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Voices from Past Lives (and their connection with our 1st Pinnacle in Numerology)

Updated: Apr 14

Blended image of a woman and the crescent moon.

So . . . Checking in.

How has February been? I invite you to pause and reflect on the past month.

Has it brought family to the fore, in some way? Have you found yourself steeped in key memories and dynamics from your youth? Old ways of being and patterns of behaviour? Old ways of defending yourself? Old voices, beliefs, dynamics? Unresolved wounds?

Can you recognise the parallels between your life, now, and the more challenging experiences that played out in your younger years . . . conditioned familial patterns that you've unconsciously continued to re-create throughout your entire life, repeating them over and over again in order to find a way to heal, resolve, and transform them?

Have you experienced the liberation and exhilaration of a massive breakthrough around these old narratives and blocks?? The thrill and sheer relief of this transformation??

Or have you, yet again, found yourself falling into these debilitating old patterns that lock you into the same ol' story, feeling helpless and overwhelmed, and unsure of how to break free?

Or both?

It's been a massive month. And you're not alone.

Let's look at what's going on, numerologically.

The Numerology Technique:

It's February, 2023. And everyone on the planet is in the same Personal Month as the archetype of their 1st Pinnacle. And yes, this includes you.

Go on . . . cast a few charts and check. I know you want to! It's literally everyone.

We'll experience this phenomenon every single time we're in a 9 Universal Month. Some years this will be once/year, and some years this will be twice/year. In 2023, we'll experience this energy in both February and November. And in 2024, it'll be in January and October.

We'll also experience this every time we're in a 9 Universal Year . . . for the whole year.

But even if you've never heard of Pinnacles before, or you find the technique side of things is a bit of a head-scratcher, the key take away is that for the entire month of February everyone on the planet has been dealing with the energy of their 1st Pinnacle - and that's the time period associated with our childhood and teenage years. And our past lives.

Well, there are a couple of places I'd look in a numerology chart for information on our past lives, but the 1st Pinnacle is definitely one of them.

(If you're not open to the concepts of reincarnation, that's totally fine. Just focus on the key events and dynamics of your youth.)

A mother and her baby.

Understanding the connection between our childhood and our past lives, using Numerology

We tend to recreate the key dynamics, emotional landscapes, and lessons from previous lives in the first 18.5 years of life. (And then we spend the rest of our life doing our evolutionary Soul work to resolve, heal, release, and integrate this.)

Astrologically, this 18.5 years aligns with how long it takes the Moon's Nodes (symbols of our past life story) to complete their first orbit of our astrology chart.

Numerologically, these 18.5 years fall within our 1st Pinnacle, otherwise known as our Foundational Pinnacle. So, while there is a clear link between the archetypes shown in our 1st Pinnacle and our childhood experience, there is also a link with the past life dynamics and lessons that we've brought into this lifetime.

Our past lives, our youth, and our 1st Pinnacle are intimately connected.

And whenever the energy of our 1st Pinnacle is activated (e.g. February and November, 2023), we tend to revisit and replay our old tapes from childhood and our past lives - it's like listening to our Soul's "Greatest Hits". 😉 And that's a blessing, as it keeps us on track with the work we're here to do.

A surreal image of a ghost woman, crossing lifetimes.

So . . . whatever message or dynamic raised its hand to be dealt with, this month, I invite you to consider that it's not only anchored in your youth and your experience of family, but that it's also intrinsic to your Soul's history; that it's potentially something you've been working on for countless lifetimes . . . with echoes of old stories that need to be untangled; and layers of old wounds that need to be dislodged and healed.

Perhaps you're 38 or 67 lifetimes into a particular story arc that hasn't been resolved yet?

Apparently, I've been working on the same issue for the past 56 lifetimes, according to my kinesiologist.


I can hear the question, "Doesn't this story get old??"

Ahhhh, yep. Yes, it does.

But as Carl Jung once told us, we have to drink our complexes to the dregs. We don't get out of the lesson half way through. We've gotta see it through to the very end.

So, we've incarnated, yet again, and said, "Set 'em up, Joe!"

