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Who's Your Helmsman for 2024? (Personal Year Numbers - Part One)

Updated: Jan 1

What is your "weather forecast" for 2024? Is it smooth sailing ahead? Or is heavy weather brewing? Importantly, who is at the helm of your life, guiding you, and helping to navigate those seas?

Happy New Year, beautiful people!

Gotta say, I love New Years . . . It always feels "fresh, with no mistakes in it," to quote Anne of Green Gables. I love to dream into the year ahead.

  • What will it bring?

  • How will it challenge me?

  • How will it inspire and excite me?

  • Who will I have become by the end of it?

  • How can I intentionally live in a soul-aligned way throughout the year?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to answer such questions?

Well, through the archetypal lens of numerology, we can do just that. How so?

At 1 January every year, as you cross the threshold into a brand new calendar year, a new Personal Year Number steps up to the helm of your life.

I often like to think of the Personal Year Number archetype as a kind of "Helmsman", offering its guidance, wisdom, and support for the year ahead.

Simply knowing which archetype is taking the helm, in itself, reveals a great deal about the year ahead and what will be demanded of you.

In fact, it's kinda like discovering the cheat codes for the year ahead! It indicates the priorities you'll need to set, and the internal resources that you'll need to develop if you are to successfully navigate the ocean tides and undercurrents of the year.

And this supports you moving closer to your Soul's stated goals for this lifetime, as shown in your numerology chart - one year at a time.

So, as we cross the threshold into a brand new year, I invite you to reflect on your Personal Year Number, or your Helmsman, for 2024, and to take its core significations, resources, perspective, and values into consideration. By intentionally engaging this archetype over the coming twelve months, you'll be in a better position to harness the flow and magic of life.

A yacht, sailing on crystal clear water under a starry sky, and it's amazing reflection.

Knowing what your Personal Year Number is gives you an immense insight into the year ahead

I'd like to make something really clear . . . just as the hands on the clock don't make the time, they simply make you aware of it; your Personal Year Number or Helmsman isn't creating the circumstances that you'll face each year. Numerology doesn't set the agenda for your life . . . it simply reveals your Soul's intentions. Does that make sense? So, you can't really shake your fist at the Helmsman and get angry at them for whatever unfolds in any given year. That'd be like shaking your fist at the clock and being angry at it for telling you the time!

Having said that, knowing what your Personal Year Number is does give you immense foresight into the year ahead. And another way you can think of your Helmsman is as the specialist that's been called in to help you with whatever the year ahead demands of you. 'Cause yeah, your Soul knows ahead of time what's coming. It's known since birth. Well, since before birth, really. It's all there, laid out for you in your chart, as weird, confronting, or comforting as that may be to consider.

So . . . best to heed your Helmsman's guidance and wisdom. Be grateful they've stepped in to help. Trust that by consciously connecting with them, you'll navigate the ebbs and flows of life far more intentionally and skilfully. And know you're not alone, even when (especially when) things are tough, or when you've made a questionable decision that's left you in a precarious position, or high and dry . . . they're still with you every step of the way. Life has your back.

A father and son, carrying a canoe through a lush rainforest.  Helpful, caring father and child.

Your Numerology "Time Capsule"

Once you've calculated your Personal Year Number (i.e. your Helmsman) for 2024, I invite you to ponder the following questions and prompts. (Scroll down.) And then, over the coming week or so, I encourage you to journal and/or create a collage of your responses . . . Really dive into all that feels important. Detail your intentions, concerns, and aspirations for the year ahead, given your archetypal Helmsman for 2024.

(Not only will this support your evolving personal journey, but it's fun to practise applying your numerological knowledge.)

And then, at this time next year (i.e. at the very end of December, 2024), you can "re-open" your Time Capsule, and dive back into your collage and/or journal entry. 🤓 You can reflect on how 2024 ultimately DID play out for you vs your "pre-game" thoughts, ambitions, intentions, and/or dreams as understood from this moment in time, i.e. January, 2024.

A small hour glass, on a pebbly beach.

Creating a collage would be fun and insightful, as you'd be working with imagery, symbolism, and metaphor - the direct languages of the archetypal realm.

As well as images of how you envision 2024 unfolding, and the character traits you'll likely have to master, you could also include images of how you conceive your Helmsman for the year. And maybe even your vessel!

For example, is it a speed boat, or a gentle sail boat? A life boat? A house boat, moored in a European canal? A white-water kayak? A cruise liner with thousands of people onboard? A gondola in the canals of Venice? Or a luxury yacht that is island hopping?

Are you on the open seas? On a still lake? Or navigating a tidal wave?

How does it feel?

A neon Question Mark in a tunnel

Here are some questions to ponder as you greet your new Helmsman at the threshold of 2024:

  • What is your Personal Year Number for 2024? This archetype will be at the helm of your life for the entire year. So, considering all that you know about this archetype, its significations, and the sphere of life that it controls, what do you think 2024 will be about for you, personally? What might it herald for you?

  • What is your personal, lived relationship with this archetype/Helmsman? Are you excited or nervous to see it greeting you at the threshold of 2024? Are you grinning with delight and joyful anticipation? Or are you slumping into your chair, groaning?

