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Numerology 101: Working with the Archetypes (aka Rock Bottom will Teach you Lessons that Mountain Tops Never Will)

Saying "Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will."

Numerology 101: Working with the Archetypes

Shadow and light. Duality. How to truly understand hot without cold in contrast?

Faith without doubt??

For example, the Number 1 needs to understand fearlessness, which can only come through an understanding and intimate experience of fear itself.

The Number 1 victim will need to experience being the Number 1 perpetrator of violence in some form. How does it feel to hold that level of power? To intimidate or bully another?? For how can the 1 truly understand 1 energy without exploring both sides of the coin? Both extremes of the energy?

Can the 1 even recognise when it is being violent??? How subtle and nuanced can this violence get and still be recognised and understood by the 1?

How long will it take for the 1 to come to the centre of this energy, and become Number 1's archetypal Hero and Protector? Months? Decades? Lifetimes?

And ditto for all the other Numbers, as well.

The Number 5 is learning to understand the healthy and constructive use of freedom, among many other significations. So, it is likely to experience both extremes of freedom: from feeling terrified of being trapped in a relationship, or job, or any sort of dynamic, and therefore selfishly demanding their freedom at all costs . . . through to actually being afraid of their own freedom, and literally finding themselves trapped in some way, whether that's socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, or financially.

If we are learning to embody the Number 2's relationship wisdom, we can find ourselves engaging it from all sides. Connection and disconnection. Equality and inequality. Codependence, interdependence, and extreme anti-dependence.

Is this approach landing for you?

When working with each of the archetypes, remember this Numerology 101 principle: the shadow of each archetype's energy is as critical to engage and understand as the light. Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will.

And remember that you're likely to swing from one extreme to the other, at first. That's more than okay. In fact, it's vitally necessary. And through that process, you'll find yourself moving towards the strength of the proverbial mountain top, that centred, grounded, balanced position within each of the archetypal energies.

Just a few thoughts ...

If you have any insights or queries, please feel free to reach out. And if you'd like to dive in deeper, I invite you to study numerology with me. You'll find details of my various courses, here.

I'd love to journey with you!


Juliette xo


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