Great Conjunction 2020 Part II - A Calling to Embody our Full Potential

At a personal level, The Great Conjunction is a time to initiate what will become our primary, central focus for the next 20 years. The freedom to be our authentic selves, though, comes with the responsibility to fully integrate our potential into our daily lives.

Note: This is Part II of the article I've been writing on The Great Conjunction and The Great Mutation that we're currently experiencing. In this article I'll be looking at our personal experience of The Great Conjunction, and exploring how we're called to engage this moment in time.

Part I of this article, which was published earlier today, explored our collective experience of these, including some of the relevant history so that we can place them within a greater context.

The Great Conjunction and The Great Mutation

Okay, before we dive in, let's look at the fundamental ideas we're working with in this article, so it'll make more sense. (I'm copying this section across from Part I, in case you haven't read it. If you have, feel free to skip ahead.)

Every 20 years, as regular as clockwork, our two societal planets - Jupiter and Saturn - meet in the skies above us. When they do, it's known as The Great Conjunction. These are known to signal major historical developments for the collective.

Now, these great planets meet in the signs of the same element over and over again for approximately 180 to 200 years, before then shifting into a new element. This movement of The Great Conjunctions into a different element is known as The Great Mutation, which signals an even greater historical shift for humanity. It signals the opportunity for us to make a monumental, collective leap forward in consciousness. It's a time when we're invited to re-dream the world we live in.

These greater, over-arching cycles set the tone for where we are collectively headed - socially, politically, culturally, scientifically, and philosophically. Typically, like fish who aren't aware of the water they swim in, we are fairly oblivious to the energy of these greater cycles. I mean, the Great Mutation lasts for seven or eight generations. We're just born into them and accept them as our 'reality'. But our baseline, so to speak, is about to change.

The Great Mutation is like Life saying that we've reached a point where something has to give... As a collective, our perspective needs to change. Our relationship with the Earth, with each other, and with the Divine needs to evolve. We're ready for a collective shift in consciousness.

Why? Because, as Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

It's pretty special that we all chose to be incarnate at the time of a Great Mutation; to personally live through - and contribute to (however consciously or unconsciously) - one of these great epochal changes.

Exciting, right??

If you'd like to read more on our collective experience of this profound transit, please read Part I of the article.

Otherwise, please read on for more on our personal experience of this powerful transit.

How are We to Engage the Energy of The Great Aquarian Conjunction, Personally?

There are so many moving pieces here!! Where to even begin???

Let's consider David Whyte's poem, Sometimes:

Sometimes if you move carefully through the forest, breathing like the ones in the old stories, who could cross a shimmering bed of leaves without a sound,

you come to a place whose only task is to trouble you with tiny but frightening requests,

conceived out of nowhere but in this place beginning to lead everywhere.

Requests to stop what you are doing right now, and to stop what you are becoming while you do it.

Questions that can make or unmake a life.

Questions that have patiently waited for you.

Questions that have no right to go away.

We have personally and collectively reached one of these places... a preordained moment or threshold that has patiently waited for us since the moment we were born.

The Great Conjunction will guide the next 20 years of our lives. It's not a sharp, sudden moment. It's not a Uranus transit, brimming with shock and chaotic earthquakes! No. It's a quiet moment, seemingly 'conceived out of nowhere'. But from here it will begin to lead us everywhere, as David Whyte says. Where it leads, though, will depend on the level of consciousness, commitment, faith, and courage we're willing to bring to it. And, if we're successful in embracing this greater cycle, 20 years from now, we'll look back and realise how this moment became one of the foundation stones of our lives.

The trick is to remember to actively, intentionally engage this longer cycle... not to forget it in two weeks time (let alone in two or fifteen years) when other things have crowded our minds and are competing for our attention. For, whether we remember to actively engage this cycle or not, it'll be unfolding for the next 20 years! We'd be wise to keep it mind. We'd be wise to work with the flow of Life through the eight phases of this cycle, rather than against them.

A hand-embroidered Great Wheel of the Year, with a Pinnacle in the centre.  By Ysadora, 2018.
Pagan Wheel of the Year, Hand Embroidery by Ysadora 2018

Working with the Eight-Fold Cycle

Before we launch into the astrology etc., let's touch on the eight Sabbats of the Great Wheel of the Year, or the eight-fold Lunar cycle that we experience and celebrate each & every month.

These monthly and yearly cycles illuminate so much! There is tremendous power in harnessing their wisdom and innate rhythm. But did you know that we can extrapolate these eight phases out to any cycle we're interested in, including The Great Conjunctions?

We can! And if we divide this 20-year cycle into 8 phases, we'll see that each distinct phase lasts for roughly 2.5 years each.

We've just experienced The Great Aquarian Conjunction itself, on 22 December 2020 (Sydney, Australia time), which is akin to the New Moon phase of the Lunar cycle, or Yule, beginning. This is the energy we'll be working with for the next 2.5 years. (More on that in a moment.)

