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Numerology as a Daily Spiritual Practice (Personal Year Numbers, Part Three)

Updated: Jan 27

spiritual woman meditating. Hand creating a sacred hand mudra

Hey, beautiful people!

We're about four weeks into the New Year. I wanted to check in with you on your Personal Year Number . . . How does this new vibration feel? Are you relishing it? Feeling inspired and challenged (in all the good ways)? Or does it feel jarring and confronting? Does it feel impossible?

Please don't panic or give up before we've even really got underway.

It can simply take a while to find your feet within the new energy, each year. So, please be gentle and patient with yourself and this process, as it begins to gain traction and gather speed.

In this article - my final one for this series - I'd like to explore simple ways that you can intentionally engage the energy of your Personal Year Number, as part of your daily spiritual practice. Even if it's only for one hour a day, it's important to make the most of this archetype's presence. It only comes around once every nine years, remember? You don't want to reach the end of the year feeling sad or annoyed that you missed the energetic potential of the year.

Even if it's only for one hour a day, it's important to make the most of this archetype's presence. It only comes around once every nine years, remember? You don't want to reach the end of the year feeling sad or annoyed that you missed the energetic potential of the year.

Can you choose to consciously cooperate with the flow of your own Life? With your Soul's intentions? Yes. I believe you can.

I invite you to develop a Daily Spiritual Practice, anchored in Numerology. By committing just one hour each day to this work, you'll come to realise the deeper context, coherence, and meaning of how your life is unfolding . . . Your lived experience will begin to make much more sense to you. And you'll understand how to intentionally align and cooperate with it, rather than resisting all that Life is trying to untangle, create, and build in your world.

So, let's look at a range of suggestions for how to incorporate numerology's wisdom and support into your daily life, and your daily spiritual practice.

(If you're unsure of how to calculate or work with your Personal Year Number for the year ahead, I invite you to read my earlier articles - here and here.)

In developing a daily spiritual practice anchored in numerology, the main question I have for you is: Where is your hour?

Have you intentionally set aside time to connect with your Personal Year Number for the year ahead?

Think of it this way:

Do you spend an hour every day scrolling through social media, or watching Netflix?

Or an hour cleaning and tidying your home, making beds, and making meals?

How about an hour in meditation, or doing yoga, each morning?

An hour studying that subject you're fascinated by?

Or an hour hanging out with friends and family?

Are you picking up where I'm going with this?? How intentional can you be about how you spend the minutes, days, and years of your life?

As Seth Godin says, "If you want to get in shape, it's not difficult. Spend an hour a day running or at the gym. Do that for six months or a year. Done. That's not the difficult part. The difficult part is becoming the kind of person who goes to the gym every day."

And it's the same with coming into right relationship with your Soul Purpose for this lifetime.

Can you become the kind of person who allocates time - even just one hour, every single day - to purposefully engaging your Soul work? Can you dedicate time to your spiritual practice?

If you choose to anchor your practice in the wisdom of numerology, then I invite you to consciously connect with your Personal Year Number, every single day. (And this carries forward into your Personal Month Number and Personal Day Number, as well.)

If you make this commitment, the work and wisdom of your Personal Year Number moves from being a "good idea" or a "dream" (or a vague, clueless "I don't know what this year's about??"), to becoming an integrated part of your skillset, your mindset, and your life. It becomes part of the foundation that you'll continue to build upon for years and decades to come.

It's absolutely worth the effort.

So, what can you commit to?

Where is your hour?

Now, you might be thinking, "Ummm. Juliette? It's a number. How exactly am I supposed to "engage it??""

I hear you! It can sound weird at first. The archetypes can seem so abstract. Number 1. Number 7. What does that even mean??

To be honest, their abstract nature is something I particularly love about numerology . . . but it can also be a bit of a stumbling block for many of us, especially when first starting to engage them. But the thing is, I believe the archetypes to be energetic Beings, not merely personality descriptors. They are numinous. They are intelligent. And you can absolutely connect with them.

In No, Archetypes are not Personality Descriptors (March, 2022), I wrote that the archetypes "are beyond our conscious control. And they're able to profoundly impact and transform our lives, shaking us to our very core, and calling us to our rich potential. We can converse with them. Engage them. Reach for them. Find ourselves being shaped by them. Rail against them. And yet simultaneously feel grateful for their presence and guidance . . . their perspective and wisdom."

I encourage you to sit with them, every day. Invite them into conversation with you. Seek their guidance and inspiration on how to best navigate the year ahead. Immerse yourself in their perspective.

Here are a couple of suggestions for how you might approach them.

Can you think of an Avatar for your Personal Year Number?

What's an Avatar??

You may be thinking, "An avatar?? A what, now??" 😆

An Avatar: "A figure or person representing an archetype or deity, in bodily form on Earth."

Let's loop back a little. I think of the Personal Year Number in three layers.

