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Pisces New Moon 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

As we prep for a marathon year (not a sprint), here's Pisces' compassionate advice and guidance.

Astro Alert: New Moon in Pisces

How are you feeling? I've had many people reach out, commenting on how overwhelming Life feels at the moment. So many responsibilities. So many commitments. Many are struggling to keep their heads above water ... finding themselves stretched too thin, and pulled in too many directions ... hoping that if they just keep groping their way through they'll somehow manage to find their feet and their flow.

Others among us are too busy indulging a fantasy life, to actually do the hard yakka necessary to bring our dreams into manifestation.

Some of us are feeling damaged, helpless, or even hopeless in the face of Life's chaotic currents. Perhaps Life has thrown us a curve ball, leaving us feeling confused and disillusioned with our Path? Or feeling aimless in what is supposed to be a highly structured, productive year?

Perhaps we feel like giving up? Some of us will feel like cowards - perhaps unable to meet Life head on? We may want to avoid the Path before us. Are we procrastinating? Panicking?

Or escaping?? Are we binge-watching Netflix; drinking or eating too much; popping pills; or sleeping way more than usual in an attempt to 'cope'? While time out for reflection and self-care is helpful, caving into addictive behaviours isn't.

The Astrology:

First of all, we're in Pisces season. All of the responses to Life that I've mentioned above are typical for Pisces territory.The New Moon is here this morning, conjunct both Neptune and a retrograde Mercury (who is in Fall in Pisces). This is all compounded by the fact that there's so little Air in the chart, at the moment ... hence the sense of vagueness, confusion, or overwhelm that many of us are experiencing, while we try to steamroller ahead with our lives.

The important thing to remember, of course, is that this is all playing out against the backdrop of the big, heavy hitters currently transiting Capricorn. The outer planets set the tone and trajectory for the year ... the inner planets and their transits serve to bring the bigger picture to fruition..

What can we do??

Let's remember Steven Forrest's comment that while Jupiter is in Capricorn in 2020 (along with Saturn, Pluto, and currently Mars) we have the opportunity to do something 10 times harder than we ever have before, which will gift us 100 times more satisfaction than we've ever experienced.

As overwhelmingly busy as it all may feel in this moment, the effort, hard work, discipline, and commitment will be worth it in the long run, beautiful people! This is the bigger backdrop we are all working with.

Pisces' advice is simply to engage our Path with as much calm and mindfulness as possible ... Don't mindlessly rush through your days. Don't sacrifice your inner sense of peace and balance to the chaos and the hustle-bustle of your world. Protect your inner peace! And develop a sense of loving compassion for yourself ... you're dealing with a lot. (As are we all.) Remember, this Capricorn energy is going to last all year. This Pisces New Moon is helping us prepare for the marathon, not a sprint!

Supportive intentions this Pisces New Moon, would include:

  • Take time every day for your spiritual discipline. If you don't have a spiritual practise, now would be a great time to develop one.

  • Make time to sit in prayer, meditation, and/or contemplation. Seek guidance from the higher realms, as well as your own subconscious. Surrender to their wisdom.

  • Enter trance - through drumming, dancing, playing music, or creating art etc.

  • Commit to a yoga practise.

  • Develop your intuition. Your higher mind is pre-cognisant and tends to understand more than your rational, logical mind. Learn to trust it.

  • Journal.

  • Record and interpret your dreams.

  • Draw on your imagination and creativity.

  • Develop your spiritual awareness.

  • Find a spiritual teacher. Work with spiritual practitioners, eg: Reiki Masters, Astrologers, or Shamans. (I'm so grateful to be receiving a distance healing this morning from an amazing Shamanic practitioner!)

  • Develop your inner peace.

  • Take practical steps toward your goals on a daily basis, rather than getting caught in delusional fantasies.

I'm reminded of St Francis de Sales who said, “Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” This is the message of this Pisces New Moon, as it preps us for the year ahead.

And for those of us experiencing a sense of confused hopelessness and aimlessness, these intentions will support us as well. We can tune into the cosmic mind via the above suggestions, and see where Life is trying to guide us. Pisces always invites us to surrender to the higher realms ... and to trust.

Happy New Moon, beautiful people. I hope this is helpful? I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights below. Let me know what intention you are setting for yourself at this key moment of the year.

Peace Juliette xo

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Paige Phoenix
Paige Phoenix
Feb 24, 2020

Just love you beautiful being. Keep riding them waves!!! 😆 🌊 I think in times like these we need to fly in formation, each doing whatever we can for one another, and know that easier times are coming ❤️ You’re always in my heart and my thoughts xx

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