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Taurus New Moon, 2019

Value. Self-worth. Self-sufficiency. Finances. Survival.

Lilac Breasted Roller, by Joseph Makk

Astro Alert: Yesterday morning brought the Taurus New Moon. I apologise for the delayed post. Taurus is actually a challenging energy for me, personally. But here we are … let’s look at the astrology!

As always, New Moons offer us the opportunity to plant new seeds, and to forge a new path for ourselves. These new seeds create the foundation for what we’re hoping to establish in our lives over the next 2¼ years, ending 31 July, 2021 (ie: a Moon Family Cycle). It's well worth our time to be present to what Life is bringing to our attention in this moment.

Our New Moon was conjunct the Sun in Taurus (at 14 degrees 10''), having first come into contact with Uranus (asking us to break up old patterns associated with the New Moon’s significations). It also had a harmonious conversation (ie: a trine) with both Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, so the New Moon will combine their energies, as well as Taurus’.


Shall we begin by exploring the archetype of Taurus? An important key word for this archetype is ‘value’. One of Taurus’ primary actions is to decide who and/or what is valuable to us, which is a highly personal thing. What do we treasure? What is significant to us? Where do we want to channel our time, energy, and resources?

For example, one of my clients has been weighing up an opportunity to speak at an industry conference in Melbourne at the end of the year. Ultimately, his decision came down to one question: Would it be a personally valuable experience for him to present at the conference? He decided yes, it was. So, he submitted his proposal to the event coordinators, yesterday (the day of the New Moon), outlining his ideas for his presentation.

What is personally valuable to you? What actions do you need to take in order to claim it and anchor it in your experience? To protect it?


Valuing ourselves (aka: self-worth) is another key signification for Taurus. Is our self-worth getting a boost this New Moon? Clients have been reaching out with fascinating stories around this. For example, I have a young client who tends to vastly underestimate his intelligence (7 karmic lesson). He contacted me yesterday morning to let me know that he received top grades for his latest piece of assessment. In fact, he told me, he’d just found out that he’s one of only three students in his course to successfully pass all of the assessments so far! How exciting and validating for him! He’s finally begun to realise just how intelligent he actually is. All of his hard work and discipline in ‘hitting the books’ is paying off! (Note: Taurus is where we’re asked to take concrete action to prove ourselves to ourselves.)

Having said that, I'm mindful that some of us might be feeling desperately confronted by an awareness of where we *could* have done better, but haven’t. Some of us may feel like we're drowning in a sea of worthlessness … This lack of self-worth may be one of the old patterns we're being asked to break up by Uranus in Taurus. This New Moon is the perfect time to open ourselves to developing a true sense of our self-worth.

Who Values Us?

Another question raised by this New Moon is: Who/what values US?? The Taurus part of us wants to know that we have a place, and that we belong, simply because we're valued for being ourselves - with no strings, caveats, or conditions attached. This part of us wants to know that we’re not being ripped off, or used; that we’re not being exploited or taken advantage of by others. Do we feel as though our skills and contributions are honoured and valued? This New Moon could bring extraordinary revelations regarding just how deeply we are appreciated by our family, friends, lovers, or by our places of employment. We may realise that we feel special, cherished by another. We may realise just how safe, loved, and respected we are within a relationship … quirks and all! What seeds could we plant this week in order to nurture these relationships over the next 2¼ years? May we blossom well under each other’s care.

A beautiful example of this comes from a dear friend who’s had a notoriously difficult relationship with their father their entire life. Recently, they’ve been making a point of supporting their father following the death of their step-mother. Yesterday, on the day of the New Moon, my friend received a beautiful, hand-written letter in the letterbox from their father. In it, he thanked them for their loving support, and openly shared just how grateful he is that they were able to help him to find his way ‘out of the doldrums’. My friend feels valued and loved by their father for perhaps the first time in their life. A blessed Taurus New Moon gift, yes?

On the other hand, it may become glaringly obvious to us that there are people in our lives around whom we feel completely unseen and unappreciated … worthless, even. We may feel insecure and unstable around these people, constantly second-guessing ourselves. Perhaps we feel like we need to ‘earn’ our place with them? In this case, this Taurus New Moon may be guiding us to understand that our worth doesn’t depend on others’ opinions of us. Perhaps it’s time to restructure these damaging relationships, or to move on from them if our attempts to address and correct the dynamic fail.

Self-sufficiency and Survival:

Other ‘value’ key words for Taurus are finance, self-sufficiency, and survival. Jeffrey Wolf Green teaches that the reason certain things are valuable to us is because we understand, deep down, that we can draw on them to help ensure our survival. Taurus reminds me of the old saying that a bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings. This New Moon is asking us to consider the strength of our wings – ie: our capacity for self-sufficiency.

How reliant are we on others? Taurus reminds us that the more we rely on someone or something, the more we can be dominated by them. If their ‘branch’ of support breaks, then what?? How do we put food on the table, and a roof over our heads? How do we adequately (or abundantly) provide for ourselves and those who depend upon us?

We may find ourselves struggling with the crushing reality of poverty, and feeling clueless as to how to turn our situation around! Some of us may be feeling helpless in our confrontation with modern society’s so-called ‘cost of living’.

Others among us, though, will find ourselves buzzing with exciting new ideas on how to derive extra income; or considering unexpected offers for a promotion at work, or even a brand new job. We may find ourselves creating a Pinterest board called ‘Money!’ or opening a savings account. Or perhaps we've subscribed to a financial magazine to increase our financial literacy.

Regardless of how it's hitting our charts, personally, the subject of finance is in the air!


Speaking of finances, how well do we handle them? Do we live well within our means, or does money just slip through our fingers like water?? Are we struggling to survive, week to week? Or flourishing?? Are we putting off a necessary audit of our expenses? Are we considering new investments? Do we wish we *had* money to invest?? Do we need to renegotiate our financial arrangements with others? What is going on with our finances??

Can we create a time and space to be present to the ideas that are trying to arise within us, now? What steps can we take to strengthen our financial position and self-sufficiency over the next 2¼ years?

Inner Gifts & Resources:

One final thought … When considering how to increase our self-sufficiency, let’s consider our gifts and inner resources we have access to, as these are Taurus’ significations, as well.

How well have we developed our talents? As Will Smith will tell you, anyone can be talented! In order to develop our talent into a real skill that can be relied on for our self-sufficiency, however, we’ll have to beat on our craft! Just like the young man at the beginning of this post, we'll have to embrace a strong work ethic, discipline, and commitment to our chosen path. Sounds Saturnian, right?

Remember, this Taurus New Moon is contacting both the South Node and Saturn in Capricorn. This would be a good time to reflect on my recent posts on Saturn and to integrate His significations with our desire for financial freedom and self-reliance.

In Summary:

To summarise, Saturn reminds us that we need to take full responsibility for every aspect of our life. With this Taurus New Moon, we’re being reminded that ultimately, WE are accountable for our own security, self-sufficiency, and self-worth.

Most of us overestimate what we could accomplish in the next twelve months … but this is a 2¼-year cycle, and it’s just beginning! Imagine where we could be by 31 July, 2021, if we committed ourselves to developing our gifts, and to learning how to handle our finances, NOW! This week!

Take the time to centre yourself in this Taurus energy, these first couple of days of the New Moon. Listen to the deeper truth arising from within. What ideas can you commit to? What steps can you take this week that will strongly propel you in the direction of your goals?

Blessings for us all this Taurus New Moon

Juliette xo

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