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Numerologically, September Amplifies Everything!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Heads up, beautiful people! It's September.

And that amplifies everything that 2021 holds for you, personally . . .

. . . and for all of us, as a collective.

How does this work?

September magnifies, amplifies your Personal Year Number, making it difficult to ignore. It's the only month each year when your Personal Year Number and Personal Month Number are the same. Think of September as switching on a huge spotlight, lighting up whatever this year is about for you.

(If you'd like a clearer idea of what that may be, or help calculating your Personal Year Number for 2021, I invite you to read my article from the beginning of the year, here. And if you'd like to know how to calculate your Personal Month Number, please click here.)

This month, really sit with your Personal Year Number. Contemplate it. Engage it in conversation! How has it been strengthening or stretching you? Inspiring you? How has it been challenging you to grow? Where have you been offered the blessings of healing and expansion? How is it supporting your journey forward??

You've already had eight months under your Personal Year Number's guidance since 2021 began. So, you should be fairly familiar with its energy by now. September will shine a light on how far you've really come. It could also highlight where you need to dig in and make substantial progress before the end of the year.

It's important to understand that you've only got four months left in 2021. That's it.

And when we reach the end of the year, it'll be another 9 years before this particular Personal Year Number returns to the helm of your life. That makes it 2030 before you'll have the chance to work directly with this Personal Year Number, again!

So, engage!

Bring as much consciousness and intentionality as you can to the work of your year.

Remember, you can choose to step in, or to step away. Free Will and Fate collide, right??

You can heed your chart, trusting its wisdom, regardless of how challenging or daunting that feels. Or you can refuse to answer the call. It's up to you.

But know this: your chart, your life, will be taking action . . . with you or without you.

NOT making a decision—effectively choosing NOT to take action—is, in fact, still making a decision. Wouldn't you rather be intentionally contributing to the direction your life takes?

Personally, as someone who has come to trust the great Cosmic Intelligence that flows through all things, I invite you to cooperate with Life's might and wisdom.

Here's How to Determine Your Personal Month Numbers Through the Year.

Simply add the current Month Number (e.g. 3 for March, 7 for July, or 9 for September) to your Personal Year Number.

This post is focusing on the impact of September, which is a 9 month.

And anything added to 9 ultimately comes back to itself.

For example, let's consider those of us currently in a 3 Personal Year.

3 (Personal Year) + 9 (September) = 12.

1+2 = 3 Personal Month

So, those of us in a 3 Personal Year are also in a 3 Personal Month for all of September.

The Personal Year and Personal Month Numbers are the same, this month.

Let's consider those of us in an 8 Personal Year, as another example.

8 (Personal Year) + 9 (September) = 17.

1+7 = 8 Personal Month

So, those of us in an 8 Personal Year are also in an 8 Personal Month for all of September.

Again, the Personal Year and Personal Month Numbers are the same, this month.

In fact, this works for all Personal Year Numbers in September, every. single. year.

September is always more intense, for better or worse, because it compounds our Personal Year Number for that year.

I hope this post has been helpful? As always, please feel free to leave a Comment, below. I'd love to hear from you. Brightest blessings for us all, this September!


Juliette xo

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