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"I give myself permission to ... "

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

So, how is your Imbolc season so far?

As we lean into our goals for this year ahead, we may find our doubts and fears being stirred up. I know mine are!

Doing my own Imbolc research, I commented to my partner that I feel like a little kid who wandered into the room looking for a cookie and found a whole bunch of adults having a conversation that I didn't understand!! Gulp. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?? Am I really up for this??? Am I kidding myself to think that I have what it takes to even attempt this???

Often, when we step onto a new Path, or start working towards a new vision, our doubts, fears, and wounds can be illuminated. Our minds can be flooded with all of the reasons why 'this' is a stupid idea, and why it's never going to work!

"I'm too old, too young, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not experienced enough, too shy, not qualified enough, not tech-savvy enough. I don't have enough time to follow through. And I don't have the money for the necessary bits and bobs, either! It's just a pipe dream!! What was I even thinking???"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up!!! If we're not careful, we may find ourselves halting at this very first hurdle, before we even get out the gate!

It's Imbolc, people! It's time to be prepping for the year ahead, and identifying everything we'll need to successfully pursue our goals. So, part of our Imbolc work may be to give ourselves permission to move forward, despite all the doubts and worries and fears that might be grasping at our ankles and trying to hold us back!

This is a powerful exercise I learned in a course with the fabulous Brene Brown. What do you need to give yourself permission to do, to be, to say, or to experience, in order to step into your new vision for the year ahead? Where do you need permission to be both brave and afraid at the same time??

Do you need to give yourself permission:

- to take your vision seriously

- to lean in

- to make mistakes

- to make time each week to work on your goals

- to fail

- to succeed

- to be creative

- to speak up and ask questions

- to be seen

- to call yourself an artist/a healer/an entrepreneur

- to let your guard down

- to feel overwhelmed

- to spend $ on that mentoring programme

- to buy the new tools you need

- to take off your mask and be authentic

- to not be 'polished' on the first attempt

I Give Myself Permission to: ...................................

Where do you need to give yourself permission to step into your vision? Really feel into your fears and blocks. What's holding you back?

  • Write your Permissions down.

  • Put them where you can see them.

  • And update them as often as you need to.

Imbolc Blessings, beautiful people! Let's get out the gates!! A whole year beckons us forward!


Juliette xo

Artwork: from Pinterest

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