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Evolutionary Method of Choice

Updated: May 13, 2023

Astrology & Numerology 101. Your Birth Path Number and Sun Sign show who you are becoming - NOT who you already are.

Well hello, beautiful people! I was in one of my favourite cafés a few days ago, where I overheard a conversation that caused my ears to prick up. I don't like to eavesdrop, but this particular conversation captured my attention. A young man was demanding to know the waitress' Sun Sign. And upon learning that she was an Aries, he proceeded to rattle off everything he knew about Aries, insisting that she must be reckless, fierce, wilful, daring, decisive, a real risk taker . . . and headstrong. The young woman had been gently shaking her head throughout this litany of personality descriptors, but there was something about the way he'd said "headstrong" that spurred her to respond. "No," she quietly murmured. "I'm more head-fluffy, actually." (What a fabulous description!) Undaunted, as if he hadn't heard her speak, he just kept going with this barrage of who she must be by simple virtue of the fact that her Sun was in Aries . . . overlooking the reality of how timidly she was handling this fairly confronting situation. She was clearly uncomfortable, yet unsure of how to extricate herself from it. Not very "Aries-like," right?? Given my vocation, it was a fascinating conversation to witness. And it got me thinking about one of the basic precepts that we work with in both astrology and numerology. It's called our Evolutionary Method of Choice (a term coined by one of my teachers, Steven Forrest). I thought I'd share it with you.

Evolutionary Method of Choice:

Basically, instead of reading the Zodiac Signs (astrology) or the Number Archetypes (numerology) as personality types (like our young man was doing), we read them as evolutionary methods of growth and development. They show the path that we are here to walk in this lifetime. They show the archetypal wisdom, perspective, values, resources, and attitude that we are developing, or learning to embody . . . They show who we are intent on becoming, rather than who we already are; the primary work that our Soul has chosen to do in this lifetime. So, our young waitress is becoming an Aries, in this lifetime. She is learning to stand her ground; to be decisive; to confidently engage conflict or confronting situations; and to be more courageous . . . to be more headstrong, instead of head-fluffy. And in order to learn all of this, she will constellate situations, dynamics, and conversations with random strangers etc in order to give her ample opportunities to develop Aries' wisdom and strengths. (Constellation is another fabulous concept that we work with in the archetypal languages. Perhaps we'll explore that more deeply, next week?) To be clear, if our young waitress had already mastered this archetype in another lifetime, there'd be no point incarnating as an Aries this time around. I mean, what a waste of an incarnation that'd be!

So, instead of being an Aries, she is becoming an Aries.

This is her Evolutionary Method of Choice. Does this make sense?

The key takeaway is that most of us struggle with the predominant archetypes in our natal charts, precisely because these are what we're here to learn. They're not who we already are.

So, remember this key phrase when you work with the archetypal languages: Evolutionary Method of Choice.

And be patient with yourself (and your loved ones), as you stumble and fall while figuring out your Path, whatever Sun Sign or Birth Path Number you may be learning. Does this stir anything for you, or surprise you? Would love to hear your thoughts. As always, please feel free to share this article. And thank you for journeying with me. You know I'm so grateful for your company. 🙏 Peace Juliette xo

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