Why? So we can keep replaying the same storyline, and keep trying to figure this sh*t out!

It's kinda like being stuck at a certain level in a computer game, if I can make that analogy?? We've "respawned" at a certain point in the game, and we're really trying to make it through this particular level, so we can get to the next checkpoint. We're doing our Soul work. We're having yet another go at it, and maybe we'll figure it out, this time? Fingers crossed!

So, while it's easy to blame and point fingers at people in this lifetime who've "done us wrong"—e.g. a parent, a carer, a sibling, a grandparent, a friend, a teacher, a preacher—it might just be that they're playing their agreed role . . . and maybe for the 48th time?? Perhaps they're helping us to recreate the story arc that we're in the middle of, so that we can keep learning.

The Key Question

The key question—regardless of which lifetime it originated in— is this: What is the message, or dynamic, or belief that you've been carrying all these years? All these lifetimes? What phrase or belief has such power over you that it can halt you in your tracks; can bring you to your knees?

Did you catch a glimpse of it this month?

If so, I encourage you to sit with it, and to ponder its deeper meaning. It is a Messenger. Can you embrace it? Can you journal on it; meditate on it? Recognise the greater Soul wisdom it offers? Can you realise its deeper teachings, and be liberated . . . in this moment?

Yes, this ancient voice or dynamic is always there. It's the internalised narrative or belief that you've built lifetimes on. If we're curious and aware, everything serves as a link, or a portal, to our Soul's ancient past. And everything generously points the way to our Soul healing and growth.

But it's easier to consciously grasp this during 9 Universal Months (e.g. February & November, 2023) or 9 Universal Years (e.g. 1989, 1998, 2007, 2016, 2025), thanks to the energetic alignment with your 1st Pinnacle.

Example Archetypal Questions: Number 1 in the 1st Pinnacle

If you're familiar with the numerological archetypes, I encourage you to devise some questions to help you explore the old patterns that this month is bringing to light. For example, here are some possible questions to ponder if your 1st Pinnacle or Challenge is the Number 1:

  • Were you a strong-willed child and teen, or not?

  • What did you learn about asserting yourself and flexing your personal willpower as a child? What happened if you said, "No"?

  • What messages did you absorb around pursuing your desires and passions?

  • What did you learn was "selfish"?

  • What did you want, just because you wanted it? Were you supported in understanding (and then chasing after) your desires and dreams? Or were you shut down?

  • What conditioned beliefs did you receive about handling anger, stress, or fear?

  • Were you raised in an stressful or frightening environment? Alternatively, an exciting, passionate environment?

  • How were you taught to express and manage difficult emotions like anger, frustration, and impatience?

  • What did you learn about starting new projects and stepping into new situations?

  • To what extent was your emerging self-identity supported or suppressed?

It could also be clarifying to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who primarily modelled this energy for you, growing up? Have you adopted this role, yourself?

  • How was it modelled? Were they inspiring, brilliant examples of this energy in play? Or did they struggle with it, too?

  • Do you remember specific situations and experiences with this archetype, and how you responded emotionally/psychologically?

  • Do qualities like self-awareness, desire, willpower, and anger currently feel safe or unsafe to embody?

  • Are you now the one who blocks you from actively pursuing your own life? If so, how do you stop yourself? Sabotage yourself? Can you shine a light on this, to support yourself in stretching beyond this internalised behaviour, and stepping into a radically new way of understanding life? (Hint: the Challenge Number in the 1st Pinnacle could shed some light on this.)

Get the idea of the work we're being challenged/encouraged to do this month?

Random musings on this, the final day of February.

I hope this has been helpful? That it's offered both food for thought and a greater context for what may have been a difficult month. And I hope that you'll bear this in mind in November, when we next experience a 9 Universal Month.

I'd love to hear any insights or lightbulb moments you've had. Please reach out! And if you think this article will be of service to anyone, please share it with your circles. Engagement helps my little business to grow, and it helps to increase the general archetypal literacy in our community.

Blessings, beautiful people. 🙏

Thank you for your company on this path. You know I'm so, so grateful for it! Peace

Juliette xo

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