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We've All just Doubled-Down on 2020's Lessons!

Heads up!

It's September, beautiful people.

What does that means for us, Numerologically?

It means that we've all just doubled-down on whatever 2020 is about for us, both personally and collectively.

Personally, we're all being invited to lean into whatever it is that our Personal Year Archetype has been teaching us all year long. How is it strengthening or stretching us? How is it challenging us to grow? How is it ultimately supporting us and our journey forward??

Whatever this year's focus has been, personally, we've just doubled-down on it for the coming month ...

* TL-DR Alert *

How does this work?

To find our Personal Months, we simply add the current Month Number (ie: September) to our Personal Year Number. September is a 9 month ... & *anything* added to 9 ultimately comes back to itself, right?? Eg: 4 + 9 = 13. 1+3 + 4.

So, for example, those of us currently in a 5 Personal Year, are now in a 5 Personal Month, as well. We've doubled-down on the 5's energy. Those of us in an 8 Personal Year, are now in an 8 Personal Month of an 8 Personal Year.

Taking it a little further ...

On the 9th, 18th, and 27th of September (ie: all 9 Days of a 9 Month), we'll all TRIPLE-down on the same energy as our current Personal Year Archetype. Eg: those of us in a 3 Personal Year will be on a 3 Day, of a 3 Month, of a 3 Year.

What does this mean for us?

If our Personal Year Number is an archetype that we have a beautiful, embodied relationship with, then it's likely to flow wonderfully for us (all things considered with our collective 4 Universal Year bringing CoVid19 to our doors, and doing 4's typical limiting and restricting 'thing').

However, if our Personal Year Number is activating a difficult or challenging area of our natal chart, we may find the prospect of the coming month to be a little daunting. (*Ahem*) Having said that, we've already had eight months under its guidance since the calendar ticked over to 1 January, 2020. So, September could really shine a light on just how far we've already come in integrating its wisdom and perspective.

Look at it this way - we only have four months left in 2020. And none of us will be in our particular Personal Year Number again until 2029. It's just how it works .... the Numerological Epicycle is 9 years long.

So, let's engage!

May September guide us on how to make the best use of our Personal Year Number from here until the year ends.

We'd be wise to heed the dreams we're receiving at the moment, and to pay attention to how Life (ie: our natal chart) is constellating around us. The more we cooperate with Life's might and wisdom, the fewer Mack Trucks it has to send us to get our attention. You know?

I hope this is helpful. Brightest blessings for all of us.


Juliette xo

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