Firstly, the archetype itself: What is your Personal Year Number? Let's say it's Number 6, as an example that we'll return to a little further on in this article.

Secondly, the Helmsman: Reflect on the many possible significations of your Personal Year Number. Think of the specific signification that you'd like to focus on during the year ahead. For example, if you're working with the Number 6, are you working with the energy of the Mother? Or perhaps the energy of the Teacher? It's the Number 6, yes. But more specifically, you may be working with the energy of the Mother, or the Teacher, or the Counsellor, or the Coach. All of these images are still quite generic . . . but they're more focused than simply thinking of the Number 6.

And then, thirdly, the Avatar: I then dream into an Avatar that very purposefully represents an even clearer vibration of the Personal Year Number. At this level, I'd move beyond generic images of "the Mother" or "the Teacher" or "the Coach." I'd decide on a very particular mother or a specific teacher that brilliantly represents the energy that I'm wanting to embody or integrate. Does this make sense? Let's dive a little deeper.

How to choose your Avatar

Who do you know, living or dead, real or fictional, that embodies your Personal Year Number in a way that feels the most relevant to you?

If you're engaging the Number 6, and you're working with its signification of teaching, for example, then decide on someone you particularly admire as a teacher or mentor . . . someone who teaches what you'd like to teach; and someone who works in the kind of environment that you'd like to teach in. (A corporate office? A Steiner school? A yoga studio? Online?) Decide on someone who works with the type of students you'd like to teach (e.g. Adults? Children? Spiritual seekers? Solopreneurs? Professional tarot readers?) Consider the tools they work with? And how they dress when they teach? (A business suit, or a priestess' robes? Casual clothes?)

Get as specific as you can.

Remember, you're using these images to energetically connect with the archetype; and to signal your intentions to the universe for the year to come. You are forming a vibrational match with the archetype that you are working with. So, take some time to reflect on who the perfect Avatar for this archetype is for you. Be as intentional as you can be with who you select. There is magic in being as specific as possible.

You might even find that two or three Avatars grab your imagination? That's okay! They're archetypally resonating with you for a reason, so dream into them. (Personally, I'm working with two real people and one fictional character, this year.)

Hopefully, your Avatar is someone that you feel connected with in some way; someone that you admire for the particular qualities you're engaging of your Personal Year Number; someone who makes you believe this work is possible.

You could also choose an animal, or even a tree, mountain, or river etc, if you struggle to think of someone suitable.

How to connect with your Avatar, frequently.

Here are a couple of the ways you can do that.

Engage their works

If the Avatar you've decided on is a real person, set aside a regular time to read something they've written, or to watch a video they're in. Maybe listen to an interview they've given? Read their posts on social media, or listen to their podcasts. Perhaps take a class with them. Engage with whatever they've created - a poem, a dance, a painting, a piece of music, an article, a book . . . the list is endless.

Write out some of your favourite quotes from them. Put these around your home, wherever you're likely to see them during the day. You could even use an app called Yapp Reminders to randomly display these quotes on your phone's home or lock screen, throughout the day.

And if they're a fictional character, perhaps you could re-watch the movie, or re-read the book that they're from?

Immerse yourself in the Avatar's perspective, in their philosophy? In their wit and humour and approach to life? Their habits and way of being? If you've selected them well, they are serving as a living example of the perspective, values, and wisdom of your Personal Year Number.

Capture their presence in imagery

Juliette Valentina's vision board for 2023, Personal Year Number 8

Similarly, find a photo of your Avatar that beautifully captures the archetypal essence they represent for you. Importantly, look for images that show the Avatar wholeheartedly engaging in the archetypal role and activities that you feel you're being called to master this year.

Put their photos where you're likely to see them multiple times a day.

Or perhaps you could include their photos in a collage that you display on your wall, like this one on the right. (This is actually my collage for 2023.)

And if you create a digital collage (or take a photo of a physical collage), you could set it as the lock screen on your phone, so you see it all the time.

Remember to choose your Avatar's photos carefully.

Perhaps you're in a Number 2 Personal Year, and you're focused on its signification of relationships? If you're open to meeting someone new, purposefully signal that to the universe by displaying some images of loving couples around your home or in your collage.

But be as clear as possible.

If you want a partner who'll go mountaineering with you; or a partner who'll enjoy evenings at the theatre with you; or a partner who is into sustainability and will love living in the bush with you, then find photos that clearly show that. If you want a partner who'll enjoy meditating with you, and deep philosophical or spiritual conversations, then find photos of couples meditating together or deep in conversation.

Then look at the photos you've chosen, frequently. Dream into what that relationship would be like. Energetically lean into it, as part of connecting with Number 2.

Sit with your own High Counsel

Another idea . . .

You could take a moment to sit in circle with your own High Counsel - i.e. your guides; the deities you work with; your well and healed ancestors; your beloved dead; and, of course, the Avatar you've selected for the year ahead. It can be a bustling circle, sometimes!

