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Who or What Eclipses your Personal Power?

At 4:11 pm (Sydney time) today, there'll be an annular solar eclipse, which means the Moon will cover the Sun's centre, leaving the Sun's visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” (or annulus) around the Moon. It'll be a pretty spectacular eclipse, although we won't really be able to see it from Australia, unless you live in north-west Western Australia.

This will be the opening eclipse for this eclipse season, with the second eclipse occurring on 11 January 2020 at 6:21 am (Sydney time). The next two weeks are going to be important. Pay attention to what unfolds during this time. Also, pay attention to your dreams on the nights of the eclipses!! Eclipse dreams are a thing, beautiful people!!

Be mindful - eclipses are major portals that can suddenly and unexpectedly close and open whole chapters of Life. Depending on what they're hitting in your personal natal chart, they can pack a real punch, like a major Uranus transit! (Is now a good time to mention that Uranus is actually trining this eclipse, increasing its wild card nature?) Even though most of us in Australia won't be able to see today's eclipse, it will still impact us!

We've already been in the vortex of today's eclipse for the previous two weeks. This means, we've already been given our itineraries, so to speak. What have the major themes been in your world over the past two weeks? They've been quite gnarly, right?? With Chiron turning direct in Aries, and Venus conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn, a lot has come up around our sense of Self - our self-identity, self-love, and our self-value. A lot of people have reached out to ask, "What the heck is going on?!" It's been a very teary time for many of us, with our core wounds around self-worth and lovability being triggered. Stuff may have also come up for us around our finances, our values, our projects, and our intimate relationships.

Well, today's eclipse (and the next two weeks) is going to support us in releasing all that has been stirred up within our psyches and our lives that no longer serves us.

To be clear, this is a Solar Eclipse at the South Node in Capricorn. Solar Eclipses are about our personal identity (the Sun); and the South Node is where we release things. We're been asked to leave something of our personal sense of Self or our identity, behind ... to release something that no longer serves us or our Path forward.

And it's happening in Capricorn, so it's Capricorn by nature. It could be connected with your sense of empowerment, leadership, or authority. Is Life calling you forward into a position of recognition, power, and respect in your family, your relationships, your work, or your community? Have you stepped up? Are you recognising where you can make a worthwhile, powerful contribution in your community, at work, or in your family? Congratulations!

If you're hesitating to more fully step into that role, though, NOW is the time to address and release any blocks that are holding you back. Questions worth asking yourself would include, "Who or what is eclipsing my personal power?" and "Who is playing power games with me?" Similarly, if you hold any negative beliefs around your worth and your position in the hierarchy (again: at work, in your family, or in your community etc), it's time to release these as well. Step into your own power! Embrace your true worth and value!

Those who have abused their positions of power, leadership, and authority, or made very poor decisions in wielding their power, may find themselves in very difficult circumstances.

Being Capricorn, it could also be around guilt that you hold? Or your need to control everything? Or it could perhaps around any blocks you may have around committing yourself to the long hard slog that 2020 is going to require of us? (Please read my earlier post on this, here: )

Certainly, a lot will also depend on which House is being highlighted in your personal natal chart. If you'd like a personal reading, please reach out. I'd love to sit with you!

*Drawing Down the Moon and Charging your Crystals*

Finally, PLEASE don't put out your crystals etc to be charged tonight!!

Yes, it's a New Moon. And yes, you're probably going to read a lot of posts today that will declare it to be an incredibly powerful New Moon because of the annular eclipse, and therefore perfect for charging your crystals and jars of water etc. It's NOT!

As Astromages know, the light and energy of eclipses are used for CURSING not blessing, as they literally eclipse our Light. Please don't put out your crystals etc. To read more, here's a link to an article I wrote in our previous eclipse season, called 'Death Water is not a Great Idea':

Trust our eclipse season! It may bring upheaval, but it'll be in service of our Paths!

Peace and Blessed Be Juliette xo

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