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Coddiwomple - Purposefully Journeying towards our Personal Destinies

At first just an adorable word that tickles the tongue and the lips as we laugh it out loud, 'coddiwomple' is actually a word rich in meaning that deserves a new place in our daily vernacular! Especially for those of us who are 'on the path', as they say. My new favourite word! Coddiwomple!

Coddiwomple. .. seriously, this word needs to be reintroduced to daily usage. I want to say it frequently! Coddiwomple!! Wonder how to use it in a sentence???!

The more I sit with it, though, it strikes me that we are all walking with great purpose towards an unknown destination/destiny. (Pretty sure those words are related!) Eg: I'm working and trusting Life so deeply now, as some of you know, yet walking towards a completely unknown future .... I'm simply showing up, reading the signs that Life seems to be communicating, and having faith that I am somehow, purposefully, heading in the 'right direction'. I have no idea what that is, though!

(Thank you, symbolic languages, for helping a Sister out!!)

I wonder how our forebears actually meant 'coddiwomple'?? Perhaps when we fumble out of alignment it's because we began to doubt our purpose or ultimate direction? Because we struggled to read the signs that Life generously shares, if only we have eyes to see and ears to hear? Hmmmm.

This word has delighted me, today! Coddiwomple!!

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