Make time to connect with them, every day, if possible. Seek their guidance in meditation or contemplation. Ask for their support. Vibrationally come into alignment with them.

Olive tree in front of an ancient Greek Temple

"Worship at their Temple"

Seek time with your Personal Year Number on its own ground.

"Worship at their Temple," as astrologer Austin Coppock would say.

Where are you most likely to find your Personal Year Number (or your Avatar) in the world around you? Go there.

What activities are you most likely to find it doing? Do those things.

Engage this archetype on its home ground; in its own Temple.


For example, if Number 1 is at the helm, then perhaps you could spend more time at the gym? Take some boxing classes or martial arts lessons. Exercise is key to the Number 1.

Another big signification for the Number 1 is finding and holding our centre.

The breath is another key signification, because the breath leads to our centre. So, perhaps spending time in breath meditation, regularly, is another way to worship at 1's Temple? Or attending a yoga studio? (Because yoga links the physical body with the breath.)

The Number 1 also signifies your passion. So, what drives you; thrills you? What makes life feel worth living? Do that. And you'll find Number 1 right there with you.

Soul-aligned actions

What small, daily actions could you commit to, to increase your relationship with your Personal Year Number? In other words, what are you prepared to actually DO . . . because you won't just magically absorb these new skills and values through osmosis.

"First wish. Then do. That's when wishing comes true," as Hiawyn Oram and Vanessa Cabban wrote in their children's book When Wishing Comes True.

I invite you to commit (at least) one hour each day to developing your practical skills in the sphere of life indicated by your Personal Year Number. These soul-aligned actions are as much a part of your daily spiritual practice as meditating or sitting with your High Counsel. And they need to be prioritised.

Are you wondering what soul-aligned actions you could take? Well, I invite you to consider the various significations of your Personal Year Number. Feel into those that feel the most relevant for you and the Avatar you've chosen. Then decide on actions that you believe could bring you closer to understanding and integrating that archetype's might and wisdom.

Let's consider the Number 8, as an example.

For example, if you're in an 8 Personal Year, you may feel that you're being asked to develop your business acumen or your entrepreneurial skills? Perhaps you're being asked to step into a role of authority and leadership? Or to develop your ability to handle property, finances, and investments?

What actions could you take to develop your skills in these areas?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • The 8 is all about being professional . . . what does that mean for you? Seth Godin's comment that "a professional is not a happy amateur that happened to get paid," could really strike a chord, this year.

  • Strategy is a key 8 skill. Have you blocked out time in your calendar to strategically work ON your business, as much as IN your business? Remember, sometimes, we need to slow down in order to speed up.

  • Is Spirit asking you to engage your business as a vehicle of service in your community? Could you learn and apply the concepts of conscious business; sacred business?

  • Business is a skill like anything else, and can be learned. Are you devoting time to your business studies? What parts of running your own business do you need to get better at?

  • Mindset work is key to developing your relationship with any of the archetypes Are you devoting time to daily affirmations and other practices that will shift your mindset around money, thought leadership, and authority?

  • How about your finances? Is it time to get a little more serious about this side of things? Perhaps you could establish Money Monday or Finance Friday each week, and allocate regular time to tending your personal and business finances?

  • Are you regularly tracking your income and expenses? Do you have an expense tracker app, like Quickbooks or YNAB (You Need a Budget)?

  • Could you enrol in an online course - e.g. with Girls That Invest, or with ASX (the Australian Stock Exchange - to learn about Shares, Options, AGBs, and Bonds etc?

  • Have you subscribed to any of the financial/business journals? Or podcasts? And if so, are you making time to actually read them, or to listen to the podcasts?

Regardless of the archetype you're working with this year, make some time to reflect on its skills, values, resources, approach, and wisdom. Decide on the actions you're ready to commit to, in order to develop these skills yourself.


Remember, it'll be another nine years before this archetype is at the helm of your life, again. So, it's absolutely worth dedicating time to developing your relationship with it; to mastering its sphere of life. It has the megaphone, this year, and it'll be looking to put you through your paces, to help you master its sphere of life.

A hippy woman holding an oversized old-fashioned clock.

Seriously, imagine how competent and confident you'll feel by this time next year, if you'll just commit one hour each day to the work of your Personal Year Number.

Really, imagine that.

One hour a day is all it takes.

So . . .

Where is your hour?

I do hope these suggestions for working with your Personal Year Number are helpful?

I'd love to hear from you with any thoughts, insights, or questions you may have. 🤓 Where is the Temple for your Personal Year Number? What soul-aligned actions can you personally commit to? Please drop me a line to share your lightbulb moments!

If this article has been helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and community. Deep blessings, beautiful people. Thank you for journeying with me. As always, I'm so grateful for your company on this path. 🙏

Bye for now!

Peace and Blessings

Juliette xo

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