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'Furious Brain Surgeon' Ostracised by his peers - Observing the 1 Archetype in Play

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Ground-breaking, innovative Neurosurgeon, and rebel-with-a-cause, Dr Charlie Teo's life is in the news at the moment. Let's look at what is unfolding through an archetypal lens.

Here's a snippet of a case study that my students and I are currently looking at - Dr Charlie Teo, the acclaimed, Australian Neurosurgeon. I share it as an example of learning to view situations and people through an archetypal lens.

A few weeks ago, Dr Charlie Teo was raised by one of my current students as someone who is obviously engaging the 1 archetype in his life, due to his rebellious, pioneering, and innovative techniques with neurosurgery (operating on brain cancer); as well as his willingness to take surgical risks that other surgeons won't go near. She also mentioned his love of adrenaline-pumping, motorbike riding. These are all highly 1 significations, so we looked up his date of birth, which is 24 December, 1957. This means that he's walking a 31/4 Birth Path! Yes, the 1 is very strongly placed in his chart. Well-identified by my student!

We can also see Dr Teo in the role of archetypal hero, fighting against a powerful 'killer'. The healthy 1 is in its element when placing itself between an aggressor (in this case, brain cancer) and a 'victim' (or the patient with brain cancer). The healthy 1 archetype is our hero who 'fights' against something in order to protect something more vulnerable or 'weaker'.

Over the last couple of days, Dr Teo has been receiving a lot of attention in the news. We're seeing strongly 1 archetypal themes playing out in his life, just now. He's being exiled and ostracised by his colleagues - we could even say persecuted, publicly. His 1 isn't taking it laying down, though, of course! Also, note the title of the article refers to Dr Teo as the 'Furious Brain Surgeon' - 1 as a symbol of anger and rage. (As an aside, also note the 3 reference to criticism ... 3s can be either highly critical of others, or heavily criticised BY others. Again, he's walking a 31/4 Birth Path. See how the archetypes are combining? 3 criticism for his 1 innovation and risk-taking.)

As we learn in my Numerology Intensive, the 1 can find themselves leading if/when people start to follow them and want to learn from them, but that's not what drives the 1. The 1 just keeps moving forward - pioneering, trail-blazing, innovating, regardless. Even if no one 'gets' what they're doing, the 1 just keeps on going. As you'll read in the link or watch in the clip, Dr Teo has been offering to share his innovative, ground-breaking techniques, but other surgeons in Australia have shunned him. Remember ... the 1 must be prepared to stand their ground, and be exiled or ostracised if necessary, in order to do what they're really here to do.

How ridiculous and painful (not to mention frustrating) this can be for any 1s! Ugh. But that's how it is, right? The 1 is about having the strength and courage to pursue what they can see before the rest of their community, despite the condemnation, exile, and aggression they may have to endure from others.

As always when considering the 1 archetype, I'm reminded of Columbus' quote, "Nothing that results in human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. Those that are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of others."

Hope this helps having a real-life example (short and simple as it is) of observing and understanding the archetypes at play in someone's life.

If you'd like to join us to learn numerology yourself, let me know! We'd love to have you join us! You can find all the details here. 🙏🤓🌸

Peace Juliette xo

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