I appreciate the opportunity to explore your natal charts together,

and to share your journey with you.  It is a privilege and an honour to have your trust.  

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Natal Chart Reading

3 hours  /   $350

​Let's talk about YOU!  3 hours devoted to exploring your natal charts from deep karmic, therapeutic, and spiritual perspectives.  We will engage the symbolic languages of Astrology, Numerology, and Mythology ... drawing on the wisdom of colour as well (ie: Aura Soma).  This is the place to start if you've never had a reading before.

Your natal chart is your personal 'blueprint'; it reveals your Soul's desired 'curriculum' for this lifetime.  Like the oak tree that steadily grows from the acorn and spreads its branches against the sky (and could never be an apple tree or a carrot!), we all embody the qualities of the time and place that we came into Life.  Your Astrological and Numerological natal charts are 2D maps of the Universe at the moment of your first breath.  Learning to read them is akin to reading our own Owner's Manual!

I invite you to read through my Frequently Asked Questions.  They may answer queries you have … or prompt thought around topics you hadn't thought of yet!  If you have additional queries, please feel free to contact me.  I'm always happy to chat!


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Series of 3 x Natal Sessions

3 x 3 Hours/$825

For those who would like to more deeply explore their Natal Charts with me, I am offering a series of three x successive sessions (3 hours each) for just $825 instead of $1,050, which is a 21% discount.  (This brings the cost of each session to just $275, instead of $350.) 


By connecting for three sessions, we can journey more deeply into your charts than would otherwise be possible in a single session.  It also provides time between our sessions to let our explorations really settle in; to allow your unconscious mind to work with the new material; and to integrate new insights as they arise.  You are then able to bring any questions and insights that have arisen within you to our second and third sessions together.  I tend to suggest using our third session as a Transits session, so we can explore how your chart is currently unfolding in 'real time'.  But this is totally up to you, of course.  (Please see the Yearly Transit Reading below for further information.)  

(NB:   Your three sessions will need to be completed within seven weeks, to ensure your charts are fresh in both our minds, as we journey deeper with them.)

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A Quick Question 

45 mins / $70

Sometimes, we just have a quick question that we'd like to ask about our charts. 

Or we just want to know the primary overview of our 'curriculum' for this lifetime.  We're curious about the core themes in our natal charts, but we aren't ready to take a deep dive, yet.


Or we'd like to get a feel for working with someone, before committing a greater amount of time and money for a more in-depth session.  

If this is where you're at, then this Quick Session is probably the one for you!


I will be at your disposal for half an hour, to answer any quick questions you may have.  I will ask you to share your main question/s ahead of our time together, so that I can prepare your charts in a focussed way. 

Woman looking at the Moon in a night sky.

Yearly Transit Reading

(Returning Clients Only)

1.5 hours  /   $200

What season of life are you in??  Saturn season?  Venus season?  What opportunities for growth are being presented?  What needs to be released?  Expanded?  What is being asked of you??  Understanding this, in real time, helps us to engage in a more direct conversation with Life itself; and to more fully harness our empowered, co-creative power.

Let's look at what is unfolding in your chart, and what the upcoming year holds for you!  


I will look at your year ahead by using a number of different astrological techniques.


I will cast your Solar Return chart, which is a chart erected for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the precise position of your natal Sun.  Your Solar Return chart will give us significant information for how your world will unfold for one year, from one birthday to the next.


Separately, I will calculate the major transits and progressions that will unfold in your chart over the coming twelve months.  I will pay attention to the retrograde cycles of the personal planets (ie: Mercury, Venus, Mars), to see if they will be highlighting any sensitive areas in your chart. 


Finally, I will determine which House in your chart is emphasised by Annual Profection.  This is an ancient timing technique that shows the primary theme of each year (again, birthday to birthday).  This ancient technique indicates which planet will be the Lord of the Year for you.  This is helpful to know, as it focuses our attention on that planet for the upcoming year - its movements, its retrograde cycle, and the Houses that it rules in your chart.  You will have a special 'radar' for its archetypal wisdom through the year.

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Dream Interpretation

1 Hour / $80

I've been told that an unexamined Dream is like an unread letter from your sub-conscious.  How true!  Dreams are powerful allies in our quest for self-awareness and personal growth. They are a profound way for your sub-conscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind.  Why would we intentionally ignore the vast wisdom being shared with us from our own depths?? 

