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Solar Eclipse, 20 April 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Shedding the Old, Embracing the New: A Guide to the Aries Eclipse Season

Hey, beautiful people!

On 20 April, 2023, we'll experience an annular Aries eclipse, which means the Moon will cover the Sun's centre, leaving the Sun's visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” (or annulus) around the Moon. Being an annular eclipse means it's very close to the Nodal Axis, and that means it'll be pretty powerful!

Further, it's a rare second New Moon in Aries, which increases its presence as a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation . . . especially as Pluto will be involved in the eclipses, too (albeit by an out-of-sign Square). It's also worth noting that Mercury will be Stationing Retrograde at 15° Taurus, conjunct Uranus, within mere hours of the eclipse. What a combination to amplify the energy of this eclipse, and its potential to radically shift our perspective! (A little more on this below, in the Key Dates section.)

Let's dive into the cosmic energies at play.

Be mindful - eclipses are major portals that can suddenly and unexpectedly close and open whole chapters of Life. Depending on what they're hitting in your personal natal chart, they can pack a real punch, like a major Uranus transit! (And considering Uranus' connection with Mercury as He turns Retrograde on the same day, this just adds to the potency of this eclipse season.)

The most crucial period will be the two weeks between the upcoming eclipses (dates below), but the vortex period we're currently in is significant, too. We've been in the vortex of this week's eclipse for nearly two weeks. This means, we've already been given our itineraries, so to speak, for what is about to unfold. What have the major themes been in your world over the past two weeks?

What's unfolding around you?

What's challenging and frustrating you?

What's inspiring you?

I often think of eclipse seasons as portals, offering us the chance to leave the old behind, and embrace the new. Or you could imagine yourself crossing a rope bridge across a wide chasm. Once you reach the transformation on the other side, the rope bridge will fall into the river below and be washed away. The question is whether you have the courage to trust the process, or not?

Can you honour the internal and external changes that the eclipses are heralding in your life?

Eclipse Dates:

The opening eclipse is a Solar Eclipse at the North Node, on 20 April at 2:13 pm (Sydney time) at 29° Aries 50'. (FYI: 29° is known as the anaretic degree or “degree of fate” . . . just to emphasise the transformation this eclipse is heralding.)

And the closing eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse at the South Node, on 5 May at 3:34 am (Sydney time) at 14° Scorpio 58'.

Eclipse Guidance:

The first thing that springs to mind is that both eclipses will be ruled by Mars (working with traditional rulerships). So, take some time to consider what Mars is doing in your personal chart. Where is Mars, now, by transit? Where is Mars, natally? This will play a part in your journey over the next couple of weeks.

Very interestingly, though, just 28.5 days before the upcoming eclipse, on 22 March, we had a New Moon at 0° 49' degrees Aries. This upcoming Solar Eclipse (which is like a New Moon on steroids) will be at 29° 50' Aries. Note: both New Moons are in Aries, which is quite rare.

So, whatever the impending eclipse heralds, it will probably build on an idea or possibility that you were trying to launch back on 22 March (the day of the previous New Moon in Aries). With the Solar Eclipse on 20 April, you'll likely be diving into it again, but much more deeply . . . and drawing on Aries' drive, passion, daring, confidence, and desire.

So, look back to 22 March. What was unfolding for you back then? What were you trying to get off the ground, probably to no avail?

Aries Eclipses:

Let's explore this Aries theme a little further. I mean, Solar Eclipses already engage or activate our sense of Self. But with it being in Aries, this signification is strongly intensified.

Over the past week or so (during the vortex of this eclipse season), you may have found yourself experiencing increased levels of self-awareness, and been realising where/how you've been holding yourself back. And with the Solar Eclipse at the very end of Aries at the 29th degree, there's likely an overlapping awareness of who you've become, on one hand, and who you no longer are, on the other.

You're evolving away from previous versions of yourself. And now, as your frequency shifts and changes, you may be realising that your old identities no longer contribute to your future self or future direction. And, like a snakeskin that you've outgrown, it may be dawning on you that if you fail to shed your old sense of Self, now, it will radically hold you back. ​​This eclipse brings an acknowledgement of how we are all meant to continually grow and evolve.

Chief Areas of Focus

If you'd like a general look at the chief areas of focus the Solar Eclipse on 20 April will activate, please see the list below. I encourage you to check the sign of your Rising Sign or Ascendant, rather than your Sun Sign.

