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Venus Retrograde: The Shape Shifting Power of Her Mirror

Venus Retrograde (Rx): When a God or Goddess is shown with a tool, it represents their Divine Power. Venus' tool is the mirror. This goes beyond Her significations of looking your best, and therefore needing to check your hair in the mirror before you leave the house!

Similar to the Number 3 in Numerology, Venus' mirror helps us to understand how we appear to others. This awareness allows us to transform reality and how we connect with others through an intentional use of our appearance ... ie: to attract someone, to scare someone, to repulse someone, or to hide our true selves.

This is powerful magic! It's called casting a glamour, or shape shifting.

This is powerful magic! It's called casting a glamour, or shape shifting. Ponder the old sayings, "Things are not always as they seem." "All that glitters is not gold." We are knowingly creating an illusion to have a real impact on the world around us. We can make ourselves appear more beautiful and younger than we really are. We can cast glamours around our level of success and happiness in life (think social media posts).

If it doesn't feel safe to be you, for whatever reason, we can cast glamours to protect ourselves. Think of our witches in the burning times ... they needed to be able to create a believable facade so as not to be seen, lest they be hauled away by a mob and burned at the stake. Think of the shy woman who has been slut shamed by bitches envious of her natural beauty, who now chooses to hide her sexuality by gaining 33 kgs and dressing in a frumpy manner. Think of the man who is illiterate in our modern society, and is afraid to let others know. The transman who is in stealth mode in the world. The woman who lives in her car, but manages to turn up in life like a 'regular' person and no one knows the truth of her situation. All of these people depend on the ability to alter the way they appear to others.

Others, like the Bikers Against Child Abuse, use their bad-ass appearance to scare offenders away from the children now under their protection.

Taken one step further, Venus' mirror is connected with our own internal mirroring. This is to do with how we see ourselves; how we would like to see ourselves; and whether we respond to our internal image with love, fear, or disgust. Venus' mirror reflects us to ourselves! The way that we relate to our own self image can impact and distort our behaviour and how we show up in life in very fundamental ways! It is important to realise that we often see ourselves very differently to how the world sees us ... and many of us (especially those of us with a strong 6 in our charts) fail to see ourselves clearly at all! "I'm not perfect enough. I'm so ugly. I'm useless! Such a failure. I'll never be good at anything. I'm just so f*cking stupid! I get in people's way. I'm so annoying." Or perhaps we fixate on one part of our physical appearance (eg: our crooked tooth), blowing it all out of proportion in our mind.

Taken one step further, again, our internal mirroring can be strongly influenced by the image we find reflected to us by others. Sometimes, others really do see us more clearly than we see ourselves. There is an inherent danger involved here, though. If we completely hand our self-identity over to others to shape, we can find ourselves being strongly controlled by them. We need to be VERY discerning about who we allow to hold Venus' mirror up to us, especially if we don't have a strong sense of self to begin with (ie: weak 1s in the chart)! As one woman told me this Venus Rx season, she realised that her mother always held up a 'c*nt mirror' to her ... Can you imagine the internal mirroring that is developed as a child if your own mother constantly reflects that to you???

If someone has convinced you that you're a dumb, fat, ugly, boring waste of space, then you need to take the mirror out of their hands ... or at least stop looking in it!! On the other hand, if someone sincerely tells you that you're the most beautiful, witty, intelligent person they know and they love your company, they can be trusted to hold a mirror up to you! In fact, you might learn to see yourself more clearly by gazing into their mirror - it was formed through their eyes of love, respect, and adoration!

So, what happens to this signification when Venus goes Retrograde??

Venus Rx is a pull and a call to go down into these things.

* We are called into an exploration of our relationship to our own internal image, and our relationship to our perceived physical image. Perhaps it is time to really cleanse our internal mirror; to cleanse any festering wounds to our self-image and self-identity. What a blessed opportunity to heal!

* We are called to consider changes to the glamours we have been casting around ourselves, controlling how we allow ourselves to be seen in the world. Do they still serve? Is it safe, now, to lay that glamour down? Is it time to cast a new glamour?

* We are encouraged to be more discerning re: the mirrors that we see ourselves being reflected in. Stop looking in the ugly mirrors of those who seek to control or undermine us! Pay attention to any new reflections that are being brought to us, now.

Venus Rx season offers us the opportunity to see ourselves in a whole new way!

If you'd like to learn more about Venus Rx season, and how it may be hitting your chart personally, I'd love to sit in session with you! Contact me to arrange a reading. <3

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