Ecstatic Beltane: Creativity, Joy, Fertility, and Fire!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

With the veil between the worlds at their thinnest (like at Samhain), it's time for our dreams and visions to cross the threshold from abstract thought into physical reality.

Amazing Artist: Natalia Bukanova

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Beautiful people, today (31 October) is the day we traditionally celebrate the High Holy Day of Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere! Brightest Blessings!! (Having said that, Beltane is actually held on 7 November, this year (2021). So, there is still time to tend to Ostara's activities, if you haven't quite finished.)

Let's be clear ... it's not Halloween (aka: Samhain), no matter how much spooky stuff you may see in the stores! Or even if you've been to a Halloween party over the weekend.

Please work with the actual flow of Life around us, rather than blindly following the calendar of the Northern Hemisphere, which is six months out of step with our actual seasons. I know ... I keep saying the same thing over and over. I'm just trying to beat the point over your head! LOL!!

Let's Recap Before We Dive In:

(Jump ahead, if you'd like to skip the recap.)

We received the vision of how Life could be at Samhain when the veil between the worlds was also at its thinnest. (Beltane and Samhain share the same axis, six months apart; they're linked.) At Yule, with the dying of the Light of the old Sun, we identified those aspects of our own Light that needed to die, too. Yule is also when the fragile new Sun is reborn, heralding a new Light into the world. So, too, we were invited to birth new aspects of our own Light into the world ... especially those parts of ourselves that are necessary to bring our new vision to fruition.

So far, so good?

During Imbolc season, we were encouraged to get all our 'ducks in a row', and to carefully plan for the year ahead. Imbolc guided us to make sure we have the time, the tools, and the resources we'll need to accomplish our goals.

With the Spring Equinox on 23 September, 2021 we arrived at Ostara, a Crisis Point on the Great Wheel. During this past season, our clear guidance was twofold:

a) Take massive, determined action on our goals; and

b) Repudiate the structures, beliefs, and habits of our past that no longer serve us. Remember, if this repudiation is not definite enough, and we're only half-hearted in our attempts to forge a new way forward, we'll undermine this entire cycle of growth.

(We still have until 7 November, 2021, before we actually enter Beltane, so you still have time for Ostara's work, if necessary.)

And now, we're entering Beltane's season, the 5th Sabbat on the Great Wheel of the Year!

Dates: 7 November - 21 December, 2021

As at Samhain (ie: the Sabbat directly opposite Beltane on the Great Wheel), the veil between the worlds is again at its thinnest. But instead of Life preparing to leave our realm, it is now rushing INTO our dense, material world. It's Spring time!

This High Holy Day is a celebration of fertility, pollination, and conception. (Note: not birth, yet.) Continuing with our gardening analogy, let's consider the seed ideas that we planted at Ostara. Have you been taking massive, determined action on those ideas? And repudiating any structures, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve you? If so, your seed ideas will have grown into strong, healthy, young plants, by now. Importantly, they'll be covered in blossoms that are ready to be pollinated. Beltane is a time of blessed bees, busily humming in our gardens, both metaphorically and literally.

These flowers, once pollinated, will ultimately become the fruit of your endeavours. And this fruit is what will be harvested in upcoming seasons. How on earth does a flower become a peach, a pomegranate, or a snow pea? I honestly have no idea! This is part of Life's extraordinary magic, which we'll be calling on, this season.

Anything that exists in this physical realm (from a poem, to a human being, to the device you're reading this article on) was once just an abstract idea or vision. At some point, it had to cross the threshold between the worlds, and anchor here in tangible, physical form.

This Sabbat's magic relates to creativity, fertility, and conception. Beltane is a celebration of the deeper mysteries of stabilising the spark of Life in dense, physical matter.

Beltane is the Sabbat where "thoughts become things".

Joy, Creativity, Play!

Beltane is a time of creativity! Bliss. Ecstasy. Whereas Yule is the stillness and harsh depths of Winter, Beltane is the busyness and joy of Springtime. Beltane invites us to play . . . to be in the present moment. Joy shifts our energy and our focus. And it can nudge us onto a Path that we may not have otherwise seen.

When we're playing, we momentarily loosen our grip on our plans and our expectations. Our minds empty. And our hearts open. We become more connected to Life as it flows through us. We become present to what wants to be experienced through us.

In this relaxed or joyous state of being, we experience creativity in its finest form. We're struck by inspiration, and we're blessed with synchronicities - of unexpected resources, connections, and opportunities. Surely, we've all experienced moments like this at some point.

“When you follow your bliss… doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” ~Joseph Campbell

The more we can enter this ecstatic state of bliss, the more life becomes a joyful dance; a transcendent experience where we are striving less, and surrendering and allowing more. In these moments, we aren’t moving Life; Life is moving us. Beltane invites us to remember that we are not alone. We are co-creators with the Cosmos, with the Quantum Field. So, go with the flow. Know that there is a greater wisdom at play; an Intelligence weaving its way through everything, including you.

Here, in this joyful, creative place, we are dancing with Life. We are truly living Life! Whether our Samhain visions have us dreaming into a new garden, a new business, a new book, or a new baby, Beltane invites us to conceive with Life itself, and physically manifest our dreams.

I love the following images from a Beltane Festival hosted by Edinburgh's Fire Society. Won't it be fabulous when we're able to gather for huge public festivals, again?? I remember dancing around the bonfire at Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane, many many Moons ago. What a wonderful, vibrant community that is!

The Fire Society in Edinburgh revived the ancient Beltane celebrations in the 1980s.

© Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Celebrating our Libidinal Life Force Energy!

Tarot card, image of two lovers, Beltane lovers
Beltane, by Julia Jeffrey

Beltane is a magnificent festival that celebrates the energising, life-affirming energy of fire! It is perhaps the most exciting, free, pulsing, passionate, joyful, creative, sensual Sabbat of all!

Its energy is ecstatic!

Think of people dancing around Maypoles and bonfires, and making love in the fields under the stars.

At Beltane we're called to celebrate what it means to be alive! To be incarnate, as Spirit stabilised in Matter. We're encouraged to tap into that instinctual part of ourselves that just loves living!

In so doing, we honour and engage our full libidinal lifeforce. We celebrate both our joyful creativity and our fertility.

And by intentionally tapping into our personal spark of Life, we can channel this energy to our Samhain vision, helping it to cross the threshold and come into physical form, too.

Now, traditionally, Beltane is when couples would be handfasted, vowing to be committed to each other for ‘a year and a day’. And it's when young people would go “a-Maying". They would make love in the woods and the fields, laying directly on the Earth Herself, and energetically offering their fertility and ecstasy to the Whole of Life. Children conceived at Beltane were considered especially blessed. (Note: It's called "a-Maying" because, in the Northern Hemisphere, Beltane happens in May. Remember, we're six months out of synch with each other.)

By intentionally offering our creativity and fertility to Life, we engage in a form of Sympathetic Magic. We co-create with Life itself. And we ensure not only our own personal fertility and abundance, but the abundance of all of Life, too.

So, whether making love tonight, or creating a poem, making art, dancing, playing with aerial silks, or twirling poi, consciously offer this joyful, creative energy to Life itself!

Photo by: Chanel Baran