Aries – Personal Journey / Self Expression / Self Identity / A sense of control over your direction in life / Vitality / Physical Body / New Beginnings

Taurus – Secret Opportunities / Private Matters / Matters From The Past / Hidden Self / Spiritual & Psychic Experiences / Consciousness / Meditation / Hidden Talents / Addictions / Secret Enemies / Endings

Gemini – Friendships / Groups / Clubs and Societies / Allies / Long-term hopes, dreams, & aspirations / Personal Goals / Love we receive (allowing others to love us)

Cancer – Social Identity / Role in Community / Status / Career or Profession / Destiny / Mission / Public Scrutiny / Fame / Reputation / Scandal / Honours / Promotions / Your Harvest / Your Boss or other Authority Figures

Leo – Philosophy / Beliefs / Law / Religion / Foreign Travel / Pilgrimage / Publishing / Morals and Principles / Being out of your comfort zone / Relationship to God / Higher Education / the Abstract Mind

Virgo – Intimacy / Shared Resources / Credit / Investments / Debt / Commissions & Bonuses / Inheritance / Self Employment / Occult Mysteries / Death & Rebirth / Complex Psychological Relationships / Power Dynamics / Trauma / Abandonment / Betrayal / Psychotherapy

Libra – 1:1 Relationships / Best Friends / Committed Partnerships / Marriage / Open Enemies / Your Customers

Scorpio – Self-Care Routines / Health / Illness / Meaningful Work vs Wage Slavery / Work Skills / Work Teams & Colleagues / Employees / Mentors & Teachers / Lineage / Pets

Sagittarius – Romance / Love Affairs / Love we give / Pleasure / Creativity / Recreation / Self-Expression / Children / Sports / Hobbies / Speculation / Moving away from home

Capricorn – Home / Family / Roots / Household Economy / Private Life / Emotional Foundations / Early Childhood Environment

Aquarius – Peer Group / Communications / Regular daily & weekly schedule / Learning / Contracts / Siblings & Cousins / Early Relationship Patterns (that we take into our adult relationships) / Goddess / Short Trips / Local Neighbourhood / the Rational Mind

Pisces – Earning Power / Values / Valuables & Assets / Personal Possessions / Resources / Skills / Attitude to Money / Self-Worth / Proving Yourself to Yourself

Setting Intentions

I've been asked if we need to set intentions around the stories or beliefs that we want to let go of, during this lunar eclipse? Not really. It's great to set intentions and to hold ritual space, but it's more like Life itself is telling us what we need to look at, now. Messages will show up in clear and quite unexpected ways - random conversations, unexpected events, sudden urges.

What we can do is make space and time in our world to receive the messages and images the eclipses are bringing us. Secondly, trust these messages. They are guideposts to the new life we're being pointed towards. Thirdly, write down your dreams. Eclipse dreams are a 'thing'. They open a doorway to the unconscious and allow the Soul to speak to you.

Key Dates: Looking Back Through Time

If you'd like to look back on how this particular eclipse season played out for you last time (precedence tells us a lot!), then I invite you to explore the following dates.

  • 19 April, 2004 at 11:20 pm (Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries 49')

  • 5 May, 2004 at 6:33 am (Lunar Eclipse at 14° Taurus 41')

What occurred between these two eclipses? How were questions of your self-awareness and self-identity being raised, back then?

Can you see similar themes beginning to unfold, now? Are there any lessons learned from this previous time period, that you could apply to your current situation? Can you see clear growth and progress in this area of life?

Suggestions for digging into the past:​

19 years is a long way to look back, right?? I hear you. Here are some possible suggestions on how to place yourself in this timeframe:

  • Read back through your journals.

  • Look at your résumé.

  • Check the dates in old calendars/diaries (if you keep them this long???).

  • Check old emails you sent/received during this period.

  • Browse old photos taken during this time period.

If you have other suggestions for how to reflect on this (less digital) time period, let me know! I'd love to hear your ideas.

Another Date to watch for: 16 May 2023. On this day, Jupiter will transit and activate the Solar Eclipse point at 29° 50' Aries. And simultaneously, Mercury will Station Direct. It's likely to be an important day for all of us, especially for those who are strongly impacted by the eclipse on 20 April.

Drawing Down the Moon & Charging your Crystals

Finally, PLEASE don't put out your crystals etc to be charged on the 20th!!

Yes, it'll be a New Moon. And yes, you're probably going to read a lot of posts that will declare it to be an incredibly powerful New Moon because of the annular eclipse, and therefore perfect for charging your crystals and jars of water etc. It's NOT! As Astromages know, the light and energy of eclipses are used for CURSING not blessing, as they literally eclipse our Light. Please don't put out your crystals etc. To read more, here's a link to an article I wrote in our previous eclipse season, called 'Death Water is not a Great Idea': Trust our eclipse season! It may bring upheaval or some stress, but it'll be in service of our Paths. Embrace the new level of self-awareness and self-identity it will bring.

As always, I'd love to hear your insights and any lightbulb moments you'd like to share. Thank you for journeying with me! I'm so grateful for your company.

Remember, we all benefit when we all shine. Others will benefit from you allowing yourself to step into your own life, and to take up space . . . do the Aries thing!


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