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This is NOT how the Story Ends!

The 7 has a journey with their intelligence or their spirituality (or both). The 2 has a journey with intimacy, and healthy relationships. The 8 has a journey with power, ambition, sexuality, and money. The 3 has a journey with their appearance, and learning to speak up and be heard. Each of the archetypes has their own particular Angel to wrestle; their own Path to walk; their own journey into the deep woods.

Thinking of it as a Hero's or Heroine's journey is actually quite liberating. To realise that we're only part way through the journey of an archetype is refreshing and surprising and freeing!!! It empowers us to say, at any moment in time, that THIS is not how the story ends!! We're only part way through our journey .... so keep walking. Just keep walking!

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