But we've been in the Waning Crescent phase, or Samhain, for approximately the past 2.5 years. (Dates below.) Let's explore where we've been, before looking ahead to where we're going... It might help us gain a greater sense of context.

Waning Crescent Phase of the Previous Great Conjunction

Witches will tell you that the Great Wheel actually begins at Samhain (i.e. the Waning Crescent Phase), and not at Yule (i.e. New Moon). So, as cognitively jarring as this may seem at first, this new Great Conjunction cycle actually began roughly 2.5 years ago at the Waning Crescent phase of the previous cycle.

Samhain, or the Waning Crescent Phase, is when we:

  1. Communicate with the other side of the Veil;

  2. Receive a new vision for the upcoming cycle - in this case, a 20-year cycle; and

  3. Release whatever no longer serves our Soul's evolutionary path.

If you'd like to read more on Samhain, click here to read my article.

Have a look back through your journals and social media posts etc. to get a sense of what was happening for you on and around the following dates: 22 December 2017, 14 March 2018, and 4 September 2018. These were the three dates (Sydney, Australia time) when Jupiter and Saturn met in the skies above at the Waning Crescent point - i.e. they were at their Waning Semi-square. Direct, Retrograde, and then Direct, again.

Contemplating those dates:

  • Did you receive any ideas, insights, dreams, or visions regarding your Path forward?

  • Did you realise what has been holding you back from living your most empowered, authentic, self-actualised life?

  • Did it become clear what you needed to release, in order to commit to your Path?

  • Did you make any meaningful, life-changing decisions?

  • Did you let something or someone go, in order to commit your time, energy, and resources to this new Path? (e.g. A job? A home? A relationship? )

There is always an element of 'letting go' involved with receiving a new vision. This wisdom is captured beautifully at Samhain or at the Waning Crescent phase. As Charles Eisenstein eloquently put it:

"The first step ... is to receive a vision that feels true.

The second step is to heal the wounds and doubts that this vision illuminates.

Without doing that, we will be conflicted, simultaneously enacting both the new story

and the old one that accompanies the wounds.

The third step is to bow into service to that which wants to be born.

This process is not linear.

Usually, the vision comes more and more into focus as we heal the doubts that obscure it. That, in turn, allows us to come more deeply into its service.

Deeper service, in turn, brings up deeper dimensions of the vision

along with deeper wounds."

Our lives have most likely been disrupted by loss or trauma over the past 2.5 years - whether through the ending of relationships or our marriage; death; a health crisis; loss of our home; an accident; becoming an empty nester with children moving away to university; or perhaps the loss of a job. CoVid19.

Many (most) of us have been removed from our familiar, steady pattern of life, and this may have felt overwhelming at times... but, in fact, it has been readying us for this important new beginning. It has been necessary. And all of the changes we've experienced during this period of transition from one great cycle to the next have hopefully prompted/forced us into some level of self-reflection. We've been called to contemplate and release all doubts, fears, unsupportive beliefs, conditioned patterns, addictions, and worn-out stories that drain our energy, confidence, and resources... anything that no longer serve our Path forward.

With the full energetic support of Life itself, we've been asked to allow 'the old' to fall away; to dissolve back into Source energy... and to not resist this process. Why? Because we can't possibly build anew, if our life is already full. We can't build a new structure where an old structure already stands. Do you see?

Perhaps without realising it, we've been creating space in our lives for 'the new' to now bubble up from Source, or from the Divine, the Quantum Field, Great Spirit, or Great Mother - whichever language feels more comfortable for you.

This is what the past 2.5 years have been about - realising our new path of service, and clearing all that would potentially inhibit it.

Yule, or the New Moon Phase

And now, the fragile new cycle is being born at 0° 29' of Aquarius, unencumbered by all that we've released during the previous phase. Again, this New Moon phase, will last for approximately the next 2.5 years.

In this phase, we are to engage the - perhaps arduous - work of integrating our vision into our daily lives. We are to take responsibility for it. We are to make a long-term commitment of some kind (Saturn), akin to the New Moon intentions that we set each month but on a much grander scale.

We are to set in motion a new, two-decades long project that will give structure and form (Saturn) to this new vision... something that is purposeful and meaningful to us (Jupiter); something that aligns with our worldview and philosophy (Jupiter); something that illuminates our Soul's highest potential and intentions in incarnating this lifetime.

Ideally, we'll make these long-term commitments consciously rather than haphazardly. This is why I'm taking the time to write these articles - I want as many of us as possible to be aware of the threshold we're crossing, and of the commitment our Soul is making while we do so.

While we wait for the light of this New Moon/Yule phase to gain in strength, we are to hold and protect the vision that we've received over the past 2.5 years, l