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How Much are You Willing to 'Pay' for the Life of Your Dreams??

Seriously, how much are you willing to 'pay' for the life of your dreams?

2021 is a 5 Universal Year, and this question will be a central part of its challenge to us! 5 wants us to wrestle with the following questions:

- What is the true price of safety? - What is the true price of freedom?

Here's another question: Are you paying too much for your money? For your safety?

That can seem like a strange question, right??? So, let's put it this way - have you sacrificed your dreams; your visions of an amazing life; your unique gifts; your self-respect; and the exciting opportunities that the Cosmos has presented you with, all in the name of a predictable, guaranteed, stable, sensible life?

Where are you NOT living? What is the true price of your safety??

5 wants us to realise that our desire to feel safe and secure, or our desire to sensibly comply with societal expectations, can rob us of the life we were actually born to live.

This 5 Universal Year will push us to consider where we feel stuck and staid. Where have we become imprisoned by sensibility, duty, commitment, and responsibility? Where have we been trapped by blind adherence to mainstream, conventional thinking, or by our unquestioned acceptance of the status quo? Where have we prioritised safety over 'Following our Bliss'?

Are we ready and willing to challenge all of this, so that the expression of our emerging individuality isn't blocked?

Are we ready to open ourselves to greater levels of individuality, authenticity, and freedom?

Are we ready to pay the true cost of freedom??

The changes that 5 may herald over the coming year might feel scary, overwhelming, erratic, or even unstable at times. But if we open to them, they could equally feel liberating, exhilarating, and thrilling! This can depend on our own personal relationship with the 5 archetype ... the archetype of change, freedom, and adaptation. Under the 5 energy, we're encouraged to get curious; to have a go; to just see what happens. We're asked to take an experimental frame of mind.

This 5 Universal Year is echoed in the fact that Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius will be squaring each other three times throughout the year. It's one of the major astrological highlights of 2021. If you're familiar with your astrological chart, consider the Houses that Saturn and Uranus are currently transiting. This is where we'd expect to find some tension in our life, and the desire to break free from old limitations, worn-out ideas, and chains.

Timing their exact alignments, the Key Dates to pay attention to are:

- 18 February (7 degrees Taurus/Aquarius) - 15 June (13 degrees Taurus/Aquarius) - 24 December (11 degrees Taurus/Aquarius)

These alignments will be activating any points or planets we have in the 7 - 13 degree range of the Fixed Signs - ie: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If we have anything placed within these degrees and signs, we're more likely to feel this energy pushing and pulling us forward.

I'd ask all of us to consider Paulo Coelho's quote. As a 35/8, he intimately understands how to dance with 5's wisdom.

Are you keen to learn more about Numerology and how to engage it directly in your life? If so, perhaps consider joining me for a personal session, or for one of my courses throughout the year? I have a new Introductory Course (online) beginning 18 February, 2021 (a potent date, considering the Uranus Saturn square that day!). We'd love to have you join us!! All the details can be found here.

I hope this is helpful? As always, I'd love to hear your insights! Please feel free to leave a Comment below and to share this article if you think others would benefit from it. Blessings, beautiful people!

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