville, Wollongong, NSW

13-week Journey

Launching 17 March, 2019!

I regularly offer Numerology Courses, from as far north as Brisbane, to as far south as Wollongong.  (Course details follow the student testimonials, below.)  I'm getting ready to launch two new courses in March ... one in Coffs Harbour (four full days over two consecutive weekends), and another at the beautiful Teal Flame Healing Centre in Wollongong, a 13-week journey from 17 March to 16 June (with a one-week break for the Easter Long Weekend).


Here are the course details for our journey in Wollongong:

Deep Dive (Beginner's) Numerology Course in Keiraville, Wollongong, NSW

Who this Course is for:

✓ You are deeply committed to a lifelong quest of self-improvement. Often you feel on fire and you know that you are truly growing, but other times you feel like you are falling (jumping) into the same hole over and over again. Despite this, you remain devoted to your development and your path.


✓ You would love to understand the deeper essence of yourself and your loved ones ... your innate, authentic selves.

✓ You long to feel a greater level of compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance.

✓ You intuitively feel that there is an underlying intelligence to Life.  You sense that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to your relationships and experiences; that they serve as catalysts for growth and transformation.


✓ You are seeking a level of soul guidance that exists beyond this material realm.​


✓ Philosophically unravelling the mysteries of life is something that thrills you!


✓ You are ready to trust that Life has your back, and that *Nothing* has ever been random. Yes, even when you've railed against the stars, despairing, "Seriously?? AGAIN?? What is going on?!"


✓ You love to gather with like-minded people, anchoring in a sense of shared community and connection.


We are often taught to look outside ourselves for permission, validation, connection, guidance, and a sense of who we are.  We’re seldom guided to look within to cultivate and harness our inherent skills and gifts.  Committing to our inner work can seem daunting, useless, or self-centred.  In reality, though, it’s the most powerful gateway we have to full freedom, in a world that would rather lock us into small, cookie-cutter expectations of who we are to be.  This is precisely where numerology can empower us. 


Numerology is an ancient tool that reveals our authentic selves, and helps us to understand our soul's blueprint or curriculum for this lifetime.  It helps us to get to the root of who we are.  Simply put, it is one of the most direct, honest, and non-biased routes we have to self-enquiry, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance.  It illuminates the highest version of who we have the potential to be! 


Spiritually, numerology invites us to engage a greater level of Soul Wisdom than otherwise exists at the mundane level of consciousness.  It reminds us that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience.


This course is an invitation to learn this powerful, metaphysical tool.  It requires nothing more than our birth name and our date of birth.  You can engage it on your own path of personal growth, but also to support those you love, ie: your family & friends, your colleagues, clients, and students.


I truly hope you decide to join us!  Please feel free to reach out, should you have any queries or concerns at all. I'm so excited about this Course, and I'd love to talk with you!


The Finer Details:



Sundays for 13 weeks with a one-week break for the Easter long weekend. 

Our first gathering will be on Sunday, 17 March and run until 14 April, 2019.  We will have a break on 21 April for Easter, and then resume on 28 April.  Our final class will be 16 June.


Class times:  1:30 - 4:30 pm



What You'll Receive:

- 39 hours of class time (in person), learning numerology

- Recordings of our classes for your reference library.

- Unlimited access to me via our private Facebook study group for the duration of our Course.

- An invitation to join an Alumni group (on Facebook) of fellow seekers who have also studied numerology with me.




The Teal Flame Healing Centre

Shop 2 - 292-296 Gipps Rd


Wollongong  NSW  2500


The beautiful, new Teal Flame Healing Centre is in the charming Village of Keiraville - only 1 km from Wollongong CBD.  There is disabled access and parking, and there are a few nice restaurants over the road, if you'd like to meet for lunch or a coffee before class.



For further information on the Beginner's Numerology Course, including the specific areas we will study together, please click here

Course Structure:


Our Course will be offered via a Deep Dive over 13 weeks, beginning on Sunday, 17 March. Our first three classes will be dedicated to learning how to cast a numerology chart using just a person's birth name and date of birth. Students are encouraged to bring the birth details for their friends and loved ones, too!  In this initial period of our journey, we'll also explore the rich, philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings of numerology.

We will then immerse ourselves into the core essence of the number archetypes over our remaining ten classes together!  We'll have ample time to journey deeply with each archetype, exploring them from multiple multimedia sources to help ground them in our awareness, eg: poetry, movie scenes, songs, story books, quotes, and images. I find this greatly facilitates our instinctive awareness of the Number Archetypes ... it makes them 'real'.

By constantly referring back to our own natal charts as we progress through the Course, we discover how each archetype engages us personally.

As well as our time together on the weekends, we can interact online in our private Facebook group.  You are encouraged to post your questions, insights, and charts for everyone to look at and offer insight into.  I'll share an *abundance* of extra material here, to support your studies.  I will be at your disposal!

For further information on the  specific Course content etc, please check out the details here.  :-)


Ready to join us?


I'd like this course to be accessible to everyone, which is why I've kept the price low. I'm offering two discounts as well:

$50 Early Bird Discount if paid before 17 February, 2019.

$30 Friends Discount (for both you and your friend, if you come together)



All content, Recordings of the classes and calls, and access to our Private Facebook Group

$475 or $400 concession.

(Less Applicable Discounts)



All Regular access, PLUS three x 1:1 tuition sessions to support your studies and journey.

(Value: $670)

$625 or $550 concession.

(Less Applicable Discounts) 



All VIP access, PLUS a personal reading with me (Value: $970)

$895 or $820 concession 

(Less Applicable Discounts)

Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal.

Please contact me for account details. 

Payment Plans are available on request.


Please feel free to contact me with any queries or concerns you may have. I'd love to speak with you about numerology or the course itself!



Juliette xo


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Student Love:  

"As soon as I met Juliette, I knew I wanted to learn more about Numerology … Hearing her talk with such wisdom, insight, enthusiasm, and passion about the sacred language of numbers and how all aspects of our lives are shaped and moulded by our relationship with these archetypes, hooked me immediately. I have not been disappointed!

I have dabbled a little with numerology before and thought it was interesting, same as how I find reading my horoscope in the paper interesting ...  But with this class the energies have been made real, and made so relevant to me and my soul's journey.  Juliette is such a skilled teacher she brings the information that she shares with us completely alive so that not only do I understand it intellectually, but I know it and feel it.  It allows me to unravel and see different aspects of myself and my loved ones, bringing a greater understanding of our journeys and why we do the things we do.  In so doing, this work brings empathy, compassion and new ways of being and interacting with the world.

Numerology allows you a “sneak peak” at what your soul has chosen to work on this time around, to make the unconscious conscious, to give yourself an opportunity to master the lessons you have chosen and to grasp all opportunities presented to you wholeheartedly, because ultimately you realise YOU have chosen all those lessons and opportunities as a part of your soul’s growth...  This really is profound work in understanding and accepting yourself.


Thank you, Juliette.  Seeing someone who so clearly loves what they do is so heart opening and inspiring. xx"

- Kate Hotson, Owner, Coffs Zen Space, Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

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