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Purifying your Dreams in Beltane's Fires

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

What dross needs to be burned away, to leave a pure distillation of your heart's joy and desires ... your Dreams for your future?

Beautiful people, today is the blessed festival of Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere! No, it's not Halloween, no matter how much spooky stuff you may see in the stores! ;-) We'd be wise to connect energetically with the actual flow of Life around us, rather than commit to the calendar of the Northern Hemisphere, which is six months out of step with our actual seasons!

Instead of our beloved dead visiting us (as at Halloween), today we invite the Fey or the Fair Folk to visit us - the nature spirits that support all of Life to grow and flourish! The veil between the worlds is now at its thinnest. Life is rushing INTO our dense, 3D realm, and beginning to take physical form. It's a time of flowering, of pollination, of conception! (Not birth, as yet.) So, throw on your gorgeous fairy wings and a stunning crown of flowers, rather than a ghoul's mask. ;-)

At Beltane, fertility and creativity are being celebrated! Traditionally, this is when couples would be handfasted. People would make love in the woods and the fields, laying directly on the Earth Herself. We offered our fertility to all of Life as a form of sympathetic magick to ensure abundant crops in the upcoming season. Conception! What feels really fertile in your world, right now?

Consider the seed ideas that we planted a few months ago. Have you been tending them? If so, those seeds have grown into beautiful young plants, covered in blossoms. Beltane is a time of bees humming, pollinating the flowers in our gardens, both metaphorical and literal. NOW is when our visions are being fertilised and are ready to take some sort of material form. It's beginning!!

Beltane was a joyous, creative festival of fertility, flowers and fire! We'd dance around Maypoles. Couples would leap the Beltane bonfire together, and livestock would be herded between two fires.

Why the emphasis on fire??

The purifying power of fire was sought to enhance our fertility! Consider ... what holds you back from reaching your dreams? What dross needs to be burned away in Beltane's fire, to leave a pure distillation of your heart's joy and desires? What patterns, beliefs, and dynamics need to be burned away, to ready you for this new phase of growth?

Hold your intentions clearly in your heart and mind, and leap the fire - literally or symbolically! If you don't have access to a real Beltane bonfire, perhaps visualise a fire ritual for yourself.

On this holy day, as new Life is conceiving within and around us, may we be very clear and honest with ourselves. May we only allow that which we want to be part of our new chapter to be part of its conception. Surrender everything else to the Beltane fires.

Blessed Beltane to all of us! xo

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