  • What resources, tools, values, strengths, and perspectives will you need to cultivate, in order to make the most of the upcoming year? i.e. What are the values, tools, strengths, and perspectives of your Helmsman, this year? Do these come naturally to you, or are you going to have to develop them within yourself, during the year ahead?

  • What are the priorities of this Helmsman? Do these priorities come naturally for you? Or are they antithetical to your nature? Can you live by these priorities, this year?

  • How will this archetype challenge and inspire you, personally?

  • How committed are you to stepping up and doing the work indicated by your Personal Year Number . . . your Helmsman??

  • What is the next step on your path, as indicated by this archetype? Numerology breaks life into 9 core, sequential sections. Where are you in the epicycle?

  • What do you aim to accomplish this year, with this specific Helmsman's guidance?

  • Who might you become by the end of 2024? Does this excite you? Do you believe it to be possible? How does it support/integrate with the goals and dreams you established for yourself back at the Winter Solstice, 2023?

  • If you'd like to consider an even bigger picture . . . How does your Personal Year Number integrate with your current Pinnacle Number? How do they synthesise together? How might your Pinnacle be engaging or directing your Personal Year Number to further its own agenda or evolutionary step? Can you see a connection between them?

  • And, if you're a little further along with your numerology training, let's go one step further . . . How does your Helmsman activate or illuminate your chart? Is this archetype present in your Birth Path Number or your Destiny, for example? Consider its presence in your Pinnacles, or in your Points of Intensification Table - is it a Passion Point or a Karmic Lesson? Does it highlight one of your Planes of Expression, bringing relationships or mental health to the fore, for example? Allow yourself to truly look at your chart, using all of the techniques that you've learned to date . . . What can you see? All of this provides additional "cheat codes" as to what the coming year is about.

As a suggestion, imagine yourself consulting your Helmsman throughout the year, as your private adviser. What do they suggest? How would they approach the situation? What is their perspective? What resources would they cultivate to have on hand?

Further, while you can choose to seal your journal entry/collage in an envelope (like a Time Capsule) until the end of the year, it might also be worth regularly re-visiting your journal entry/collage throughout 2024. This could keep you feeling inspired, focused, and on track. Perhaps you could reflect on this every month, even?

Particularly if you're an intermediate or advanced student of numerology, you might like to take some time to consider how your Personal Year and Personal Month Numbers are integrating, each month. How is your Personal Month Number helping you to meet the "agenda" or intentions of your Personal Year Number, the overall archetypal work of the year? Does this make sense?

Free Numerology Guide

The questions above, and the self-reflection they'll entail, will rely on your understanding of the different archetypes and their significations (as well as an understanding of your numerology chart). So, if you'd like to receive some interpretation guidelines for each archetype, and to dive deeper with this timing technique (i.e. Personal Year/Month/Day Numbers), I invite you to download my Free 3-Part Numerology Lesson, if you don't have it already.

To let you know, this 3-part lesson focuses on the Birth Path Number (aka Life Path Number), but in reflecting on the significations offered for each archetype in the Keyword Handout, you'll get a sense of what your Personal Year Number is about. I truly hope it helps.

And if you'd like to sit with me for a private, in depth look at your year ahead, I'd be honoured to explore your upcoming transits with you, both astrologically and numerologically. Simple go ahead and book in for a Yearly Transits Reading with me.

The Lexy and Jai Show Podcast

Sometimes, it's easier to understand the techniques when you hear someone explain it, rather than having to read it, right?? Well . . . I was recently invited to speak about our Personal Year Number (and how to calculate it) with Lexy, Jai, and Shane on the Lexy and Jai Show podcast. It was so exciting to be their guest! My first podcast interview!! 🤩

If you're unsure of how to work out who your Helmsman is for 2024, or if you'd simply like to listen to our conversation around that (and other topics), here's the link:

So much fun!!

A woman working with candles for a ritual.

In Summary

No matter how well you prepare and/or ritually welcome the incoming archetype as it crosses the threshold at New Year, you can never truly know what the incoming year heralds in a concrete sense. Right? You can never be 100% certain of the experiences, emotions, and dynamics it will usher in. Having said that, the more intention and consciousness you can bring to this process, the better. It's incredibly supportive to understand, even symbolically, what is being asked of you over the coming twelve months.

What a blessing. Seriously.

I gathered with my Chiron's Cave alumni a few days ago. We were sharing our stories of our 2023 Helmsman. And I couldn't help but laugh, and cry, and stand in awe of just how extraordinary this work is. Extraordinary . . . awe-inspiring . . .

I strongly encourage you to engage this process, too. And remember, you have access to two separate resources to support you: the podcast and the Free Numerology Guide. 🤓

I'd love to read your thoughts, inspirations, and aspirations. Or to see your collage. Please feel free to send me a message.

And on that note . . . Happy New Year, beautiful people!! 😍

May we courageously meet any challenges that are thrown down for us.

May we openly receive the blessings and guidance of our incoming Helmsman. Peace and Deep Blessings Juliette xo

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