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What Foundation Are You Building On? (Personal Year Numbers - Part Two)

Updated: Jan 7

Bricklayer laying a big paver.

Welcome to Part 2 in this series of articles on the Personal Year Number.

So . . . having calculated your Helmsman for 2024 (i.e. your Personal Year Number), and dived into its significations, are you feeling a little clearer as to what the year ahead might mean for you, numerologically?

How are you feeling about it? Thrilled? Nervous? Annoyed?

Remember: This ain't your first rodeo

At this point, I invite you to pause and consider how aligned you already are with this archetype? I mean, this isn't your first rodeo, right?? Unless you're less than nine years old, you've already journeyed with this Helmsman before . . . and likely, multiple times.

For example, 2024 will be the 6th time I've engaged a 9 Personal Year. Beyond which I have 9 in my Birth Path Number (29/11/2), and it's hotwired onto two of my Planes of Expression. So, whatever 9 heralds for me (and we know 9 can really sock a punch), it can't possibly be a complete shock to me, right?? I've been doing my 9 soul-work for decades! Whatever unfolds, it'll be building on a foundation that I've already been laying.

I encourage you to make some time to contemplate how you've already been engaging your incoming Helmsman. What is your current relationship with it? How has this developed over the years? What work have you already done to master and embody its priorities and values?

Grab a notepad and pen, and jot down any insights or realisations you have.

How do you feel when you consider how far you've already come?

How do you feel when you reflect on the work still to be done with this archetype? Let's look at an example . . .

6 Personal Year Number

If your Personal Year Number is the Number 6, this year, then you might be considering its signification of health and self-care. And maybe that's great! Maybe you're feeling really excited about refining this area of your life, and devoting more time to it.

But, on the other hand, maybe it's making you feel nervous or frustrated . . . like, "Daily self-care????? Seriously??? I don't have the time or the head space for that." Or, "Every time I try to engage self-care, or try to lose weight, I only last a week or two before I give up. I never know what to eat. Why do I have to focus on this for a whole year???? How frustrating."

First of all, let's reframe our thoughts from "Why do I have to??" to "I'm so glad I get to."

You know? If something is particularly difficult for you, how wonderful that Life is offering you an entire year to focus on it; to develop this sphere of your life. So supportive. If you wholeheartedly dive into whatever is being asked of you, imagine where you'll be with it by the end of the year.

Secondly, whether you're feeling excited or agitated by your Personal Year Number, I invite you to consider what you're already doing that supports its priorities.

Again, let's take 6's signification of health and well-being as an example. Perhaps you already:

  • Get 7-8 hours sleep each night?

  • Limit your sugar or alcohol consumption?

  • Eat fresh fruit and veggies every day?

  • Read wellness blogs?

  • Feel inspired by healthy cooking channels on YouTube?

  • Own a food dehydrator and/or a juicer?

  • Drink heaps of water?

  • Use organic skin care and aluminium-free deodorant, instead of their chemical-laden equivalents?

  • Go for a morning swim or walk, each day? Or hit the gym 3 times/week?

  • Love your daily yoga routine?

  • Set aside time every evening for meditation?

  • Get regular massages?

  • Enjoy an Epsom Salts bath every week?

  • Detox once each season?

  • Take supplements to support your health?

  • Regularly work with a naturopath, acupuncturist, kinesiologist, chiropractor, Craniosacral Practitioner, or Reiki Master? (Or want to?)

The list goes on, but the point is: You're not starting from absolute scratch.

You have a foundation to build on.

I mean, you may not have cooked any of the meals that you've seen on the YouTube channels, yet; and perhaps you haven't quite figured out how to use the dehydrator . . . but you're engaged! You've been prepping and priming yourself to take this next step forward, even if you weren't consciously aware that you were doing that.

So, as you begin your journey through 2024, I invite you to bring your focus to what you already do that supports the goals, values, and focus of your Helmsman. Where have you already attained a level of competence in its sphere of life? Or where has your curiosity already been stirred?

I encourage you to recognise the foundation that you've already been laying . . . and to build upon that. Learn how to use the dehydrator. 😉

I hope the lens of numerology helps you more intentionally prepare for your coming year? It can get really exciting, if you dig in!

If you have any questions or sudden epiphanies, I'd love to hear from you! 🤓 Deep blessings as you energetically shift into this new vibration, beautiful people. Peace Juliette xo

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