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In the Vortex of Eclipse Season

Pay Heed to the Course Corrections that Life's GPS System is Handing You.

Hey, beautiful people! Can you feel the energy quickening around you? Something's in the air, right?? We're in the vortex of eclipse season. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse (at 27° Taurus) will be on 19 November, so the vortex started on 5 November. The following Solar Eclipse (at 12° Sagittarius) will be on 4 December. The two weeks between the eclipses will be the most significant, but this vortex period is very telling, too! It's giving us our itinerary for eclipse season. So, pay close attention to whatever is arising within and around you, as this will be part of this eclipse season's message for you. ​​What's unfolding? What's challenging you? What's inspiring you? What conversations are you having? Be present. And pay particular attention to 5 November. What arose for you on that day?

Remember, eclipse seasons are when whole chapters of life close, and new chapters beckon you forward. As my techie son says, eclipses are like the Universe's GPS system, trying to keep you on track. Did you miss your turnoff? Where did you take a wrong turn? Do you need some help getting on track?

Eclipse seasons can radically hit our lives in order to course correct us.

So, let's buckle up for Eclipse Season!​

Key Dates: Looking Back Through Time

If you'd like to look back on how this particular eclipse season played out for you last time (precedence tells us a lot!), then I invite you to explore the following dates.

  • 20 November, 2002 (Lunar Eclipse at 27° Taurus)

  • 4 December, 2002 (Solar Eclipse at 12° Sagittarius)

Again, pay particular attention to what occurred between these two eclipses. But you'd be wise to consider the two-week vortex period before 20 November, 2002, as well. You could even look at the two-week period following the second eclipse, if you'd like. Can you see similar themes beginning to unfold, now? Are there any lessons learned from this previous time period, that you could apply to your current situation? Can you see clear growth and progress in this area of life? Suggestions for digging into the past: 19 years is a long way to look back, right?? I hear you. Here are some possible suggestions on how to place yourself in this timeframe:

  • Read back through your journals.

  • Look at your résumé.

  • Check the dates in old calendars/diaries (if you keep them this long???).

  • Check old emails you sent/received during this period.

  • Browse old photos taken during this time period.

If you have other suggestions for how to reflect on this (less digital) time period, let me know! I'd love to hear your ideas. And, as always, I'd love to hear your insights and any comments you may have. Thank you for journeying with me! I'm so grateful for your company. Remember, we all benefit when we all shine. Peace Juliette xo

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