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Inked: Planetary Magick in Action

Living in alignment with the Universe . . .

Fine line tattoo by tattoo artist, Pawsk.  Three birds sitting on a branch, and flying.

So, yesterday, on the Day of Mars and in the Hour of Mars (and on a Number 1 Day for me), I got this delicate fine line tattoo done by the amazing @pawsk in Sydney. (Well, it was drawn in the Hour of Jupiter, but inked into my skin in the Hour of Mars.) It's incredibly intricate, and highly symbolic for me. I just love it!

Why all the Mars references?

Because, as an astrologer and numerologist, I love to live in alignment with the cosmic energies. I pay attention to the Planetary Hours, and planetary correspondences.

Mars rules ink. AND Mars rules anything that pierces the skin - from the warrior's blade, to the surgeon's scalpel, to the tattoo artist's needle. So, when better to get inked than in the Hour and Day of Mars?? It all aligned perfectly!

Thanks, Pawsk!!

Thought I'd share as a simple example of living in alignment with the Universe on a daily basis. Blessed be, beautiful people.


Juliette xo

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