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Counting Mabon Blessings, and (temporarily) closing my books

Hey, beautiful people!

Mabon is a Sabbat of bringing in our harvest, and of feeling so abundant, thankful, blessed, and grateful for all that we've brought into our life since Yule, last year . . . the new relationships we've formed, our emotional and psychological growth, the projects we're bringing to fruition, and the physical abundance we've created, as well. (Click here to learn more about this Sabbat.)

I’d love to know what you are harvesting in your life right now!

What have you worked hard for that you’re now reaping the benefits? It can be hard to “brag” or to focus on your accomplishments, but I want to celebrate you!

Mabon harvest altar, in a forest, with a candle, Sun/Moon amulet, and the harvest

Personally, I've got a little Mabon update, myself: thanks to our community's incredible support, my schedule is now completely booked for the next little while.


This is such an exciting stage to be at and I am feeling so grateful to my amazing students and clients for supporting my small business in this way! Thank you!

I am absolutely loving teaching and sharing this archetypal work, and the deeper dives that I'm taking with my beautiful 1:1 clients!

But . . . with such a full schedule, it means that I won’t be able to take any new appointments until my current courses and some of the more intensive private 13-week coaching packages have wound up.

My focus remains on providing the highest quality service that I can for my students and clients. I don’t want to be stretched so thin that I can’t truly be of service.

So, I need to gently close my books for the moment.

But don't worry! I’ll be re-opening my books in July, after Yule, ready and excited for the new year that will just be beginning at that time . . .

I'll be launching one of my favourite courses, Hekate's Keys (an intermediate-level numerology course on the Planes of Expression), and welcoming new faces for my private client work, as well.

So, keep an eye out for all the exciting updates!

Thank you, again, for walking this path with me. I can't tell you how grateful I feel for your wonderful support.

I'd love to celebrate your wins, too! What are you harvesting, this blessed Mabon? I hope your harvest is abundant, and filled with love, gratitude, and joy!


Juliette xo

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