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You're an eagle! Stop desperately pretending you're small enough to fit inside a sparrow's nest!

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Fuck the haters. Fuck the people with their scythes that want to cut you down like a tall poppy. Fuck the Lilliputians who want you to be as small as they are. Fuck your own internal voice that tells you that it's safer to be smaller, to go unseen and unheard. Enough!!!

Beautiful, tall, red poppies, shining in the glorious Sunlight!

I've awoken from a very clear dream this morning, literally as the Leo Full Moon reached its pinnacle. In the dream, an endless battle was being waged. It had been going on for so long, there was no way of knowing when it had actually begun.

And then, in a heartbeat, the war suddenly stopped. After aeons.

And while I stared at shadow images of a burned out city; at buildings that had long-since been destroyed by bombs; and at the eerie absence of all life, I heard a crystal-clear voice from out of nowhere.

It said, "What if you just decided the battle was over? Just like that?? What if you just decided you'd already won, and you weren't going to fight yourself any more? Then you could liberate all of the energy you've been devoting to this internal battle, and actually use it to create your life ... to build the life you've always wanted to live! The life you were born to live."


The battle is internal. The war we're waging is on ourselves.

Where have we battled to hide ourselves away, because of ancient memories of being told that we're too much? We're too loud. Too happy. Too emotional. Too intense. Too creative. Too confident. Too ambitious. Too passionate. Too intelligent. Too intuitive. Too kind. Too enthusiastic? Too beautiful?

Too. Much.

But here's the real question. Too much for whom???

Think about it.

Do you understand just how much psychic energy it takes to deny the truth of who we are?? To fight ourselves? To keep ourselves tightly contained within a small box somewhere in the recesses of our subconscious mind??

No wonder we're battling ourselves! We want out of that fucking box! We want to soar through the skies as the great eagle that we are, not be forced to pretend that we're small enough to fit inside a sparrow's nest!! FFS.

The Full Moon is in Leo, and our glorious Sun is in Aquarius, conjunct the mighty Jupiter, with Saturn only a few degrees away. Throw in the square to Mars & Uranus in Taurus, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime configuration.

With Leo and Aquarius lit up like a Christmas tree, we're looking at those places where we're celebrated and honoured for being ourselves! Where do we allow ourselves to shine with all the Sun's glory, without diluting ourselves or dulling our light to placate others???

And ...

Where have we learned to habitually (Taurus) make ourselves small enough to fit inside other people's wounds??

Where have we habitually denied our own brilliance, our own joy, and our own path, to make sure we don't "rock the boat" or "stand out too much"??

Where have we denied our own greatness and collaborated with others to keep ourselves small??

This Leo Full Moon is being squared by a Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Like in my dream, Uranus would love us to suddenly declare that the war (Mars) is over.

It just takes a heartbeat.

Let's realise that we're the ones keeping ourselves in a tiny, little, dark box, denying our light. Let's liberate (Uranus) all of the energy (Mars) that we've dedicated to keeping ourselves small. And instead, let's harness that energy to soar like the mighty eagle!

Some may see Saturn's presence in this Full Moon line up as throwing shade on us. Maybe He's representative of those ancient Lilliputians and haters that we've collaborated with? But, in truth, I believe Saturn is challenging us to soar!

I believe He's asking us, "When exactly do you intend to take yourself seriously?? To take your life path seriously??"

How about now? Does now work for you??

How about we just decide to let our full brilliance shine into the world??


'Cause in truth, everyone benefits when everyone shines with their full genius!



Juliette xo

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