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Recycling Old Lovers in Venus Retrograde Season

During Venus Retrograde season, old relationships seem to re-enter our world out of nowhere! Some seem to threaten our newly ordered world with old poisons and wounds. Others want to sweep us off our feet and fly us to Mauritius! What is going on???

Beautiful people, hello!

I've had quite a few people reaching out in confusion, excitement, or distress, re: old flames, seemingly raising from the dead, unexpectedly. I'm with you! I personally wish mine would stay 'dead', but they keep popping up like zombies, haha! ;-) (Kidding/not kidding.)

Some past relationships seem to threaten our newly ordered world with old poisons and wounds. Others want to sweep us off our feet and fly us to Mauritius! What is going on???

For all the hype currently online that Venus is finally Direct (which She is), please remember that we are STILL in Venus Retrograde season! We are in Round 3, as She traverses the same 15 degrees of the zodiac for the final time this season. She will be entering fresh, new territory on 18 December (here in Australia).

Until then, we are still experiencing Her Retrograde significations. This includes rewinding to and revisiting relationships that have already happened. So, there can be the return of old relationships, old beaus, old dynamics, and old issues. Sometimes, you simply find out something about an former lover - "Wow, they're famous now!" Or "Oh, they've died!" Or perhaps you accidentally run into them in the street after 15 years, and the old chemistry is running hot! Or maybe your former spouse calls and wants to dredge up old stuff with you!

So here's the question: should we recycle old lovers??

First of all, please know that reconnecting with a former partner or beau is not necessarily a 'sign' that you were "fated to be together, after all!" But it is certainly a sign that there is something within this former emotional relationship that needs to be revisited so that it can be remembered, acknowledged, healed, integrated, and/or released.

Venus Retrograde seasons give us the opportunity to transform our relational energies and patterns.

In revisiting old relationships and former dynamics, we have the opportunity to re-engage the unresolved wounds and crap that they entailed ... or the beauty that perhaps we weren't ready to receive before now, due to low self-worth in the past. Can we alter the dynamic between us, now, so that we stand on stronger, more equal footing?? Or is the old poison and unresolved trauma anchoring us in the past, blocking us from opening our hearts to potential new paths and relationships?? If so, this is our opportunity to clear it.

Perhaps there is a strong urge to confront former partners on unresolved issues, so that we can finally understand what the hell happened and let stuff go! Or perhaps old partners want to dredge old stuff up with us?? We can find ourselves thinking, "Why do you have to bring up that old crap?? Move on, already!"

But with Venus retrograding in Scorpio, we are engaging Her as Venus Cloacina, remember? She who rules the drains and sewers of Ancient Rome! She is supporting us in clearing out the crap so that it's not clogging our energetic systems any more. If you feel the need to clear something up, or if your former partner is trying to clear something up, this is what is going on! Best to engage the issues being raised and resolve them!

While we could be re-engaging old lovers and spouses, please note that Venus is NOT limited to relationships of a romantic variety. We could also be revisiting memories of our best friend who betrayed us ten years ago? Or the person who horrendously bullied us for years at high school, over 30 years ago? Perhaps their photo somehow floats through our Facebook feed, plunging us back into that emotional turmoil?? And only now are we realising just how deeply we are *still* impacted by that experience ... and realising how powerfully it has impacted our ability to truly show up in the world, and to connect with others. This needs to be healed and released.

I am reminded of Marianne Williamson's quote here, "When we ask to be healed, all our unhealed places are forced to the surface." With Venus Rx, it is our relational wounds that are being forced to the surface.

By Monday, 3 December (here in Australia), both Mercury and Venus will have re-entered Scorpio. Mercury will Retrograde back into Scorpio a day or so before Venus re-enters Scorpio from Her sojourn back into Libra. While they won't actually meet in the skies above, Mercury will lend us His ability to reflect on all that has arisen in Scorpio during Her retrograde season. He could also offer us His voice, should we choose to actively approach others and speak our truth ... finally. Some of us will be seeking healing conversations, no doubt.

Whether we actually engage the work (privately through reflection, journalling, and ritual, or through actively engaging another in conversation), or whether we choose to hide our head and continue to endure the wounds for another 18 month cycle, is up to us! As always.

Note to self: Maybe I should be engaging the zombies that have arisen in my own world, too?? Ugh.

Hope this helps???

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