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There's Way More to Your Numerology Chart than Simply Your Birth Path Number

Updated: May 13, 2023

Hey, beautiful people!

A quick, random post on the Number 7. 🤓 My son (who walks a 7 Birth Path) is totally into technology and magic. He's currently studying coding etc at university. He just sent me this fun image, which reminded me of the following quote from Arthur Charles Clarke - a famous Futurist, Inventor, and Science Fiction Writer:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Now, as technology and magic are both 7 significations, I was instantly curious to see where the 7 was in Arthur C Clarke's natal chart.

If all we calculated was the Birth Path Number, though, we'd perhaps scratch our heads in bewilderment. We'd wonder how we were so far off by imagining we could recognise the 7 in his chart?? I mean, his Birth Path Number is 28/10/1. There's absolutely no 7 in it at all!

To be sure, the 1 is a signification of the Inventor. It's usually way ahead of its time, and is the first to see or understand something. Hence, we can see Arthur C Clarke as both an Inventor and as a Futurist. But what about the 7 of Technology and Magic, and his interest in Science, Space Travel and in Science Fiction etc? Where's the 7???

Well, if we look a little deeper into his chart we find the following:

- Born 16/12/1917 - ie: on a 7 Day (The archetype of our Day of Birth is key in our chart.)

- AND he has a 7 Heart Number (from his birth name)

- AND he has a 7 Karmic Lesson (from his birth name)

With such strong 7 placements, no wonder he's totally into Science, Technology, Space Travel, and Science Fiction etc! Apparently, he even joined the 'British Interplanetary Society' back in 1934, when he was still a teenager. In time, he rose to become its Chairman from 1946–1947 and again from 1951–1953.

(Of course, being the Chairman of this organisation would be indicative of the 8 in his 28/10/1 Birth Path, as would the level of fame he rose to in his lifetime. Fame and executive skill are both significations of the 8 Archetype.)

- 3 Passion Point (ie: five x 3s in his name)

3 is linked to writing, public speaking, and being in films etc. So, with all this 3 energy in his chart along with the 7, it makes sense he's a famous Science Fiction novelist! He was also the co-writer of the film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. AND he used to host his own TV Shows, including 'Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World'. Of course, he did!

(Love that word 'mysterious' . . . so 7, right??)

How I love looking at people's charts and seeing them in action in real life!

I thought I'd share this little snippet with you all, in case you're curious about how much more there is to numerology than simply your Birth Path Number!


Juliette xo

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