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Happy International Astrology Day, Beautiful People!

At 1:34 am last night (Sydney time), the Sun hit 0 degrees Aries, marking the precise moment of our Equinox . . . and the beginning the new astrological year. The Sun has just begun a brand new journey through the Zodiac.

And this means it's officially International Astrology Day!

How wonderful to celebrate something that is truly global!

Think about it . . . No matter where you are on this beautiful Earth of ours, we ALL gaze at the same skies, regardless of our country, race, religion, language, customs, gender, sexuality, or political persuasion.

Astrology is truly an international language that holds, nurtures, and guides us all.

And of course, astrology needs astrologers . . .

. . . those who are willing to surrender to the deeper wisdom of the cosmos; who are willing to commit their time, energy, and resources to both learning and sharing this archetypal language with their communities.

Those of us who devote our lives to this path stand on the shoulders of all who have walked before us, bless them. And we know that future generations of astrologers will, in turn, stand on our shoulders, bless them. We take our place in a grand lineage that stretches backwards and forwards throughout time.

So, today we also celebrate astrologers.

I feel honoured, humbled, and excited to be even a tiny part of this wise, ancient lineage. Blessed. Thrilled. Grateful!

Happy International Astrology Day, beautiful people!!

And thank you for walking this path with me. You know I'm so happy for your company! 🙏

Peace Juliette xo

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