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Death Water is NOT a Great Idea!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Contrary to popular awareness, eclipses are NOT these super powerful times for general magic. Astromages will tell you that eclipses are used for cursing, not blessing.

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If I can find the time (Gah?!?!), I'll write a post for us all on our current eclipse season. One important note, though, please don't be putting out your crystals to charge, or drawing down the Moon to make Moon Water or anything on the actual eclipses, especially the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

We're probably going to read a lot of posts on social media that will declare it to be an incredibly powerful time for working magic because of the eclipses, and therefore a perfect time for supercharging your crystals and jars of water etc. According to planetary magic tradition, though, it's NOT! Contrary to popular, modern awareness, eclipses are NOT these super powerful times for general magic. Astromages will tell you that eclipses are used for cursing, not blessing.

We're all welcome to our own spiritual practices, based in whichever tradition we choose to study and follow. Allow me to share some of the beliefs and traditions of my own spiritual path, and some of the teachings of my teacher (who is a dedicated student, practitioner, and teacher of all three Hermetic Arts - ie: Alchemy, Astrology, and Magic.)

When Witches (and others who work with planetary magic, or astromagic) draw down the Moon, we're harnessing the energy of the cosmos in that particular moment and anchoring it in physical form in ourselves, as well as in our water or crystals etc. These blessed items can then be used for a variety of purposes, eg: to hold that energy on our altar; as part of our personal rituals; to water a plant that we're tending; to cleanse magical items; to put in our pet's drinking water if they're ailing; or to drink it ourselves as part of our own workings. (Depending on the sign that the Moon is in at the time, and the aspects She is making to the other planets etc, the water/crystals can be charged for very specific purposes.)

However, during an eclipse, one of our Great Luminaries (ie: the Sun and the Moon) is literally eclipsing the Light of the other, thereby weakening and diminishing it. Eclipses are also known to bring sudden and sometimes shocking upheaval. In ancient times, if the King or Emperor's astrologer failed to predict an eclipse, it was considered sufficient grounds to put them to death! Serious stuff! Even now, there are traditions that teach us not to go outside during an eclipse, but to instead stay inside in prayer, chanting specific mantras of protection. Many cultures and traditions take eclipse lore very seriously!

Therefore, if we draw down the Moon at such times, the energy is said to potentially curse and harm rather than bless and heal. For example, if someone was ailing and we gave them this eclipse water, then instead of supporting their healing process and strengthening their Light's return, it could further compromise/weaken their health & well-being ... sometimes in sudden and shocking ways, as that's the energy that has been harnessed. Hence the tongue in cheek term, 'death water', as my teacher affectionately/cheekily refers to it! 😃

Simply put, you don't want eclipse energy to be held in your crystals or Holy Water etc, unless you're intentionally cursing someone/something to weaken it, and remove their Light. And I'd seriously think twice before doing that.

As the Witches will tell you, ever mind the Rule of Three. ie: Everything you put out comes back to you, to the power of three. Some traditions adhere to the power of ten! No, no, no. 🤪

An' ye harm none, do as ye will.

I hope the eclipse season isn't being too rough with you. Be open to the wisdom and experiences of this fortnight between the lunations (ie: New Moon to Full Moon). Life is closing whole chapters for you, and opening you to brand new ones. Be still and present, and listen. Where is Life calling you to? Can you trust its wisdom and guidance? Even if you don't want certain doors to close?? 🙏

Peace Juliette xo

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