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Mercury Retrograde Season Begins

Pay attention, beautiful people! We're receiving our itinerary for the next Mercury Retrograde period. Mercury - Messenger to the Gods

That's right ... as I write this at 4:00 pm on 19 February (ADST), Mercury is less than 12 hours away from entering the Shadow period of His upcoming Retrograde season. He officially hits Shadow in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning (in Australia), at 16 degrees and 5 minutes of Pisces.

No doubt, we'll talk more about Mercury Retrograde season as we go along, especially as we edge closer to 5 March (see Key Dates below). For the moment, though, notice the conversations that you are having with yourself and others. Notice the inspired ideas that are coming to you. Pay attention to any surprising, new ideas or offers that are coming in (due to the recent Mars Uranus conjunction).

Also, Mercury is conjuncting Neptune right now. When Mercury conjuncts a planet, it's like He has handed His megaphone to it to speak ... Neptune communicates well through more ethereal, poetic, and mysterious forms. So, perhaps new thoughts and ideas are coming to you in your Dreams? Visions? Meditations? While in trance - eg: while drumming or dancing or creating art? Or while exploring the spirit world, using sacred planet medicine?

Are you dreaming or visioning a lot, at the moment?? Write your Dreams down! Sit with them. Interpret them. Pay attention to what your subconscious is trying to bring into your conscious awareness. (If you'd like some help in understanding your Dreams, please feel free to reach out. I'm happy to book you in for a Dream Session ... another passion of mine! 💜💙💚 )

These ideas form your itinerary for Mercury's journey over the next couple of months. They will occupy a lot of your thoughts, plans and conversations, perhaps especially around 29 March, when He returns to this exact degree.

With Saturn also making a harmonious aspect to Mercury (as well as to Neptune), the question may be how you can make these inspired ideas and conversations a reality? Do you need to take your ideas and these conversations a little more seriously?? Do you need to apply some common-sense and mental discipline to help ground them? Or do you need to somehow reality-check them, in order to help them take form in this 3D manifest realm?

Oh, and as a random side-note ... if you know your car needs to be serviced or taken to the mechanic, hop to it before He actually turns retrograde, ie: 5 March. (Mercury rules transportation, too.)

Yes. Mercury Retrograde season is beginning!

Key Dates:

Mercury enters Shadow: 20 February, 2019 (16 degrees 5 minutes Pisces)

Mercury turns Retrograde: 5 March, 2019 (29 degrees 38 minutes Pisces)

Mercury turns Direct: 29 March, 2019 (16 degrees 5 minutes Pisces)

Mercury leaves Shadow: 17 April, 2019 (29 degrees 38 minutes Pisces)

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