Dreams work with puns, feelings, and symbols.  Contrary to popular understanding, Dream symbols are highly personal, and are intimately connected with our individual life experiences.  This is why Dream Dictionaries rarely help us to truly understand our Dreams!  Sometimes, though, we may feel like we need a guide to support us in this work.  


Ask me about a Dream or Nightmare that you're curious about.  Let's explore its deeper meaning together, using a variety of techniques.  Our session will help you to gain a fresh perspective on the events that are currently unfolding in your life.  It will also enable you to develop a deeper insight into yourself. 

Once you have paid for your session, please contact me using the button below.  I will ask you a couple of questions about your Dream, ahead of our session.  We will then spend a whole hour exploring your Dream together!

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Exploring the Divine Feminine in Your Chart

1.5 Hours / $200

Hail and Welcome, Sisters!  As a more specialised area of my devotional practice, it is my intention to serve the Divine Feminine by aiding her Priestesses, Witches, and others in our Wild Sisterhood and Goddess Tribe to live more joyous, purposeful, and deeply spiritual lives.  Using Astrology, I can offer guidance re: developing your personal devotional practice by exploring how the Divine Feminine presents Herself in your astrological chart. 
Turning to one of the Goddess' ancient forms, Inanna, the Great Queen of Heaven, is one way to gain powerful insight into your connection with the Divine Feminine.  The ancient Sumerians tracked the Venus cycle with great precision.  They shared Her 18-month astronomical journey through the Heavens by telling of Inanna's mythic return journey to the Underworld to visit Her Sister, Ereshkigal.  Their mythological tale precisely connects Venus' movements through the Heavens with our charts, but also with our chakras (our power centres).
With this guidance of the ancients, we can determine where the Great Queen of Heaven was on Her journey to and from the Underworld, at the moment you were born.  We can calculate which of the Sacred Gateways (chakras) She had entered.  We can also determine whether She was in Her descent phase, intent on Her journey to meet Ereshkigal; whether She was actually in the Underworld; or whether She was now ascending again to Her place of honour in the Heavens.  Was She in the process of removing all obstacles and blockages to Her power?  Or was She ascending and reclaiming Her power in its full strength, having gone through the Underworld experience??  By understanding where She was in Her journey, we are provided with significant information regarding how the Divine Feminine calls you to engage and serve Her in this lifetime.
 Separately, we will explore the Great Meta-Goddess that ruled the 18-month Venus cycle that you were born into.  For example, while Venus was in Aries at the time of my birth, the Great Meta-Goddess ruling Venus' cycle at that time was Scorpio!  Both of these Mars-ruled Archetypes hold great significance to how I am called to work with and honour the Divine Feminine, both personally and in the world as Her vessel.  I can determine this in your chart, for you.
Finally, by calculating the positions of the Asteroids, we can also determine which (if any) of the specific faces of the Goddess are prominent in your natal chart.  There may be Goddesses that you haven't even heard of living and enacting their wisdom and stories through you!  By all means, if there is a particular Goddess that you have dedicated yourself to as Priestess, please let me know.  If She has been identified in our Heavens, then I'll be able to specifically search your natal chart for Her presence.   By understanding Her archetypal presence, we'll have a greater understanding of the events, relationships, and dynamics of your life.
I look forward to supporting you in refining your devotional practise.  Blessed Be, Goddess Tribe and Wild Sisters!
Artwork of Lilith offering Eve an apple.

Black Moon Lilith Reading

1.5 hours  /  $200

In our Astrological charts, Lilith signifies our wild, raw, authentic nature.  She shows where we have potentially been persecuted, demonised, or unjustly ostracised for being true to ourselves; and where we have willingly chosen loneliness and exile over bowing to the Will or power of another.  Because of the primal resentment and bitterness that arises from such unjust ostracism and male domination, Lilith in our Astrological charts can also signify our deep, repressed rage.  When activated, this rage has the potential to erupt in fury and violence.  For example, recently, we've seen the outcry caused by then-President-Elect Trump's remarks that he likes to grab women 'by the pussy'.  We saw the fierce 'Me, too!' movement, and the bold #stillnotaskingforit campaign that sought to raise awareness of sexual assault, masculine privilege, and our society's continued 'rape culture'. 

Lilith also signifies the potential for resolution, skilful negotiation, and compromise ...  all that Lilith tried, unsuccessfully, to initiate with Adam.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Ancient Goddess Lilith energy in your personal chart, then please reach out! Let's schedule a session together.  With Blessings.